Individual Wins Disability Grant After Claiming To Be Allergic To Gadgets

Well you learn something new everyday, a French individual has won a payout for being allergic to gadgets, and yes you read right, not gas but gadgets.

Marine Richard, 39, explained to a court that she is allergic to electromagnetic radiation with is emitted from gadgets. As a result, the ruling states that she may claim €800 (£580) per month for three years. After the ruling, Marine stated that it “is a “breakthrough” for people affected by electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS)

This condition has some validity as WHO, what, yes WHO which stands for the World Health Organization, recognises it as a genuine condition, although as yet the causes are still unclear. As a result, Ms Richard has resorted to living in the mountains of south-west France – in a barn that has no electricity.

The symptoms sound quite severe considering a sufferer is likely to encounter headaches, fatigue, nausea and palpitations. I do feel this is a genuine condition but wonder how you would counteract it, after all, it is pretty impossible to escape these gadgets which include phones, Televisions and even Microwaves which emit electromagnetic waves. I do feel further research is needed to better conclude the health implications of certain devices.

It is a difficult one, if you’re a sufferer and it is recognised then it is not very pleasant, but, is it right to receive £580 pounds a month and call it a disability? Only time will tell.

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Rumours Surround Acquisition of AMD by Microsoft

Word has spread that in an effort to start its own chip design operations Microsoft is planning to buy Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). It appears that Microsoft initiated the talk several months ago, if this move is true, will hit a vast swath of industry major players across the globe as AMD itself is the only hardware supplier to Microsoft’s own Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4. Apple also uses AMD tech when it comes down to the professional graphics cards included in Mac pro and some MacBook models.

As this is an unofficial rumour, we can only state that current negotiations remain unclear, especially regarding Microsoft’s exact proposal to AMD. However, it’s good to keep in mind that Microsoft has operating funds of $95.3 billion, while AMD is capitalised right now at somewhere around $41.81 billion; so the possibility of an offer that AMD can’t refuse from Microsoft is still very much possible.

This is just how very fragile the balance of the IT industry is at the present moment. It is held only at the will of the big contenders such as Microsoft and Samsung if a similar move were to be played by Samsung or even Sony, this would cause chaos with smaller companies and even larger companies that depends on companies like AMD to provide excellent products with enough profit to build a solid brand.

We have heard many stories regarding the acquisition of AMD lately, do you think this rumour is true?

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The Single Charger For Everything – The Zolt

CES brings a number of big product introductions, but it also brings a pile of little gadgety items like this – the Zolt wall charger. The Zolt promises to let you charge your laptop and two to three other USB-based devices at the same time.

The tiny three-inch long charger outputs 70 watts of power – around double that of the average laptop charger, giving you more power for those extra devices. It comes with a variety of adapters to fit a range of laptops from multiple manufacturers including Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, and Toshiba. An adapter for the MagSafe connector on MacBooks will be available once the charger is on sale.

While the US version looks small and compact, one wonders whether the UK version (if there will be one) will be anywhere near as elegant thanks to the clumsy four pronged plugs. Pre-orders start now at $80 and it’ll be $100 once available.

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Kodak Launching Android Smartphones in 2015

Kodak is launching some Android smartphones, with the first to be shown at CES in January. However, this is not a comeback for Kodak in a different business per say, this is more like Kodak licensing their brand to someone else’s phones.

As well as that first phone, there will be a “4G handset, a tablet, and a connected camera” all designed by British company Bullitt Group.

“Kodak is one of the world’s most recognisable brands. It is trusted by consumers as a marque of quality and innovation,” says Oliver Schulte, CEO Bullitt Mobile. “We’ve taken that heritage and used it to inspire a range of beautifully designed devices that will let users take great pictures and edit, share, store and print them in an instant.”

This is a practice that isn’t too rare these days, especially for now former giants like Kodak. Polaroid for instance slaps their logo on TVs they don’t even have a say in. The question is though, will this help a previously almost bankrupt Kodak get back on its feet?

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How to Share Video Clips on Any Device Anywhere?

Video conference calls are invaluable in the business place. Providing a means for quality video communication and the seamless sharing of relevant information and media, Blue Jeans video sharing is the perfect choice for business owners interested in creating an ideal communication environment. Brainstorming, figuring, and drawing up ideas has never been easier; the innovative video share technology available today allows businesses to share at any time and from any location for the ultimate communication experience– and without the hassle and frustration resulting from other lesser quality communication systems.

Why Is Video Sharing Important?

In today’s fast paced and technologically immersed society, a great deal of vital business information is relayed with various forms of media. These forms of media include charts, images, tables, infographics, social media clips, and (of course) video clips. It is time to face the reality of modern day business; thick manuals loaded with tiny print are no longer useful to present day employees and business managers.

Statistics indicate that the human attention span is becoming lesser and lesser due to the constant immersion of society in technology and fast-paced, “easy” communication methods. The average attention span of an adult last year was just 8 seconds– shorter than the average attention span the typical goldfish found in bowls on office desks everywhere. 17% percent of internet users view a page for four seconds or less before losing interest and moving on. With an attention span shorter than that of a very small fish, human beings are in need of a communication method that gets the point across quickly and effectively while maintaining interest. Blue Jeans video sharing allows for exactly that by providing real time video share no matter the circumstance.

Unique Real Time Share Opportunity

As mentioned before, a large emphasis must be placed on maintaining employees’ attention during a presentation of valid information. Video clips are one of the best ways to do this; however, an even better option is available to those who partake in Blue Jeans video sharing. Nothing says “relevant” like a real time video clip sent during a video conference call; luckily for businesses, “relevant” is the key to hooking employees and business colleagues alike when conducting business meetings.

