SpaceX Rocket’s Sea Landing Fails – Again

Once again, another successful launch by SpaceX, and sadly, another failure to land their Falcon 9 rocket on a drone ship at sea. Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, said that the Falcon 9 rocket had “landed hard on the droneship.” SpaceX had expected this landing would likely fail due to the mission requirements set out, including a very hot reentry and lack of propellant to arrest momentum.

This marks the fourth attempt by SpaceX to land a Falcon 9 rocket on one of their drone ships, and sadly, also the fourth failure, despite the third attempt coming very close. This landing would be especially difficult for the rocket as the SES-9 is a larger and heavier satellite than those previously launched, as well as targeting a higher orbit than most, requiring the Falcon 9 to travel a lot faster and consequently, burn more fuel that could be used to slow the rocket’s descent.

Despite the failure of the landing, the mission was a success, with the SES-9 satellite was delivered to a high enough altitude that it can now use its own power to arrive in the intended orbit. Once in position, SES-9 will loiter at 22,000 miles above the equator, able to providing a satellite communication service to Northeast Asia, South Asia, and Indonesia.

This failed landing certainly won’t be SpaceX’s last attempt at landing the Falcon 9. Whether the next landing will be another sea landing or a return to the already successful ground landing remains to be seen, but with an ISS supply mission scheduled for the next few weeks, we should know soon enough. Musk, at least, seems far more confident about this next landing being a success.

Image credit to SpaceX

Tesla Supercharger Catches Fire

Tesla cars are well-known sites all around the world now with the Model S being known as a rather amazing piece of technology. The electric sports car contains a ludicrous mode which can accelerate 0-60 in less than 3 seconds, a rather impressive sight. The S model, however, is getting some bad attention in Norway when it went to top up.

Tesla’s electric cars are known for being the first step into reliable and everyday usable cars, however, a particular owner got a surprise during a routine action in Norway. After pulling up the a supercharger station, and inserting its plug for the lithium-ion battery pack, the vehicle caught fire. The owner was not at the car when the incident happens so no one was harmed, but as you can see from the image above, the car was not so lucky.

While people are quick to argue and debate over what could have caused this user one Reddit user, bjornnyland, was quick to point out that this was a temporary station which actually delivered 13kW more than a standard station, which typically deliver 105 kW. After stating that he had used the charging point several times and that it had stopped on more than one occasion, he was quick to state that it may or may not have had something to do with the fire.

SpaceX Falcon Explodes on ISS Resupply Mission

Space industry upstart SpaceX has suffered an explosive set back on its latest mission. Setting out to resupply the International Space Station, the Falcon 9 rocket suffered an unrecoverable failure and ended up exploding shortly after launch.  At this point, the exact cause of the failure is not known yet with both SpaceX and NASA working to determine the fault. A preliminary report suggests that an overpressure event compromised the second stage liquid oxygen tank which makes sense as the first stage appeared to keep firing properly until the end.

While not critical, the ISS supply situation is sub-optimal with two other failures already this year from other launchers. Orbital Sciences and Roscosmos both had failures earlier that either destroyed the payload or made it impossible to properly deliver it. Some of the items set to be delivered today were already replacements for those lost on earlier missions.

In a disappointment for Elon Musk fans, the third try at landing the rocket will have to wait. Earlier attempts had failed explosively but many had been hoping the third time would be the charm. Even with this failure though, SpaceX still has a relatively good track record and is already pretty cost effective. Hopefully, SpaceX can take this experience and prepare for the day they launch manned missions.

Rockstar Fixes the Duke O’ Death Car Exploit in a Unique Way

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V title had a big multiplayer exploit, where players could bring the Duke O’ Death car into multiplayer sessions, even though it was a single player car only.

Apparently Rockstar patched the exploit, but not the way you think. The company did not state how they fixed it exactly, however it is said that users trying to use the exploit are now blown to bits in a fiery explosion.

The Duke O’ Death car is made to be for single player use only due to its high armour stats and its ability to withstand a lot of damage, making it very unbalanced in a multiplayer battle.

Rockstar proved to take an amusing approach to fixing the bug, an approach that not many gaming companies would take nowadays.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Explosion Caught on CCTV

Samsung hasn’t had the best luck with their phones lately, at least not when we’re looking at them from a fire hazard point-of-view. It isn’t that long time ago that we heard about the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 that combusted while the owner was asleep, and now it seems the next one has blown up – and this time the whole thing was caught on CCTV as the Galaxy S3 exploded.

When we hear a story like this, it is usual due to the use of cheap third party chargers. But this time it wasn’t connected to anything when it spontaneously exploded. It is currently unknown if the battery used was the original, as it is too badly burned on the photos to recognize – but it’s my personal bet that it wasn’t the original.

The phone was just laying there on a shelf when it suddenly exploded, and since the whole thing happened in the Krung Thai Bank, it was caught on the security CCTV cameras. Lucky for everyone, there wasn’t any major damage to anything else and no one was in direct proximity of the device when it exploded.

