Mysterious Prototype Neo Geo Game Discovered

26 years ago the Neo Geo was the original home of a number of fighting games that would go on to be long running series, such as the King of Fighters games. Another potential Neo Geo masterpiece may have been discovered by Neo Geo enthusiast Brian Hargrove, who purchased an unlabelled ROM board a year ago for the sum of around $750, in the hopes of discovering any chunks of leftover data he could play with.

Upon first inspection of the data dumped from the board, it appeared to be an early protoype of  Voltage Fighter Gowkaizer, a superhero fighting game developed by Technos. Dumps of the flash cards that came with the board seemed to contain nothing to do with Voltage Fighter, however. Eventually, Hargrove was able to get the game to boot up, despite two of the flash cards being dead. This revealed a character select menu for a perhaps never-before-seen Neo Geo fighting game.

While the data containing things that may have been able to identify the game, such as a title screen, is inaccessible, what is available is interesting. The game looks like it may have been related to a franchise such as Dungeons and Dragons. Many of the character sprites are rough at best, but all of the characters contain one of 3 alignments that often appear in D&D – Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic. Choosing different alignments appears to change the character’s sprites too, which could have provided interesting depth and choice to the game. Overall, the game appears to have been rather ambitious, and it has been noted that it appears more complex than many of Technos’ other games, which raises the question of who developed it.

There is always the chance that this game is just a hoax, created and uploaded to an old Neo Geo board by a joker. The amount of effort that must have been used to create the advanced sprites featured in the prototype seem to contest this though. A number of the characters in the game even seem almost entirely complete. It may never have been finished, but from what you can see of this game, it really makes you wonder what it could have been had it been finished.

Street Fighter V Release Date Announced

During Sony’s Paris Games Week conference, the executive producer of Street Fighter V revealed that the release date for the long-awaited fighting game would be February 16th 2016 in the US and Europe on PC and Playstation 4.

In addition to this, the popular stretchy yoga-master, Dhalsim was confirmed to be part of the game’s 16-strong roster at the game’s release, but with a new look and perhaps a host of new moves. That brings the amount of confirmed characters up to 15 of the game’s 16, which leaves the question of who the last character will be? There are a number of popular characters currently unconfirmed that could see a comeback for the new title, such as the Sumo E. Honda, Guile, Blanka and a number of others who have been mainstays since the franchise boosting Street Fighter II. The alternative is that Capcom is keeping another new character under wraps, with almost one-third of the announced characters being new entrants to the franchise.

And worry not, should your favourite character be absent, Capcom also outlined the release plans for Street Figher V’s inevitable DLC. This will come in the form of 6 characters released over the first year following release. And the best part? They’ll be free. The only cost will be that of the in-game “fight money” currency which will be used to unlock them for play.

So, are you hyped up for the newest entry in the genre-defining franchise, or do you plan to wait for the almost-inevitable “Super” edition?

Square Enix Trailer Re-imagines FF XIV as a Fighting Game!

I haven’t played as a Final Fantasy character in a fighting game since the PlayStation 1 classic Ergheiz and for those of you too young to recall that era of gaming, the game was bloody awesome and a delightful retreat back to some of the things that made Final Fantasy VII so great. Now it seems Square Enix want to torment us with a flight of fancy that is likely to never become a playable game!

To demonstrate the power of their game engine which is being used for Final Fantasy XIV, the developer has created a very special trailer, which reimagines the open-world MMO as a fighting game, that bears quite a lot of similarity to games like Soul Calibur and Street Fighter.

What is frustrating, is that this fighting mode is not planned to be integrated into the game, nor is it intended to be released as a game, which is absolute torture for us gamers who would quite happily pay good money for something like this. Who knows, perhaps a few well-timed petitions and some forum outrage will give Square Enix the kick they need to bring a game like this into reality so that we can all enjoy it.

Soul Calibur II HD Online Out Now On Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3

Namco Bandai have announced today that Soul Calibur II HD Online is now available as an Arcade game on the Xbox Live marketplace, as well as the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3.

Developed by Project Soul, the elite development team at Namco Bandai Studios, Soul Calibur II HD Online reimagines the beloved title by adding online multiplayer support to the title as well as vibrant updated graphics to take advantage of modern high definition TVs. Heralded as one of the best fighting games of all-time and a genre reference, Soul Calibur II is back on consoles with crisp new high definition graphics and all-new online modes in celebration for its 10 year anniversary. Fans can now fight back with their legendary heroes, Spawn and Heihachi, for the first time ever playable on both platforms, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Soul Calibur II is easily one of the best in the series and to see it brought back to life again is a great thank you to the highly supportive Soul Calibur community.


Soul Calibur is the ultimate weapons based fighter and has long since been my favourite since it started its life as Soul Edge in Arcades and on the PlayStation 1. Anyone else going to be downloading this today?

Thank you Namcobandai for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Namcobandai.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Man of Steel & General Zod DLC Coming In July

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today confirmed that it will be releasing a Man of Steel Superman skin in July. The skin is based on DC Comics’ iconic Superman character as seen in Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures feature film “Man of Steel.” Also scheduled for release in July is the General Zod downloadable content (DLC) character, which is based on NetherRealm Studios’ interpretation of the famed DC Comics character.

If you haven’t checked out Injustice yet, we actually reviewed it not so long ago and you can read our full review here.

General Zod gameplay trailer


The Man of Steel Superman skin will be available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for just 80 Microsoft Points and PlayStation Network at a price of €2.99/£2.39. The General Zod playable character will be available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 400 Microsoft Points and PlayStation Network at a price of €4.99/£3.99.

Thank you NetherRealm for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of NetherRealm.