Gigabyte launched a new incentive that will give gamers more value and increased warranty as well as direct RMA process for customers of the G1 Gaming series motherboards. There are several different tiers that will provide different benefits based on what G1 Gamer product that you have purchased. The new service is, in all its simplicity, called the G1 GAMER PACKS.

A direct RMA process is one of the best things a company can offer and that’s something anyone who ever had to deal with stubborn shops can sign. The company behind the product is the natural partner to offer support when you have trouble as well as replace it if it can’t be fixed. Eliminating the middle man saves time, money, and nerves.

Customers that register their product newly purchased Gigabyte G1 motherboard will also get a longer warranty, up to 5-years, with express exchange service and replacement in advance option. On top of that, customers also get a cashback bonus when they upgrade this current motherboard to a successor in the future, making the upgrade quite a bit cheaper.

“The biggest wish for most gamers is to be the best and to have top grade PC Gaming hardware they can trust”. GIGABYTE takes care of these wishes with our new G1 Gamer Packs. Not only do we offer our customers a direct RMA service in case of possible hardware issue, we also offer G1 warranty extensions and the customer will also “receive a next-gen technology-bonus of up to £75 free!”, Timmy Huang, Western Europe Managing Director at GIGABYTE, explained the new service offensive.

For all the small print as well as registering for the G1 GAMER PACKS, you can visit the official Mini-Site here.