Machine That ‘Uncooks Eggs’ Used to Improve Cancer Treatment

A machine invented by an Australian scientist that can “unboil an egg” by unfolding the proteins in egg whites back to their natural state has been hailed as a potential game-changer for the targeted delivery of chemotherapy drugs for cancer treatment.

The machine, the vortex fluidic device was invented by Professor Colin Raston from Flinders University works by using mechanical energy by spinning molecules at a phenomenal speed (up to 5000 rpm!) to control chemical processes. So far it has been used to “unboil” an egg by uncoiling the albumen proteins and returning them to their natural state, making them active again in a clear liquid.

The device may be able to assist in the delivery of chemotherapy drugs according to a report published by Nature.

“The machine dramatically improves the attachment of the platinum-based cancer drug carboplatin to nano-sized delivery tubes called vesicles. Carboplatin works by binding to cancer cells, inhibiting their DNA synthesis and cell division. The authors of the paper expect that the use of nano-tubes for delivery will allow for a more targeted release of the chemotherapy drug.”

“The hope is that by releasing carboplatin faster at lower pH levels, patients will be able to receive lower doses for more effective treatment.”

It also minimises drug waste. Up to half a tonne of manufacturing waste can be generated by the production of just one kilogramme of anti-cancer drugs.

“Much of the drugs end up in the sewerage system and [could] create superbugs in our environment,” Dr Raston said.

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Matt Smith To Hang Up The Sonic Screw Driver In 50th Anniversary

I predict that during this season of Doctor Who, that the Doctor will DIE!, and regenerate once again.

If you follow The Doctor along his travels you will know that every so often something happens to The Doctor along the way which causes him to regenerate. In a sense the Time Lord dies, and is reborn, sometimes he seems to have aged, though from my experience he seems to get younger. I only recently became a Dr. Who fan, when I came across the show on Netflix, not knowing what it was really when I started watching, I raced through season after season. Within a matter of a couple of months I watched all six seasons of Doctor Who, I couldn’t wait until season seven was going to start because I knew that I would get to continue watching this addicting show. Unfortunately I do not watch much television, and I am unable to stream shows on the BBC website 🙁


The current Doctor played by Matt Smith has put in his notice, it has been said that he will still be The Doctor for the 50th anniversary special in November, as well as the Christmas episode in December, but he will have regenerated by 2014. Apparently he will regenerate some time during the Christmas special.

The Doctor Who 50th anniversary special will air on BBC1 on Saturday 23 November.

Are you a Whovian? What are your thoughts on how well Matt Smith has played the roll of The Doctor?