Executives Feel Like Cyber-Security is Just an IT Problem

Cyber-security is a big issue, with people and companies finding out the hard way that their security is exposed when it turns up online for sale or they receive phone calls advertising features with details they never hand out. With big companies like TalkTalk and even the government being victims of hacks, people are acting more and more with security at their mind front. This may change though soon as a survey of executives found they felt like cyber-security is just an “IT problem”.

The survey questioned 1,530 C-level executives, that is anyone who’s job title contains chief or another word beginning with c in it. This illusion of responsibility, one which often ends up landing with executives, comes as companies spent 25% more on information security in 2015 compared to 2014.

The survey was conducted on companies that were deemed “vulnerable” resulted in 91 percent of the executives saying that they couldn’t interpret a cybersecurity report, with 40 percent of those responding admitting that they didn’t even feel responsible for cyber-security.

These figures are certainly more than a little scary, with company executives feeling like they aren’t responsible on every level for protecting your information or even being aware of the threats and dangers that they encounter. In a day and age where you are more than likely to be attacked via the internet and your computer systems than on a street, it is the responsibility of everyone, especially those in power, to make sure that they uphold their legal responsibilities, even if that comes at a weeks crash course in cyber-security.

Apple’s Phil Schiller: Nobody “Normal” Will Wear Google Glass

Apple has never said very much about Google’s wearable efforts with Glass. Apart from Tim Cook’s quip a few years back at the All Things D conference, the company has been quiet about whether it would ever be interested in such a product. That is until now.

Apparently, the founder of tech news site The Tech BlockAbdel Ibrahim, engaged in an email conversation with Schiller, Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Product Marketing.

After sending an image of Steve Martin wearing a pair of joke spectacles from the movie ‘The Jerk’, Schiller apparently replied with:

“That’s very funny!”

I can’t believe they think anyone (normal) will ever wear these things. It reminds me of the push to market video goggles a few years back.” 

Now those of you unfamiliar with Apple’s corporate affairs might be wondering why such a senior executive replied to an email like this, but the thing is, Apple’s executives (including Steve Jobs) have famously replied to customer emails in the past. Jobs did it quite often, perhaps more often than we know of.

All of that makes it seem highly likely that this exchange is the real deal.

Source: The Tech Block Via: 9to5Google

LG’s Executive Might Not Be Allowed to Fly to CES

You might remember the incident around the time of IFA 2014 where several LG employees were accused of purposely damaging competitions washing machines in Berlin’s retail stores, one of them Jo Seong-jun, the head of LG’s Home Appliance and Air Solution Company. What sounded like something out of the schoolyard at first and also seemed settled after the people involved agreed to pay for the damage, might now come back to bite LG in the rear.

Samsung, whose machines were damaged, didn’t think that this was funny and reported it to the South Korean authorities who now apparently banned the executing from traveling to CES in a couple of days. LG is still denying all claims that it was done on purpose and is trying to get the flight ban lifted for the Consumer Electronics Show. On the other hand, Samsung maintains that the flight block indicates the severity of the incident.

Thanks to CNET for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of Engadget

Twitter Executive Fails at Twitter

Twitter’s new Chief Financial Officer, Anthony Noto, has failed miserably in using Twitter itself.

He posted the Tweet:

“I still think we should buy them. He is on your schedule for Dec 15 or 16 — we will need to sell him. i have a plan”

He’s now of course removed it, but still means he has an important Twitter lesson to learn – don’t tweet private and confidential information about your company’s acquisition plans.

For many of us, Tweeting something accidentally can be nothing but a simple mishap, with no further repercussions, but for the Chief Financial Officer to leak sensitive information about a potential acquisition at a multinational corporation, that’s another story.

Business Insider’s article on this story has an interesting look at how this indicates Twitter may be too tricky to use, and could be better. They point to the story of an American Congressman whose career pretty much collapsed after he posted naked pictures on Twitter, when he was trying to send them in a direct message.

Source: Business Insider

Apple’s Eddy Cue Makes Rare Appearance on Local TV

In a bizarre move for the usually private Apple Senior Vice Presidents, the company’s SVP for Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue, was seen in a local news report demoing Apple Pay yesterday (Monday).

The very open report focuses on the new payment system, with Eddy and the reporter going on a shopping trip together. Apple Pay was first released in the US last month to good reviews, with some suggesting that the new system could be the death knell for credit cards. Although NFC systems such as Google Wallet have existed before it, Apple’s force in negotiating agreements with banks has meant big changes have come rapidly to US merchants, leading to a significant number of stores that previously didn’t accept NFC payments now doing so, at the benefit of all NFC services.

Source: MacRumors

CEO of Reddit Resigns, Cites Office Space Problems

Reddit is going through a big shake up, with its CEO leaving the company and with the return of co-founder Alexis Ohanian. Ohanian left the company in 2010, will return as Executive Chairman, while Ellen Pao will become the interim CEO. Now former CEO Yishan Wong apparently left the company after a dispute over a new office. That’s some reason to quit your job as CEO.

