Firaxis Working on XCOM 2 Fixes

People can’t wait for their new favourite game, with trailers and advertisements teasing and tempting you into saving every world from a threat or every road for a quick race. One of the former games is the eagerly anticipated XCOM 2, a game which has had some issues with their initial release version.

According to lead designer, Jake Solomon, the game’s technical problems are “the first thing we talk about when we come in in the morning”. With such a high-profile release, when the game runs badly for people they get upset quite vocally, as is the case with XCOM 2. While they are working on fixes for a range of things, with small hotfixes being released commonly, large fixes for things such as the framerate issues are “coming soon”.

In fairness, the game seems to only have problems at rare and random intervals, with most players being able to enjoy the game with no issues (or at least, minor ones). Some of the things that bugged players was the camera pauses for a second after kills or certain events in-game, something which Solomon claims responsibility for saying “that stuff’s on me… if things can be sped up they certainly will”.

It’s nice to see people making games that feel so passionate about their creation, even after the initial paychecks. With releases such as Aliens: Colonial marines damaging companies reputations beyond repair for a lot of fans and gamers, having a good aftercare package is essential these days.

iPhone 6 Bricked By Latest Update

iPhones have a rocky history when it comes to their quality. It was reported that the iPhone 6 and even the 6s’s battery meter could be incorrect, and sometimes they would even just randomly power themselves off. With this in mind, the news that the latest update has been known to cause Error 53 and brick their devices is not a surprising one.

Reported to have affected thousands of users, error 53 has begun to pop up causing people’s phones to become inert and inaccessible. When speaking to the Guardian, the spokesmen stated that the issue is actually based on security concerns. The iPhone 6 contains a fingerprint scanner which stores the data needed, alongside the same data is located on your phone. If this data doesn’t match up the phone is reconsidered compromised. This locks the phone and makes it impossible to access. A large number of the error 53’s have come from people having to repair their phones at shops other than official Apple stores, only to find that this latest update is now locking their phones.

We stated that a large number of users have reported the error due to repair jobs from official stores, but Arjunthebuster posted on the 31st December a message to the Apple Support communities saying they had experienced the problem. After buying the phone in January, they dropped it the following month causing a small amount of damage which they didn’t get repaired. Wait nine months and they tried to update to iOS9, resulting in error 53. No repair job or modification to the touch sensor, just a small drop (if that even had any impact on this error).

With so many users experiencing the error for a range of reasons, do you think Apple need to do more to warn their customers that these kinds of problems could arise? Should Apple check into the problem and make sure that it is a legitimate security problem or, as Arjunthebuster experienced, a possibly random error that is bricking thousands of users phones?

Google Translates Russia as “Mordor”

Google Translate is an extremely useful albeit slightly confusing tool at times, the freedom to translate any foreign web page or language with a degree of accuracy has been widely used by a huge array of consumers and companies alike.  However, there are instances when Google translates something completely different as in this case whereby the Russian Federation had been accidentally translated as “Mordor”

Reports confirm that Google has patched a bug within the “translation from Ukrainian to Russian service”.  Below is a screenshot to illustrate this rather awkward yet slightly apt re-imagining of the translation, the company stated this error was introduced automatically and, therefore, did not come from user input.

The search giant also stated that its software was able to operate by analyzing patterns within hundreds of millions of documents, this sounds impressive but the translations are not always perfect when you consider both the complexity and also the context of language which can vary depending on the circumstances.

It is interesting to note that “Mordor” is defined as a “fictional universe of Middle-earth and was the region occupied and controlled by Sauron,” when you consider the fairly recent activity by Russia in Crimea, it makes the translation all the more relevant.

Image courtesy of  the dailymail

Hilarious FIFA 16 Bugs and Glitches

Modern video games are arguably the best they have ever been in terms of graphics, animations and production values, the latest titles that have included Fallout 4 have entertained audiences with immersive worlds and gameplay, this has led to a rise in sales and also a growth in audiences. As great as video games are, they do tend to experience technical glitches and bugs which infuriate players, well until the latest patches are released.

