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Drone Racing Has Its First Champion

Drones are the latest piece of technology that everyone must have. From planting trees in the jungle to watching your beaches for sharks, drones have developed from something in films to the technology you can pick up…


World Drone Prix to be Hosted in Dubai This Month

Drones are amazing little devices. From flying in the air to underwater, people enjoy using them for a wide range of reasons, the most traditional of them being drone racing. With the creation of the Drone…

Sky Mile Tower


Sky Mile Tower Aims To Reinvent The Skyscraper

The evolution of the humble skyscraper has been nothing short of amazing over the last half a century, from the US and its range of towering buildings that have included the “Trump international Tower” which stands…

Martin Jatpack at the Dubai Air Expo


Jetpacks Ordered for Dubai’s Emergency Services

Dubai is a place known for making vast expenditures for its emergency services, most notably the multi-million dollar fleet of supercars fielded by its police. But now there is a new machine set to bring the…