When looking at the video of the explosion and imagining someone having it in their pockets at the time, this could however have ended a lot worse.

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Hubble Time Lapse Shows Epic Stellar Explosion

Like many humans, I get an odd sense of satisfaction of watching things blow up in slow motion, be that a can of Cola packed with TNT, or a balloon filled with Hydrogen, it’s just really cool to watch. So what if we kick things up to an astronomical scale? V838 Monocerotis gave off a massive intergalactic explosion in January 2002, what scientists first thought was a supernova. The team got hubble to lock its sights on the event and take thousands of pictures of the course of 3-4 years, the results of which have allowed them to create a stunning time lapse video.

Of course this video isn’t actually slow motion, it’s just that the scale of the event is hard to comprehend and appears to be moving slowly, but don’t be fooled, as it’s really a stunning shockwave of radiation and gas blasting through space. It’s unclear at this time if the event was a supernova due to its characteristics, but it still puts on a great light show and for those of us who aren’t astrophysicists, its one of the few parts of the discovery that we can enjoy. For those of you who want to know more about the event, check out the full story here. For those of you who just want to see a massive explosion in space, check out the video below.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″][/youtube]

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U.S. Navy’s Railgun Blowing Stuff Up

Ever watch BattleTech as a child? Well if you haven’t you’re missing out, but if you have then you’re hopes and dreams of being able to see a railgun being fired are about to be realized.

The United States Navy is set to release it’s electromagnetic railgun on a single joint high-speed vessels (JHSV) in 2016 according to the report.

Since 2005 the U.S. Navy has been testing this technology and from the looks of it they’ve been doing a very good job of progressively improving it.

According to the Navy, the weapon uses “an electromagnetic force – known as the Lorenz Force – to rapidly accelerate and launch a projectile between two conductive rails.” The weapon will be able to shoot projectiles at an increased velocity than any weaponry available right now, which in turn will allow each round to travel much greater distances. Because of this ability to maintain velocity for a greater period of time, this means that it will not require a “high explosive payload” when it reaches a target. The Navy has stated that this will make its ships safer because they won’t have to carry as many explosives on board. Once the weapon is ready for deployment, the Navy states that the railguns will be able to launch “guided, multi-mission projectiles to a range of 110 nautical miles.”



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Vodafone Store Evacuated Due To Exploding iPad

There have been a few reports of iPhones, iPads and iPods exploding over the years, more so in recent month. I do think it is fair to say that nearly all electrical device can and do explode on rare occasions and circumstances, and that I doubt these incidents are limited to Apple devices.

Reports are now coming in the a Vodafone store in Australia was evacuated due to an iPad exploding in the store, which all sound a little dramatic, I mean, how much damage can one iPad do?

According to a Vodaphone spokesperson, the Canberra based store’s caught alight from its charging port. Which quickly led to the fire brigade being called and the store to be evacuated, the shop was quickly filling with acrid smoke, sparks and flames from the iPad as it’s power connector continued to burn.

As you can see from the image above, the iPad in question is left looking more like a baking tray than an electronic device, so we cannot even identify what model it was.

Apple has since collected the charred device for testing.

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London Sidewalks Explode Because Of Electricity Boxes

KABOOM! Not something you normally hear about. If you live in London, this may be more of a normalized happening. LondonNet reported recently on explosions in London. These are not acts of terror, but rather accidents waiting to happen. The cause, is not what you might expect, Under-pavement electricity boxes. There are over 100,000 of these boxes under the streets of London, which UK Power Networks are not really worried about. UPN has stated that there have been ‘Relatively few cases when our equipment has faltered’. My thoughts are slightly different, here are some statistics.

2010 12 explosions
2011 8 explosions
2012 29 explosions
2013 12 explosions

Remember, we are only 6 months into this year and there have already been 12 explosions, if the numbers stay at their current rate we can expect at least another 12 explosions this year. Londoners could be at risk, Health and Safety Executives have been following the growth of these explosions, and seem concerned for the safety of people who travel the sidewalks in London

Video: Explosion Pimlico Road London April 2013

Personally I would be worried about walking down the street if it could explode at any minute. There have been four known injuries caused from the explosions over the past few years. Three women were injured in May 2012 and a 76 year old male was injured in August of 2011. How many injuries must there be, before UPN realizes that there is an issue here.

Would you be worried about walking down the street if the ground beneath you was to start exploding? Let me know in the comments below.

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Explosions At The Boston Market Marathon Finish Line

Breaking News

At least two explosions have been reported at the finish line of the Boston Maraton. Dozens of people have been injured, some people have been severely injured although their are no confirmed fatalities at this time. The explosions were separated by a couple of minutes, although the source has not been confirmed as accidental or as an attack, at this time.

We want to send our thoughts and prayers to all of those who have been affected by this recent tragedy at the Boston Market Marathon, this is literally an on going event so unfortunately, there are no more details right now.

Official news links for live coverage: NBCCBS