To demonstrate this, a Youtuber that goes by the moniker “GameSprout” has edited together a highlight reel of glitches and bugs from FIFA 16, below is a selection of fails in the form of images as well as the full video.

Below is an image of what appears to be a rather lethal glitch involving one player merrily kicking the head of an opposition player, charming.

Below is a strange glitch involving two players who would rather sit on an invisible chair than play football.

Below is a bug which shows a player who would rather perform what appears to be a cart-wheel rather than score the conventional way, certainly a fail.

Below, Marcello has found himself in a situation whereby his arms are the wrong way round, looks painful, although he seems relaxed.

Yeah, I have no idea what Hulk is doing to that poor goalkeeper.

Below is a rather funny glitch of a player who A – thinks he is in Star Wars, or B – thinks he is in Call Of Duty and has unfortunately been shot at.

Below is the full compilation video of fails from FIFA 16, if nothing else it will make you chuckle if you have a spare five minutes. It just goes to show that while the games industry is moving onwards and upwards, the glitches remain and are somewhat as hilarious as ever.

Images courtesy of fullfifa

Has Facebook Suffered From a 46 Year Old Bug?

Facebook is certainly a phenomenon which has travelled to huge swathes of the globe and, in turn, gained huge adoption. From celebrities being able to instantly update followers regarding their latest escapades to Mr and Mrs Blogs posting various life events, including cat pictures, the tech giant has certainly been a force. But! Did you know Facebook has been around for 46 years?  Well, a new bug has been unearthed congratulating many users on reaching the milestone of “46 years of friendship on Facebook”.

As you would expect, this is slightly odd considering the social network has not even been around for 15 years, below is an image to illustrate the notification which many confused users have received.  So, what is going on?  Facebook has not disclosed the exact cause of the bug but has released the following statement.

We’ve identified this bug and the team’s fixing it now so everyone can ring in 2016 feeling young again.

There is speculation that the bug originates from Unix, let me explain, the aforementioned Unix “underlines many of the world’s servers and it keeps time by counting up from zero at one-second intervals from the date with which the clock began, this is also known as the epoch.  Therefore, this conveniently happens to be January 1st, 1970 at midnight Greenwich Mean Time, or 46 years ago today going by Eastern Standard Time.  Every second from that point on is known as epoch time and thus is why some gadgets may in theory switch to December 31st, 1969.

Has Facebook suffered from its very own Y2K or millennium bug?  If it has then it’s been very small considering it has been subsequently rectified at speed.  On a side note, even users who are significantly under 46 years of age have also seen this message, perhaps someone at Facebook has been on the New Year drink too soon.

New Web Code to Reveal When You’re Blocked by Censorship

Web status codes are sent by websites to give you a summary when you attempt to access them, from the classic 404 error telling you that there is no content found, to less subtle ones like 204, which means you found the site, but it contains no body, so doesn’t actually have any content to send back. A new code, however, has been created for a slightly more frightening situation.

The new status code of 451 was posted under a title of “an HTTP status code to report legal obstacles”. Submitted as a proposed standard, the status code would be returned by websites when you can’t access a site due to “legal obstacles” which could range from a firewalled website to a copyright issue with the site in question.

This means that your browser could soon be returning a message saying that you are unable to access a site because of the content it contains, rather than a technical reason. This could escalate and be used as a way of blocking sites altogether, with companies blocking the return of 451’s, so what would say it’s blocked due to legal reasons appears to return a 404, saying the site does not exist.

With new codes come new clarity as to why websites are inaccessible or what information we get from them, the problem is that for this new standard to work all the companies involved would have to pass it without intercepting the message, a task that recent security issues and legislation is more than likely to worry a few people.

