Tesla Autopilot Now Lets You Drive on Rainbow Road

Yesterday, Tesla CEO tweeted some unusual instructions for owners of Tesla vehicles that are equipped with the autopilot feature.

While this may be an effort to distract users from the recent issues found in a number of their Model X vehicles, the result of Musk’s instructions is certainly amusing.

Normally, when you put a Tesla Model S or Model X into autopilot mode, the instrument display switches over to show a car travelling down a road, which is used to indicate where the car believes it is on the current road or lane it is in as well as any cars it detects nearby. Typically, this road is just like any other, normal and gray, but after the latest software update activating Autopilot four times sequentially changes this into the far more exciting Rainbow Road of Mario Kart fame.

It’s not just Rainbow Road either, also included is the cowbell audio from the famous Saturday Night Live sketch that plays over the stereo. Thanks to Brian Stucki for sharing a clip of this feature in action.


Exactly what this “more cowbell” that Musk refers to is currently unknown, but Tesla’s car software containing easter eggs is nothing new. Afterall, the Model S has a James Bond Mode, which turns the representation of the car in on the in-car display into the submersible Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me.

Watch 4K Drone Video of Tesla’s 5.3 Million Square Feet Freemont Factory

Tesla is planning their biggest plant yet in Nevada, one that actually will be one of the world’s largest with an estimated 10 million square feet when completed, but they already have a pretty impressive facility in Fremont, California.

A previous employee of the factory, Stephen Powelson, took his Phantom 3 drone and flew across the compound and posted the video to YouTube. The best part of it, it’s in 4K and it gives those of us that already upgraded to that resolution the ability to once again see how amazing it looks. But it’s also a great flight to watch if you’re on 1080p or 1440p.

While some commenters were quick to point out that the video could get him into trouble with Tesla for legal reasons, he has the permission to post it. He has been a Tesla employee for almost five years, up until March of this year.

I’m personally not that familiar with Tesla’s Models that I can distinguish them on footage like this, but it appears that there is a little easter-egg in the video. Around time frame 1:44 you should be able to see a glimpse of what very well could be three Model X SUVs on the left of the footage. Either way, it gives a great view of what a Tesla factory looks like from above

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Megalodon Dwells in Battlefield 4

Presence of Easter Eggs spices up the experience and when done in a Multiplayer oriented game like Battlefield 4, it takes it to another level because it usually requires multiple people to be in the server and create the specific conditions . Yesterday, easter egg hunters figured out how to trigger the event. The event being ‘Calling the Megalodon’ ( prehistoric shark ) in the vanilla (non premium) map ‘Paracel Strom’. Popular YouTuber JackFrags has posted the footage of it. It was speculated to exist in the game since the launch. It appeared for the first time on Premium Multiplayer map called ‘Nansha Strike’ over a year ago.

With the latest Patch to the CTE ( Community Test Environment ) DICE included two easter eggs, one of which is discovered. This can not be found on the retail version of the game. However premium members can sign up to get access to CTE version which is constantly being updated. The event can be triggered under specific conditions mentioned below.

  • Any Phantom camo/paint should be unlocked and deployed on the weapon
  • Land on the Windmill and get struck by lightning
  • Find parrots on the palmtree, as the storm arrives and shoot the little light on the ship

Battlefield-ers have done it again! Just like they did in cracking Phantom assignments and others mentioned in UFO in GTA V . As I’ve played it for over a thousand hour, I’ve witnessed the effort required to solve the mysteries of it. Let us know your opinions in the comment section.

See you in The Battlefield, Soldier!

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Boarding UFO in GTA V Possible, Easter Egg Hunters Think


Appearance of UFOs in Grand Theft Auto: V, in a mission named Alien Abduction surprised many players. Easter Egg hunters have been working hard and already discovered that 4 UFO exists in the digital world. Evidence exists that suggests the possibility of getting abducted by aliens without interfering with the game core processes.

A breakthrough was made by reddit user trainwreck42o which shows in his thread that the interior of the UFO can be loaded under specific conditions such as there should be no injuries (i.e. Full Health) and another unknown requirement which will trigger the script. The later condition should have specific variable (-1 or 999) so that the code can recognize it. The final step according to him is to discover the warp points which will take us into the loaded interiors.

