EKWB Releases EK-RAM Monarch Liquid RAM Cooling Modules

You might already have your graphics card and processor coupled into your liquid cooling setup, but what about your memory? While memory isn’t a thing that’s obvious to add to your custom loop right away, there can be good reasons to do so. To name one: Parts of your system that otherwise wouldn’t run hot might start to do so because of the lack of airflow generated by the fans from traditionally cooled equipment such as CPU and GPU coolers.

Liquid cooling for memory isn’t anything new as such, but EKWB just released a new version of the EK-RAM Monarch cooling modules where the existing black variant is now also available as a Nickel plated version. The EK-RAM Monarch Module is a heatsink adapter which allows virtually any DDR-SDRAM memory module of any generation to be liquid cooled – but it also requires the EK-RAM Monarch series water blocks to go on top.

Each heatsink consists of two separate plates with the memory module sandwiched in between. The heat transfer between the memory module and aluminium heatsink adapter is ensured by the use of an enclosed thermal pad. Each set of EK-RAM Monarch Modules contains two adapter heatsinks that are made of CNC machined high-quality aluminium and feature either a nickel finish or a black anodized finish.

The EK-RAM Monarch modules are available now through EK’s own webshop and their partner reseller network. A nickel plated set of two modules will set you back €34.95 while the black version is a little cheaper and only will cost you €29.95. Both prices include VAT.

Besides the above-mentioned reason of missing airflow in the memory area, adding liquid cooling to your memory will also allow you to overclock them higher while still retaining a stable system. While memory overclocking won’t result in as big a real-world difference as other parts such as CPU and GPU, it might be just what you’re missing to grab those last couple of benchmarks points and beat your friends results. Maybe you’ll also just do it for aesthetic reasons – the modules do look awesome.

EK Water Blocks Introduced EK-XRES MX Reservoir and Pump Combo

EK Water Blocks is a top player when it comes to liquid cooling and they prove again that a great liquid cooling setup doesn’t has to be neither complicated nor expensive. They introduced the new EK-XRES MX reservoir and pump combo that is available both as a complete standalone unit powered by Laing DDC 3.2 PWM pump as well as a separate upgrade for any Laing DDC series liquid cooling pump.

The EK-XRES 100 DDC MX is a reduced cost variant of EK-XRES 100 DDC reservoir that has been designed to lower the production costs yet still offer premium hydraulic performance at the best price. This unit is a high-performance aftermarket pump top with an integrated reservoir for Laing DDC series water pumps. It is made from injection-moulded ABS material and 60mm OD Acrylic glass cylinder. The hydraulic performance has been increased up to 15% compared to the factory top.

The EK-XRES 100 DDC MX comes with an anti-vibration mounting mechanism based on a dampening rubber mount system that effectively de-couples the pump from the rest of the chassis. The reservoirs can easily be upgraded with longer reservoir cylinder tubes as well as additional DDC upgrades such as Heatsink Housing.

All products are already available for purchase where the EX-XRES 100 DDC MX 3.2 PWM with pump will set you back €106.95, the EK-XRES 100DDC MX Acetal €34.95, and the EK-UNI Holder DDC Spider €4.95.

EK-Vardar Fans for Radiator Use Starts Shipping

It’s been about 3 weeks since EK Water Blocks introduced us to their first line of complete in-house developed fans, the EK-Vardar series, and now they’re available. The new fans are the result of a years worth of research and testing, picking just the right parts and generating the right layout to push as much air through radiators as possible with as little resistance as possible.

The fans get the name Vardar from the type of the cold northwesterly wind blowing from the mountains down to the valleys of Macedonia. It is a type of ravine wind, enhanced by a channeling effect while blowing down through the Moravia-Vardar gap, bringing cold conditions from the north to the Thessaloniki area of Greece. A fitting name for these fans.

These 120mm fans are available in 5 versions, the EK-Vardar with 1150rpm, 1450rpm, 180rpm, or 2200rpm and the EK-Furious Vardar with 3000rpm. The sound levels variate depending on model, but start at 23.7dBA maximum for the slowest and 42dBA for the Furious Vardar.

