Dead Island 2 Is In Trouble

Dead Island seems to be in a rough place at the moment with recent replacing series creator Techland for Spec Ops: The Line developer YAGER. It seems like an odd decision especially since the recent gameplay footage was well received, the recent announcement doesn’t mention any plans for moving forward.

As of right now it seems to be that the sequel is in a state of limbo.

“With Dead Island 2, Deep Silver has always been dedicated to delivering the sequel that Dead Island fans deserve. After careful consideration, today we announce the decision to part ways with development partner YAGER. We will continue working towards bringing our vision of Dead Island 2 to life, and we will share further information at a later stage.” No further information was given on the decision to part with YAGER and what this could mean for Dead Island 2.

The original Dead Island and its follow-up Dead Island: Riptide, were created by a polish developer Techland and that developer went on to work with Warner Bros on a similar zombie-based game called Dying Light. This is likely the cause of its recent delay in 2016.

It’s disappointing to see this game delayed and the occurring problems between Deep Silver and YAGER, hopefully this won’t have an effect on the final product.

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Saints Row IV Being Pulled From Australian Stores

Copies of Saints Row IV: Re-Elected are being recalled across Australia. But don’t worry – it’s not another ban. The game’s distributor, Deep Silver, has made what it calls a “serious manufacturing error” – in other words, the game was released with the wrong classification, and we all know how militant Australia is over age certification of games – and all affected copies need to be pulled from stores.

Deep Silver has released the following statement:

Unfortunately over the weekend, it has come to light that the PlayStation 4 retail release of Saints Row IV: Re-Elected has a serious manufacturing issue and a nationwide recall is now underway in Australia.

A manufacturing issue has caused an incorrectly classified version of Saints Row IV: Re-Elected for our territory to be released. This strictly affects PlayStation 4 retail versions.

All customers who have purchased the PlayStation 4 version of Saints Row IV: Re-Elected are encouraged to return to their retailer for a full refund.

Replacement copies with the correct content are on order and will arrive with retailers soon.

Saints Row IV was initially refused classification in Australia on first submission, but after some violent and sexual content was cut it was given a classification of MA15+. The recalled release also had an MA15+ classification, which suggests the version on the disk was the one that was previously banned.

If any Australians want a proper, unedited copy of Saints Row IV, they should get to their nearest store before it’s pulled from shelves.

Source: Kotaku

Ryse Coming to PC Already Showing Off Improved Graphics

Crytek and Deep Silver have announced that the once Xbox One exclusive Ryse is coming to PC this fall. There has been speculation on this for some time, especially given that the game isn’t making Crytek any money, or at least not enough to stem the tide of their current financial troubles.

Now with Deep Silver using their much deeper pockets to fund the show, the game will be hitting PC with all currently available DLC, 4K resolution support, unlocked frame rates and more to really take advantage of the incredible graphics technology that the game uses.

There is no doubt about it, Ryse looks freaking awesome in terms of visuals, it’s Crytek after all, the guys know how to push some impressive polygon levels. The only issue I had was the game doesn’t exactly offer much in the way of entertainment, although the franchise does show promise.

We are bringing the Ryse experience to PC, with 4K resolution support. 4K gaming is another leap in graphics quality for PC gamers and Ryse is the perfect showcase for what’s now possible in high-end PC games. We’ve given our team the opportunity to show what CRYENGINE can really achieve, without compromising quality, thanks to the incredible hardware available now to PC gamers. Ryse will be a benchmark PC graphics showcase this year and probably for a long time in future. Our community asked for a Ryse PC version, and we have the means and technology to deliver this title with the highest quality possible. Said Carl Jones, Crytek’s Director of Business Development in a recent press release.

The game looked great with 900p @ 30fps, but the prospect of 60fps 4K, assuming you have a monster rig that can do it. As you can see from the gallery below, the slight blur has gone in favour of pin sharp edges, nice!