Since the discovery, many theories have emerged which suggests the conditions and factors. It could be like PHANTOM Assignments and easter eggs like Yeti’s shout in ‘Golmud Railway’ and Megalodon encounters in ‘Paracel Storm’ (CTE) and ‘Nansha Strike’ maps in Battlefield 4 requires specific conditions to execute.

Since the launch, many players have been trying to find easter eggs like Jetpacks, Aliens and partially succeed. There are traces in the code of existence of a Jetpack in the game. Speculations and rumors surrounds the hunt. In spite of no major success, Easter egg hunters haven’t given up.

Players are coming together to crack the code! I am quite surprised with this breakthrough, are you? Let us know your views in the comment section.

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Grand Theft Auto Players in Search of Jetpack Find Memorial Island Instead

Some players from Grand Theft Auto have been searching Los Santos for a jetpack since the title was released. However, they seemed to have found some other touching memorials put inside by the devs instead.

Players are reported to have found an easter egg by trying to solve the Mt Chiliad mystery, as seen below:

Some research done on the bench revealed that it was put there to commemorate one of Rockstars employees, Chris Edwards, who was credited on titles such as Max Payne, Grand Theft Auto and LA Noire. He apparently passed away in 2014.

“As it happens, after pioneering in Second Life, Chris went on to create art for Rockstar Games, for Grand Theft Auto V. I know this, because I asked his widow (Alayne Wartell IRL, Fallingwater Cellardoor in SL) and she confirmed to me that he’d become an artist for Rockstar. And I told her about the memorial for her late husband in the game. Rockstar had told her about the tribute, she told me, but because she doesn’t have a Playstation 4, hadn’t seen it for herself. But she told me she was glad someone had finally found it. She was even more pleased that the memorial had led players to go searching for Chris, and wound up seeing the photo of her and husband together, during their happy times.” New World Notes states.

In addition to the latter easter egg, players have also found what was considered a suspicious spot with a peculiar telescope. It is reportedly pointing in a direction and players though it was leading them to something specific or at least another clue.

“The telescope seems to be pointing in the rough area where the rumoured fourth UFO is,” one player wrote. “I really think we will be able to view something special with this telescope,” another player opined.

Up until now, there have been many easter eggs uncovered in Rockstar’s title. However, a jetpack is unfortunately not amongst them just yet.

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Visceral Cuts Hardline’s Ridiculous Couch Stats

Visceral looks like it will be lowering down the game’s drivable couch stats with the first patch. The intended Easter egg apparently proved to be too popular and too effective as an actual vehicle rather than the joke it was intended to be. Battlefield Hardline’s patch now state that Visceral will lower the couch’s stats by drastically lowering its health and repair rate.

“Couch health reduced and repair rate decreased to a miniscule amount, making the Couch the one-off it was intended,” the developer wrote.

The exact date of when the patch will roll out is not yet known, but Visceral said that the new stats will take effect in the “near future”. The full patch notes can be found over at Battlefield’s forum.

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Battlefield Hardline Brings ‘The American Dream’ under the Shape of a Driveable Couch

If you think you have seen them all, we can safely say you haven’t (or at least experienced just yet). DICE developers are said to have included an interesting and very funny easter egg in the Battlefield Hardline title… a driveable couch.

DICE thought it might be funny to include the piece of furniture, named “The American Dream”, allowing users to sit and drive it around the map. The video shows some footage of the couch and how some users already had fun with it.

Years after Its Release, People Are Still Finding Halo 3 Easter Eggs

Halo 3 has long been one of my favourite co-op games, and with almost seven years on the market I personally have picked through every little detail I can think of in Bungie’s console based FPS. Of course the wider gaming community are full of eager gamers who have rigorously searched the game over and over for hidden gems in far more detail than I ever could and despite the seven year period the game has been out, one developer was convinced that a single easter egg remained undiscovered.

