Lian Li Unveils The DK-04 Desk Chassis

Lian Li is one of the most prestigious chassis manufacturers and produces a huge range of elegant designs. The company has managed to attract customers wanting the very best possible materials and feel a premium chassis is worth the investment. Lian Li’s mini ITX train chassis really captured people’s attention and showcases their innovative approach. Their latest product is the DK-04 dubbed the world’s first standing computer desk. When compared to the previous desk chassis, the DK-04 offers better drive mounting, extensive water cooling support and of course the stand functionality. The legs are height adjustable from 67.5cm to 116cm with the press of a button. Aesthetically speaking, the DK-04 is remarkable and we’re looking into acquiring a review sample relatively soon.

Latest Vibration-Dampened Drive Storage and Inputs
With four stacking rubber-isolated drive racks, the DK-04 can mount a total of eight 2.5″ or 3.5″ drives with vibration dampeners. These racks are easy to install and remove via thumbscrews, and keep drives running quietly and reliably. This desk also includes a 5.25″ bay on the front panel for an ODD, fan controllers, or other extras. The front panel also includes four USB 3.0 ports, HD audio inputs, and slots for the RGB controller for the optional lighting kit.

Redesigned Ergonomics, Better Legroom
The DK-04 features a new design, sporting a slimmer frame that tapers towards the user for better leg room. As it’s a standing desk, the height can be fine-tuned to match each person; its legs are made from steel for structural strength – it can support loads up to 100kg.

Improved Water Cooling Support
Four 120mm fans intake cool air from the front of the chassis and vent through four additional exhaust fans mounted on the back panel. The DK-04 can also house very elaborate water cooling setups. The front intake fans can be swapped for a large 120mmx480mm radiator; the rear fans can be replaced by two 120mmx240mm radiators.

Updated Case Building Features
Along with Lian Li’s previous desks, the DK-04 uses a removable motherboard tray for easy, unhindered building. Inside the chassis, there are wide margins with anchored cable clips to simplify cable routing and organization. The internal compartment is spacious, bright, and visible. The DK-04 supports eight expansion slots and VGA cards up to 320mm in length. It supports full ATX and mATX motherboards and mounts CPU coolers up to 140mm in height and ATX PSUs up to 210mm long.

The DK-04 will be available on May 10th for $1499.

What is the maximum you would pay for a chassis?

ODiN – The World’s First Laser Projection Mouse

When it comes to this day and age people look for two things in their mice; performance and comfort. If you enjoy playing a lot of games or editing images high sensitivity and a comfortable grip can be the difference between a good day working or a painful week recovering. Serafim is looking to give you an alternative option when it comes to a mouse of your choice with the world’s first laser projection mouse.

After a successful campaign on Kickstarter raising a backing of $108,195, the ODiN is the world’s first laser projected mouse, giving you the ability to carry your favourite mouse around with you in a tiny pocketable box. ODiN is designed from the ground up for high use markets, with the fact that you don’t have to grip it offering you a comfortable design with no risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

In the 8cm x 8cm projected area, the ODiN works just like you would imagine a touchpad working, with multiple finger gestures you can scroll and zoom with ease while the custom “application” button gives you quick access to launch your favourite program or site with a simple touch.

Weighing in at just 40 grams, you can carry ODiN in your pocket or slide it alongside your laptop in its bag for use on your Mac or PC and comes in three colours, Black, Silver or Green.

At just $69 (£49 roughly) the ODiN offers you high-quality responses with minimal desk or pocket space something that many seek given the mobile lives we live with our technology.

Glorious PC Gaming Race Now Available at Overclockers UK

Overclockers UK has brought quite a few brands to the UK and now they’ve added one more in the form of Glorious PC Gaming Race products. Behind the unusual brand name but well-known terminology, is a manufacturer of gaming surfaces and ergonomic wrist rests that so far has been taking on fans by storm. The brand has become a go-to for mechanical keyboard enthusiast communities and generally made a big impact in the USA. Now it is time for us on the other side of the pond to enjoy these products.

Glorious PC Gaming Race products are now exclusively available in the UK through Overclockers UK. The quality
of these surfaces is said to be fantastic with smooth cloth surfaces, high-quality anti-slip rubber bases, and stitched
edges on all products to avoid fraying.