The Vardar series is using a 7-fin fan blade design and has a sealed-edge fan casing to prevent loss of airflow. The motor is double ball bearing with a lifespan of 50.000 hours and comes with PWM support.

Available now, the fans all come with an MSRP of €14.95 including VAT, except the Furious version that will set you back €16.95.

Thanks to EKWB for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of EKWB

EK Releases Their Ectotherm Thermal Compound in Retail Packaging

Previously you could only get EK Waterblocks Ectotherm thermal compound bundled with the EK Full Cover water blocks, but that has changed as EK announces the release of 5g retail packaging of the compound.

EK-TIM Ectotherm is said to have an exceptional value for the money. This thermal interface material provides an effective heat transfer and easy application between CPU, GPU or any other PCH/chipset and heat sink.

This Low Viscosity and Electrically Non-Conductive thermal compound should make any installation pretty much failsafe. The Ectotherm compound has an MSRP of €4.95 with VAT, which seems pretty average for TIM.


  • High Thermal Conductivity
  • Low Thermal Resistance
  • Low Viscosity
  • Non-Capacitive and Electrically Non-Conductive
  • Non-Corrosive and Non-Curing
  • No Bleeding & User-Friendly

Technical specifications:

  • Density (g/cm3): 3.0
  • Net Content (g): 5.0
  • Thermal conductivity (W/mK): 8.5
  • Optimal working temperature (°C): +100 to -50

Thanks to EKWB for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of EKWB

EK Releases Full-Cover Water Block for the ASUS GeForce GTX 980 STRIX

If you’ve been waiting to buy the ASUS GeForce GTX 980 STRIX GPU, now might be your time. EK Water Blocks has just announced the new Full-Cover waterblock that is designed for the new ASUS STRIX series NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980, the EK-FC980 GTX STRIX.

The ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) engineering team worked hand-in-hand with EK Water Blocks to co-develop the Full-Cover water block, which cools the GPU, RAM and VRM. The new EK-FC980 GTX STRIX water block features “EK unique central inlet split-flow cooling engine design for best possible cooling performance, which also works flawlessly with reversed water flow without adversely affecting the cooling performance. Moreover, such design offers great hydraulic perfromance allowing this product to be used in liquid cooling systems using weaker water pumps,” according to VideoCardz.

The new EK-FC980 GTX STRIX water blocks are made in Slovenia, Europe, and can be purchased through the EK Webshop, or Partner Reseller Network.

Source: VideoCardz.

EK Release Full-Cover Waterblock for the Radeon R9 285

EK Water Blocks has introduced their latest Full-Cover water block, this time for the reference design of AMD’s Radeon R9 285 series graphics cards. The new EK-FC R9-285 will cool all the vital parts on your graphics card: GPU, RAM and VRM. The central inlet split-flow cooling engine design used in this cooler will work flawless in both directions and has excellent hydraulic performance that also allows it to be used with weaker pumps.

The base is made of nickel-plated electrolytic copper while the top is made of quality POM Acetal or Acrylic depending on what design you chose. The EK-FC R9-285 full-cover water block should be available shortly at your favourite water-cooling supplier and it has an MSRP of €99.95 while an optional backplate will be available for €26.95.

Thanks to EKWB for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of EKWB

EK Adds Gold Plated EK-Supremacy Water Block To Its Lineup

EK Water Blocks have unveiled their latest water block that has got a bit of “bling”. The latest addition is the EK Supremacy Clean CSQ water block with gold plating. EK say the new water block design is made to suit the latest generation of black and gold ASUS, ASRock and ECS motherboards. 

The block features gold-plating on both the copper base and the mounting mechanism. Out of the box the new EK Supremacy gold water block supports all current generation Intel and AMD CPUs.

EK is going to be charging an MSRP of €89.95 for the new gold plated Supremacy Clean CSQ water block.

You can purchase the EK Supremacy Clean CSQ Gold water block straight away from the EK web shop.

Images courtesy of EK

EK Release New CoolStream PE Radiators

EK Water Blocks have unveiled their newest series of radiators the CoolStream PE series. This is EK’s latest range of water cooling radiators available in four incremental 120mm fan sizes of 120mm/240mm/360mm/480mm. These radiators are priced at €37.56, €50.79, €64.00 and €76.20 respectively.