Back when 343i took over the Bundie title there was a Q&A with the developers through their Bungie Mail Sack feature;

Q: Are there any Easter eggs from your past games that surprised you at how quickly they were found or any that surprised you at how long they took to find?

A: Definitely the IWHBYD skull in H3. But you cheated. There is one Easter egg in Halo 3 that I don’t think anyone has found – I stumbled across it in code a while back. It only happens on a specific day…so good luck.

And after a few weeks of frustration a further hint was dropped that we were all missing something.

Q: What is your proudest moment in your time at Bungie?

A: Showing my wife the Easter egg I put in the halo 3 loading screen for her – the one that nobody has found yet.

It was only this last few days that the hidden message was found in Halo 3 and whilst I’m sure many were hoping it would be another skull or something really awesome, it’s actually something rather sweet. See if you can spot it in the video below.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″]http://youtu.be/LuKaWd6_Stg[/youtube]

Pushing both analogue sticks on the loading screen has been known to zoom the camera out and give a wider view of the Halo Ring, but do this with your consoles date set to December 25th and you’re greeted to what looks like an engraving on the outside of the ring which reads “happy birthday Lauren”, awww.

Congratulations to Lord Zedd, Nowise10, LeGiiTXSLaYeR for finding such an obscure easter egg.

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Explore the South Park World with Oculus Rift!

If you are a fan of South Park and wanted to get even more involved in the world consisting of many scraps of construction paper moved around a flat surface, then you are in luck. The North American production team has apparently built the Colorado town from South Park for users to experience using Oculus Rift.

The team has stated that they wanted to build a ‘core piece’ that would make full use of the Oculus Rift technology, having an open-world with ‘a bit of an edge and a beautiful simplicity’. This idea landed on the South Park world, which the team stated to be ‘a perfect blend of everything’. The process of converting the South Park town into a 3D virtual reality game did not take long as well, having the team building it in “just a few short weeks in June”.


Users are said to be able to explore the town’s streets, interact with characters and even find easter eggs inside the piece of software. An example of such easter egg is said to be found when entering the town’s church, having users ‘fall’ into Hell, bumping into Saddam Hussein who is said to be able to take you back to the town. Also, although the experience is best suited for Oculus Rift owners, the landscape is said to be available inside the browser too.

For those who are interested in experiencing the South Park town, its characters and even Saddam Hussein himself (from the cartoon series, that is) can head over to the tool’s website here.

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Megalodon Easter Egg in Battlefield 4 Making Waves

Battlefield 4 has seen better days. With game launch woes and continuing server issues EA needs to step up it’s game if it’s going to want to stay relevant against the likes of Call of Duty or the recently released Titanfall.

But one thing you can definitely count on DICE for is easter eggs. This one for example is a monster of one. Ever see the movie Sharknado? No you say? What rock have you been living under? Go watch it…NOW!

But if you’re one of those lucky ones to have seen the movie you can relive all that amazing B rated goodness over again as long as you have 9 other buddies that are willing to lose their lives just so you can live to tell the tale.


The people at IGN list out the rather easy steps to bring out the beast:

  • 10 players are needed to bait out the shark.
  • Load Battlefield 4’s Naval Strike DLC, specifically the map Nansha Strike.
  • Head out to the water’s lonely buoy with 9 other suicidal players, just outside of C.
  • Once all 10 players have gathered the shark will break the surface, landing atop of anyone brave enough to swim it’s waters

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Grand Theft Auto V – Now Includes Dinosaurs

Rockstar just love leaving surprises in their games and Grand Theft Auto V is absolutely no exception to that fact. This time it seems someone has found something truly bizarre, a full size T-Rex roaming the lands!

YouTube user NaveTunes managed to capture the video below which shows a dinosaur walking around in the distance, unfortunately this is just an easter egg and it isn’t possible to fight the T-Rex. Personally I think we should all try over and over to see if we really can get hold of it and perhaps even ride it! Now that would be awesome.

Grand Theft Auto V no doubt has a lot more secrets to tell us, but this is easily one of the best I’ve seen so far. Now we just need a PC edition of the game so we can start adding custom mods, maybe even more dinosaurs.


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