All the wrist rests and mouse pads are black, except for one. There is a white full desk gaming surface available too. There are large and extra large surfaces as well keyboard wrist rests for both normal and compact sized keyboards. When considering the quality and size we get on the available Glorious PC Gaming Race products, the prices are more than fair. It starts at just £5.99 G-L Large Pro Gaming Surface and tops out at £19.99 for the G-XXL Tall Extended Full Desk Large Pro Gaming Surface.

Now, you might consider £19.99 a lot for a mouse pad, but it’s a lot more than that. The name already tells that it’s a full desk surface and it will cover about 92cm x 46cm (36″ x 18″ x 0.12″). That is a surface large enough to easily place both your mouse and a full sized keyboard with room to spare. I’ve long wanted a large surface for my entire desk, maybe this makes it the perfect time to get going with it and get myself some premium surfaces.

SilverStone Releases RVP01 Oversized Mousepad

We have all experienced the trouble in hectic games when our mouse exits the surface areas edge and we lose proper control of our beloved input device, the mouse. Silverstone has now released a new surface pad that is large enough for both your keyboard and mouse and thereby gives you an entire gaming surface for your desktop rather than just a mouse pad.

The extra-large pad creates a seamless and consistent gaming area and it features a fine machine woven top surface for smooth movement and precision stitched edges with an excellent durability. The Raven RVP01 oversized pad features a non-slip coating made of eco rubber that makes sure it stays where you place it.

The new Raven RVP01 extra-large gaming pad for mouse and keyboard measures an impressive 85cm by 30cm and uses a combination of black and blue to create a great looking surface for your desktop.


We will find out just how great this extra-large gaming pad from SilverStone is when we have our own review of the Raven RVP01 gaming pad ready for you very shortly.

Which surface type is your preferred choice for battle and work? Soft woven fabric or hard surface pads? Do you prefer normal sized pads or would you want a large one like this? Let us know in the comments.

Lian Li’s New DK-Q2 and DK-03 Desk Chassis Now Official

We have known of the new Lian Li desk chassis for a while now. First they were demonstrated as prototypes on facebook to get some user feedback and create the best product. Then we saw them at Computex and soon we’ll be able to see them in our own homes.

The Lian Li DQ-02 and DK-03 desk chassis are official and will be available for purchase this fall. The DQ-02 is a one system chassis while the DK-03 is a little bigger and can hold an extra mITX system next to the normal one.

Among the improvements over the predecessors is more leg room thanks to the optimized depth of the desk and the height is now adjustable up to 30mm, making it more comfortable for taller people.

There is a keyboard holder and arms for mice, gamepads, and headphones on the side as well as plenty of USB 3.0 and audio front ports. The motherboard trays are removable for easy assembly. Do it outside where you can flip and turn like you want too and then just place it back into the desk.

The lighting is optional, but it definitely looks cool and allows you to show off your hardware with any RGB color that you’d like to. The front mounted controller allows easy and quick changes of the set colour.

Each side of the chassis can hold up to four 120mm fans. The DQ-02 can hold two 480mm radiators while the larger only can take one due to the mITX system.

There is plenty of hardware support in the cases as the DK-Q2 supports motherboards up to ATX, while the DK-03 supports two motherboards simultaneously; one SP-ATX at 12-inch x 10.6-inch for the primary side, and an additional mini-ITX motherboard on the alternative side. CPU coolers up to 90mm in height and two graphics cards up to 440mm are easily supported in both the DK-Q2 and DK-03. The DK-03 holds up to ten 3.5-inch and ten 2.5-inch drives, while the DK-Q2 can hold up to seven 3.5-inch drives and eight 2.5-inch drives.

The DK-Q2 and DK-03 will be available in the UK at Overclockers UK in Mid-August for the suggested retail prices of £719.90 and £1029.90 respectively. That isn’t cheap, but you’ll also get first class cases and desks at the same time.

