No Man’s Sky Explorer’s Edition Comes with Sleek Model Spaceship

The release date of space adventure game No Man’s Sky, considered one of the most anticipated games ever since it was announced three years ago, is creeping ever closer, and developer Hello Games has revealed that the special edition release of the game, branded the Explorer’s Edition, will include a beautiful cast metal replica of one of the game’s spaceships, worth $125.

On sale in partnership with iam8bit, the Explorer’s Edition is limited to 10,000 releases, priced $149.99, and includes:

  • PC game code (via Steam or GOG)* – $60 value
  • Hand-painted, Cast Metal Ship Replica (1:35 scale) w/ decals for customization – $125 value
  • Hard-enamel Traveller Pin – $10 value
  • Diorama Display Backdrop – $5 value
  • Mystery Item (revealed @ launch) – $10 value
  • A Rad Box – priceless!

Sean Murray, the producer of No Man’s Sky, recently revealed that the game almost didn’t happen. After trying, and failing, to get a publisher for Hello Games’ first project, Joe Danger, the team were spent. “We actually decided to quit,” Murray told Engadget.

Murray, plus fellow Hello Games team members Grant Duncan, Ryan Doyle and David Ream, decided to drown their sorrows following their reluctant exit from the world of games. Now fuelled by Dutch courage, the comrades found a new determination, deciding to stick with game development.

“We came up with this stupid idea,” Murray said. “I had a house, and so I sold my house to pay for the rest of development.”

“The way I looked at it was like, I had bought that house because I had worked at EA, so it was like blood money,” Murray added. “Like a blood diamond. You gotta sell that, that’s bad karma.”

The money from the house sale paid for the release of Joe Danger, followed by its subsequent sequel, which helped cement Hello Games’ position in the industry. Because of that inebriated, defiant bluster, Murray and co were able to develop their Elite-inspired epic, No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky is set for release on PC and PlayStation 4 on 21st June.

This Ford Designed Xbox One Controller is Seriously Cool!

A Ford designed Xbox One controller you say? What kind of madness is this! OK, first things first, this isn’t a real controller, it’s a marketing stunt, but I’m already twitching at my wallet hoping that it becomes a reality, because this may be the coolest Xbox One controller yet!

The mock-up of the new controller is based around the new Elite controller, which features the flappy paddles on the back. However, this controller has been tweaked even further to make it the ultimate racing controller, short of investing in a full set of wheel and pedals, of course.

The left analog stick has been tweaked with a curved head, giving it wings on the left and right edges to mimic the Ford GT wheel shape, making is more suitable for left and right adjustments, since up and down bare little relevance in steering a car; this should give your thumb excellent grip for those tight corners. If that wasn’t enough, the rear triggers have been replaced with racing pedals, which in themselves look freaking awesome. The housing of the controller is made from carbon fiber, making it super strong and lightweight, and the rear panel has been made transparent like the engine cover on the new Ford GT.

  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is a one-off design exercise from the Xbox Hardware team inspired by the Ford GT and the release of Forza Motorsport 6 which features the Ford GT on the cover.
  • Carbon Fiber case parts create rigidity and lightness in the controller, the same way it is used on the GT chassis.
  • Custom metallic paint job matched to Ford’s specifications.
  • Left thumbstick shape inspired by the GT steering wheel and angled towards the player for a more ergonomic experience. A horizontal movement limiter also ensures efficiency and accuracy in steering.
  • Custom paddles inspired by the steering column paddles shifters on the GT. Program them on your Xbox One to shift up, down and even to engage the clutch.
  • See through battery door and custom battery pack inspired by the engine compartment and EcoBoost V6 engine.
  • Cutaway brake and accelerator triggers reveal the impulse motors that give Forza Motorsport 6 its realistic feel.

Now all we need is for them to actually make it, although given the Elite controller is already pretty darn expensive, I would expect this carbon fiber equipped beast to be a bit of a wallet buster.

Datacolor Spyder5 Elite Monitor Calibrator Review


We have already posted our first review of the impressive Philips BDM4065UC 40″ 4K monitor, but to review this kind of product we need a specialist bit of hardware. Sure, we could do it all by eye, but that would be completely dependent on the reviewer at the time. Their perception could change massively at different times of the day with different light levels or even sitting at a slightly different angle. While that would make for great reading, it doesn’t give the readers tangible information that can be compared between reviews and it turns into a “he said she said” unprofessional mess.

This issue led us to look for a consistent calibration tool and we found the Spyder5 Elite. This nifty little tool is the creation of Datacolor, a company that has more than 40 years experience in the colour management solutions so know a thing or two about color perception.

