Grand Theft Auto V Mods Continue to Amaze!

Grand Theft Auto IV continues to amaze, even today, as modders push the game to its limits. However, it’s bigger brother, GTA V, didn’t take much time at all to far exceed what was visually possible, at least once the modding community ripped it to apart then rebuilt it piece by piece. Even now, I’m pretty certain we haven’t seen the limits of what can be done to this game, but the current results are certainly a sight to behold.

“Oh my god, why didn’t you give us all download links for this mod” I hear you cry. That’s because this isn’t a “mod”, these modded builds are the end result of many mods large and small, many file tweaks and most importantly some custom ENBSeries addons; Google them, you’ll find loads! Modding is easy, maxing out a game like this is not, so make sure you’ve got plenty of VRAM, a fast card and are willing to download huge texture files from various mod websites such as 5mods and Nexus.

Enjoy the images below, they really are a sight to behold. As a bonus, the last image is a modded image from shortly after the games release, it really puts it into perspective how far the game has come!

To add a little perspective, here’s the kind of modded images people were uploaded shortly after the games release!

Want to Push Your Graphics Card to The Limit? Get Playing Skyrim Again!

Skyrim, the one game that just doesn’t want to fade into obscurity. Modders have been working tirelessly since the games release, beating it into a pulp, then rebuilding virtually every aspect of the Bethesda studios creation into something new and wonderful.

Missions added, lighting improved, bugs fixes, 4K textures, models improved, new characters added; if it can be modded it has been.

ENBSeries members have been sharing a lot of screenshots this week that show off their new high-resolution custom textures for the games environments, buildings, plants and more. Combined with custom ENBSeries Configs, it’s a perfect example of how you can make Skyrim look incredible; all you need is a little spare time and the patience to download and install lots and lots of mods. Keep in mind that most of the best graphics mods are on Skyrim Nexus, not on Steam Workshop.

Images courtesy of ENBDEV.

Check Out These Incredible Skyrim Character Mods

The Elder Scrolls series draws in modders like no other game, the development community is still working hard on pushing the limits of Morrowind, and that games has been out for twelve years, so just imagine how much further people intend to develop for Skyrim and what that will look like in another nine or ten years time!

One thing is for certain, despite only having three years to work on Skyrim, modders are really pushing the limit of what is possible. I haven’t played Skyrim in over a year, when I had loads of mods installed and the game looked nothing like the original, almost every detail had been tweaked. Now after recently re-installing my copy of the game and dumping about 50 updated and new mods on to it, compared to a year ago I can safely say it looks significantly improved, now with this new wave of mods that level of detail is about to go even higher.

We don’t have a full run down of every mod used here, as it’s likely that many environment and ENB tweaks have been used to get awesome screenshots. However, if you head on over to SkyrimNexus and ENBSeries to check out the work of pastrana, WorshipTheSatan, LucidAPs, LiaN82, forbeatn, Insomnia, Dinkledorf, xmacrosx, VictoriaG, XiNAVRO, bmagno20, ShinglesCat, jesusoden and zzjay, then you should be able to achieve similar results to the images below, enjoy!

Thank you DSO for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of DSO.