EK claim superb cooling across the spectrum of operational fan ranges whether that be low or high RPM fans. The radiators measure in at 40mm thick and use double stack copper fins. There are parallel flow cooling chambers to reduce hydraulic flow resistance. The radiator’s shrouds are using UNC 6-32 threads on both sides to enable push-pull fan installation.

These EK radiators use G1/4 recessed threaded ports with pre-installed extenders to allow any G1/4 thread to fit. EK of course recommends its own EK-CSQ compression fittings for guaranteed compatibility.

Technical details:

  • Material: Copper fins, 90% copper tubing (H90), Brass chambers, Aluminium housing
  • FPI: 38
  • Port threading: 2x G1/4″
  • Fan compatibility: any standard size 120x120x25mm fan; UNC 6-32 thread tapping

These new EK radiators are available immediately through their web shop and will be available from EK distributors and resellers soon.

Image courtesy of EK

EK Debut Gigabyte Z87X-OC Series Water Blocks

Gigabyte’s Z87X-OC and Z87X-OC Force motherboards have been designed from the ground up for overclockers in mind. That said EK are catering to the needs of the hardcore overclocker with their latest series of water blocks. These are designed to cool the MOSFETs/VRM area and the Z87 PCH area, each with separate water blocks.

The “EK-FB Kit GA Z87X-OC” water block kit is a complete cooling solution for the Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC motherboard with a Z87 PCH water block and a VRM/MOSFET water block. The “EK-FB GA Z87X-OC Force” water block kit is a  complete kit for the PCH and VRM/MOSFET areas on the GA-Z87X-OC Force motherboard from Gigabyte. This is available in acetal or acetal and nickel varieties unlike the block for the non-Force motherboard which is only available in Acetal.

The Base of these water blocks are made from electrolytic copper while the top is made of quality POM Acetal material ( ornickel plated depending on the model and variant). The sealing is ensured by the use of quality rubber gaskets. The nickel plated brass screw-in standoffs are already pre-installed and allow for easy and trouble-free installation.

Pricing is as follows:

  • EK-FB KIT GA Z87X-OC – Acetal €79,95
  • EK-FB GA Z87X-OC Force – Acetal €122,95
  • EK-FB GA Z87X-OC Force – Acetal+Nickel €127,95

Availability is immediate for the EK-FB KIT GA Z87X-OC while the EK-FB GA Z87X-OC Force water blocks are available from Monday July 15th.

Images courtesy of EK

Computex: Powercolor Showcase HD 7970 LCS Graphics Card

Watercooling graphics cards can be a bit of a nightmare, especially installing and fitting the block which is often one of the hardest parts. Furthermore you could go to all that effort and then you might have a rubbish quality GPU that doesn’t even overclock very well. That’s why Powercolor have shown us the LCS HD 7970 which is an AMD HD 7970 that comes pre-fitted with a EK GPU water block and factory overclocked to a hefty 1050MHz, up from 925MHz stock.

Here you can see the Powercolor LCS HD 7970 in ac tion and it literally was as easy as plugging in a couple of tubes and being ready to go. The graphics card also comes with a black backplate to cool components on the rear side of the PCB.

The EK branding is generally quite subtle across most of the graphics card but on the fittings area at the top it is quite clear to see.

Powercolor’s LCS HD 7970 is already out and on the market and costs around $650+.

Stay tuned to eTeknix for more Computex coverage in our Computex section.

Image(s) courtesy of eTeknix at Computex

EK Announces Its First Ever LN2 Evaporation Cooler, For Memory Modules

EK may be better known for its water blocks and water cooling gear, but today it is doing something a little bit difference. EK is introducing the EK-SF3D Triple Point EVO, not that most catchy name in the world but this EK’s first ever LN2 evaporation cooler.

The EK-SF3D Triple Point EVO allows for extreme overclockers to overclock up to four memory modules using the provided module adapters (it seems only 2 are provided, additional modules can be purchased if needed). This allows you to put your RAM under LN2 and go for some serious records. It will be compatible with virtually any RAM module of the DDR-SDRAM era.

