FAA Aproved Drone Delivers Medicine to a Clinic in Virginia

Even though Amazon’s plan to use drones for its delivery services is not yet viable for a number of reasons, at least the FAA is helping move things along. Recently, an FAA-approved drone managed to successfully deliver medical supplies to a relatively remote clinic in Virginia. The pop-up clinic is assembled one weekend each year at county fairgrounds, which is why people eventually ended up camping in their cars in order to receive much-needed medical attention. Delivering the medical supplies by car would have taken about 90 minutes on bad roads, most of which were blocked by cars anyway.

The drone was controlled by a company named Flirtey, whose members already conduct similar deliveries in New Zealand. It’s true that flying a drone over a rural area is not the same thing as flying one over a busy city, but it’s still a step in the right direction. What matters is that the clinic managed to receive its supplies quickly and without incident and that it could help out a few more people as a result.

Do you think that drones are reliable enough to be used for cargo transportation on a larger scale?

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