Hackers Successfully Dump Xbox One NAND

Hacking groups don’t hang around these days and with less than a week on the market, there has already been a fairly significant breach of the Xbox One hardware…. whoops.

Piracy is a major problem for many software developers and hardware manufactures and while I personally don’t believe that its all doom and gloom, the end of the industry or any of that nonsense, I do understand why any company would want to protect their investment and reputation. So from an industry point of view, having your console cracked is a big problem.

Konsolen Junkies (Console Junkies) have revealed that the Xbox One NAND is 4.9GB and that it can be dumped using Corona V2 via SD card reader, a similar method to what was used on the Xbox 360. However, to do so, the crystal or ‘quartz’ needs to be disabled. Do note that the NAND files contain drive info and serial number.

This is the first step to getting the console to boot backup discs or unlicensed software in general, as well as homebrew content. Given the very PC like nature of the hardware, it is likely not going to be too difficult to crack, but we shall see.

Of course we don’t condone piracy, but we do love tinkering with hardware to see what else it can do

Previously it was made known by a famous hacker ‘C4eva’, who dumped the data of Call of Duty: Ghosts for the Xbox One on the internet, that the discs can be read. This means that Xbox One is gaining attention from the hackers who are able to reach the first step with dumping the NAND. Since the hackers continue to tinkle with the Xbox One, the question is how long till they are able to hack it completely?

Stay tuned with us as we bring you more information as the story develops.

Thank you Gearnuke for providing us with this information.