Now let’s look at an Xbox One screenshot and you can see that while the game still looks great, it’s certainly rougher around the edges.

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DeepSilver Stream An Hour of Risen 3: Titan Lords

Risen 3: Titan Lords is currently being prepared for release on PC in mid-August, and as Deep Silver work to build some hype for the title they’ve taken to Twitch to stream an hour of gameplay.

They used a relatively early build of the game, so there is still a good bit of stutter and other issues, but it’s likely this was the most stable build of the game at their disposal. They also suffered some issues with the stream that left the first few uneventful minutes a bit wasted, so skip through to about 12 minutes in to see where things get going and the hissing noise on the stream has stopped.

The game does appear to be shaping up nicely, good graphics, a good size gaming world and more that should keep fans and new comers of the series happy. Either way, we’ve not got long to wait until we can get our hands on it, lets just hope these stutter issues are resolved before release.

Watch live video from DeepSilver on Twitch

If the live stream doesn’t work, you can check out the video on Twitch here.

Sony Rumoured To Be Interested In Acquiring Crytek

Crytek’s situation has gone from bad to worse quite quickly over the past few months. In the UK Crytek have laid-off staff, its employees have gone on strike and just today it was revealed 100 Crytek staff handed in grievance letters before departing the company. In other Crytek offices, such as the ones in Sofia Bulgaria, staff are also reporting delayed or reduced wages. Crytek’s poor financial situtation is rumoured to be a result of poor adoption of their CryEngine and weak sales figures on their latest title Ryse: Son of Rome.

Is there a way out for Crytek? Well if they go at it alone then probably not but rumours have already suggested a takeover looks most likely. Initial speculation had suggested Deep Silver were in the running to buyout Crytek due to their significant investment in Homefront: The Revolution but the latest rumour touts Sony as a contender. Games industry insider Tidux has it that Sony is interested in expanding its video game division by acquiring Crytek. This information reportedly comes from two industry insiders who do not know each other:

Oh well here we go, this is a rumor with capital R. I’ve heard this from two different people who do not know each other in some way…Sony is looking to expand their existing studios. and the company being reviewed right now is in big trouble…but they are checkin if there is any profit to buy this company right now…Thats all fokes #Crytek” Said Tidux in a range of tweets on July 4th.

Stay on top of all our Crytek coverage right here.

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Crytek UK Employees on Strike, Refusing to go to Work

It has been said that Crytek UK’s employees were paid £700 for a month’s work, but despite that, the company still was able to release Warface, the free-to-play FPS Crytek promised to release some time ago. The latest rumors coming from the UK headquarter points to the staff refusing to go to work entirely.

Sources over at Kotaku indicate that work at Crytek UK, which was currently working on the new Homefront: The Revolution title, has been halted due to the unfair pay. Employees apparently claim that they are still owed back pay on previous work and to show they concerns regarding the current situation, they are said to have handed letters of grievance before going home.

It is said that most problems at Crytek are the result of the shortcomings brought by Ryse: Son of Rome’s Xbox One launch. The title has been reported to do well, but users apparently were unsatisfied and complained that the gameplay was too stuffed with quick-time events. Despite its graphics and gameplay, it is said to have failed in capturing users’ attention, resulting in Crytek going through the current financial problems.

Other rumors out of the headquarters speak of Deep Silver, Homefront’s publisher and Dead Rising franchise owner, attempting to buy out at leas the British developers who have left and/or are currently unsatisfied with the current measures Crytek is using to deal with the crisis. However, nothing is clear at the moment. Crytek is the only one who can share more solid information about what is going on, that is if and when they will release an official statement.

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New Charity Supporting DLC Now Available For Saints Row IV

A special add-on content pack in support of the Child’s Play charity is now available in Saints Row IV: The Child’s Play Pack (a special web site for this DLC is located at Publisher Deep Silver and developer Volition are donating all proceeds from this pack in support of Child’s Play.

