This 24 Carat Gold NES Will Set You Back a Whopping $5,000

The Nintendo Entertainment System revolutionized the video game industry and instigated a new era of incredibly successful home consoles. Even though the Atari 2600 had its charm, the games were quite primitive and overly simplistic. In contrast to this, the NES was home to a number of iconic franchises including Mario, Zelda, Contra, Kirby and more! Evidently, Nintendo’s innovation helped forge the modern gaming industry and many of their creations are still just as popular today. For example, retro collectors often browse auction sites to acquire NES titles, or attend conventions to try to acquire their favourite games at respectable prices.

To honor the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, console maker Analogue has unveiled a 24-carat gold NES console. In a similar vein to their other projects, the company creates a new NES instead of refurbishing the original model. As you might expect, the extremely high gold value has a marked impact on the retail price and there’s only 10 units available. This isn’t surprising when you consider the staggering $5000 price point which also comes with a gold-plated Legend of Zelda cartridge. So what are you waiting for? Oh right, the absurd cost! Of course, this is intended to be the ultimate addition to a Nintendo aficionado’s collection and individuals who purchase retro games are renowned for spending huge sums of money.

It’s not uncommon for certain rare titles to cost above $1000, and many collectors see these as an investment for the future. The NES is an absolutely fantastic piece of video game history but I’d personally prefer to own the original hardware instead of a gold-plated modern alternative. The price really is mind-blowing and I’m interested to see how many units the company can shift. I’m met some very passionate Nintendo fans but I’m pretty doubtful that any of them would even consider this unusual creation.

Rolls Royce SUV Anyone?

Well, I did not expect to see this in 2016, Rolls Royce are known for the final word in automotive luxury and this is perfectly conveyed by the companies expensive fleet of vehicles that are transported to international clients. Rolls Royce is synonymous for innovation and if these reports come to fruition, consumers could be feasting their eyes on an SUV edition.

Below is an image to convey this potential vehicle, it’s not exactly subtle, various reports state that it will be named “Cullinan” after a non-carbonado gem-quality diamond and will be limited to 1000 units worldwide.

As for specs, reports suggest it may be “equipped with the Rolls-Royce Phantom V12 engine with the same specifications” as well as a four-wheel drive system which will bring benefits to the overall travel of the vehicle. As for the design, it will be compelling to note both the weight and also handling of this potential saloon considering it will have all the bells and whistles for comfort, I also wonder what the Miles to gallon ratio of fuel will be?

If this vehicle comes to pass then it will be interesting to see both how fast the clientele snaps up this new design and also the types of luxurious locations where they will in doubt be shipped to, you can just imagine someone wrecking it after crashing that front end.

image courtesy of autocarsconcept

Custom-Designed Putin Head iPhone 6s Costs a Mere $3200

The iPhone 6s in any storage configuration is a costly endeavor and not financialy viable for many budget-conscience consumers. Historically, Russia’s communist ideology lends itself to the same inequality seen in a capitalist democracy. Without getting too political, both electoral structures can be horrifically unequal with the uber rich spending vast amounts of money in close proximity to poverty-stricken states. As a result, we often see modified versions of expensive items like the iPhone 6s. Unsurprisingly, a Russian jeweler called Caviar, has created the “Caviar Ti Gold Supremo Putin Anniversario Edizione 63”.

This rather lavish piece is unmistakably patriotic and embeds a large profile image of Putin in solid gold. Additionally, there is a verse from Russia’s national anthem and a crest. The gold sections are encrusted on a titanium back with the Caviar branding near the top. According to the jeweler, only 63 copies will be made which cost upwards of $3200. This depends on the storage model with 64GB and 128GB being the only options. I do find it amusing that a 16GB model wasn’t produced.

If the item isn’t luxurious enough, you can purchase a stunningly beautiful carry case from $306. Personally, I find the main handset quite garish, but the box is pretty nice. Although, I wouldn’t spend $500 on a handset, so it’s slightly out of my price range.

Perhaps, this is an example to illustrate Russian wealth for rich government members, or oligarchs. Whatever the case, it’s certainly an interesting design and makes the standard iPhone 6s suddenly look affordable.

What do you think of this $3200 beast?

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Man Shoots Down Expensive Drone

Drones may be the future, but owners certainly need to take a bit more responsibility while flying them if this tale is anything to go by. A gentleman by the name of William H. Merideth looked skyward and noticed a Drone was flying over his property, so he acted the same way any American with access to war grade weapons would, he took aim and shot it down.

According to an account of the incident, Mr Merideth’s shotgun blast hit the Drone and the hardware crashed within a short distance of his home. When police arrived to investigate why there was ammunition being fired, Merideth admitted that he shot down the Drone because it was flying over his home. Mr Merideth then gave an interview to propaganda Republican 1 channel Fox News, which he explained his actions with the following statement

I went and got my shotgun and I said, ‘I’m not going to do anything unless it’s directly over my property.’ Within a minute or so, here it came. It was hovering over top of my property, and I shot it out of the sky…”

Owners of the Drone were slightly angry considering the machine was estimated to be worth $1,800 (£1152.75) they also claimed that they were only shooting photos of a friend’s house when the incident occurred. Police arrested Merideth and charged him with first degree criminal mischief before promptly releasing him the next day, law enforcement gave what was left of the crashed Drone back to its owners.