Crucial Ballistix Elite 32GB (4x8GB) Quad Channel DDR4 Memory Kit Review


In today’s market, memory, RAM, Random Access Memory, whichever you like to call it, plays a major factor in the way we determine our computers cost effectiveness. A general PC store will tout just the good numbers which is normally just the quantity of RAM rather than the specification or even branding; while a reputable enthusiast store or self-builder will focus on areas such as timings and speed rather than the quantity or capacity.

In the latest iteration of the highly popular DDR format is DDR4. It’s by no means new, but with the recent release of Intel Skylake and the Z170 chipset, DDR4 memory has been pushed into the limelight of mainstream computer builders. This brings with it two benefits, more demand means more production and thus lower purchase costs and higher speeds for the end users compared to DDR3(L).

The kit we have in today is the Crucial Ballistix Elite 32GB DDR4 2666MHz. This is currently the highest clocked memory modules that Crucial produce, which is lower than what the likes of Kingston offer, but let’s see if this Elite 2666MHz kit has what it takes to compete with the big hitters.


Packaging and Accessories

We won’t dwell on the packaging too much as it is very plain and simple: four modules neatly packed into a small rectangular clamshell box. This kit is a quad-channel variety so each module is 8GB in size.

A Closer Look

The Crucial Elite range is all very similar, but the transition from DDR3 to DDR4 has seen the fins removed from the top of the heatsink; A lower profile makes room for a bigger CPU heatsink and better airflow around the case.

Xbox One Elite Controller Launching October 27th

The Xbox One Elite controller is scheduled for release on October 27th according an online listing via Microsoft’s official store. Priced at $149.99, the Xbox Elite controller is extremely expensive but features a modular design with interchangeable paddles. This unprecedented level of customization allows the end-user to alter the controller’s design and find an arrangement that fits their style or a particular genre. Ideally, the controller is best used for competitive play and I can it being quite popular with serious Halo players or Call of Duty console teams.

Microsoft is guaranteeing release day delivery if you order before the 23rd October:

Pre-order by 2PM PST on October 23rd and get it the day it’s released.”

I’m extremely interested to see the launch sale figures and how many people are prepared to pay such a high premium. The Xbox One Elite controller is undoubtedly a feature-rich device but is it worth $149.99? Only time will tell, as the first batch of users provide first-hand reports. Personally, I would love to try out this device but it’s well above my price range. To put this into perspective, I could buy a premium mechanical keyboard for around the same price.

Thank you The Verge for providing us with this information.

Antec S10 Full-Tower Chassis Review


Antec, one of the most historic names in the chassis business, are set to take back the enthusiast market this year with the release of their new flagship chassis, the S10. The new chassis comes with a hefty price tag, an eyewatering $499/£399.99, which is a lot of money, no matter which way you look at it. Of course, the likes of InWin, Lian Li, Silverstone and Coolermaster, to name but a few, have proven that you can command these extreme price tags, so long as you deliver the quality and features to justify it.

“The full tower S10 is the flagship case of the Signature Series by Antec, a new family of chassis characterized by a patent pending internal architecture featuring an innovative Central Air Intake System and easy expandability with a striking, yet refined, exterior design. The exclusive Three Chamber Design separates the enclosure into three thermal zones, providing clear airflow paths and efficient cooling to all of your components quietly. Seven (7) pre-installed fans plus one optional fan mount combine with support for top, center, and rear radiators to showcase the ample cooling options available in the S10. Ten (10) PCI-E slots and fourteen (6 HDD, 8 SSD) tool-less drive bays make building a high-performance system a simple process. Finished with a smooth front bezel and Opposing Brushed Aluminum Doors, the S10 provides performance, security, and style for any computer system Elite builds start with the right chassis – the S10 Signature Series by Antec”

The S10 certainly packs a mean punch in terms of specifications, with 14 drive bays, room for mini-ITX and E-ATX motherboards, as well as all the sizes in between. Component compatibility isn’t an issue, the largest graphics cards, power supplies, CPU coolers and more shouldn’t have any issues here. There’s seven pre-installed fans, room for optional water cooling and much more.