Child’s Play is a video game industry charity which raises money to support sick children and their families during their stay in hospitals and therapy facilities. Just recently, Child’s Play announced that through the generosity of donors worldwide they have raised more than $20 million over its ten year existence.

“The generosity of Deep Silver, Volition and Saints Row IV fans will positively impact the lives of children in our network of hospitals around the world. By providing video games and other forms of play, child life specialists are able to help children cope with pain and fear, and make the holidays a little brighter for sick kids,” says Jamie Dillion, program coordinator at Child’s Play.

“We are happy to continue our ongoing support for Child’s Play with this new exclusive content for Saints Row IV. Children are our future, and to help alleviate their sometimes painful treatments through Child Play’s work means a great deal to us. As a father myself, I wholly support the Child’s Play cause,” said Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Deep Silver’s parent company Koch Media.

The Child’s Play Pack in Saints Row IV contains toys that will bring back childhood memories. Players will be able to rampage through the virtual city of Steelport as a Digital Dino or go bananas in the Robochimp Outfit, while the Retro Rocket vehicle lets players soar through the streets of Steelport in classic style.

Saints Row fans can support Child’s Play for a limited time by purchasing this add-on for the PC at a price of $2.99 USD / EUR 2.99 / GBP 2.49.

For more information regarding Child’s Play, please visit

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Deep Silver Have An Easy Way Of Dealing With Piracy, Ignore It!

Deep Silver are doing great, they’ve just had a string of successful titles hit the market and all are still doing relatively well too. We’ve got the Dead Island series, Saints row IV and Metro: Last Light and while two of those were actually picked up from the closure of THQ earlier this year, they’re proving profitable for Deep Silver non the less.

While speaking with Penny Arcade, Deep Silver attribute their success to focusing on the PC version of each game and launching them along side their console counterparts. Not some shoddy port, not a delayed release, they get the PC edition right first time. In Deep Silver’s own words, a PC edition of their titles isn’t an option, it’s just what they always intended to do all along.

“We have always been publishing on PC, and PC is close to our hearts from the outset. It’s not an added thought at all,” said Dr. Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Deep Silver. “It’s hard to generalize because certain projects and certain developers see the PC as their primary platform, and then console comes after that. When we look at Metro for example, Metro is first and foremost a PC brand. In the first iteration, it was launched on Xbox 360 and PC, but it is at its heart a PC product. There is not a question about whether it’s difficult to also launch on PC, because PC is number one.”

It is clear they’re are passionate about PC, in fact it is safe to say they’re not bias about any format they release on and that rather than porting their games, they just design them with multiformat in mind. This flies in the face of many other big developers such as Rockstar who focus on console releases due to piracy. Given that PC has a bad reputation for illegal downloads, which is completely unfounded given that GTA V console editions are being downloaded like crazy and still selling millions.

“There is not the submission process with first parties, you are a lot more on your own to determine if the game is ready. Many publishers are not launching day and date because the PC is so difficult, but they fear the piracy issues, so they’d rather first focus on consoles” said Dr Kundratitz.

When asked about piracy Dr Kundratitz has one solution, ignore it. Which is of course not to be confused with condoning piracy. When asked if he had considered their own DRM platform such as Uplay, Origin etc;

“We have not, no. Uplay is not the way we want to approach things, definitely. I think we just need to make sure that the games we publish are worth the money, and certainly there is always this piracy situation that any publisher has. No publisher can tackle, really.”

Do you agree with Deep Silver and their ideals? Forget the fight against piracy, focus on making products that are worth buying. I know I do.

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Space Saga ‘X Rebirth’ Out Next Month, Collector’s Edition Detailed

Heads up, fans of the space saga X: Deep Silver and Egosoft are releasing a limited Collector’s Edition of the latest instalment X Rebirth. The extensive package includes the game itself along with exclusive contents: The blu-ray disc “X the Space Opera – Per Musica ad Albion” contains unique pieces of music composed specially for the game. There is also a soundtrack CD featuring 26 tracks. A 56-card pack of playing cards with motifs from the X Universe, a 28-page art booklet and other exciting extras round off the package.

