EU Committee Delays Roaming Fees Removal

There have been a lot of talks these past two years regarding the abolishment of roaming fees in the European Union’s member states. Last year, we heard that the EU Commission was voting to scrap the fees altogether and have them removed by 2016.

However, this might not be the case. The European Parliament does have its mind set on removing the roaming fees, but it seems that it also backs carriers who claim that they need to charge customers due to the space taken up on foreign carrier networks. To be noted is that carriers such as Vodafone, T-Mobile, Telefonica, and Telenor already have networks in almost every EU country, but there are still some carriers who cannot cope with a big changes just yet.

While there has been a steady drop in roaming prices in the past two years, along with a variety of tariffs added to reduce prices even further, we won’t be seeing a total removal of roaming fees next year. A more realistic target now points to 2018, making some room for everyone to cope with a big change on a large scale.

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Ford Reveals Two New Prototype E-Bikes

Ford recently revealed two prototype e-bikes at the Mobile World Congress that aim to make travelling around cities a bit safer. The two e-bikes are called MoDe:Me and MoDe:Pro and have a 200-watt electric motor, along with a 9-amp per hour battery. They are said to have a top speed of up to 25 km/h.

The bikes feature a rear-facing sensor that alerts the rider if a car is approaching quickly from behind by making the handlebars vibrate. Also, if you have an app open, it will also show the warning on the display.

There are also lights on the side of the handlebars and read of the bikes to warn a car’s driver of a possible impact with the bike, suggesting him or her to slow down in order to avoid it.

Both bikes are said to connect to Ford’s prototype app named MoDe:Link, currently compatible only with the iPhone 6. The app helps the riders plan their route and helps with direction by giving feedback through the handlebars, telling the rider when to turn. Blinking indicators are said to also automatically activate in order to inform other drivers of a turn being made by the rider.

Due to the bikes being foldable, the app can take the user to a bus or train stop, should it be quicker than any alternative. It is said to also display the cost of any public transport fees to the destination.

Other key features within the app include identifying bike-friendly roads and generate warning feedbacks regarding other potential hazards. To be noted is that the DoMe:Pro is designed for couriers, having the ability to be folded and stored in the back of a van, while the DoMe:Me is designed for regular commuters.

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US To Implement Its “Six Strikes” Copyright Alert System From Next Week

After a series of delays, the six strike system is finally all set to roll out to make ISPs punish their customers. The Six strike system is designed to prevent/discourage copyright infringement within the United States. The six strike system works with a concept of throttling the speed of the internet connection in the hopes of discouraging the end user to infringe on copyright material and even forcing educational videos about copyright infringement from the anti-piracy groups.

Its video presentation emphasized that under any circumstances, it will not share private information to the companies that filed copyright infringement complaints, although ISPs are ending up playing the role of a “policeman” in this system.

As of now, Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and Time Warner who are associated with its large media partners and are no strangers to throttling speed seem to look like its early adopters and even formed a group called “Center for Copyright Information”, but this system was supposed to go online by this week. The reason it wasn’t able to do so was due to Hurricane Sandy which lead to issues with testing servers that got knocked offline.


The CCI even started its own website and started its promotional video on YouTube (that manage to achieve an amazing milestone of receiving 4400 dislikes) which it lead to believe that the new will system will be online by next week.

According to the six strike system, the first warning has no actions, but later on ISP’s will be sending more warnings about acting on the copyright infringement. The CCI stated that there will be a $25 filing free which maybe waived if one can meet the affordability criteria, but the fees would be refunded if the challenge is successful.

However, real estate owners and Wi-Fi cafe owners are concerned about this system as it would be near impossible to keep an eye on customer activities all of the time. So the only choice they have is to quit their business deals with the following ISP’s mentioned above and get a local ISP for their customers, but if more ISPs sign up with CCI, it’s not possible to avoid this system.