  • 14 drive bays:
    6 x Quick Release tool-less 3.5″ Bays
    8 x Quick Release tool-less 2.5” Bays
  • Motherboard support:
    Mini ITX / Micro ATX / Standard ATX / XL-ATX/E-ATX (up to 12” x 13” ) 10 PCI expansion slots
  • Chamber dimensions:
    Hard Disk Drive Chamber: 5.51 in (W) x 7.87 in (D) x 18.11 in (H)
    Motherboard Chamber: 14.76 in (W) x 7.08 in (D) x 17.51 in (H)
    Power Supply Chamber: 15.15 in (W) x 8.07 in (D) x 4.01 in (H)
  • Maximum graphics card size:
    12.5” (317.5 mm)
  • Maximum CPU cooler height:
    6.5“ (165 mm)
  • Cooling System:
    2 x 140 mm top exhaust fans (Motherboard Chamber)
    3 x 120 mm intake fans (Motherboard Chamber)
    1 x 120 mm rear exhaust fan (Motherboard Chamber)
    1 x 120 mm exhaust fan (HDD Chamber)
    Optional – 1 x 120 intake fan (PSU Chamber)
  • Side Panels 4 mm thick Anodized, Brushed Finish Aluminum Doors
  • Water cooling support – Motherboard Chamber:
    Top: 240 / 280 mm radiator
    Center: 240 / 280 / 360 mm radiator
    Rear: 120 mm radiator
  • Intake Filters:
    1 x Central Intake
    1 x Hard Disk Drive Chamber Intake
    1 x Power Supply Chamber Intake
  • Front I/O ports:
    4 x USB 3.0
    Power Button
    HD Audio In and Out
  • Unit Dimensions:
    23.70” (H) x 9.05” (W) x 23.22” (D) / 602mm (H) x 230mm (W) x 590mm (D)
  • Package Dimensions:
    27.84 in (H) x 13.23 in (W) x 26.89 in (D) /
    707 mm (H) x 336mm (W) x 683mm (D)
  • Net Weight:
    39.05 lb / 17.71 kg
  • Gross Weight:
    45 lb / 20.4 kg

As a nice bonus, aside from the usual nuts and bolts, you’ll also find a bundle of extra long SATA cables included with the S10, which will help you fit your hardware in this rather sizable chassis.

Out of the box, first impressions are promising. The S10 has a rather overbearing presence and managed to look monolithic and sleek at the same time. The left side features a dual-door design, with two thick brushed aluminium hinged doors.

There’s a door release chip at the top, which I’m sorry to see is only made from plastic. It likely won’t break, but it does feel a little cheap, especially in contrast with the virtually bulletproof side panels.

There’s another clip near the button, which helps lock the central dust filter in place.

This filter is located between the smaller front door and the large main door. The main section of the chassis draws in air from this filtered vent, keeping airflow independent of the hard drive and PSU sections of the chassis; more on this shortly.

Around the back, another dual-door design, giving the S10 a rather nice symmetrical appearance. Here you can better see that ventilation gap between the front and main sections.

The side panels are immense. The thick aluminium is ultra strong and also pretty heavy, adding a stunning visual quality to the chassis overall.

The top of the chassis has plenty of ventilation, as well as some kind of top plastic cover. This cover looks terrible, there’s no other way of putting it and if I’m honest, I don’t fully understand its purpose.

Fortunately, it just lifts right off, that looks much better in my opinion.

The front panel has a shallow 5.25″ drive bay cover, this would be great for use with a card reader, fan controller or similar device. There’s a pair of HD audio jacks and four USB 3.0 posts (dual USB 3.0 headers inside chassis). It’s worth mentioning that the USB 3.0 headers also have break-off cables for USB 2.0 to ensure maximum compatibility with your system.

What is sad to see, is the tiny power button, it has a bit of a wobble with it and when given a little jiggle, it tends to jam like this. A little poke sorts it out again, but on a chassis of this price, the little details really matter.

The front panel looks stunning but is disappointingly just matte plastic. This is a stark contrast to the premium side panels and I’d have loved to see that aluminium trend continue around onto one of the parts of the chassis you’ll likely be seeing the most.

Despite the mixture of plastics on the top and front with the aluminium side panels, the chassis does manage a nice uniform look and the stealthy black finish is something to be admired.

There’s not much going on around the back, just a 120mm fan mount, a towering array of expansion slots and two water/cable routing grommets.

The PSU mount is self explanatory enough.

Below it, you’ll find a slide out PSU dust filter.

The hinged doors  on this chassis are mounted on pegs, so you can easily lift them off when you need to. Although, it is worth pointing out that there’s no locking system here, the doors are magnetically held shut, but that’s not going to stop sticky fingered individuals any time soon.

The base of the chassis is quite interesting, as the is mounted on a plinth, so the front and back look like they’re floating above the base, which is quite cool. The base is plastic and a little flexible, so I wouldn’t suggest using it as a gripping point when moving the chassis, but it feels sturdy enough when the chassis is upright. I also discovered, the hard way, that the lack of a locking system for the side panels resulted in the rear panel falling off while taking this picture, whoops.