You can check out more images and the introductions videos below:

Lian Li Showcase Their Two New Desks and the Gorgeous PC-08 Chassis @ Computex

Like so many other companies, Lian Li is packing their bags and getting ready to head to Taipei for Computex. That must however be some pretty big bags in their case as they’ll bring along the two new versions of the desk PC cases as well as the absolutely gorgeous PC-08 tower chassis.

We’ve previously had the pleasure here at eTeknix to review the Lian-Li DK-01 Aluminium Desk Chassis and now Lian Li is ready with the successors. The two new desk-styled PC cases are named the DK-Q2 and DK-03.

The new desk cases are built with a high-quality aluminiums body and tempered glass, both have become somewhat of a standard in Lian Li’s cases, and one can understand why.

The updates on the new models add simplicity to system building, more refined aesthetics and ergonomics. The body is thinner but stronger and it now comes with adjustable legs for that extra bit of comfort. A proper setup workplace is worth a lot.

A removable tray in the center allows for easy building outside of the chassis as well as a beautiful cable management thanks to plenty of space below the tray.

There is plenty of cooling support for both air and liquid cooling enthusiasts as well as front ports for optical drives and similar as well as USB and audio connections.

The PC-O8 on the other hand is a dual-compartment chassis that combines aluminum and tempered glass to show off DIY builders high-end, intricate setups, while hiding cables and less eye-catching components in the large compartment behind the motherboard tray.


We’ll stop by the Lian Li at Computex and make sure to keep you updated on these cases as well as anything else they might have packed as a surprise for us.

Lian-Li DK-01 Aluminium Desk Chassis Review


Not all chassis’ are created equal, that much we know already, but there are some that are so far ahead of the rest, its almost rude to call them a chassis at all. Lian-Li is no stranger to the extreme end of the PC market, having already created some incredible products that cost large sums of money, capable of housing everything from rendering workstations, to ultra-high-end gaming systems. Today, however, they’ve gone even further, creating a chassis that breaks from the usual bonds of a box that houses components, by creating a chassis that is also a fully fledged desk!

The DK-01X is big, it’s expensive, it’s packed full of features and it’s got more ultra high-quality aluminium in it than anything else I’ve ever reviewed. It’s also one of the most expensive chassis I’ve ever reviewed, actually it’s also the biggest chassis I’ve ever reviewed; let’s just say there’s a lot of new records being set today.

How expensive is this chassis you ask? A frighteningly expensive £734.99, near as makes no difference $1000 in the US! There’s a good chance that if you’re reading this review, you’re either just fascinated to see what this product is actually like, or you’re actually planning on buying one, either way, it’s going to be fun to test this thing, so let’s get to it!

Specifications are no issue here, as there’s room for the biggest and the best hardware on the market, with virtually no exceptions.

Unboxing of this monster took an hour, although that includes a little extra time to photograph each component. If you’re planning on building one of these things, you may want to set aside a full day. First out of the box, the two legs, which come pre-built and have the feet and runners already installed. They’re quite heavy too, but given what they have to support, that’s no bad thing.

They’re exceptionally well made and finished, with precision cut aluminium and a brushed black finish.

The runners are really nice, with excellent ballbearings that allow the rails to glide effortlessly.

All the screw holes and fittings are pre-drilled and all exposed screw holes are countersunk to provide a clean final product.

Overall, both very nice fittings and it’s nice that they’re already pre-built.

The base plate is a huge piece of aluminium. it’s thick, it’s heavy and it’s incredibly well finished. Admittedly, all the components are incredibly well finished, so let’s just take that for granted with every other component I will be showing you.

The top support arm.

The top panel, this is the one that the glass sits on top of and there are four cut-outs for fitting some rubber grommets that will grip the glass into place.

A thick sheet of tempered glass. This is easily the heaviest component of the chassis and one that proved to be quite a nightmare to get a photograph of.

The main section of the chassis comes pre-constructed with all major fittings already on the inside. This part alone is bigger than most chassis’ you’ll have ever used.

There’s a vast amount of space on the interior, so large motherboards, a huge power supply, ultra-long graphics cards and banks of storage and cooling should prove absolutely no issue for this chassis.

There’s several high-quality dust filters pre-installed, which feed clean air to the three 120mm fans that don each side of the chassis.

The dust filters lift right out without the use of tools, making maintenance a nice and easy task.

