SDD-Z Utility Tool Upgraded to Version 15.03.15b

Most people know CPU-Z and GPU-Z, but SSD-Z might still be relatively unknown. It is however a very useful utility and the new tool just got another upgrade to version 15.03.15b, but it still resides as a beta version. The new version brings along a list of bugfixes as well as a long list of new supported drives.

SSD-Z does what a lot of other apps also do, but in a familiar look as well as doing more than most apps. It can show you all your drives relevant information including what NAND is used, the controller, firmware and features. SMART and partition information are also available and so is a benchmark function. The benchmark function is still being developed, but it’s a great start. It will give you relevant information such as access times as well as random and sequential performance figures.

Main Features

  • Details of the controller and processing tech of NAND chips (for known devices).
  • Verify that TRIM is enabled for your system and SSDs.
  • S.M.A.R.T. status and full list of all the device’s available attributes.
  • List of all partitions. Including hidden, unmapped and boot partitions.
  • Benchmark IOPS, transfer speed and random access time (work in progress)
  • View the raw device identify data words.


  • The current user locale is now used to determine if Celcius or Fahrenheit should be used to display the temperature. If you wish to switch, click on the temperature panel on the device tab.
  • The program is now DPI aware, meaning that using a DPI other than 100%, will scale the interface accordingly. This may require a little more tweaking.
  • Many more devices have been added.
  • Better SMART attribute interpretation based on the SSD controller.
  • The minor ATA version is now reported in the ATA Standard tooltip.
  • The actual model name is now shown in the program title. For most drives, this is different than the model name reported by the device itself. If an SSD is not in the internal database, no name will not appear in the program title.
  • Fixed Kingston devices from being detected properly.
  • Fixed an issue where “Samsung 840 PRO” would be detected as “Samsung 840”.

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Holidays Ruined For Some Xbox One Gamers

Xbox users reported having problems with their consoles over the holidays. The issue described consists of an error message: “”Sorry we can’t play this disk.” when attempting to read the data off DVDs or Blue-Ray Disks. And to think Christmas Holiday was about enjoying and playing your favourite games at home. Nice one Microsoft!

A Reddit user shared his experiences via the Xbox One sub-Reddit, interacting with community members on the situation. The user reports that resets did not work and described the problem in more detail.

“Hard reset that bad boy. Hold down the power button for 15 seconds until the system reboots. If that doesn’t work then restore system to factory defaults. If that doesn’t work you’re going to have to setup a repair or head back down to the retailer you bought it in.”
“Tried and none worked, place I bought it from (where I work) isn’t open until the 27th, xbox support website won’t work. Gutted.”

But Christmas is all about sharing and presents, right? So is Xbox Support, giving the user a free code for a digital game to play while he waits. However the problems don’t stop here. Another Reddit user who purchased a Launch Day Xbox One also noticed the error just now, having played only digital purchased games. What a Christmas surprise indeed!

I got Madden 25 and Dead Rising 3 on disk, popped Madden in, and wa-la! Disc drive doesn’t work! I’m going to go straight to Microsoft for this one, seeing as I purchased my Xbox One over a month ago. any tips?

Microsoft will handle all faulty consoles by giving a shipping label as well as a return box to users experiencing the issue in order to send back their faulty Xbox consoles. But it is also best to just return the broken consoles to the retail shop or online store purchased from, since they will give you another brand new one on the spot.

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Western Digital’s Worlds First Ultra-Slim Drive


Today Western Digital announced that they will start shipping the worlds first thinnest hard drive. The new Ultra Slim hard drives will be 47% thinner (5mm) than the standard mobile hard drives (9.5mm), also weighing 37% less, only weighing 74 grams!

The new Ultra Slim hard drives will fall into WD’s BLUE category, they are also releasing a BLACK Solid-State Hybrid Drive. Both of their new slim drives will be only 5mm! Enabling manufacturers of laptops and other mobile devices that use mobile drives to produce lighter and thinner devices for their customers! Both of the new drives will only have 500 GB of storage capacity, though the SSHD will be able to give you that nice performance boost with it’s hybrid technology.

These awesome new drives are thinner and quieter, what more could we ask for? WD kicked it up even further bringing us Edge Card Technology, and an Edge Card Connector allowing the drive to be powered and connect via the SATA interface! To reduce vibration and to stabilize the drive they are giving us StableTrac, making the new drives more accurate to provide consistent higher performance! Last but not least they also put in Dual Stage Actuators, two heads are always better than one, giving those data writes more accuracy!

As for the pricing, these new drives will be shipping to select industrial distributors and OEM customers today, they bring us the 500 GB WD BLUE Model: WD5000MPCK with an MSRP o f $89.00 USD, and it will come with a two-year limited warranty. The WD BLACK SSHD are only shipping to OEM’s and integrators with WD proprietary hybrid technology and industry standard SATA I/O technology.


If you’re interested in learning more about the new Ultra Slim, click here!