Turtle Beach Elite 800X Xbox One Wireless Gaming Headset Review


Turtle Beach is one of the most instantly recognisable brands in the gaming market. They’ve continued to produce award-winning high-end products year after year, even landing some of the best budget friendly models in the PC and console gaming sectors. Today though, we’re looking higher up the range, right at the very top in fact, with their new flagship Xbox One gaming headset, the Elite 800X.

“Welcome to the future of gaming audio with Turtle Beach Elite. Powerful sound, abundant comfort and dynamic function combine to exceed your wildest expectations with the Turtle Beach Elite 800X. Uncompromising, the Elite 800X is the ultimate in completely wireless Xbox One noise cancelling, surround sound gaming audio with DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Channel Surround Sound and DTS Surround Sound modes that further enhance your games, music and movies. The long-lasting rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of use while Bluetooth keeps you connected with your mobile devices.”

Features? This headset has them, it has a lot of them! It features high-end wireless technology, a magnetic charging dock, Bluetooth connectivity, chat boost, superhuman hearing, the latest DTS Headphone:X 7.1 surround sound processing and a whole lot more. At least on paper, this headset promises to deliver a lot, so let’s get right to it, take a closer look and put this extensive feature set to the test!

The box features a nice image of the headset and dock on the front, as well as a quick rundown of the major features.

One cool feature, detailed a little on the back of the box, is the accompanying Android app, which allows you to tweak profile settings on the fly while you’re gaming.

All the cables you will need are included in the box. This includes USB charging cables, a Toslink optical cable and 4-pole 3.5mm cable for mobile use.

The charging base is nicely designed so that you can drop the headset into place with no faffing about; strong magnets snap the headset into the base and only the charging pins.

There’s a light-up Turtle Beach logo and round the back you’ll find optical passthrough ports, USB (for power) and a pairing button; nice and simple.

You wouldn’t want you expensive headset sliding around, so you’ll find four grippy rubber feet on the charging unit; these keep it planted firmly on any smooth surface.

The headset is really nicely designed. It’s obviously a gaming headset and the green trim does give it a little flair, but the matte finish plastics help keep it a little understated at the same time. There a rocker panel on the side of each ear cup, moving them in one of the four available directions give you access to major settings such as preset, volume and mute controls, power, Bluetooth, etc.

The headband is thick, light and durable, which is always a good thing. There a nice chrome finish on the side with the “ELITE” branding.

A subtle “Turtle Beach” logo on the top of the headband.

Each ear cup can be rotated inwards and comes mounted on a pivot, this will help provide a comfortable fit over your ears and help block out unwanted noise.

Folding the drivers right around will give the headset a more comfortable resting position when you’re wearing it around your neck; perfect for those between game breaks.

There’s a thick and soft leather padding on each ear cup, as well as a soft fabric backing over the drivers. It looks great, the stitching looks neat and tidy and you really couldn’t ask for much better here.

The headband has a slider on each side, allowing you to tailor the fit to your own head. The slider is pretty durable too and locks firmly into place at each step.

Don’t like the design of the rocker panels? You can pull them off easily enough. You can buy custom panels from Turtle Beach, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you could always get out your spray paints and customise it yourself.

As I said before, the headset simply snaps into the dock thanks to some built-in magnets. This means you’ve got somewhere to store your headset, this means it is less likely to get scratched, with the added bonus that it’ll be charging while stored and it’s also a great way of showing it off.

Crucial Showcase its Latest Memory Products @ Computex 2015

Computex 2015 – Memory is one of the few technology sectors that take a massive leap every few years; once a new standard is released, it can take a few months or even years for manufacturers to reap the full potential out of a memory product line. Take DDR3, for example, that was released with speeds up to 1600MHz, then 1866MHz was released and lately 2133MHz has become the norm with DDR4 taking off from there. With the recent announcement that that new Intel Skylake enthusiast processor can support DDR4 memory, we are likely to see the DDR4 standard explored in a much greater way in the upcoming months.

A quick look after the Crucial stand and you are bombarded with quick snippets of information regarding memory and how it has progressed over the years.

We look forward to bringing you a review on the Crucial Ballistix Tracer memory as soon as possible after Computex. We will keep you updated with any news and events from the rest of Computex.

Crucial Announces Ballistix DDR4 16GB Performance Memory

Crucial is well known for their memory and storage drives, but this time it’s the memory that we’ll talk a little about. Crucial just announced the release of Ballistix DDR4 16GB performance memory with various heat-sink configurations.

The new modules are perfect for gamers and enthusiasts who deal with content creation, virtual machines, RAM drives, and memory-intensive applications. The new modules are using Micron’s new 8Gb DDR4 component technology to offer up these high-density DDR4 memory modules.

