Chinese Search-Engine Baidu Announces Smart Chopsticks

China has been rocked with scandals in the recent years involving everything from toxic milk to glow-in-the-dark port, and even painted food, so it isn’t unlikely for anyone to eat in this area to worry about what they’re putting in their mouth.

The Chinese search-engine Baidu has the answer for this problem with their new smart chopsticks, or Kuaisou in Chinese that can detect harmful substances in your food. At the company’s annual technology conference, Baidu CEO Robin Li gave a brief introduction of the new product, which he called “a new way to sense the world.”

The smart chopsticks will be able to detect contaminated oil, for example the difference between fresh cooking oil and recycled cooking oil, also known as gutter oil.  It will also tell you about contaminations originating from water or other things, tell if something has gone bad or what sort of nutrition the food has.

The smart chopsticks are linked with a smartphone app that shows the results of the readouts. Other features said to be added were the ability to measure PH levels, temperature and calories.

So far a price tag hasn’t been announced for these new smart chopsticks, and the company said that it wasn’t ready for mass production yet. But it’s clear that there is a market for them, if priced correctly. Baidu has previously copied, or mimicked, Google projects like the car or glasses, but this is one of their own and one that is inspired by their Chinese origin.

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Image and Video courtesy of Baidu.