Newegg Customers Receiving Incorrect G.Skill DDR4 Memory Frequencies

The advent of DDR4 memory has allowed users to acquire unbelievably fast DIMMs from a wide range of respected manufacturers. G.Skill is renowned for producing memory with huge overclocking potential by sourcing the best quality ICs on the market. As a result, their product range is incredibly popular among professional overclockers wanting to set world records. Additionally, many hardware enthusiasts who enjoy tweaking choose G.Skill modules as a matter of priority. Unfortunately, it appears some customers from US shopping giant,, have received memory kits with an incorrect operating frequency.

For example, professional overclocker, Allen Goilbersuch ordered multiple G.Skill 3600C17 kits and received 3000c15 modules instead! This isn’t an isolated incident according to the comments section on this particular Facebook status. Clearly, the most plausible explanation is there has been a logistical error when packing the items. We’ve reached out to both G.Skill and for comment and will update the article when any information arises. For the time being, it’s important to adopt a patient approach and hold off buying any G.Skill memory from until an investigation has been conducted.

Have you ever received the wrong memory speed or even an incorrect capacity?

Fallout 4 Xbox One Pre-Load Can Contain The Wrong File

Digital games are becoming more popular on consoles as consumers feel less attached to physical media. Many users originally perceived digital as an inconvenience due to huge download sizes and overloaded servers on launch. Thankfully, the advent of pre-loading means gamers can instantly access the latest titles once unlocked. However, digital console games can be massively overpriced which deters people from ditching physical media altogether. On another note, the process can encounter technical glitches. For example, if you’ve pre-loaded Fallout 4 on the Xbox One, it’s possible the wrong ‘stub file’ might have been downloaded.

This occurs on systems with the Instant On power mode disabled. There’s no need to be overly concerned though as Bethesda released a guide to solve the weird pre-loading error:

To do so, follow the process below:

  • Navigate to My Games & Apps.

  • Find the title’s tile in Games.

  • With the tile highlighted, press the [Menu] button on your controller.

  • Select Manage Game.

  • In the Manage Game screen, select the storage device the game is currently installed to.

  • Select Uninstall.

  • Once the game has uninstalled, return to My Games & Apps.

  • Scroll right to the “Ready to Install” section under Games.

  • Highlight the title’s tile.

  • Press [A] to select.

  • Choose Install.”

Anti-Piracy Company Makes Social Media Blunder

There are a significant number of anti-piracy outlets whose role is to protect rightholder’s copyrighted content. However, often their activities are conducted in an overbearing manner and can impact on the internet’s freedom. London-based MUSO is responsible for piracy tracking and makes a huge number of DMCA takedowns. Despite the company’s huge cash injection of £250,000 from the UK Government’s Technology Strategy Board, their flagging system is extremely flawed. Only a few days ago, the company sent out a tweet which reads:

However, an investigation conducted by TorrentFreak shows the filter searches for any filename containing “The Walk”. As a result, all The Walking Dead traffic was included and makes the results completely inaccurate. This rookie mistake is staggering given the government funding and support from leading rightsholders. On another note, some of the DMCA claims by MUSO have been found to be incorrect and raises questions about their monitoring software.

While these companies exist to reduce piracy and apply pressure on internet service providers, nothing will change and it seems like a complete waste of tax payer’s money. ISPs were lobbied into blocking various torrent sites, but this can easily be circumvented via a proxy or VPN. Trying to control the internet isn’t democratic and cannot be achieved. However, companies will desperately try to deter people from engaging in illegal downloads.

Possible Fix Found For Windows 10 Error With Taskbar and Cortana.

The release of Windows 10 has been rather odd in many respects, yes it’s an improvement over the much maligned previous OS in terms of user interface, but privacy concerns coupled with a monitoring tool that allows parents to effectively spy on their children’s browsing habits by default has led to a rather mixed reception. Among the many errors and glitches that have befallen consumers is the rather annoying bug that has led to the failure of both Cortana and the taskbar for many individuals, who have been subsequently privileged to a “Critical Error” when attempting to launch both applications. So much so that the official Microsoft answers board has seen consumers vent their frustrations concerning the problem.