EK partnered up with Petri “SF3D” Korhonen to design this product, he is a Finnish “legendary” overclocker. In true EK style the product is made of electrolytic grade nickel plated copper and POM high quality acetal. EK claims their new LN2 Evaporation cooler can prevent unwanted condensation formation and even out temperature fluctuations.

Key features:

  • High performance evaporation cooler for competitive overclockers
  • Modern, unique design with copper core allows for easy temperature regulation
  • Built-in temperature probe slot in a each Module Adapter for precise control
  • Compatible with both Liquid Nitrogen LN2 as well as Dry Ice CO2(s)
  • Includes premium thermal grease


  • EK-SF3D Triple Point EVO series evaporation cooler
  • EK-SF3D Triple Point EVO Module Adapter (2 pcs)
  • Gelid GC-Extreme 1.5g thermal grease
  • Mounting screws
  • Allen key 2mm

The EK-SF3D Triple Point EVO is already available to purchase at €75 including VAT. EK is reportedly preparing a CPU LN2 cooling unit too, the EK-SF3D Inflection Point EVO, which is to be available by the end of the week.

Source: PR

EK Announce ASRock Z77 Extreme 11 Motherboard Water Block

EK blocks are well known for making very specialised and niche water cooling products, their latest water block is no exception. EK is introducing a full motherboard water block for ASRock’s premium Z77 motherboard the Extreme 11. The EK-FB ASR Z77 Extreme 11 water block is a complete cooling solution for the entire motherboard which includes the:

  • Z77 SouthBridge PCH 
  • PLX PEX 8474 PCIe lane splitter
  • LSI SAS2308 control hub
  • Power Regulation (VRM and MOSFETs)

As with all EK products, they have opted for a high flow design that allows you to use lower powered or weak pumps. EK has again used high quality materials, the base is made of nickel plated electrolytic copper  and the top is made of POM acetal material. Rubber gaskets are used to seal the water block nickel plated brass screw-in standoffs are already preinstalled and allow for easy and trouble-free installation.

While the attention to detail and high quality is excellent, don’t expect it to come at a low price. EK is selling the “EK-FB ASR Z77 Extreme11” to come with an MSRP of €120.95 including VAT, which isn’t terrible given how niche this product is, but it is still definitely a product aimed at the high end user who is really willing to pay the premium for performance and silence.

The item will start shipping on Tuesday, April 16th 2013 and will be available for pre-order through EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network.

What do you think of EK’s new Water block? Do you have an ASRock Z77 Extreme 11? If so, does this interest you?

Source: PR


EK Launches World’s First Water Cooling Solution for AMD FirePro

EK are renowned throughout the industry for making an incredibly diverse range of water blocks that tackle not just the “mainstream” segment of the water cooling market, which is quite niche in itself, but also the niche segments of the water cooling market. Their latest product which impressed us was a mounting kit specifically made for “delidded” Ivy Bridge CPUs. However, today EK have come out with a GPU water cooling solution for the AMD FirePro series of cards. Naturally EK have devised these two expensive water cooling solutions for the two highest performance FirePro cards, the W9000 and the S10000.

EK’s Water block for the AMD FirePro S10000

As you may be able to tell from the images the EK S10000 water cooling solutions is single slot. This is excellent news for the enterprise environment because it means you can fit two FirePro cards into the same space thus being able to get twice the computing power in a server space environment. Add to that the fact that the water block cools the GPU, the VRM and RAM keeping everything running much cooler than the reference design offering much more stability.

EK’s Water block for the AMD FirePro W9000

While the W9000 water block still consumes two PCI Express slots but it does still offer the extra cooling performance that you’d expect from water cooling. Both of these water blocks use high flow designs which is perfect for water cooling systems that do not have strong pumps.

Both water blocks are constructed out of C110 grade electrolytic copper while the top is made of laser cut stainless steel metal plate. The sealing is performed by quality NBR rubber washers. Screw-in brass standoffs are pre-installed and allow for safe, painless installation procedure. Both water blocks are  factory pressure tested and come with 1g packaging of Arctic Cooling MX-2 thermal grease (TIM).