Ten expansion slots, each fitted with thumb screws and ventilated covers. There’s more than enough bays here to accommodate a quad GPU setup, or any other expansion cards you may require.

The power supply is mounted on its side and there’s a pair of rails to help lock it firmly into place; you can mount the PSU with the fan facing toward or away from the motherboard.

Behind the motherboard, you’ll find a large CPU cooler mounting cut-out, freeing up space for a thick backplate. All major stand-offs are pre-installed too, which should help make the motherboard installation a quick and easy process.

There’s a total of seven fans pre-installed in the DK-01, all of a high quality and all come fitted with metal fan blade guards to prevent wires from getting snagged; all the fans come with a standard 3-pin header.

Another large dust filter in the front of the chassis, with room for more fans or a radiator should you feel the need for them.

All the hard drive bays are completely removable, as is the optical drive bay towards the front; this is good news for those who want extra room for high-end water cooling components or other mods.

The optical drive bay is a slim-style, but also has room for an extra 2.5″ drive should you need it.

This tray can be slotted onto the front of the main chassis, giving you an extended space for your keyboard and mouse.

It can be installed tool free and just like everything else, it’s made from black brushed aluminium.

Also included in the box, a leather mat, which fits into the keyboard and mouse tray, giving you a much better surface than using your mouse on the aluminium.

The back panel cover is a nice bonus, as you can hide all your cables and plugs inside a rear hidden compartment of the chassis.

There’s three removable covers at the back, which can be used for monitor clamps and cable pass through.

An optional extra is included in the box, a storage area for things such as flash pens, controllers and a few pegs to hang your headsets and other accessories on.


If you want to use it, it’s simply a case of screwing it on to the side of the chassis.

Building a large chassis like this needs a lot of components, so you’ll find a plethora of screws, thumb screws, washers, velcro fittings, cable management solutions and more in this rather large component box.

The instructions are a little cumbersome, but looking at it, you’re going to want an extra set of hands to manage a few of the trickier steps.

Toshiba Reveals Its 6TB Internal and External Drives

Toshiba has announced a 6TB capacity version of its Canvio Desk 3.5″ External USB 3.0 Hard Drive and Desk 3.5″ Internal Serial ATA 3.0 Hard Drive series, both of which are designed to extend capacity of your storage either as an upgrade or extension.

“Toshiba has been developing and manufacturing hard drives for more than 20 years,” said Maciek Brzeski, Vice President of Branded Storage Products, Toshiba Digital Products Division. “The time is right to upgrade our offerings not only to meet, but to exceed consumers’ expectations by expanding the offerings of our internal and external 3.5″ hard drives.”

The Toshiba Canvio Desk 3.5″ Internal and External Hard Drives will be available on the market in May 2015 at select retailers and on Toshiba’s Website. Both internal and external drives are set to come with a price tag of $369 and be accompanied by a three-year Standard Limited Warranty in the Americas.

Thank you Guru3D for providing us with this information

Lian Li Giving a Sneak Peak of the Latest Desk and O Series Prototypes

Lian Li has shown us some really impressive chassis over the years and they’re gearing up the latest prototypes, getting them ready to show off at CeBIT 2015. Two of the new chassis that will be on display at Hall 17, D26 at CeBIT are the DK-Q2 desk chassis and the PC-O8 premium tower with tempered glass, both perfect for those who want to show off their beautiful builds.

The DK-Q2 Desk Chassis Prototype combines the symbiotic relationship of desks and computer cases into one. The DK-01 and DK-02 were the first desk chassis to be brought to the mainstream market and now about a year later the new version is seeing its debut.

The new chassis is the result of user feedback where the major updates include a removable motherboard tray, new leg design, and a slimmer body.

The newest addition to the O Series is the PC-O8. The O Series was initially launched last year featuring a combination of Lian Li’s traditional high-end aluminium construction with oversized tempered glass windows. Perfect for those who want to show off their beautiful builds and expensive hardware.

The new PC-O8 prototype does the same as the previous in the series, but more of it. It is bigger and allows for a lot of hardware to be added into the dual chamber chassis.

