Mad Catz Announces E.S.Pro 1 Tournament Grade Gaming Earbuds

Ear buds traditionally don’t come with the best sound quality and that is why most people opt for the larger full-size version in order to get that satisfying sounds. Mad Catz latest offering looks like it could mix that up a bit with the release of a the new E.S.Pro 1 gaming earbuds with tournament-grade quality, as they call it.

The E.S.Pro 1 uses larger than usual 13.5mm speakers to deliver better sound than conventional ear buds with an increased bass response and clearer highs. The ear buds feature two different microphones and you can use whichever you prefer and switch as you wish. There is the simple and discreet in-line microphone and there is also a removable omni-directional boom microphone that is ideal when chat is of primary importance.

The 2-meter long cable features an easy to reach remote control unit that allows you to change the volume, mute the chat, and control the track selection for your music pleasure. The In-line microphone also features automatic noise and echo suppression.


The added size requires a good fit and the E.S.Pro 1 come with soft-rubber support arms that are designed to gently fit inside the ear and prevent the earbuds from falling out during heated gaming sessions. To aid with comfort and acoustic isolation, the E.S.Pro 1 also comes with optional earbud attachments designed to fit virtually any size ear.

The new Mad Catz E.S.Pro 1 gaming earbuds are expected to ship in January 2016. Included in the package are a standard 3.5mm cable and PC audio adapter that allows you to connect it with almost any audio device from PC over mobile to gaming consoles.

Wireless and Waterproof Smart Earphones Are Finally Here!

Bragi Dash earbuds are the latest gadget for the audio world, and the smart in-ear headphones are packed full of features that really made them catch my attention. They’re equipped with fitness sensors, much like every other smart wearable these days, you can listen to music on them wirelessly, you can store music on them, answer calls with them, you can even go swimming with them as they’re waterproof up to 1m.

I really like the idea of these, as there are no wires to get tangled and the Kickstarter funded product from Bragi received around $3.5 million on Kickstarter; so I’m clearly not the only one excited about these. The built-in 4GB storage is perfect for when you want to go running, swimming or anywhere that you would rather not have to carry your phone. For all other things, you can enjoy Bluetooth connectivity as well as adjustable noise cancelling capabilities.

Hands-free smart control is also a welcome feature, thanks to the built-in accelerometer. Look up at the sky, they’ll tell you the weather, look down at the ground to mute them, nod your head to answer a call; you get the idea.

The only downside? When they hit the market this April, they’ll set you back $299, although they sound like they’re worth every penny.

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Image courtesy of IFLS.

Earin: The Smallest Earbuds Ever Built

At 0.18 ounces and 0.55 inches – about the same length as the average fingernail – the Earin earbuds are set to be the most compact Bluetooth aptX earphones ever developed. This Kickstarter project far surpassed its £179,000 pledge goal back in July – raising an astonishing £972,594 – and the company has confirmed that the first units will ship in 2015.

Despite its diminutive size, Earin has been designed to fit a multitude of ear sizes – the kit includes Cocha locks that grip the contours of the ears, and foam tips that ensure a snug fit in the ear canal.

A set of Earin will cost £79 when released on sale next year.

Source: RSY News