Well, this error might have been in part clarified by a redditor that goes by the moniker “Xeasar”, who has seemingly found a fix when this individual attempted to uninstall Avast Anti-Virus. It was found that as soon as this software had been removed, both Cortana and the Taskbar returned to full functionality, leading to the conclusion of compatibility issues with this particular program. Whether this is the sole cause of the problem or down to a variety of incompatible applications remains to be seen.

According to “Xeasar”, Microsoft is aware of the problem and as a result is working on a patch for the issue. On occasions software developers view consumers with suspicion even though in many cases it’s those same people who find a way to fix issues with certain products. It will be interesting to note how and when Microsoft patches this issue and it also conveys the unstable nature of a new OS in its first year.

Thank you Reddit and for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of techworm

More Than 400 Flights Cancelled Due To Technical Glitch

So it’s the weekend and you’re flying out somewhere nice? The problem is your flight has been cancelled, and so has over 400 other flights. The reason, a bug in the system.

This weekend over 440 flights was cancelled while hundreds more were delayed on the east coast of America this Saturday. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) stated that they believe a center in Leesburg, Virginia may be the cause of the problem. The problem itself being that a bug in the tracking software resulted in the system going haywire.

While expressing its resolve to work with carriers to resume normal service they expressly stated that the incident had nothing to do with “an accident or hacking”.

It should be noted that while tens of thousands of passengers were affected in the cancellations and delays, severe and large-scale weather systems can cause cancellations numbering upwards of 1,000 per day.

With technical problems ranging from the wide systems used in this example to the systems used on a single flight, with researchers claiming they were able to issue commands to a plane’s engines through its WiFi. Is it time for us to upgrade the technology we use on an everyday basis and that a lot of us take for granted when going on holiday or travelling for business?

Thank you Yahoo News and Engadget for the information.

Image courtesy of Picture Depot.

Invalid Bitcoin Upgrade Causes Chaos

Relativity recent and certainly modern anonymous currency Bitcoin has somewhat botched an upgrade which has left many Bitcoin miners generating invalid data blocks.

This upgrade applies to a new rule which means that certain Bitcoin mining pools which do not validate their money, have been generating the aforementioned invalid data blocks. This could also mean that if a consumer is paying by certain client apps to for example a retailer, the payment in Bitcoins could therefore be invalid which means said shopkeeper has received similar to that of a counterfeit note.

According to the official Bitcoin website, if you are using a lightweight (SPV) wallet, a Bitcoin Core 0.9.4 or earlier or a web wallet, you would need to wait a quite staggering 30 confirmations more than normal. Of course if you are using a paper note with a historical face on the front, this problem does not affect you.

It also turns out that “around half the network hash rate was mining without fully validating blocks (called SPV mining), and built new blocks on top of that invalid block”. Without implementing validation, many large miners have lost over $50,000 dollars worth of income so far.

Bitcoin may well be the future but as a consumer, I as yet do not trust the anonymity or security of this currency. After all, in order to buy a Bitcoin, a consumer would need to pay using a form of payment which connects the individual. On paper, yes I know, Bitcoin has potential to expand, but until the finer details are ironed out, I think I will stick to physical forms of currency.

Image courtesy of slimbeleggen

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Apple To Replace 3TB Hard Drives In 2012 Model iMacs

We all love that little extra storage, some of us even need it. At the moment my hard drive is warning me that I’m running with less than 50GB free (game sales always do that), and some of us sometimes even end up upgrading our hard drives just in case we might need that little extra space. So what about those of you who brought a 3TB iMac between December 2012 and September 2013?

For those who bought an iMac in this period might want to take up Apple on their replacement scheme they’ve recently launched. If you take them up on the offer Apple will replace and transfer your data (if it’s possible) until December 19th or three years after the original sale (whichever ends later). It will also compensate people who have paid to replace a hard drive from the list of affected models.

So what’s affecting all these hard drives? Quite simply they are failing almost 44% of the time, almost five times that of the models released during the 2013 period a year before.

The graph above outlines the information that MacNN was able to report on, showing that with a 44% for a 3TB Seagate hard drive, a significant change from their normal failure rate.