The motherboard is located on one side of the chassis, housing all the main components. On the other side, you have plenty of room for storage drives, your PSU, and cables.

The drive rack can hold six 3.5-inch drives and one 2.5-inch drive on top of it. The whole thing has two 120mm fans mounted to keep the drives cool and it can be removed for easy assembly and cleaning.

Dust filters are conveniently placed around the air-intakes to keep your system clean and for you to easy remove and clean.

The chassis comes with plenty of front USB 3.0 ports as well as audio jacks for your headset.

We’re looking forward to seeing these new cases live at CeBIT, the surely look great.

Thanks to Lian-Li for providing us with this information

Ikea Planning to Sell Wireless Charging Lamps and Tables

We live in an era where our smartphone and/or tablet battery is one of our top priority for the day. Often we forget to plug them into a charger while at home or at the office, only to notice we can barely unlock them to see a notification once we are outside.

Ikea seems to have been thinking about the same problem and appears to have a rather high-tech solution, offering its customers a range of lamps and tables that come with wireless charging technology. Floor, table and work lamps are just a few of what Ikea offers in terms of lighting solution, along with a pair of bedside tables that come with individual pads which would add more charging locations to homes.

It seems that the furniture supports the Qi wireless standard, which is the leader in the wireless charging standard around the world. Since one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers which sell their handsets with built-in Qi wireless charging technology is Microsoft and its Lumia series, Ikea is also offering to sell charging covers for Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S handsets in order to use them with its furniture.

Ikea is said to start selling the furniture in the US and UK in mid April, having a starting price of around £40 in the UK. Pricing in the US is still to be confirmed.

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Three Lian Li Desk Style Chassis On Display at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: There is a huge range of new products on display at the Lian-Li booth here at Computex 2014, but there are three that really stand out from the crowd. The DK-Q1X, a coffee table height desk style chassis, perfect for a ultra-premium HTPC build, designed to go into your living room and sit nicely under something such as a wall mounted TV. Ultra high build quality, extensive feature set and it looks beautiful.

Then we have the DK-01X and the DK-02X, both huge PC chassis that double up as a desk, much like the Red Harbinger chassis. Th 01X will support a single PC, but the epic 02X will hold a full ATX and mini-ITX system, with both offering support for extensive water cooling, storage and other funky extras.

The desks aren’t released just yet, but expect final prices and release dates to follow in the next few weeks.

Lian Li DK01 Desk Chassis And More To Be On Display At CeBIT 2014

Lian Li are one of the coolest chassis manufacturers around, ever praised for their mastery of aluminium construction and high-performance, high quality products. Now their engineering boffins will be showing off their latest wares at CeBIT 2014 and the best part of all (in my option) is that I’ll be at the show to take a first hand look at them

The DK01 is a desk and PC fusion, combining what we know and love about Lian Li PC cases into the form of a desk. Constructed from aluminium, the hybrid chassis is targeted at the DIY system builder and mod market, eliminating the need for a separate chassis and desk combination, which is a huge space saver, and it looks freaking awesome at the same time!

While the DK01 will no doubt be the star of the show, Lian Li have a lot more treats planned for us at the show, including the reveal of their PC-A51, PC-B16 and PC-A61, all of which have been developed with the help of the community, which has allowed them to tweak and tune them to the needs of the Lian Li buying public.

“These three fully aluminium chassis are a conglomeration of user feedback on prototype models and Lian Li’s time-honed expertise and engineering capabilities. Visitors to the booth will be able to provide their feedback for the PC-B16 and PC-A61 as well as the DK01, which will be updated additionally after the show.” Said Lian Li in a recent statement

Finally, their bonus treat will be two as-yet-unreleased models, which we can only imagine will be incredible given Lian-Li’s trend for revealing incredible projects at trade shows, just look at the CK-101 Train Chassis from a couple of years ago, if that doesn’t get you excited for what this one could be, nothing will.

Stay tuned for more information, CeBit is only a couple of weeks away now and we’ll be on hand to bring you all the latest from the show floor.

Thank you Lian Li for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Lian Li.

