Cherry MX RGB Nature White Switches Announced!

Mechanical keyboards come in all shapes and sizes, with customisable key caps, various lighting options and you can even choose the type of switch to suit your own taste. There are a few switch manufacturers out there, but the most famous on is Cherry, with their Cherry MX series of switches that offers up MX Blue, Brown, Green, Black and Red.

With Cherry MX Silent and RGB switches now being available, it’s time for Cherry to expand their range once again with the new Cherry MX RGB Nature White switches. The new linear switch is designed to sit between the popular MX Black and MX Red switches, with a defined force of 55 grams.

“This new switch offers a special transparent casing optimized for uniform illumination and allows a high luminosity of all 16,7 million colours of the RGB spectrum.” said Cherry.

Thanks to Cherry’s exceptional build quality and the use of their Gold Crosspoint Technology, the switches are rated for over 50-million keystrokes, while the transparent housing of the switch makes them perfect for RGB keyboard designs. The Nature White branding of this switch is no doubt to differentiate from the long discontinued MX White switches.

Good news for Ducky fans too, as the manufacturer has secured the Nature White as a launch partner. This means you can expect to see MX RGB Nature White switches in the Ducky Shine-5 keyboard very soon.


Latest Ducky Peripherals @ Computex 2015

Computex 2015: Ducky are one of the most highly praised peripheral manufacturers around, so it’s no surprise that they’ve got a fantastic range of peripherals on show at this year’s Computex. The one that stands out the most, is their new gaming mouse. It’s nothing technically innovative, but having tested it out, it feels competitive and I look forward to testing out in-depth later this year. Getting back to what Ducky specialise in, the Ducky ONE looks great, it’s a high-quality mechanical keyboard, but it comes in a wide range of colourful variants, which one would you choose?

NZXT and Ducky Booth at Insomnia i52

NZXT recently joined forces to offer gamers a great chance to get a special edition Ducky Shine 3.0 keyboard alongside the incredible NZXT H440 chassis. This partner ship seems to have lasted a while longer as both brands are on the same booth this year to show off their latest wares, these include the latest cases from NZXT such as the H440 and the 230, their new X31, X41 and X61 coolers, CAM and more. Meanwhile you’ll also find a massive range of Ducky keyboards, ranging from a few popular fan favourites, to their Ducky Shine 3.0.

There are a lot of keyboards on display, but most of the are just customised Shine 3.0 boards, showing you just how flexible mechanical keyboards can be in terms of design, especially focusing on the custom key caps. It’s also a great oppertunity for gamers to get hands on with a high-end mechanical keyboard, a nice thing for those who have yet to try one and to find out just why the cost so much more than membrane switch keyboards.

Ducky 2108S Zero Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Keyboard Review


Mechanical keyboards are one of those things you either love or hate. While they do reap many benefits such as an improved action, high durability, customisation options, long life switches and more, they also come with some down sides, such as many of them being considerably louder to type on than a membrane keyboard, more expensive, heavier and for the most part we tend to see less bonus features on mechanical keyboards.

Ducky have long been king when it comes to mechanical keyboards, with a range that spans from budget friendly to the extravagantly expensive, or typically £60-200. Sure there will be people out there that prefer other brands and there are plenty of great ones to choose from, but Ducky have one of the best reputations in the business and one of the widest ranges of mechanical keyboard on the market.

Find the right keyboard can be tricky, especially when it come to mechanical as you have to find something that has the features you are looking for, has an option for the type of switch you prefer and of course one that isn’t too expensive. With a price tag of around £99.99, the Ducky 2018S Zero is about on par with most other low to mid range mechanical keyboards, the specifications are nothing too exciting, but MX Brown switches, LED back lighting, n-key rollover and dedicated volume controls are more than enough for most PC users and gamers.

DK2108S Specification

  • Windows Key Lockout
  • USB
  • N-Key rollover or 6key rollover
  • UV coated, lasered legend key caps.
  • Full backlighting 8 brightness levels including off and breathing mode
  • Blue / Orange LED lighting
  • Dust cover, keycap puller, WASD keycaps and user manual included.

It comes nicely packed in a black box with red detailing on the front, a red Ducky logo with a light on its head lets us know this is the LED backlit edition.

Around the back we have a few brief descriptions of the keyboards features, but there is nothing here we haven’t already covered above.

The keyboard is packed with a plastic cover that acts as a dust cover, handy to chuck over the top of the keyboard at the end of the day, help keep it clean.

Four extra key caps are in the box, they have a dark grey finish compared to the standard black keys that are fitted by default, the key cap removal tool is pretty cool and is shaped like the ducky logo.