Blizzard and Razer Reveal Official Overwatch Gaming Gear

If the news of the new Razer Chroma Naga Chroma 12-button MMO gaming mouse wasn’t enough for you today, then you will also be pleased to hear that Razer has joined forces with Blizzard Entertainment to release a set of officially licensed Overwatch gaming gear!

Blizzards new 6v6 first-person shooter looks set to take the competitive gaming world by storm, which means there will be demand for some equally action packed peripherals. The new range of Razer hardware comes fully equipped with the Razer Chroma RGB lighting engine, adding the ever popular BlackWidow keyboard, DeadAdder gaming mouse and the Goliathus Extended Mouse Mat, all kitted out with a kick-ass Overwatch theme.

“Overwatch is one of the most sought-after titles out there and it’s a blast to play,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO. “We’re excited to bring Blizzard players, our own fans, and PC gamers everywhere the preferred FPS peripherals of eSports athletes from world-leading teams. Clad in a custom-designed theme and with in-game Chroma lighting effects created by Blizzard specifically for the keyboard and mouse, these peripherals add another layer of immersion to the Overwatch experience.”

Not only that, but the Chroma API has been tweaked too, allowing Overwatch to offer up dynamic lighting effects and changes based on the in-game action. Actions such as your heroes colour, cooldowns, Ultimate ability readiness and more can be represented directly on the peripherals lighting system.

“We’re excited to be working with Razer to bring Overwatch players and FPS fans a line of high-quality gear to take into battle,” said Matt Beecher, vice president of global consumer products at Blizzard Entertainment. “The development team has come up with some cool ways to integrate Overwatch’s gameplay with Razer’s technology, giving Blizzard gamers a whole new way to customize their experience.”

The release date isn’t known yet, but I expect it will be very soon to catch the Christmas rush. Prices are detailed below.

  • DeathAdder Chroma Overwatch: $79.99/99.99EUR
  • BlackWidow Chroma Overwatch: $179.99/219.99EUR
  • Goliathus Extended Overwatch: $34.99/42.99EUR

Street Fighter 5 Beta Extended as Server Trouble Continues

The Street Fighter 5 beta that currently runs as a PlayStation 4 exclusive has shown us very clearly how important beta tests of games are, both the closed and open versions. One can plan and have a lot of great ideas, but it isn’t until you put it out to a real world test that you know how well you did your job. Other recent examples also include all the trouble WB has with the latest Batman game.

Capcom announced yesterday on their Twitter account that the beta would be down all day as they continue to face server issues. The beta launched on July 23rd, but users experienced trouble right from the start and they lasted throughout the weekend where Capcom repeatedly reset and took servers offline and set them back up again in an attempt to get everything running.

The beta was officially scheduled to end tomorrow, Tuesday the 28th, but that won’t happen. A new message posted on Twitter reads: “For those wondering, we will be extending the beta period to make up for the issues we’ve been experiencing.” There hasn’t been any word yet how much it will be extended, but we can assume it will continue at least to the point where they narrow down where the bug is located and then add the original 5-day time on top of that.

While this first beta is PlayStation 4 only, future beta versions are planned for the PC too. Those will commence at an unspecified time later this year.

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Make Your laptop Screen 3x Bigger With Sliden’Joy

Laptops are fantastic for being portable; the ability to carry a powerful piece of tech in your hands anywhere you go has been revolutionary within today’s high-speed world. But, laptops do have a drawback and I am not talking about the Duracell batteries in the back which run out in a few hours, but rather the screen size. This might be about to change with the completion of a Kickstarter which aims to triple a notebooks screen size without adding a vast amount of weight,

Belgian Start up Sliden’Joy has unveiled a bundle of joy in the form of a design which aims to clip two extra screens to your additional laptop. There are 3 sizes which fit 13, 15 and 17 inch laptops as well as two models, an illustration of the product is below, as you can see, it’s pretty nifty and could potentially be aimed at a myriad of consumers.

The Sliden’Joy screens will magnetically attach to the back of your laptop and can be slid out whenever you wish to view your workstation more clearly, the screens will also connect to your laptop via either one USB 3.0 port or two USB 2.0 ports. The makers also promise to allow customization of the product which includes textures and colours. The product is also full HD with prices ranging from 199 Euros (£138.13) to 299 Euros (£207.54) is it quite expensive? Possibly, but if it’s as well made as the makers claim it to be, then it will market well to consumers.

As of writing, the manufactures have raised enough cash, which gives the ability for the start-up to bring their Sliden’Joy to the market within a few months. Just think, next time you’re stuck on a train, the stranger sitting next to you could be rocking their very own Cinema.

ASUSTOR Extends Product Warranty to 3 Years

ASUSTOR Inc. announced that the warranty period for all ASUSTOR NAS products has been extended to three years from the previous two year warranty. It is ASUSTOR’s mission to continue to provide its customers with products of the highest quality along with the most reliable and attentive after-sales service possible, as the press release reads.

“Providing first-class service to our customers has always been a top priority for us here at ASUSTOR,“ said Allen Yen, Sales Director at ASUSTOR. “We are extremely elated to announce that we have extended the warranty period for all our products. We would like to thank our loyal customers from their continued support and hope that this will inspire even greater confidence in ASUSTOR products.”

The newly extended three year warranty applies to all ASUSTOR NAS products which include all 6, 3 and 2 series devices. Users who have already purchased ASUSTOR products will also get the new three year warranty applied to their product from the original date of purchase.

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Image courtesy of ASUSTOR.