With the recent release of these high-capacity memory modules with 16GB per module, home users can now create systems with 128GB total memory capabilities that otherwise was reserved for server grade systems. The modules are compatible with the latest Intel X99 platforms and support XMP 2.0 profiles for easy setup.

“This density of memory module will start to become broadly available in the desktop space with our new 8Gb-based Ballistix DDR4 16GB modules,” said Jeremy Mortenson, worldwide DRAM product marketing manager, Crucial. “We anticipate that our new modules and component densities will enable smaller form factors and the next generation of computers to have capacities that were traditionally limited to the server or high-end desktop space.”

Ballistix DDR4 16GB memory is expected to ship in late July as Ballistix Sport, Ballistix Tactical, and Ballistix Elite. The 16GB modules will be available single or in kits up to 128GB and come backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism Multi-Format Gaming Headset Review


SteelSeries are one of the hottest gaming brands around, so I’m very happy today to have their flagship gaming headset, the Siberia Elite Prism, in the eTeknix office. The Siberia series has long proven to be a big hit with the gaming community, especially their excellent V2 and more recently, the V3 versions of the headset, as they offer great performance for a very reasonable price; something that has made them a smash hit with the eSports community.

The Elite Prism more than doubles the price of the V3 headset, but promises a lot more features and functionality for desktop users, such as multi-format support, USB and 3.5mm connectivity, Dolby surround processing and a whole lot more, so I have pretty high expectations of what this headset should be capable of.

As you can see from the specifications below, it’s certainly packing a lot of features and should be a great headset, so let’s get right to it and take a closer look at what the Elite Prism has to offer.

The packaging for this headset is really nice, it has all the hallmarks of a premium product and a really nice image of the headset on the front.

Around the back, there’s a few extra details about the SteelSeries Engine, which will allow for surround and EQ processing, as well as customisation of the headsets built-in LED lighting.

In the box, you’ll find everything you need to get you started and more. There’s a quick start guide, a 4-pole cable for mobile devices, dual 3-pole for aux devices, such as your PC, an extension cable and a USB sound card with proprietary connection for the headset, as well as a pair of 3.5mm jacks for headphones and microphone, giving you a huge array of connection options to support many different gaming systems and devices.

All of the cables are of a very high quality, with flat, tangle-free, rubber coated cables.

The headset comes hard-wired with another high-quality cable and a proprietary connector, which can be connected to any of the multiple connection cables that are included in the box.

As if the Elite Prism didn’t have enough connectivity options included in the box, the right ear-cup also has a headphone jack. You can use this to connect another set of headphones, so you can share your audio with a friend; not the most practical feature in the world, but a cool addition none the less.

The headset just oozes premium quality and the mixture of soft finish metals and rubber coated white surfaces looks absolutely stunning.

The metal headband support is very well finished and mounts to the rear-center of the ear cups, while the left to right cable runs through the inner suspension-style headband.

The inner ring of each ear cup is actually a control wheel – turn this one and you can control the master volume level; great for making quick adjustments while enjoying your favorite media. There’s another on the left ear-cup that can be used to mute or unmute the microphone.

Much like the other Siberia series headsets, the microphone has a flexible and retractable boom that pulls out of the bottom of the ear cup. This is a really nice solution compared to a detachable boom as you can still hide it out of sight, but you’re not going to misplace it like you can a detachable one.

The headband is nice and strong, offering good support over your head. Instead of an extending slider on the side, the outer headband is fixed, while the inner section uses a suspension mounting.

On one side, you’ve got a lovely white finish, with an embossed SteelSeries logo on the top.

The inner section is treated to some luxurious padding that will help provide a comfortable fit for those long gaming sessions.

As you put the headset on your head, the inner band automatically stretches out, providing you with the optimum fit.

The ear cups are an over-the-ear design and are treated to a thick padding for improved comfort levels.

It looks super thick, but the padding is actually only half as deep as it looks. The black leather is just extended over the back of the ear cup to further add to the esthetics; it works too, the headset looks stunning!

Strange Tuba-Playing Artefact Found in Elite: Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous is full of surprises, with the developer putting everything from derelict spaceships drifting through space, to full-blown space station tributes to Leonard Nimoy (Spock)) for the games players to discover and enjoy. However, not all of the objects floating in deep space are as easy to decipher as the others, such as this tube-playing artefact that has left many gamers scratching their heads.