The EK-FCS10000 comes with the MSRP of €139.95 (incl. VAT) while the EK-FCW9000 comes with MSRP of €119.95 (incl. VAT). Both products will be available for purchase through the EK Webshop and the Partner Reseller Network on Friday, April 5th 2013.

This be a very niche market product but the pricing is pretty competitive and the advantages of water cooling to enterprise could be excellent. What do you think of EK’s latest creation? Can it be useful? Or were AMD FirePro water blocks not made before this for a good reason?

Source: Press Release

EK announce Water Blocks for De-Lidded Ivy Bridge CPUs

The Ivy Bridge saga with removing the lid, a.k.a. the IHS (Integrated Heat Sink), stuck around for quite a long time. People debated the benefits of changing out the stock Intel thermal paste and using (or not using) the lid when it comes to cooling. If you didn’t get to see our exclusive Ivy Bridge “myth busting” article about what happens when you keep the lid/IHS but change the thermal paste, then please see here. The idea behind removing the lid is that with the IHS gone there are less layers between the CPU die and the cooling apparatus so cooling will be more efficient. However, in practice this hasn’t always worked because mounting systems do not go tight enough to clamp down directly onto the die. Removing the IHS leaves an extra 5-8mm of thickness where the IHS would of otherwise sat.

Leading on from that last problem, EK have devised a solution. Their solution is to redesign their mounting system, for the EK Supremacy blocks, so that it accounts for the fact the IHS/lid isn’t there. This mounting system which EK are calling PreciseMount Add-on Naked Ivy is a world first and no one has tried to do this before – probably because of how niche the market actually is. The idea behind it is that you can use your i5 3570K or i7 3770K with a custom water cooling loop and get more performance out of it by cooling the CPU die directly. The precise mount add-on kit is only compatible with existing EK Supremacy water blocks for LGA 1155 and is made of the usual high  quality nickel-plated brass.

All of this does come with a user warning though because removing the IHS/lid from Ivy Bridge CPUs is a very risky process and voids your warranty. For those who are interested in doing so the article we did has a page of guidance but it is still not easy. As EK state this is an expert process and something that is only to be done with the true knowledge and know-how. All that said it is still fantastic to see EK catering for such a niche market in devising this new mounting system specifically for de-lidded Ivy Bridge CPUs. It would of been nice to see some other companies offer a similar thing but for now EK are the only ones doing it – hats off to them.

What do you think of this offering from EK? Would you consider buying one? Would you considering de-lidding your Ivy Bridge CPU? Have you already done so and did you get any interesting results? Let us know your thoughts.

Source: EK PR

EK Introduce EK-FC7970 Matrix Platinum Full Cover Water Block

Slovenia based water cooling experts EK Water Blocks have today announced another product release, only days after launching a GTX Titan full cover waterblock. Today however sees the launch for AMD’s 7970 in the form of the Asus Matrix Platinum. You may remember that we took a look at the Asus Matrix HD 7970 Platinum 3GB card a couple of months back and found it to be exceptional with some very unique features, walking away with our Editor’s Choice award.

Much like other full cover blocks from EK, the EK-FC7970 directly cools the GPU, VRMs and memory due to the design which allows for water to flow across all critical areas of the card, thus meaning that pushing the card further in terms of overclocking should yield better results due to the improved cooling solution.

EK have also made sure that the EK-FC7970 features a high flow design so that it can be used in conjunction with liquid cooling loops that feature weaker water pumps, which decidedly is a cost decision more than anything.

The base of the water block is nickel plated electrolytic copper, and the top is made from a quality POM Acetal material. Rubber washers are used to seal the unit and brass standoffs pre-installed making installation both simple and painless.

The Matrix Platinum by standard features a three slot I/O design, whereas EK bundle in a two slot I/O bracket making it easier for CrossFire configurations. With the block installed, up to four EK-FC7970 Matrix enabled cards can be used together on a single ATX form factor motherboard in conjunction with the EK-FC terminal which comes in dual, triple or quad flavours.

Pricing is set at €109.95 Inc VAT and will be available on Friday March 8th 2013 through both the EK Webshop and their retail partners and pre-ordering is already possible.