Source: The Next Web

Move Over Felix – Google Exec Breaks Sky Jump Record

Google’s Vice-President Alan Eustace has just plummeted to the earth from a height of 135,890 feet to smash Felix Baumgartner’s world record set in 2012. The 24th of October marks the official record date, seeing Eustace ascend to toward space in a helium balloon and free-fall plummet back toward earth at over 820 miles per hour. This means he was not only able to break the sound barrier, but also knocked Baumgartner’s speed record off the top too.

The 57-year old tech executive wore a pressurized space-like suit during his two-hour climb to his great height, however the descent took a mere 15 minutes over the New Mexico desert.

I’m sure you’re wondering why you had no idea this was going on, especially seeing as Baumgartner’s record in 2012 was highly publicized and even live streamed. We’ve been told that this attempt was part of a project by the Paragon Space Development corporation, set as an exploration of the stratosphere – rather than a marketing stunt.

We’ve been told that Google did not have any part to play in this jump, Eustace decided to walk this one alone.

Image courtesy of AFP

Google Execs Death Blamed on Call Girl

Described as a high price call girl, 26 year old Alix Catherine Tichelman has been charged with manslaughter over the death of 51 year old Google Executive, Forrest Timothy Hayes who was responsible for working on Google X and in conjunction with the Google Glass team. Hayes was found deceased on his yacht (named Escape) in Santa Cruz last November after suffering a heroin overdose.

The Police have reported of Tichelmans’ “prostitution relationship” with the 17 year-married Hayes after meeting over the website SeekingArrangements.com – a common “Sugar Daddy” website.

Alix Catherine Tichelman’s Mugshot

Police allege that Hayes arranged with Tichelman to meet aboard his yacht with her bringing heroin and needles. Video surveillance footage aboard the yacht shows Tichelman injecting Hayes, who then collapsed onto the floor. This video then shows Tichelman clearing evidence, stepping over Hayes’ body several times, finishing her wine, closing the curtains and exiting the premises.

After analysis of Hayes’ phone records, the Police determined Tichelman was a prime suspect in this ordeal. She was eventually reprimanded by a Police officer posing as a $1,000 paying client on Independence Day, 2014.

Thanks to The Register, we’ve learned:

“She was arrested on her arrival, and later charged with manslaughter, prostitution, destroying evidence, and administering and possessing heroin. During interviews with investigators, Tichelman said she had over 200 professional clients, we’re told.”

Tichelman is also being investigated by the Santa Cruz Police Department in a similar case in a different state of which she has not been formally charged for as of yet.

Hayes started his career in the auto industry, moving to Sun Microsystems to oversee server operations before moving to Apple and eventually Google. He was often praised for his professionalism, work ethic and devotion to his family as pointed out on his memorial page.

As it sits currently, Tichelman’s bail is set at $1.5 million as she is held in Santa Cruz Jail. She has attended Santa Cruz Court, but has entered no plea as of yet.

Top image courtesy of The Register

Alix Catherine Tichelman’s Mugshot courtesy of The Register

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt Buys Sex Penthouse

When we are looking for a place to have a side relationship we just go out and buy a penthouse, we don’t need to purchase a house, go to a motel room, or even the back seat of our car. Of course not, unless you are Eric Schmidt. Who is Eric Schmidt and why should we care? Eric Schmidt was CEO of the tech giant Google, though he hasn’t been CEO since 2011. Schmidt is currently the Executive Chairman of Google.

Earlier today, The New York Post reported about Schmidt and his recent purchase. A Penthouse apartment located in Flatiron, a borough of Manhattan, in New York City, New York.  The 6,250-square-foot apartment, consisting of four bedrooms, an entertainment area, wet bar. The apartment also has a 3,300-square-foot-terrace. After purchasing the apartment for 14.6 million dollars, he had it soundproofed. Possibly because of all the loud noises of the big city, but more likely to give him complete privacy.  News outlets have dubbed it the ‘Sex Penthouse’.

Schmidt had a net worth of 8.2 billion dollars according for Forbes as of March of this year.

Who knows the real reasoning behind purchasing the penthouse. Perhaps Schmidt is just a big fan of the movie ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’ in which portions of the movie were filmed. Or perhaps it gives him solitude from his wife and his 20 million dollar mansion located in Montecito, California. Maybe he just wants to show off to his array of lovers. Whatever his reasoning, is his business.

On another note Schmidt and his wife Wendy donated $15 million to the Hills, a project in which four hills we be built-up on Governers Island.

But this raises the questions, what do you think he is going to use the apartment for and what would you use it for if you had just bought it?

Image courtesy of The Washington Post / Business insider.