The game has been full of subtle references to non-celestial objects since it was updated in March (Version 1.2), and a group of Elite: Dangerous players have been searching many unpopulated regions of space in the hope they would find one. Well, several months later, it seems their hunt has finally turned up at least one of these mysterious objects, only problem is, they’ve no idea what they’ve found.

The video sure is strange, with weird noises coming from the ship, leaving us to wonder exactly what it means.

Then again, it gets even stranger what you speed the sound up. Some players decided to record it and find out. Why on earth, or should I say why in deep space, is this weird thing playing a Tuba?

No doubt it’s a clue towards something, maybe the bigger picture will become clearer when more artefacts are discovered. Then again, it could be random space junk there to wind up any potential explorers.

Thank you Kotaku for providing us with this information.

Crucial Ballistix Elite 2666MHz Quad Channel DDR4 Memory Kit Review


Memory, no matter how you look at it, you need it. Starting life as super slow DDR modules, it has come a long way from the simple 600MHz speeds, now exceeding 3000MHz in most higher end consumer kits. Module sizes have also come a very long way, back in the day with 128MB, yes Megabyte, to now 4GB modules as the standard with 8GB becoming the norm very soon.

The kit we have in today is the Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4 2666MHz. This is currently the highest clocked memory modules that Crucial produce, which is lower than what the likes of Corsair and G-Skill offer, but let’s see if this Elite 2666MHz kit has what it takes to compete with the big boys.


Packaging and Accessories

We won’t dwell on the packaging too much as it is very plain and simple: four modules neatly packed into a small rectangular box. This kit is a quad-channel variety so each module is 4GB in size.

A Closer Look

The Crucial Elite range is all very similar, but the transition from DDR3 to DDR4 has seen the fins removed from the top of the heatsink; A lower profile makes room for a bigger CPU heatsink.

Elite Dangerous Adding Nimoy Memorial Station

Game developer Frontier will be adding the Nimoy Memorial Station to its open world space exploration game Elite: Dangerous to commemorate the passing of Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy.

Elite is the latest MMO to reveal plans to celebrate the life of Nimoy – who played iconic character Spock across a number of different Star Trek shows and films – with Star Trek Online holding a wake on the planet Vulcan, Cryptic promising a permanent memorial soon, and Star Citizen announcing that a tribute to the late actor is in the works.

Michael Brookes, Executive Producer at Frontier, says the station will be positioned “in the LHS 3006 system around the only suitably named planet,” which, of course, is called Vulcan. Brookes confirmed the news on an Elite forum post that was taking name suggestions for a new station in the New Yembo region, for which the overwhelming suggestion was Nimoy. Though, since the Nimoy Memorial Station will be in the LHS 3006 region, the New Yembo contest is still open.

Elite’s planet Vulcan already has a station, the WCM Transfer Orbital, but it is assumed that the Nimoy station will be a new addition, rather than the old station renamed. Nimoy Memorial Station will be added to Elite: Dangerous with the release of the 1.2 update.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4 Memory Available

Crucial announced the availability of their new Ballistix Elite DDR4 memory modules. The new modules come as 4GB and 8GB versions and as single, dual or four packs.

The new modules deliver introductory speeds starting at 2666 MT/s, and allow users to radically increase bandwidth to 21 GB/s while decreasing the power consumption by up to 40 percent when compared to DDR3 memory. Ballistix Elite DDR4 memory is optimized for the latest Intel X99 platforms with support XMP 2.0 profiles and features a custom-designed black PCB and anodized aluminum heat spreaders for that extra touch.

“Ballistix Elite DDR4 introduces a striking new look for us while reducing the memory bottleneck further by delivering faster speeds and bandwidths, improved responsiveness, and enabling increased frame rates,” said Jeremy Mortenson, product marketing manager, Crucial.

A really cool feature is the exclusive Ballistix Memory Overview Display (M.O.D.) utility which provides the ability to read information from the module. This includes real-time temperature from the integrated thermal sensor, voltages and more, and all to aid those overclocking efforts.

The new modules are available for purchase from Crucial’s website and global partners where the prices start at $94.99 for a 4GB module. Like all Crucial memory, these modules are also backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Thanks to Crucial for providing us with this information

Tesoro Tizona Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard & Numberpad Review


Tesoro are one of my favourite keyboard manufacturers, as they offer up some unique aesthetics, class leading performance and great build quality; although I’m sure they’re the kind of features we can all get behind! Everything I’ve tested from Tesoro, both professionally and personally has always been impressive and a little bit different from everything else on the market; today’s review is no exception. At my disposal I have not one, but two Tesoro products; the Tizona Elite mechanical gaming keyboard, and the Tizona Numberpad.