I haven’t really any sympathy with both parties, on one hand William Merideth should not have really shot someone else’s Drone down, on the other hand, don’t fly a machine over someone’s house. It will be interesting to note how police handle this in the future, if the fore mentioned gentleman does not receive a punishment, it will be shoot a Drone season arriving down a street very soon.

On a side note, what is wrong with the gun owner? There are ways to resolve conflicts rather than taking aim and firing a cartridge into a direction of anything which annoys you.

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Comcast 2GB/S Internet Prices and Specs Released

Comcast’s fibre internet was always going to be expensive, and now the telecoms company has revealed just how much 2Gbps internet will cost you; $300 a month! Comcast calls its fastest-ever consumer broadband Gigabit Pro, which offers twice the download and upload speeds of Google Fiber for a small amount of $230 more per month. Comcast says you “must generally live within a third of a mile of our fiber network” in eligible cities to receive Gigabit Pro. The service will be available as part of a 2 year contract too. Comcast is also saying that the installation of the service may take up to two months, meaning people could pay $1000 before they even get service.

On the plus side, Comcast is offering people who agree to that two-year contract an early promotional rate of $159 per month and if you’re the type of person who can afford $300 internet every month, maybe the tacked on installation costs won’t influence your thinking much anyway. Gigabit Pro could make sense for small businesses with colossal bandwidth needs, though Comcast look to be hoping that business users stick with their own, more expensive plans. If nothing else, Gigabit Pro should make for a smooth experience watching a stream on every device inside your home and then some!

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US Navy Renews Support with Microsoft

Windows XP reached end of life a year ago, I just turned off the last PC on our network running XP last week. It’s been a hard OS to replace as the Navy have found out.

This, rather amusingly, is still generating Microsoft some serious revenue as large corporations are coughing up the obscene amount of money to receive Microsoft’s extended support.

The US Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) has closed a $9.1 million contract extension with Microsoft that the agency originally announced earlier this month to extend custom support for the now ancient, Windows XP operating system, as well as the Office 2003 suite and Exchange 2003. According to a Navy contracting announcement, “Across the United States Navy, approximately 100,000 workstations currently use these applications. Support for this software can no longer be obtained under existing agreements with Microsoft because the software has reached the end of maintenance period.”

The renewal will allow the Navy “time to migrate from its existing reliance on the expiring product versions to newer product versions approved for use in Ashore and Afloat networks, and will provide hotfixes to minimize risks while ensuring support and sustainability of deployed capabilities.”

Many of the systems that use Windows XP are currently floating around in the middle of the ocean, unable to be upgraded for long amounts of time due to the location of the vessels.

The navy is not alone in their dependence on Windows XP, the Army also recently approved an agreement with Microsoft to support the 8000 devices they have on the OS.

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Apple’s New Macbook Is Almost Impossible to Fix Yourself

It’s pretty obvious to most people that Apple devices are not designed with DIY repairs in mind. The new MacBook design takes the difficulty to a new height.

The crew over at the popular tech tear down and repair website, iFixit have gotten their hands on the new MacBook and in true fashion, taken it apart. From reading through their article we can see that Apple has removed a lot of repair options and gateways to be able to cram every little bit of tech into the tiny metal case. Most components are glued or soldered together to keep them as compact as possible.

Apple have made the innards of the new Mac an absolute nightmare for a day to day tinkerer looking for a cheap fix. If you break your Mac you’ll most likely have to send it off to Apple to be repaired. The battery is inserted into the case in several segments too. Meaning if you overcharge your battery it’ll be crazily expensive to repair.

On the flip side we can see why Apple have done this, there are a lot less things to break in the new Mac compared to previous models and other models of laptop. It’s a smart design choice made by their team that means less repairs will need to be carried out over the years of manufacture; making them will be a lot cheaper too!


What are your thoughts on the new MacBook design? let us know in the comment section below.

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Star Citizen Hits the $77 Million Mark in Crowdfunding

It seems that Star Citizen’s success will never stop, and the same can be said for its crowdfunding campaign. It looks like the campaign does not slow down with time, instead it seems to be speeding up.

The title looks to have hit the $77 million mark in crowdfunding, a staggering amount of money compared with other AAA title budgets, even the most expensive ones. One interesting aspect about the latter is that the last $1 million was made in just 5 days, indicating that the crowdfunding campaign might be speeding up.

Adding up the maths, it looks like the title might even hit $100 million soon, but even if it doesn’t hit that mark (by some miracle), it will still remain the most successful crowdfunded thing in history. How about that?

Star Citizen is said to be available for PC players very soon, but with the latter mentioned budget, it could be even sooner than expected.

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Apple Stores to Install Safes for Gold Apple Watch


The Apple Watch is set to arrive in April, starting at $345. Now while we all know that, not so many of us care about that base price. Most of us are interested in the price of the ‘rose gold’ option, the ‘Apple Watch Edition’.