The Collector’s Edition of X Rebirth will be released along with the regular retail edition on November 15, 2013, and will be available at a price of GBP 59.99 in the UK.

Exclusive contents of the limited Collector’s Edition

· “X the Space Opera – Per Musica ad Albion” + extensive “Making of” on blu-ray
· Exclusive soundtrack audio CD
· Pack of X playing cards (56-card Quartets pack)
· Removable sleeve
· X LED flashlight
· Update of the official X Encyclopedia for filing plus digital version
· 10 large-format postcards featuring artwork from the X Universe
· Art booklet including unpublished concept art (28 pages)
· “Albion Skunk” sticker
· Double-sided poster (36×48 cm)
· Full-color manual

Last August we had the chance to check out X Rebirth at Gamescom and it is shaping up to one epic space faring adventure. Gorgeous graphics, slick controls and from what we’ve seen, a fairly decent story too. Now all we have to do is wait a few more weeks to get into the full game, not sure I’ll personally need the collector’s edition, but it’s certainly one of the more generous collectors editions I’ve seen in a while.

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Saints Row 4 Takes UK Number One In Its Debut Week

The latest UK Game chart figures show that the new title from Deep Silver and Volition, Saints Row 4, has just come straight in to snatch number one position – that’s according to the latest data from UKIE. The new Saints Row 4 has proved to be quite a hit and storms in to take the number one spot from PayDay 2 which plummets to 18th spot. Deep Silver will be happy to see that they’ve managed to snatch number one from the grasp of another new game release – Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

What’s very impressive is that Saints Row 4 was on sale for just 3 days of the tracked weekly period and yet still did so well by snatching top spot. Other new entries into the top 10 include Disney Infinity and The Bureau: XCom Declassified. Skylanders Giants also comes in at number 16. Despite its age Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is still hanging on to a top five spot alongside heavy-weight favourites like Fifa 13 and Call of Duty Black Ops II.

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Rumour – Metro Last Light To Arrive On Steam For Linux Soon

Steam for Linux has been out for a while now but it hasn’t really brought any top-tier games as of yet. Apart from Valve games and some indie developers most developers haven’t been interested in offering Linux support or giving people the relevant tools to develop that open source support. That said, according to Softpedia we could be seeing Metro Last Light arrive on Steam for Linux in the very near future, and Metro Last Light is definitely a top-tier game.

The information comes from the CDR database over at Steam Database which shows that the Linux version will soon have Metro Last Light. While this isn’t a rock-solid confirmation we have seen a typical trend in the past of new Steam games being visible in the CDR database about a month before their official launch.

Stay tuned to this one and we will be sure to bring you more details as soon as we get them.

Image courtesy of Deep Silver

New Dev Diary Video For Saints Row IV Released

Today Deep Silver and Volition release the second of the Developer Diaries for Saints Row IV!

This week’s exclusive “behind the scenes” video will center on the story and the endless possibilities inside the game. Jim Boone, Senior Producer, Steve Jaros, Creative Director and Chris Claflin, Lighting Lead, from Volition and two actors Terry Crews (voice of Ben King) and Troy Baker (default player voice) share their thoughts on how the virtual world of Steelport allowed them to cross even more boundaries than before.

Saints Row IV launches August 20th, 2013 across North and Latin America and August 23rd worldwide.


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Very Special Very Limited Saints Row IV Edition Costs $1 Million!

“Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition” aka “The Million Dollar Pack” available for pre-order now exclusively from Game for a breezy million dollars! Making this the most expensive special edition video game ever and certainly a lot more expensive than the edition of Grid 2 that came with a £220,000 sports car.

Deep Silver today unveiled the very special edition of Saints Row IV. The Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition aka The Million Dollar Pack which will contain a selection of very Presidential items and activities for the ultimate Saints Row experience.

