First Scenario of Final Fantasy VII Remake Finished

The latest issue of Japanese weekly gaming magazine Famitsu has revealed that Square-Enix has already completed the first scenario of the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

While the use of the term “scenario” can be taken many different ways in English – and could be misread as either scene or even episode – the Japanese use of the word is effectively a synonym for script or screenplay. So, by “first scenario”, we can assume that whatever will constitute the first part or episode of Final Fantasy VII Remake’s multi-part release is now set in stone, meaning that we could soon discover how much of the game we will be getting in the first release.

More information regarding this first scenario has emerged through Hachima (via Siliconera):

  • Players will be able to explore all the areas of Midgar.
  • Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie will get more character development.
  • The amount of parts or episodes is as-yet-unknown.
  • Potential online features are yet to be decided.
  • FFVII Remake will use Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4.
  • The team is getting technological assistance from the Kingdom Hearts team.
  • Cloud’s auditory hallucination scenes are being shaped up to be more meaningful.
  • The voice cast from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will return.
  • The team will implement a new ATB Gauge and Limit Break system.