The Tizona Keyboard and the Tizona Numberpad are independent peripherals which are can be used separately, but they also have the ability to work together. The Tizona is a TKL style keyboard, which means it has no numberpad on the right hand side, but the numberpad can be bought separately and attached to the keyboard, or used separately as an extra programmable controller of its own, so this should be an interesting aspect to test today; it’s also one that will make more sense in a moment.

Tesoro love giving their products cool names, with a bit of back story to each. “The Burning Blade – Tizona is the sword carried by El Cid which was used to fight the Moors in Spain. It is now one of Spain’s most cherished relics.” This keeps in theme with other Tesoro products which are named after historical or mythological weapons.

“Tizona equips with Gaming-Grade mechanical Key switches, and switchable USB 6-Nkey / Full-Nkey rollover capability. Three Thumbs hot keys can easily launch your browser, media player, and Outlook under PC-mode. When in G-mode, by default the thumbs keys will mapped to H1: Num”/”, H2: Num”*” and H3: Num”-“. Gamer now could have the option to remap their game key directly into these 3 dedicated hot keys. A useful smart convenient extension for gamers is the included DC-In Jack that will provide additional power for Tizona two USB 2.0 ports (up to 500 mA per port).”

Tizona Keyboard

  • Gaming-Grade Mechanical Key Switch.
  • Switchable 6-NKey Full-NKey rollover function
  • 87 Keys compact Slim and stylish design
  • Extra High Speed 2.0 USB HUB
  • HotKeys
  • Detachable 1.8m braided cable.
  • Anti-slip rubber feet.
  • DC-IN Jack for optional additional USB power.
  • 1000Hz Ultra-polling rate.
  • Multimedia keys
  • Equipped with Magnets for Optional Numerical Keypads.

Tizona Numberpad

  • Gaming-grade mechanical key switch
  • Detachable 1.8m braided cable
  • 18 Keys compact slim and stylish design
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • 6-NKEY / Full-NKEY rollover switchable function
  • 1000Hz Ultra-polling rate
  • Equipped with magnets for optional Tizona 90 keys keyboard

As I said before, both of these items are sold separately, which is great for people who only want the compact keyboard. Both are really nicely packaged and the keyboard comes with a handle on box that allows it to double up as a carry case.

The interior of the box features thick foam padding and a protective plastic cover to help keep the keyboard nice and safe.

In the box you’ll find the keyboard, a high quality braided cable and a USB power cable.

The Numberpad also comes bundled with a high quality braided cable.

SteelSeries Siberia Elite WoW Edition Revealed

SteelSeries are back once again with their ever popular Siberia headset range, this time with their once limited edition Elite model, their current flagship PC gaming headset. Steelseries are no stranger to re-releasing hardware with new clothes, and the Elite is no exception, this time coming draped in World of Warcraft colours for fans of the long lasting Blizzard MMORPG. Personally I think it feels a little late to the party to launch a WoW headset these days, but despite the games age our recent report shows that it is still far from dead, despite lowering player numbers.

“Our partnership with Blizzard Entertainment to create unique gear for the World of Warcraft community has culminated in this bold new version of our premium and award-winning headset-a perfect complement to Blizzard’s upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion,” said Tino Soelberg, SteelSeries CTO. “Players deserve the best quality audio to experience the music and sounds of Draenor; this exclusive edition of the Siberia Elite headset delivers epic audio quality in a beautiful World of Warcraft-themed design.”

The SteelSeries Siberia Elite World of Warcraft Edition will be available to pre-order right now from the official SteelSeries Web Ship for $219.99 / €219,99. Not cheap, but if you want the quality of a their flagship headset in the style of your favourite game, expect to pay a premium for it.

Thank you SteelSeries for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of SteelSeries.

Leaked CPU-Z Images Reveal AMD Carrizo APU A10-8890K Specs

A CPU-Z image which appears to detail AMD’s next-generation APU, the A10-8890K, has apparently been leaked. WCCFTech has found the image via Guru3D, but at this point it should be taken as a rumour, since nothing has been officially announced.

The CPU-Z image appears to show that AMD is still keeping the current APU name, having it part of the A10 series, possibly the A-10 Elite. The K suffix at the end shows that the APU in question has an unlocked multiplier and the ‘Elite Hexa-Core’ present in the AMD logo indicates that the APU comes with 6 cores. Also, the 95W TDP and 4.4 Ghz core clock makes it an impressive piece.

The latest AMD APU appears to be based on the FM3 socket, which has been stated to come in 2016, which leads to two possibilities here. The first is that the report from AMD was inconclusive and the APU might come early than reported, or the leaked CPU-Z image does not display an actual Carrizo APU.