One Saints Row fan will be able to purchase this limited edition package which contains:

  • Saints Row IV : Commander in Chief Edition
  • A full sized replica Dubstep Gun
  • A full day of spy training
  • A trip to space with Virgin Galactic
  • One year’s membership of E25 Super Car Club and a Lamborghini Gallardo to make it worthwhile
  • Plastic Surgery of the purchaser’s choice
  • A shopping spree with a personal shopper to create the ultimate Planet Saints capsule wardrobe
  • 7 nights for two at The Jefferson Hotel in Washington
  • Hostage rescue experience
  • A brand new Toyota Prius and insurance to give something back to the environment
  • 7 nights stay in the Top Royal Suite at the Burj-al-arab with flights for two

The Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition is available for pre-order through Game now and will be delivered to the purchaser in a truly Presidential style.

I imagine this will sell out quite quickly, there are enough rich and crazy people out there that just couldn’t resist something as mental as this, but since I don’t have a spare million, it won’t be me.

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Image courtesy of Saints Row Facebook.

Australian Saints Row 4 Has No Coop And Missing Missions

About a month ago we revealed to you that the upcoming game title Saints Row 4 had been banned in Australia for issues with in-game sexual violence and illicit drug consumption. Developers Volition said that they would do their best to alter the game to get around the ban and get it reclassified as fit for distribution to the Australian public. However, nearly 6 weeks later and it appears Volition have given up trying to get the game to work with Australian censorship laws.

The Australian version of Saints Row 4 will be cut down to exclude certain missions that break Australian regulations and this also means international co-op has to be disabled in the Australian version, as to avoid playing prohibited missions with non-Australian gamers.

“While we are very proud of all our different missions, we do feel that Saints Row IV on the whole remains largely the same without this single optional mission, and we also feel that you deserve to know what you are getting in Australia.” Said the Saints Row 4 Facebook page.

Most Australian gamers believe that they can import the international versions of the new Saints Row 4 game to get around the ban, or use a VPN/Proxy service to digitally download the game via an Online service such as Steam. That said it is still quite sad to see legislation banning games, it is a mild form of censorship for what the public should and shouldn’t be allowed to see.

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The Humble Deep Silver Bundle – Six Great Games

The Humble Bundle has given us yet another giant bundle to consider purchasing. Bringing us six games worth over $190, in which you will get six games and 1 giant pack of DLC. Though this Bundle will likely cost you a bit more, you will get an epic savings. This bundle is brought to you by Humble Bundle and Deep Silver, unfortunately this bundle is targeted at a smaller audience than usual, just the Windows PC market.

If you follow Humble Bundle, then you know how it works, if not, here is a quick run down.

Humble Bundle finds developers to host on their sales. When they offer a sale, you usually get to Pay What You Want, pay $1 or more and you get steam codes for the games listed. Next they offer you the Beat The Average, if you beat the average donation you usually get access to an extra game. Every once in a while they throw in a curve ball and throw in something like this week donate $25 or more and you get an extra game.

On top of it, you get to pick how you pay, not only by payment style, PayPal, Amazon, Google, and Bitcoin, you are set to pay whatever way you like. You also get to pick how your donation is spent, setting percentages for how much the developer gets, how much goes to charity, and how much Humble Bundle gets for hosting these sales!


Pay What You Want

  • Saints Row: The Third
  • Saints Row 2
  • Risen 2: Dark Waters
  • Sacred 2 Gold

Beat The Average

  • Dead Island GOTY
  • SR3 Full Package (SR3 DLC!)

Donate $25 or More
(37% off!)

  • Dead Island Riptide

Part of the Pay What You Want campaign, you get all 4 of the games for Steam if you pay at least one dollar. Beating The Average Donation will earn you Dead Island (Game Of The Year Edition) & Saints Row The Third Full Package. If you Go Beyond Paying $25 Or More you get Dead Island Riptide!

6 great games, 1 awesome DLC package all for just $25.