If you are a Mac user and want to check if your iMac may be affected check out the replacement scheme located here, by entering your serial number you can check if your system may be affected by this problem.With the offer

With the offer available, even if you’ve yet to experience a problem with your machine I would recommend checking and taking them up on the offer if the problem does affect you. The last thing anyone wants is to lose their files and memories because of a bad hard drive.

Thank you MacNN for the information.

Image courtesy of Apple.

US Sends Wrong Tax Information to 800,000 People

In another example of how the US government can’t deploy major tech initiatives without some sort of major mishap, the ever troubled site has sent incorrect tax information to 800,000 users.

All of those users received tax details that were incorrect in some way, and have been told to wait before filling their taxes this year. According to The New York Times, all of those affected have been contacted and told to read this for further information. Apparently, they’ll be getting replacement details, with the correct information, early next month. has been pretty much in a mess right from the get-go. What initially seemed like a forward-thinking and efficient online way to ensure people have health insurance, turned out to be a nightmare. Not because of policy, but because of poor web design and management. There have been security lapses and massive bugs meaning people couldn’t sign up and now this.

Let’s hope this is last of’s calamities.

Source: The Next Web

Apple Suffers Massive iTunes Connect Error

Apple has suffered a massive error with its iTunes Connect service for developers. The online service, which is designed to allow software developers to manage the apps they publish, had literally gone haywire earlier today, but has since been fixed.

Rather startlingly, a significant number of users who signed in to iTunes Connect found that they had been logged into accounts belonging to other people. A number of users took to Twitter to prove that they had access to the accounts of other developers, and in some cases access to accounts belonging to major companies, such as Time Magazine, as can be seen in the tweet bellow.

Many reported that they could see apps that were either in development or being reviewed, leaking details of apps yet to be released by other developers. Despite this though, users were limited in what they could do to other’s accounts – trying to change various account settings and modifying apps didn’t really do anything other than return an error.

Apple quickly took the service offline and it has since been fixed, with iTunes Connect back open.

Source: 9to5Mac

BlackBerry Tweet Promoting Twitter for BlackBerry Sent Via iPhone

BlackBerry has been involved in a now common social media faux pas. The company sent out a tweet promoting Twitter for BlackBerry… on an iPhone.

Yes, the company has made that mistake seemingly made by many celebrities and social media managers these days, by promoting a product via a rival device. I say celebrities, as this has become a very common thing for ‘brand ambassadors’ to do – they get paid to tweet “I love my Samsung Galaxy” while they end up sending it from an iPhone.

That particular occurrence happened to BlackBerry itself – the company’s former ‘Creative Director’ Alicia Keys sent out tweets from an iPhone in 2013, just after she received the job at BlackBerry. She somehow blamed that on “hackers”.

The latest offending tweet was discovered via Twitter’s TweetDeck service by The Verge, but has since been deleted. We imagine all of BlackBerry’s social media managers will now be issued with new, more appropriate phones.

Source: The Verge

Twitter Executive Fails at Twitter

Twitter’s new Chief Financial Officer, Anthony Noto, has failed miserably in using Twitter itself.

He posted the Tweet:

“I still think we should buy them. He is on your schedule for Dec 15 or 16 — we will need to sell him. i have a plan”

He’s now of course removed it, but still means he has an important Twitter lesson to learn – don’t tweet private and confidential information about your company’s acquisition plans.

For many of us, Tweeting something accidentally can be nothing but a simple mishap, with no further repercussions, but for the Chief Financial Officer to leak sensitive information about a potential acquisition at a multinational corporation, that’s another story.

Business Insider’s article on this story has an interesting look at how this indicates Twitter may be too tricky to use, and could be better. They point to the story of an American Congressman whose career pretty much collapsed after he posted naked pictures on Twitter, when he was trying to send them in a direct message.

Source: Business Insider

Vodafone Glitch Shuts Non-Emergency NHS, Police Phone Lines

A major fault with Vodafone’s network today (Saturday) meant non-emergency phone lines for the UK’s NHS and Police went down.