Why? Because unlike its iPhone counterpart, instead of just being gold coloured, it really is made of gold. 24-carat gold to be precise. So how much will it cost? $3000, $5000, perhaps $10,000? Who knows, they’re only suggestions. But now, we may just have our first indication of how expensive it will really be, by way of news that Apple is to begin installing safes in stores to house these expensive watches.

Yes, the venerable Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac says that Apple stores will soon be adopting practices somewhat more akin to jewellery stores, all for the ‘Edition’ model of the Apple Watch. He also says that the stores will receive weighing equipment to ensure that no-one has replaced the gold on the watches when someone returns one.

All of this is making it quite clear that this piece of technology, is going to be a pretty serious piece of jewellery too.

Source: 9to5Mac

USA Intends to Provide Internet to Villages via Laser

According to US technology news website, TechnologyReview, several US communications carriers are going to pilot a technology which will see a laser beam internet up to speeds of 2 Gbps through the air – meaning underground cables don’t need to be laid. This advanced laser and millimeter wave technology is said to be a replacement for conventional fiber, utilized in situations where the population is sparsely populated – including remote US towns and African Villages.

Why not mobile technology? The reports claim that although mobile technology is generally a good alternative, cables will still need to be run to telephone towers tracing to the ‘internet backbone’  – providing a huge cost for manufacturers. This new laser and millimeter technology will allow these US communications carriers to beam a data transmission at a distance of up to 10 kilometers without the need to dig trenches or erect towers. The first countries to be testing this technology are the United States, Mexico, Nigeria and some parts of Africa.

AOptix is the original inventor of this capability, claiming that they believe laser communications will provide an ideal alternative to optical fiber – once again due to the costing nature of laying cables. Data shows that in New York City, the cost of laying just one kilometer of fiber optic cable can cost up to $800,000.

This isn’t a simple point a to point b device either. AOptix claims that you can set up multiple devices to be set as a relay, allowing for 10km worth of transmission to take place per unit. There are a few possible issues with this technology that they haven’t covered in their releases however. How much do these units cost and do they need line-of-sight?

The announcement of this new technology also could have military use, but we’re very interested to know if it needs direct line-of-sight to function.

Image courtesy of Chiphell

Acer’s 27-Inch Narrow 4K Monitor Pricing Released

Acer’s new flagship 27-Inch ultra-narrow 4K monitor has seen a debut on the Chinese market in recent days, being priced at 5,000 yuan ($816 US).

Designed to look seamless, the S277HK is a one of a kind. According to Acer, this model was the first HDMI 2.0 interface with an ultra-narrow frame 4K display – unfortunately for them, ASUS and Seiki beat them to the market launching HDMI 2.0 monitors of their own. This brand new product is supported by a strong aluminum frame to help it keep its composure whilst being as thin as possible. You’ll also be able to see that it looks rather sleek and modern with an (possibly) over-sized stabilizing base.

The S277HK offers users the ability to connect their device via DVI, DisplayPort 1.2 or Mini DisplayPort. Alongside this, the monitor contains DTS designed speakers, Acer’s EyeProtect ColorPlus technology and a top-notch color display. It’s reported that in December you should expect to see the Acer S277HK 4K monitor appear across Europe, the Middle East and African markets at a price of around $864 US.

4K TV and monitor options are becoming steadily more popular globally. We’ve seen YouTube recently up their support for this mode, alongside introducing 60 FPS streaming, DirecTV have started their 4K on-demand cable offerings and all major panel manufacturers are scrambling to pump out new models of 4K as fast as they can.

Is 4K something that you’re interested in, or is it a little confusing for you as it is for Ubisoft’s Far Cry 4 developers? There’s no denying that it’s a massively hot-topic currently in the technology scene, but as it stands it’s extremely expensive simply because it’s new.

Image courtesy of Digital Trends

ASUS ARES III Card Debuts in Japan

Recently, ASUS announced their high tier ROG ARES III Graphics Card. This beast brings to the table a massive 8GB of GDDR5 RAM and a custom water-cooling block pre-installed. Unfortunately for most end users, this card has been brought out at rather high price due to it’s limited edition nature; 2x 290x’s included in its architecture and water-cooling from factory.

If you want to get your hands on this bad boy in China, you’re looking at a hefty $2.7k+ USD price tag, far outweighing the R9 295X2 graphics card price at $2.1k USD in comparison. These high prices have been forcing end users to stick with their lower grade graphics cards as most cannot justify the expensive upgrade. Coupled with this, the card has only currently been made available in one place which cuts any possibility of competitive pricing.

Fly a few hours over to Japan and you can get your hands on an ARES III for only 2.1k USD – why is this the case? Some members of the public suggest China’s tariff is to blame. Claiming that China’s VAT is 17% comparable to a Japanese consumption tax of only 8%.

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any word of this card in America or Europe as of yet, as we’re interested to see the pricing after it’s released globally.

Image courtesy of ASUS ROG

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