Advantages of Video Share

There are many benefits to utilizing real time video share during video conference calls. Most of them are common sense, but many people may be surprised by the many advantages available:

  • Save money. Traveling is one of the most expensive aspects of business; in fact, most employers dread the calendar days marked “business trip,” simply because the hassle and financial stress involved can lead to a great deal of drama in the office place. Thankfully, important information and media can be relayed via video conferencing– a travel-free option. Avoid financial stress by using video conference calls instead of filling up gas tanks or buying plane tickets. The potential savings involved may surprise those who make the switch.
  • Find a balance. Video sharing allows individuals to spend time with family and friends. In other words, it allows individuals to leave the desk every now and again. When an employer is able to communicate with his or her employees over long distances, geography becomes less of an issue and communication becomes far more efficient. Plus, employers and employees alike are provided with a way to balance their personal time and work time to create healthier lifestyles and better attitudes all around.
  • Be personal. Sending a video clip during a “face to face” conference call is far more personal than sending a video clip via email. In order to make the biggest impact, most business people utilize video calls and real time video clips– they get the job done with less hassle and a significantly smaller margin of miscommunication.
  • Stay present. Everyone is familiar with the saying, “while the cat is away, the mice will play.” Unfortunately, this saying can apply to employees who are left unattended for long periods of time. The ability to meet with employees via video conference calls allows management to remain involved and aware, even while away on vacation or business trips. Video clips add yet another dimension to this aspect, providing a way for employers to relay key information to employees in an efficient, thoughtful fashion.

Those involved with business may find that video conference calls are the best way to relay real time video clips within their business system, especially if maintaining employee attention is an area of concern. Individuals who have never experienced the advantages of video sharing may be pleasantly surprised by the efficiency boost that takes place upon making the switch. Try video sharing today to learn more about how industry leading, innovative video technology allows for the top-of-the-line relay of relevant information among business staff and colleagues.

Facebook To Lose 80% Of Users By 2017 According To Recent Studies



Facebook has grown to be one of the most appreciated social media platform on the internet. Since its “birth” in 2004, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has been leading the social platform down the road of success, having an estimated value of $142 billion to this day.

However, as all things have a beginning, they also have an end. And the end is predicted by researchers at the University of Princeton, where they say that Facebook will lose around 80% of its users by 2017. The forecast has been made in comparison with the growth curve of epidemics in relation to social media networks. The researchers have made previous tests on social media network lifespans, such as Myspace, before applying it to Facebook.

Another equation taken into consideration for the study is the number of times Facebook has been typed into the Google Search Engine. The numbers show that the peak was two years ago, when Facebook seen the most activity and has since then declined slowly. However, they also admit that this is also due to the increasing number of users that use Facebook on their mobile phones and not using the web platform anymore.

Facebook has reported a number of 1.2 billion active users in October and is currently due to update investors in its traffic number, giving a slight sign of its worries as well here. But we all, big or small, have to get used to the idea that everything in life has a beginning, and it most definitely will have an end. But whether or not the study will really reflect the reality of the situation, we will just have to see it with our own eyes in 2017.

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BlackBerry Phones with the Longest Battery Life

One of the biggest complaints right now about smartphones is the short battery life. For good reason, people think they’re cellphone battery should last the entire day. However, that’s a challenge for many owners that use apps or surf the Internet a lot. So, if you’re in the market for a new cell phone and want one that has a long battery life, take a look at these four options from RIM.

BlackBerry Z10


Image via Flickr by Official BlackBerry Images

The BlackBerry Z10 is the phone that is expected to turn business around for RIM in a good way. It is the largest BlackBerry smartphone to date and it doesn’t have the typical QWERTY keyboard found on most of RIM’s phones. Instead, the BlackBerry Z10 has a custom hardware keyboard that rivals other networks. Plus, you can use BlackBerry BBM for Android to interface with other smartphone users.

One of the greatest features on this phone is its battery life. It offers 13.5 hours of talk time. Most other smartphones have a hard time reaching six or seven hours. This is thanks to the BlackBerry Z10’s 1800mAh battery. Plus, the phone comes with several battery optimization features to help you get more performance out of your battery. According to CrackBerry, people have reported anywhere from 30 to 50 percent longer battery life.

BlackBerry Q10

Image via Flickr by Janitors

When the BlackBerry Q10 finally comes out, it is expected to crush the BlackBerry Z10 in terms of battery life. And that’s saying something since the BlackBerry Z10 is so good. The BlackBerry Q10 is going to have a 2100mAh battery. It is the biggest battery ever put in a BlackBerry phone. Additionally, the display is more efficient so it uses less battery life. Plus, the Q10 is going to come packed with all the same battery optimization features as the BlackBerry Z10.

BlackBerry Bold 9700

Image via Flickr by Paymentmax

Most people are switching over to the BlackBerry Z10, but the BlackBerry Bold 9700 still has an impressive battery life for its size. It has 6.5 hours of talk time. Plus, most people reported that the battery on their BlackBerry 9700 lasted through the entire day, which was pretty awesome since most competitors couldn’t say that. Yes, you can just plug your phone in when you get in the car or are just sitting at your desk, but it’s a bit of a hassle. The BlackBerry Bold 9700 eliminates that problem.

BlackBerry Torch 9810

Image via Flickr by mobile_dekho

The BlackBerry Torch 9810 has a cool slide-out QWERTY keyboard and a 1270mAh battery. It provides up to 6.5 hours of talk time. That’s just as good as the BlackBerry Bold 9700 model. However, the BlackBerry Torch 9810 comes with a lot more impressive features than the BlackBerry Bold 9700. For instance, there is predictive text, voice memo, an organizer and proximity sensors.

For most smartphone users, battery life is a factor, especially if they run a lot of apps or get on the Internet a lot. That’s one of the reasons BlackBerry smartphones stand out—they have powerful batteries.