DK01 Desk Chassis Revealed By Lian Li

Lian Li has revealed the DK01, which is a prototype chassis that also works as your desk. The DK01 measures 800mm x 795mm x 60mm (W x H x D), it has room for motherboards as large at HPTX and there’s space for graphics cards of up to 410mm long, CPU coolers with max height of 180mm, up to seven 120mm fans, and two 240/360mm radiators.

The DK01 features room for a gargantuan HPTX motherboard, which means it can also hold EATX, XL-ATX, and standard ATX motherboards. The case has room for up to fourteen (14) 3.5-inch drives, which are arranged in detachable bays. Removing half the bays creates room for large motherboards, and long (up to 410 mm) add-on cards. With the caddies in place, that room shrinks to a still respectable 280 mm.

The case supports PSUs as long as 280 mm, and CPU coolers as tall as 180 mm. At various locations, there is room for up to seven 120 mm fans, which you can use to deploy a 240 x 120 mm and 360 x 120 mm radiators. Via TPU.

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Images courtesy of Guru3D

Red Harbinger Have Started Pre-Orders For Their “Cross” Desk In The EU

Red Harbinger have started taking Pre Orders for their extremely limited and sought after Cross Desks in Europe. Over the last week or so they have been taking pre orders in the USA but today the flood gates have opened for us. Whats more they have thrown in a lot of exclusive extras and have said this

“Due to the complexity of shipping this beautiful monster, we are starting production in stages. Phase II is for the EU and Australian markets. This is a collectors edition with reduced pricing, limited edition features and accessories. This sale is before Kickstarter and retailers, and will likely be the last of the Cross desk production for the next several months.”

They also give a nice list of what to expect from your purchase

You will get the following:

  • The desk
  • Reduced pricing for early adopters. ($400 discount including reduced shipping)
  • All the accessories we have made so far are included. ($150 | Headset Mount | Shelving)
  • Special “Limited Edition” case badge.
  • Collectors certificate signed by the team.
  • Collectors artwork of La Croix herself.
  • Founders access to the developers in a special forum section! (just for you and the other founders)
  • Custom founders forum title and badge.
  • Open door to talk with our engineers on an idea you might have for a new case or possible accessory to the Cross desk!
  • Special recognition on our Facebook page, Twitter and website!

We also managed to get the full specifications from the Customer Support Manager of Red Harbinger.


  • Material: Steel and Aluminum, Powder Coated
  • PSUMount: 1 standard
  • Max PSU Mounts: 2*
  • Motherboard Compatibility: mITX, ITX, mATX, ATX, E-ATX†, XL-ATX†, SSI-EEB†, HPTX†
  • Standard Expansion Slots: 8, 10†
  • Maximum Expansion Slots: 8+8*, 10†+8*
  • 5.25” Drive Bays: 4 (2×2)
  • 3.5” Drive Locations: 8 (left side) + 12 (right side)
  • 2.5” Drive Locations: 6 (right side) + 12 (center, hidden)
  • Glass Type: Scratch Resistant, Tempered with Frosted Border, 10mm
  • Front Ports: USB 3.0 x 2, Audio, Mic, 22mm Power and Switch x 2
  • Max Front Ports: USB 3.0 x 4, Audio x 2, Mic x 2, 22mm Power and Switch x 4*
  • Cooling Fan Locations: 120mm x 3 (left), 120mm x 3 (right), 120mm x 8 (back)
  • Physical Dimensions (L x W x H): 59.1” x 28.6” x 30.1” (1502mm x 726mm x 765mm)


  • Max GPU Length: 300mm standard (480mm with drive cage removed), 480mm†
  • Max CPU Cooler Height: 153mm
  • Covered Back PSU/Cooling Compartment
  • Optional Interior Leg-Mounted Shelving
  • Optional Interior Leg Mounted Headset Mount
  • Modular Tray System allows for conversion to Single/Dual/HPTX
  • Hollow Legs and Body Frame for optimal cable management and lighting.
  • Bottom Access Panels for cable management
  • Hidden Center Bridge compartment for 2.5” drives

We hear the price in the UK at the time of writing is £1350 including shipping. When you consider a top end PC case is £350-400 this is not at all bad given the extremely good specification in my most honest opinion.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about check out their Facebook or website

Please leave your valuable thoughts below.