Knomo London Demos Luxury Bags Featuring Fast Charging Pocket @ CES 2016

CES 2016: Mobile phones have almost become a status symbol as SIM-Free handsets can exceed £60 and showcase an individual’s wealth. Although, it seems pretty strange to see luxury items being stored in cheaply made cases which utilize a poor grade of materials. However, in recent years, fashion companies have started to judge the buying habits of the high-end market and unveiled leather cases which look fantastic. Despite this, the majority of cases only function to store devices and do not implement technology in a useful way. Thankfully, Knomo London has crafted a number of interesting products which combine technology and sophisticated fashion in a very impressive manner.

Instead of creating a simple, mass-produced case, Knomo London decided to manufacturer leather handbags containing a pouch to store your device. Additionally, the pouch utilizes fast charging and makes it remarkably simple to keep your handset powered on. Unfortunately, this requires a custom designed case which only works with the Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Nevertheless, it’s a really innovate idea and the target market will primarily be iPhone users, so this makes business sense.

In terms of pricing, the bags can cost upwards of $35o, but this isn’t a surprising revelation considering the high-grade leather, excellent stitching and superb design.


What’s the maximum you would pay for a phone case?

Apple Watch Predicted to Account for 40% of Luxury Market by 2020

BI Intelligence has published a report on the popularity of wearable technology and predicts the Apple Watch will account for 40% of luxury timepieces by 2020. To clarify, the term “luxury” refers to any watch priced $350 or above which includes fairly mass-produced pieces such as the Apple Sport Watch. This could explain why the predicted figures are so high. According to the report:

“Assuming a lower-bound price of $350 for the luxury-watch category, and including Apple Watch in that category, traditional wristwatches would account for ~60% of total shipments in 2020, while Apple Watch would account for ~40%.”

The Apple Watch is an extremely polarizing device with a rather hefty price tag. Honestly, I’m astounded to see consumers opt for an Apple Watch instead of a hand-made Swiss or Japanese timepiece. Mechanical watches are a timeless and dependable piece of machinery and cannot become obsolete due to software. Additionally, the Apple Watch requires daily charging which makes it quite inconvenient. Nevertheless, wearable technology is on the rise, especially in the fashion or fitness sector. I’m still quite skeptical about these claims though as some watches can cost $50,000 which makes the $350 baseline seem quite unrealistic.

I’m intrigued to hear how many people actually use a watch as consumers often rely on their mobile phone to glance at the time.

Thank you 9to5Mac for providing us with this information.

eBay Looking to Place Interactive Mirrors in Changing Rooms

eBay is looking to move themselves into the brick-and-mortar retail world, expressing interest in implementing mirrors into dressing rooms that will offer the customer suggested accessories and product browsing – all available through a touch screen. These screens are being installed as a trial at the Rebecca Minkoff store, seeing them follow a similar path to online retail giant Amazon – who of which are preparing a store opening in New York. eBay is part of a movement to make our retail habits more interactive, providing users with simpler options to pick and chose clothing and accessories, helping them save time and quite possibly helping these stores to turn some extra profits.

eBay’s head of innovation and new ventures, Steve Yankovich, commented: “So physical retail, a showroom, I think will never go away”. This statement regards eBay’s positioning on store-fronts capabilities and viability moving into the future.

This whole experience will be utilized through an app installed on the user’s phone, meaning that these screens will be able to utilize the persons purchasing history and further help them to choose their garments. Clothes in these stores will be connected to RFID tags, allowing these interactive mirrors to recognize not only the customer, but the clothes that they are sampling for purchase. This system will allow shoppers to attach their purchases and test fittings to their personal profile, allowing them to track their favorite styling and brands as they see fit.

Here’s hoping they install some kind of strong security system as there’s a seemingly large possibility of hackers utilizing the cameras installed in these mirrors for personal benefit in criminal fashion.

Image courtesy of  Bloomberg Businessweek

Intel to Launch Smart Bracelet

If a luxury item like a golden Apple Watch is something you’re interested in, but not quite your style – technology giant Intel are said to be developing their own smart bracelet for the fashion conscious tech heads.

Named MICA, this bracelet is positioned at the luxury technology market and stands for “My Smart Communication Accessory” (My Intelligent Communication Accessory). Intel has let it be known that they’re not only just a chip manufacturer in the past, releasing things such as their range of SSD’s, but as we’ve learned from this years IFA – they’re interested on delving into other markets.

Incorporating an OLED touch screen, the MICA will function just like that of your standard smartwatch – giving it the ability to communicate with your phone and provide you with updates on things such as emails and text messages. There’s been nothing mentioned as of yet about any fitness style features, but taking one look at this bracelet shows the target audience is clear for this device – smart casual and beyond. In January, Intel mentioned that they will be focusing solely on developing the technology side of this product and that the fashion prowess and design will be left to some of their fashion industry friends for this project.

