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Bungie to reveal Destiny on Facebook later today

Are you set for the next creation for legendary developer Bungie? Well you might want to keep your eyes and ears set to Facebook later today where the company who are famed for their long standing…


Facebook hacked last month, but was not alone

Facebook is and has been the most popular website around with the majority of the web’s visitors frequently checking it out throughout the day whether it be via desktop, laptop or mobile device. The truth is,…


Video ads coming to your Facebook News Feed

Facebook seems to be gearing up to launch video ads that will appear in our news feeds in April at the latest in an effort to bring new source of advertisement revenues for the company. The…

Hitman: absolution facebook whoops


Square Enix Apologizes for tasteless Hitman promotion on Facebook

Very recently, Square Enix released a Facebook promotion where you can “place a hit” on your Facebook friends and then friends would be sent a video of an agent assassinating your friend. Harmless? Yeah until you get to know that…