GTA V Stunts Get Better and Better

GTA V, already 2 years old and still making history. Rockstar have sold almost 52 Million copies of the game across all platforms, worth around $2 Billion. It has some great features and some seriously amazing gameplay.

To show what level of detail the developers have thought into, the fancy cars (such as the cheetah) will make the door open sounds if you rip the door off until it gets fixed. If you drive a tank through the streets – pedestrians will stop and stare too.

The modding industry for the PC platform has also presented us with some quite hilarious changes, such as the mod that allows your gun to shoot cars instead of bullets as we reported last month.

There is also a drift mod that will allow you to go crazy in Los Santos. You can drift any vehicle you can get your hands on. I posted an article a month ago demonstrating this and with instructions too! Just remember though, if modding your GTA then you should be vigilant about where you download the mods from as one of our reporters found out.

It’s easy to see why the game is so popular amongst gamers, the latest craze is now to perform almost near impossible stunts within the game, so for your amusement we have taken the time to find the best ones for you:

This video shows a Semi Truck doing a jump, disconnecting the trailer mid-air, flipping, reconnecting the trailer and landing again. Pretty Impressive we thought!

The Same YouTuber, BlackSmoke Billy also managed to do a corkscrew in a dump truck.

This video shows a funny side of these stunts, a compilation of some of the Fails and a few wins.

This video also shows several attempts and eventually a success as YouTuber Thelvaneh tries to catch several cars inside a cargo plane.

What are your favourite GTA V stunts, wins and fail videos? Post them in the comments below!

Images courtesy of VR-Zone

GTA V Drift Mod Will Let You Go Crazy in Los Santos

Gta V is making some serious headway in the modding world. It’s early stages yet, but some awesome mods have already been released. The name of the new mod is the LS Drift – Drifting Mod.

You get both controller support and Numpad/arrow key support. You can do the mod to any car, but sportscars and super cars are preferable to muscle cars. These cars are better for drifting due to their better handling. Before you use the script, go to Los Santos Customs and mod the front and rear bumper to better work for drifting. Feel free to add custom exhausts and grilles, as well as 100 % armor here. It makes the car look so much more impressive as it goes sideways in Los Santos

Gameranx have released the following:

  • To start, download ScripthookV.dll here.
  • Move this dll to your GTA V directory.
  • Download LS Drift here.
  • Move both LSDrift.asi and LSDrift.ini to your GTA V directory.
  • Run the game.
  • Once you’re inside the game, press F3 on the keyboard or RB+A on your controller to open the menu.
  • Navigate the menu with the Numpad or Arrow Keys (Change keys in LSDrift.ini).
  • And Drift Mod is on! To enable, just press and hold the Left Shift Key. Move your car around using your controller or NumPad/arrow keys.
  • Optionally, you can play with this feature on the airports, where you won’t have to worry about other cars to get in the way. 

I’m yet to venture into the modding world for GTA V, but this looks pretty cool, let us know if you’ve tried this mod!

Thanks to GamerRanx for this information

Image courtesy of Rockstar

Turtle Beach Grip 500 Laser Gaming Mouse and Drift Mouse Mat Review


At the start of this year, we visited Turtle Beach at CES 2015 and one thing in particular caught our attention, keyboards and mice! Turtle Beach has a long history of creating gaming focused headsets for a wide range of formats, but until now, that’s pretty much all they’ve done. Now, just a few months after they were first revealed, Turtle Beach are looking to tackle the PC gaming market with a range of keyboards and mice.

“The Turtle Beach Grip 500 laser gaming mouse is an ergonomically engineered, illuminated 7-button scroll wheel mouse that uses premium components such as Avago 9800 laser sensors and Omron switches to deliver steady, precise gaming control. It packs a number of powerful features, including the ability to customize performance, change illumination settings, program all seven buttons and the scroll wheel, plus create up to 50 complex macros with up to 100 commands each and then assign them to any button. They can then be saved into five different colour-coded profiles, loaded into on-board memory and changed on the fly.”

It certainly has all the hallmarks of a good gaming mouse, with all the features you would expect, but what we really want to see, is how it feels and how it performs, so let’s get right to it and take a closer look.

For the purpose of this review, Turtle Beach also sent me one of their new DRIFT mouse mats, I don’t typically review these, as they’re really down to user preference, but it seems like it’ll be a nice match for the GRIP 500 mouse.

For those looking at this mouse at retail, there’s a cut-away section that allows you to test the buttons, scroll wheel and feel the finish on the mouse.

In the box, you’ll find the GRIP 500, which comes hard-wired with a lightweight cable and the instruction booklet; not the most comprehensive bundle, but it’s really all you need.

The cable is of a good quality, no gold-plated connector, but honestly, you really don’t need it to be gold anyway.

The main panels of the GRIP 500 have been treated to a grippy soft-touch rubber. This is quite common on gaming mice these days, as it gives improved grip, a stealthy aesthetic and it’s often quite resilient to scratches and easy to keep clean.

Down the left side, you’ll find three switches, which just like the rest of the switches, are fully programmable. They’ve got a nice light tactile click to them that gives them a nice responsive feel.

The rear of the mouse sweeps out a little at the base on both the left and right sides, giving a nice ergonomic shape that fits the palm of your hand well.

There’s a slight curve to both the left and right mouse buttons, providing a stable finger resting position and combined with the grip coating, the mouse feels just as adept at both palm rest and claw grip play-styles.

There’s a single toggle switch behind the scroll wheel that can be used for DPI, or anything else you wish since it’s also fully programmable. The scroll wheel is very low set in the mouse body, but it is quite big and features a very grippy coating and ridges that make it very easy to manipulate.

A small Turtle Beach logo at the back, which will look nice when powered up thanks to some internal LED lighting.

The 500 GRIP, contrary to its name, glides exceptionally well on both soft and hard gaming surfaces, that’s to its slip-mats and its relatively lightweight design.