Samsung Announces 128GB Flash Storage for Mid-Range Handsets

Samsung has just announced a 128GB 3-bit NAND-based flash storage for the mass-market devices. Compared to the traditional Universal Flash Standard 2.0, the 128GB storage solution comes with the Embedded MultiMedia Card 5.0 technology.

Though the latter technology is widely spread and it does not classify as the latest tech on the market, Samsung states that it will have sequential read speeds of up to 260 MB/s, the same as the new eMMC 5.1 technology.

For users looking for a reliable storage for processing high-definition media, Samsung states that the 128GB storage is “four and 10 times faster, respectively, than those of a typical external memory card” due to its random data read and write operations of up to 6,000 IOPS and 5,000 IOPS respectively.

Samsung did not officially state which device will feature the 128GB storage solution, though we might see a mid-range Samsung device on the market featuring the technology later this year.

Thank you Android Central for providing us with this information