You will also get the soundtracks, so you can enjoy the game music while you are not playing. Soundtracks for

  • Saints Row: The Third
  • Risen 2: Dark Waters
  • Sacred 2
  • Dead Island Riptide

Images courtesy of HumbleBundle

Metro: Last Light “Faction Pack” DLC Detailed & Future DLC Plans Revealed

Deep Silver today announced that the ‘Faction Pack’ – the first piece of DLC for 4A Games’ critically acclaimed Metro: Last Light – is set for worldwide release on Steam and Xbox LIVE on July 16th, and will hit the PlayStation Network on July 16th in North America and July 17th in Europe and the rest of the world.

The ‘Faction Pack’ includes three original single player missions, each casting the player as a different specialist from the warring Factions. Returning to some classic locations from Metro 2033, these missions feature new weapons, the return of a truly terrifying mutant foe, and offer three distinct gameplay challenges…

  • As a Special Detachment Sniper of the Redline, players must infiltrate a heavily guarded Reich Outpost at night, under the cover of a deadly radioactive storm… before defending the front line as a Reich ‘Heavy’, armed with some of the most devastating weaponry found in the Metro.
  • Lastly, players take the role of a Polis Ranger in training, tasked with exploring the vast Library complex for artifacts and relics. Salvage can be exchanged for ammunition, filters and hazard suits allowing ever deeper exploration into the Library. Rangers are advised to light torches and leave a trail of lights so they can find their way back to the base before their precious oxygen runs out…
  • The Faction Pack will cost just $4.99 / £3.99 / €4.99 / 400 MSP, and is the first of four DLC packs to be included in the Metro: Last Light Season Pass, which at $14.99 / £11.99 / €14.99 / 1200 MSP offers a discount over buying the packs separately, and also includes an additional exclusive weapon, the Abzats.

Deep Silver also revealed additional details on the content of the future DLC packs.

  • The ‘Tower Pack’ presents a unique experience for seasoned Metro gunslingers – a challenge based game mode, with online Leaderboard support, as players fight their way up the combat simulator known as The Tower
  • The ‘Developer Pack’ boasts a fully stocked Shooting Gallery, the AI Arena and Metro Museum… And a bonus solo mission – The Spiders’ Nest – offers some new tools for dealing with an infestation of the skittering Spider mutants
  • Lastly the Chronicles Pack will feature original single player missions that cast the player as three of the game’s standout characters – Pavel, Khan and Anna – and explore their side-stories away from Artyom’s adventure

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Image courtesy of Metro Facebook.

Saints Row 4 Achievements Revealed

We have been bringing you a lot of Saints Row 4 coverage in the past few weeks and today we have a detailed list of Saints Row 4 achievements for you to feast your eyes on. We warn you though that the achievement list is likely filled with huge spoilers. Though the game is still about 2 months away from its official release.

The leaked achievement list comes courtesy of Exophase and can be seen below:

10 Points

Zero Saints Thirty – Completed ‘Zero Saints Thirty’ and won the adulation of America.
Destroyer-In-Chief – Completed ‘The Saints Wing’ and fought the alien invasion as Commander-In-Chief.
Bouncin’ with an Old Friend – Completed Gat’s Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.
And I Ran… – Super Sprinted for 250,000 meters.
Don’t Look Down – Airborne during Super Jumps for a combined 10 minutes of gameplay.
Chill Out – Froze and Shatter Killed 100 Aliens with the Freeze Blast Super Power.
Pounding the Pavement – Killed 150 Aliens with the Stomp Super Power.
Here! Catch! – Killed 100 Aliens with the Telekinesis Super Power.
Bringin’ the Heat – Killed 100 Aliens using the Fire Buff Super Power.
The Whole Story – Found all Audio Logs.
Better This Way – Customized the style of all the weapons on your radial and hit the Simulation with style.
Back in the Day – Spent some quality time with your homies from back in the day.
Switch Hitter – You were an equal-opportunity offender.
First of Many – Bought your first Upgrade, now you have the action Kung Fu grip!
Zoo Keeper – Killed 25 Wardens. The inmates are running wild.
You Chose… Poorly – Surrendered to the Simulation in the end.
A Real Cluster…. – Found 100% of all Data Clusters.
Elementary – Customized the elements of all four superpowers. Now you’re playing with powers!
Fourth and Forty – Played Saints Row IV for 40+ hours. Pour one out for your homies!
Saintified – Created and shared a character online, you’re a part of the Saints Row community now!