The NHS lost service to its 111 helpline, while 23 police forces, including the Metropolitan Police, lost their 101 non-emergency service. All lines were reinstated by 1pm GMT.

The fault, which also resulted in the road recovery company RAC losing its phone service, is now being investigated by Vodafone, who apologised for the problems.

“Our engineers have worked hard to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and services have now been restored,” Vodafone said.

It said it would continue to monitor the service closely, adding: “We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Source: BBC News

Apple Finally Letting Users De-Register iMessage Account

Apple has just announced their new website, enabling users to de-register their iMessage service – helping users unbind their telephone numbers from the Apple-only offering.

This website has been developed to solve the issue of when a user stops using their iPhone and switches to another device, their registered iMessage number may conflict with the new messages they wish to send to their friends through their updated device. The “Deresgister iMessage” website provides a step by step guide on how to log off the iMessage service and allows them to enter their new information on the website – sending them a confirmation message to lift the iMessage binding.

Previously there were reports of users deactivating their iPhone only to have their iMessage account stay bound to their phone number against their will – these reports range all the way back to 2011 when Apple first released the iMessage platform. Since the beginning of 2014, Apple had promised they would provide a simplistic way to opt-out of this service, taking them a rather long 11 months to process to completion.

When comparing this to Google Hangouts or Blackberry’s BBM offerings, it’s quite different. iMessage is only applicable to Apple devices (including ‘Face Time’), where as hangouts and BBM operate through third-party app software to be used in different technologies.

Although quite late to the game, it’s good to see that Apple has fixed one of their niggling issues.

Image courtesy of Chiphell

Silk Road Bitcoin Buyers Identities Exposed Thanks to U.S. Marshal Error

The U.S. Marshals  handling the private bidding for the recently seized $18 million worth of Bitcoins have made an unfortunate showing in technological prowess, or lack thereof.

Mass emails are one of the easiest ways to contact multiple clients directly at once, thankfully for those who are handling sensitive and private information there is the ability to use the ‘BCC’ function to hide exactly whom you’re emailing to. That is unless you’re part of the U.S. Marshals office.

Today an email was sent out to all of their private bidders but with a twist – every bidder was included in a ‘CC’ list. For the technologically unaware, this means that every bidder is able to see to whom the email was sent to and therefore nulling the whole ‘anonymous bid’ type scenario, especially due to the fact that many of the users names are easily identifiable by their email address.

Now that the 40 bidders know each others identities, the email has been leaked onto the internet (with censored information).

Last fall the government seized and took ownership of 29,656.51306529 Bitcoins when it raided the well known black market website Silk Road (commonly used for illegal trade of firearms and drugs). Due to current market price, that means this stash is currently worth just over $18 million USD out of a $7.87 billion Market cap.

The reasoning behind these investors purchasing these coins as an all-in-one package comes down to changes in Bitcoin pricing and current market status. $18 million worth of Bitcoins accounts for approximately 85% of daily trading and if purchased in one solid block, all these coins can be bought at for one price rather than relying on numerous smaller transactions whereas the price is likely to fluctuate.

There hasn’t been any reported repercussions as of yet, but we’re waiting for reports on how many shady website signups come through practical jokes because of this. Did someone say Adult Match Maker?

First photo courtesy of

Email photo courtesy of TechCrunch

PlayStation 4 Reportedly Displaying Software Problems, Two New Error Codes Emerge

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is also having its share of latest console issues. Various PlayStation 4 errors are being reported by users all related to the system’s hardware, two new PlayStation 4 errors are stated under. Most reported PlayStation 4 issues are software related, some PlayStation 4 users have been reporting two new PlayStation 4 errors on PlayStation European Blog. According to the reports, an error window pops up every time the users try to check the PlayStation friends list or access the Playroom.

The first error has the CE-34861-2 error code, and is present when users try to access their PlayStation friend list. Kieran0161 reported this error first on PlayStation EU Blog, complaining about the error.