The CPU is said to boast Excavator cores, the latest revision of the Bulldozer architecture. This might be the case in the leaked image, having it show a high core clock and number of cores. However, the L2 cache appears to show 3 x 1024 KB, which is said to be very low for a 6-core CPU. AMD might have something up its sleeve with some stacked DRAM lifting the L2 Cache, but nothing is sure at the moment.

Thank you WCCFTech for providing us with this information
Images courtesy of WCCFTech

Steam Remove Over 7000 Sniper Elite 3 Keys From User Libraries

Valve have announced that they are revoking the serial keys from some 7000 copies of Sniper Elite 3 after it was discovered that they had been stolen from authorised outlets and resold to unsuspecting Steam users.

Users who have purchased the game through the unauthorised outlets will find that their games will no longer run and they will have to seek a refund for their purchase, but not from Steam themselves.  Rebellion have made a list of retailers that are unaffected by the key recall, with users who have had their keys revoked having to purchase another copy of the game either through Steam directly or through an unaffected retailer.

The announcement came after a retailer discovered that a number of their game keys had been stolen, with the money from the illegal sales not going to Valve or the retail distributor.

“To clarify, one of our PC retail distributors informed us that some of their allotted Steam keys were stolen,” the developer writes. “We believe these keys were then resold to multiple companies, with no payments going to either Valve or the retail distributor.”

As a goodwill measure, Steam are offering those users who have been affected a free copy of the “Target Hitler” DLC, with proof of purchase and their key needing to be provided in order to validate their claim, however the whole situation has already resulted in a large number of users venting their anger for something which genuinely was not their fault and understandably so if I might add.

It is not known at this moment in time who stole the keys and Rebellion are not making any statement as to the retail outlets that area affected, but we can probably guess that Steam may look into their security and key validation methods to prevent situations like this happening again.

Source: Joystiq

ADATA Elite CE700 Qi Wireless Charging Station


ADATA is brand synonymous with memory and storage solutions. For more than a decade they have established a strong relationship with their customers that consists of average consumers and business professionals around the world. With constant innovation and a determination to produce only high quality products that will exceed consumer expectations, ADATA will continue to be at the forefront of our culture’s technological growth.

Anyone that keeps up to date with their technology news can already see that most manufacturers are targeting the mobile device segment no matter the relevance to their core product stacks. Mobile devices have become such a critical part of our everyday lives and I for one still have a hard time fathoming how our culture was able to survive without things like email, instant messaging, or even mobile computing. We are a culture that constantly has our eyes glued to our phones and tablets to get through each day.

But how exactly are we constantly powering these devices? Traditionally the standard charge cable is the primary method of choice. But with technology constantly evolving we are always looking to improve the experiences that we have with these products. What is the obvious next step for charging your devices? Wireless charging of course. A freedom from the cluster of cables that we are so used to dealing with. That’s where ADATA comes in and brings us the Elite CE700 Qi Wireless Charging Station.

After a quick opening of the packaging you can see the the contents are pretty basic, but that’s okay because there’s not much needed to use this type of product. The box contains the user guide, micro USB charge cable, and the unit itself.

Cooler Master Elite 130 Mini-ITX Chassis Review


Coolermaster have long been one of my favourite chassis manufacturers, we loved their HAF range and we loved their Elite 120 when we reviewed it earlier last year. Their latest model the Elite 130 looks to take the Elite 120 to new levels and while in many ways this is just a refresh, it’s always great to see a manufacturer revisit their popular products and bring them up to date for a new audience, rather than throw away something great and forget about it. With some of the best chassis on the market, Coolermaster are proving a popular choice with system builders, they’ve often been praised by us here at eTeknix for their durable build quality, great feature sets and affordable prices, so we hope to see more of the same with this product today.

The Elite 130 is a smaller chassis designed to be the perfect choice for LAN gaming, or any compact gaming build that needs to be portable, small enough to fit in with a home entertainment centre as a HTPC / SteamBox style build or even just for those that want a small and affordable chassis for their office. It supports mini-ITX motherboards, has room for a few hard drives, it’s compatible with full size ATX power supplies and long graphics cards, and even a 5.25″ drive. So while we do stress this is a small form factor chassis, it is one of the bigger options in the mini-ITX category.

The packaging isn’t anything especially exciting, but given that it costs just £40 I’m hardly going to fuss about the one part I’ll be throwing in the bin should I buy this case. Around the sides of the box you’ll find a quick run down of the main specifications, as well as a tick box showing which model you have purchased.

In the box I found the usual assortment of fixtures and fittings, including cable ties, motherboard stand-offs, screws and a collection of vibration free rubber washers used to mount hard drives.