20 Points

There Is No Pancakes – Completed ‘A Pleasant Day’ and ruined your first virtual prison.
Don’t Panic – Completed ‘The Real World’ and escaped the simulation. Now what?
Ghost in the Machine – Completed ‘Power Up CID’ and hacked your own CID.
Didn’t Need to See Him Naked – Completed ‘Matt’s Back’ and rescued Matt in the real world.
Fist Meet Ground – Killed 100 Aliens with the Death From Above Super Power.
Experimental Tech – Killed 25 enemies with each of the best toys.
Maximum Stopping Power – Completely upgraded one of your weapons. They can’t repel firepower of this magnitude!
The Challenge King – Completed all Challenges.

25 Points

Saints & Sensibility – Completed ‘Grand Finale’ with the full help of your homies.
How It Should Be – Completed all open world gameplay, Simulated Steelport is yours!
The Full Kinzie – Completed Kinzie’s Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.
Paranormal Bromance – Completed Matt’s Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.
The Face of the Saints – Completed Pierce’s Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.
The Two Shaundis – Completed Shaundi’s Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.
Machine Man – Completed CID’s Quests and Romance.
On Her Saint’s Secret Service – Completed Asha’s Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.
Benjamin [CENSORED] King – Completed Ben’s Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.
Actor-Turned-Politician – Completed Keith David’s Quests.

30 Points

Woah – Arrived in the Main Simulation and got some Super Powers.
Blast from the Past – Completed ‘A Game of Clones’ and defeated shades of the past.
About Time! – Completed ‘Welcome Back’ and got the gang back together at last.
Betrayed – Completed ‘All Hands On Deck’, as if you needed another reason to want to perforate Zinyak.
Poodle Skirt – Completed ‘Hello Teacup’ and saved Kinzie from a fate worse than death.
Imperator – Completed ‘Grand Finale’ and ruled the universe with terrible majesty.
Where’s My Cape? – Purchased all Super Power upgrades. Super Excellent!
Ooo A Piece of Candy! – Found 100 Data Clusters in virtual Steelport. There are so many more…
I Am Become Death – Killed 1000 Aliens with any combination of Super Powers.

40 Points

Keymaster – Completed ‘Batteries Not Included’. Now you’re ready to bring down the Simulation.
Half-Way Home – Completed half of all open world gameplay, let’s finish the fight.
Epic Jump Quest – Completed the epic jump quest between the tops of the Three Count and the Nuke Plant. Amazing!

Image courtesy of gamersyde

Metro Last Light To Come With Free Copy Of Its Creating Novel

The Metro Last Light developers, 4A Games and the Metro Last Light publishers, Deep Silver, have just announced that everyone who picks up a copy of the Metro Last Light game via Steam will be given a free copy of the novel that created the Metro series of games. For those who don’t know, the Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light games are actually based on Novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky. To be exact Glukhovsky released two books so far Metro 2033 and Metro 2034 while his upcoming book Metro 2035 will be released soon. The game Metro 2033 was predictably based on the Metro 2033 book while Metro Last Light is said to be based mainly on Metro 2035 and have little to no resemblance to the Metro 2034 storyline although it is similar in themes and style.