“I keep getting this error and I’m not happy it cost me like £500 for ps4 then £40 to get online and I can’t Even use it you take are money but don’t give use a service we pay for on ps3 it was free so can’t complain but now I pay for bout coz it don’t work you best give use free online for a year now.” Kieran0161 said.

The second reported software related PlayStation 4 error is CE-34878, which occurs when users try to access the PlayStation Playroom. SAUER_30-06 has spotted and encountered the error, and responded with the following post.

“Yesterday I called Sony support about my PS4 that constantly gave me the 34878 error, despite total rebuilding the system, reinstalling certificates and reinstalling games. Sony support told me to get it replaced at the store I got it from, so I did. Got home and plugged it in and everything worked fine. I even played a whole hour of Battlefield 4 for the first time! If your console crashes constantly every 10 minutes, call support or your store. You´ll get a new one. The reason I never found an answer was because the problem is not very common.” SAUER_30-06 said.

Many troubleshooting tips have been posted by other players who have viewed the threads created by the users who are suffering with these PlayStation 4 software errors. Some methods are also reported to be working, so do not forget to check the threads (1, 2, and 3) regarding the PlayStation 4 software errors on PlayStation EU Blog.

Thank you WCCF for providing us with this information

Holidays Ruined For Some Xbox One Gamers

Xbox users reported having problems with their consoles over the holidays. The issue described consists of an error message: “”Sorry we can’t play this disk.” when attempting to read the data off DVDs or Blue-Ray Disks. And to think Christmas Holiday was about enjoying and playing your favourite games at home. Nice one Microsoft!

A Reddit user shared his experiences via the Xbox One sub-Reddit, interacting with community members on the situation. The user reports that resets did not work and described the problem in more detail.

“Hard reset that bad boy. Hold down the power button for 15 seconds until the system reboots. If that doesn’t work then restore system to factory defaults. If that doesn’t work you’re going to have to setup a repair or head back down to the retailer you bought it in.”
“Tried and none worked, place I bought it from (where I work) isn’t open until the 27th, xbox support website won’t work. Gutted.”

But Christmas is all about sharing and presents, right? So is Xbox Support, giving the user a free code for a digital game to play while he waits. However the problems don’t stop here. Another Reddit user who purchased a Launch Day Xbox One also noticed the error just now, having played only digital purchased games. What a Christmas surprise indeed!

I got Madden 25 and Dead Rising 3 on disk, popped Madden in, and wa-la! Disc drive doesn’t work! I’m going to go straight to Microsoft for this one, seeing as I purchased my Xbox One over a month ago. any tips?

Microsoft will handle all faulty consoles by giving a shipping label as well as a return box to users experiencing the issue in order to send back their faulty Xbox consoles. But it is also best to just return the broken consoles to the retail shop or online store purchased from, since they will give you another brand new one on the spot.

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Quick Fix For “Unable To Download Facebook App.” When Trying To Download Update

Facebook’s latest iOS 7 update is experiencing some issues when attempting to download the new released version. After being updated, many users are reporting that they are unable to download Facebook app and it’s been crashing on the launch. Today, an updated version v6.7.1 was released with bug fixes, however, many users are simply unable to download Facebook app update from the App Store.

The error “Unable to Download App. “Facebook” could not be downloaded at this time.” shows up when you try to update Facebook on iOS. Similar error also shows up when you try updating it from iTunes on the desktop which is giving “There was a problem downloading the artwork for Facebook.” error message. These both errors confirm that something is definitely going wrong with the iOS 7 Facebook app. However, it is unsure if the issue is at the end of Facebook or some problem with Apple’s App Store.

If you are one of those users who are unable to use Facebook when download failed on you, a very quick fix is to delete the Facebook app and reinstall it again from the App Store. The Facebook app will be downloaded, but without the update. Do not attempt to download the update again as it will just hit the issue described above again. Instead, iOS users should wait for a fix to be available for this issue before proceeding with the update again.