Priced between $500-$1,000, it’s certainly not a cheap device (compared to the Apple Watch at $349), but for those who are fussy with their fashion technology – this might be right up your alley.

We’ve seen a massive increase recently in fashion style technology, from custom made iPhone’s to gold Apple Watches and now Intels MICA. Are these just a PR stunt and marketing scheme, or do you think there is a real fashion tech market emerging? We’re interested in seeing your responses.

Source: Chiphell

Samsung smart watch to take on Apple iWatch – Could get ugly

It seems that Samsung have their fingers in a lot of pies lately, making some real headway with 4k televisions, soda-stream based refrigerators and now a new gadget watch.

A couple of days ago, a South Korean message board saw some screenshots pop up for an upcoming watch based product from Samsung, with a hint about the name being the Galaxy Altius. From what we can see, the operating system seems to look like a clear modified version of Google Android as expected and we get a first glimpse of the music player, clock and email notifications as well.

Rumours about Apples upcoming iWatch is still just that, a rumour and this Samsung rival has to be seen in the same way, though many sources state that the images are in fact real.

This should be interesting if these do turn out to be real as Apple and Samsung already have a feud with other mobile devices, and this could add more fuel on the fire and we could see a real battle go on in the near future.

Thermaltake Tt eSport Battle Dragon LAN Bag Review

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The Thermaltake Tt eSports brand is renowned for its gaming peripherals, from keyboards to headsets – and even gaming gloves! “Challenge is the Game” is Tt eSports motto, which reiterates their philosophy of gaming to the extreme. They’ve introduced world firsts such as the Challenger keyboard, which features the first-of-its kind integrated fan to keep your hands cool.

Tt eSports sponsor many professional gaming teams around the globe, so they know exactly what is required when it comes to gaming peripherals and thus produce top quality products that meet the demands.

An often overlooked area when it comes to gaming, is gaming events, from small LAN parties with friends, all the way up to world championships. Whilst overlooked, it is becoming increasingly popular for hardware manufacturers to address issues that often come up at these events. Brands such as BitFenix have incorporated carrying handles into some of their cases to aid transportation of gaming rigs for BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) events.

What will be reviewed today, is an unusual product, that whilst simple in concept, is clever in execution; what we have, is the Thermaltake Tt eSports Battle Dragon LAN Bag.

At an initial glance the Battle Dragon Bag looks like an over-sized laptop bag, that could take a whopping 24” laptop if such a laptop existed. The bag matches Tt eSports colour scheme with a black exterior, and red detailing interior. Featured on the outside pockets of the bag is a large red dragon and Tt eSports logo.

The bag also features three main compartments on the outside; two large pockets and a third pocket that covers the whole side – this one is explained in more detail in the next paragraph. The two large pockets then have another zip compartment on them – adding yet even more storage space.

One of the ways this bag can be carried is like that of a carry case, with just one handle on the top of the bag, however, there are also two other ways to carry this bag. Stored in one of the side pockets is a shoulder strap that turns it into a messenger style bag. In addition to this way, there is also a very useful feature that is hidden in the large side panel. After almost completely unzipping the side panel, (which then rolls up) reveals two shoulder straps – so now you have a rucksack. The panel neatly rolls up and fastens down to the Velcro on the now, top end of the bag. Carrying the bag this way, means you can keep you arms free to carry any additional items like your PC.


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Throughout the bag there is ample padding, which not only provides cushioning for your back when in rucksack mode, but also protects the many delicate electronic items that might be in the bag.

The interior is split into five main sections, 2x large pockets and 3x small pockets. The larger of them can contain items like monitors, whilst the smaller ones, things like mice, keyboards and the monitor’s stand.

Due to the bags large size, it is possible to fit a 24” monitor in it, with adequate protection, on top of all the other items that you may want to fit in there – and that could be a lot.

Upon testing, it was possible to fit a Dell U2301h 24” monitor, a full size keyboard, a mouse, a mousemat, speakers, tools, and an ipad and still have loads of room left over; making this bag perfect for those LAN parties. When fully loaded it is recommended using the rucksack shoulder straps as it can get fairly uncomfortable using the messenger strap.

There is also plenty of padding between your back and the contents of the bag meaning no sharp corners digging into you.

LAN bags are not a common accessory when it comes to PC peripherals so it’s good to see one of the major gaming brands start to open up this area and with no doubt other brands will catch on, as BYOC gaming events become more popular. Here Tt eSports have created a superb bag that can hold nearly everything except from the kitchen sink. Coupled with plenty of padding and numerous different carrying methods to suit the individual, this bag is ideal for any and all LAN party lovers. Just having the additional rucksack shoulder straps, that unfold from a side pocket really makes it easier when transporting all your gear around and keeps it protected at the same time.

Being one of the first LAN bags eTeknix has had to review, it has set a high precedence, where we shall look forward to seeing what other brands have to offer in the future. So due to all the positivity of this great LAN bag, we are awarding it with the following ‘Gamers Choice Award’.