Knomo London Demos Luxury Bags Featuring Fast Charging Pocket @ CES 2016

CES 2016: Mobile phones have almost become a status symbol as SIM-Free handsets can exceed £60 and showcase an individual’s wealth. Although, it seems pretty strange to see luxury items being stored in cheaply made cases which utilize a poor grade of materials. However, in recent years, fashion companies have started to judge the buying habits of the high-end market and unveiled leather cases which look fantastic. Despite this, the majority of cases only function to store devices and do not implement technology in a useful way. Thankfully, Knomo London has crafted a number of interesting products which combine technology and sophisticated fashion in a very impressive manner.

Instead of creating a simple, mass-produced case, Knomo London decided to manufacturer leather handbags containing a pouch to store your device. Additionally, the pouch utilizes fast charging and makes it remarkably simple to keep your handset powered on. Unfortunately, this requires a custom designed case which only works with the Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Nevertheless, it’s a really innovate idea and the target market will primarily be iPhone users, so this makes business sense.

In terms of pricing, the bags can cost upwards of $35o, but this isn’t a surprising revelation considering the high-grade leather, excellent stitching and superb design.


What’s the maximum you would pay for a phone case?

Electric Bus Hopes To Power Your Normal Routes Envioromentally

We’ve all heard about electric cars. They’ve gone from the thing of dreams to powering sports cars and family friendly SUV’s. It’s hard to deny that electric vehicles are clearly something for the future, with companies and countries looking at new and innovative ways to use the environmentally friendly vehicles. The British government is even looking at building roads which will help charge your car while you drive down the motorway, how can that not show that electric cars are here to stay? But what about other modes of transportation?

Think about how many times you see that buses pass you, is it once a day or do you see it every hour like clockwork? Proterra, a new start-up, looks to help cities run a cleaner service by replacing those old petrol based buses with a new electric bus.

With the bus allowing automated docking with a charger, and with the charger looking to take at most five minutes, it could see that bus running the same schedule with almost none of the pollution. Currently, they have recorded a single charge lasting as much as 258 miles, a little longer than just popping down to the shops.

With towns and cities replacing their old petrol buses for new hybrid vehicles with a mixture of electric and petrol, we could maybe see cities push out petrol all together in their public transport.

Could you see your daily bus route running green and silent? Would you be willing to wait a few minutes at the start of your journey knowing it’s going to be cheaper and nicer on the environment?

Thank you Fast Co Exist for the information and images.