Dogevault Goes Offline – Millions of Dogecoins Appear Stolen

As far as cryptocurrencies go, Dogecoin has by far got to be the most popular one of recent times and it’s not surprising really considering it went viral after it was created in the spirit of the popular internet Doge meme.

News has come to light however that some people may have taken a liking to the currency a bit too much after the online wallet Dogevault reportedly went offline without any warning and some users are realising that large quantities of Doge were transferred out of their accounts just before the service went down.

Whether or not the Dogevault servers were hacked or whether the owners have shut up shop and made for the hills is still under investigations, but after some investigation in to where the coins have been transferred to, it seems like we could be looking at the biggest Dogecoin thefts in history. One user posted a shot of his wallet, showing that 950k coins were removed and after following the transaction path, they appear to have landed in this wallet, along with nearly 120 million more coins. Another wallet has been found as well that suggests the Dogevault owners are also responsible, with a balance of over 2.6 million coins itself.

What is certain though is that the coins sadly are not likely to be returned which turn may cost their rightful owners a lot of real hard cash. My suggestion though is that if you use an online wallet, get a desktop wallet that I personally feel is more secure, transfer all your coins there and make sure you keep it safe. A flash drive in a safe would be better suggestion even still.

Source: The Cryptocurrency Times

First Images of Dogecoin Sponsored NASCAR Released

NASCAR driver Josh Wise was driving without sponsorship on his car, and when his fans as well as the /r/dogecoin community of Reddit caught word of this, they set about raising more than $50,000 to help him. Not only did they get people to donate their Dogecoins, but also ran a competition for everyone to help design the car, which is now the first crypto currency sponsored, meme covered car in NASCAR, awesome!

The 98 Chevrolet SS that Josh Wise drives will be featured in the upcoming race at Talladega Superspeedway on May 4th, sporting its new Doge colours. The “Dogecar” pictures were tweeted by Phil Parsons Racing yesterday, covered from front to back in the Shiba meme, as well as a tiny spaceship which we can only assume is going “to the moon”, Doge fans will understand.

If Wise gets enough support, the car could also head to the Sprint Cup Series All Star race, but only time will tell if he can make it.

It’s pretty crazy to see a meme now sponsoring a car, let alone a crypo currency, but it just shows what a community can do when they put their heads together.

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Images courtesy of TheVerge.

Dogecoin, Such Sponsorship, So NASCAR, WOW!

NASCAR is an expensive sport to take part in, although I guess the same can be true of any sport that requires a high-powered racing car and support team, those things just don’t come for free. Josh Wise, the driver of the No. 98 car in the Sprint Cup Series has been competing without a sponsor and racing without funding is no easy task.

Of course this is the internet and we can’t just sit back and let such an injustice happen! So there has been a bit of a whip around for spare Doge coins and so for the folks over at Reddit have raised a staggering 76,611.16648323 Dogecoins, which is unfortunately not as much as it sounds, it’s not even $70.

Reddit are going to have to raise $55,000 to be able to sponsor the car, but to add to the fun we’ve now heard that Josh Wise now knows about the campaign and is promoting it to get a Doge sponsored car.

Wow thanks for the support! Let’s make it happen RT @Denis_Pavel: @Josh_Wise The Dogecoin Community and I are fundraising to sponsor you! — Josh Wise (@Josh_Wise)

On top of that there is a paint job contest for what the car will look like should the succeed, I guess the design could be anything, but we all know it’s going to be covered in a giant Doge saying “such racing, much laps, wow!” or something to that effect.

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Image courtesy of SBNation.

Jamaica’s Bobsleigh Team Gets A Helping Hand With Dogecoin Donations

After a staggering 12 year absence, the Jamaican bobsleigh team was almost unable to compete at next months games in Sochi, Russia. The two man team is made up of driver Winston Watts and brakeman Marvin Dixon who will be representing Jamaica, something that has gone on to inspire many around the world due to the cult classic movie Cool Running, which saw a Jamaican bobsleigh team enter the Olympics.

Mr Watts has already pored around $150,000 of his own money into ensuring qualification, but financial constraints were preventing the team from flying to Europe, where they hope to take part in the final qualifying races. At which point the Jamaica Olympic Association said it would cover the teams travel costs, and the Sochi organising committee would also lend a hand, but it still wasn’t enough as the team still needed much equipment… that’s where the internet comes in!

Users of Reddit and their beloved Dogecoins joined forces to kick up a fund raised for the team and shortly after there were donations being gathered on Reddit, as well as direct donations being pored into the teams direct appeal website.

“As someone who grew up in the 90s, [the 1993 Disney film] Cool Runnings was the ultimate feel-good movie about underdogs out of their element achieving their dreams. We started without a concrete plan in mind. I sent a few emails out… but that was the extent of it,”

Jamaica qualified for the Olympics back in 88′, a move that inspired the movie Cool Runnings, and its great that it did because it’s the movie that has inspired a new generation to open their pockets and help the new team raise more that $110,000 via on-line fundraisers, and that number just keeps on growing.

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Image courtesy of BBC.