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Chinese Scientists Edit Embryonic Human Genome

A group of Chinese scientists have become the first to edit the genetic code in a human embryo. The study, which aimed to remove the gene responsible for the potentially fatal blood disorder β-thalassaemia, rewrote the…


Samsung Reviews its Own Watch, Says its “Awesome”

It appears that Samsung is trying out some more of their outlandish marketing techniques. The “most average editor” writing a review of the Gear S smart watch for the ‘Samsung Tomorrow’ company blog has come out…


Harvard University Secretly Tracked Attendance Using Cameras

The prestigious Harvard University has revealed it conducted an experiment using cameras to track attendance. The experiment which used security cameras and custom software to analyse the number of empty seats in a lecture hall, was…


Facebook’s Emotion Manipulation Study Angers Users

A study was published recently showing that in January 2012, Facebook manipulated 689,003 members feeds to display a larger amount of positive or negative status updates. Running over a one week duration, this information was used to show that the…