Deep Silver and 4A Games are offering a copy of the Metro 2033 novel with the Metro Last Light game orders on Steam – naturally it is going to be a digital copy. It is not known whether copies of Metro Last Light that are acquired in the Nvidia game bundle will give this free book, but since it is based on Steam activations it would seem likely that the Nvidia copy will also bring a free copy of the book. May the 14th is the release date for Metro Last Light and you can pre-order it from Steam, Green Man Gaming, GamersGate, etc.

Being a Gamer myself, I know it is unlikely I’d ever read the book. Although it could be interesting to have a skim through. What are your thoughts on being offered a free copy of the book? Does it make you want to purchase the game more? Or is it just a novelty extra?


Saints Row 4 Pre-Orders Get Upgraded To “Commander In Chief Edition”

Saints Row 4 developer Volition and Publisher Deep Silver have confirmed that all consumers who have pre-ordered will be getting upgraded to the “Commander In Chief Edition” of the game. The Command In Chief Edition includes some extra bonuses as a thank you for taking a leap of faith by making a pre-order on the game.

As the image clearly demonstrates you get three extras for making the pre-order which include a ‘Merica weapon, an Uncle Sam Suit and a Screaming Eagle Jet.

The announcement was made on the Saints Row Facebook Page and it is nice to see them valuing those customers who pay that bit extra to secure a copy of the game early.

Currently you can pre order a copy of Saints Row 4 for $59.96 for Xbox 360, $59.99 for PlayStation 3 and $49.99 for PC from Amazon.

Will you be pre-ordering a copy of Saints Row 4 to get these extra goodies? Or is the pre-order price to expensive for you?

What’s nice is that if you have already pre-ordered before Deep Silver and Volition announced the Commander In Chief DLC pack offer, you will still be emailed a code for it.


Saints Row 4 To Get Superpowers And Rooftop Navigation

Volition, the Saints Row 4 developer team, have said that they will be adding “superpowers” to the game to create a more vertical gaming experience. By vertical gaming experience it really is as simple as it sounds with Volition trying to encourage Gamers to jump, glide and move around on and between rooftops. Jim Boon, the senior producer on the new Saints Row 4, commented:

“This has also helped make Steelport feel like a new city once you start navigating through the world from up above, jumping and gliding through the air while battling aliens on rooftops.”

Volition didn’t elaborate on any specifics and it is not sure how much they will choose to change within the urban landscape of the fictional location SteelPort. However, Saints Row 4 also promises to move into Washington D.C as you take on Aliens and other forces in an assumingly light hearted and action packed story line.

“The addition of our superpowers bring a much greater emphasis on vertical game-play so we were able to create content going upward rather than outward. While Steelport isn’t horizontally bigger there’s a lot more verticality to explore this time. It completely changes your perspective.” Jim Boon added.

Volition’s Saints Row 4 is currently being developed in partnership with Deep Silver after the bankruptcy of THQ. Saints Row 4 is expected to launch on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in late August.

What are your thoughts on a more vertical style of game-play for Saints Row 4?



Metro Last Light System Requirements Revealed

Deep Silver has recently unveiled the full system requirements for the new Metro game. Metro Last Light, the sequel to Metro 2033, is a post-apocalyptic shooter based on the sci-fi novel written by Dmitry Glukhovsky. Nvidia is currently bundling this game with all GTX 660 (or higher) purchases for the foreseeable future.

Metro Last Light certainly promises to be both a gripping game in terms of the storyline, if Metro 2033’s gripping and scary gameplay was anything to go by. The graphics are sure to be equally as demanding as Metro 2033 was renowned for being a Crysis-style gaming benchmark that really stressed systems to their very limit. No doubt Metro Last Light will be very similar given the system requirements:


CPU – 2.2GHz Dual Core


GPU – GTS 250 or higher (or AMD equivalent – 4870)


CPU – 2.6GHz Quad Core


GPU –  GTX 580/660Ti or higher (or AMD equivalent – 7870)


CPU – 3.4GHz Multi-Core

RAM –  8GB

GPU – GTX 690 or Nvidia Titan (or AMD equivalent – HD 7990)

Metro Last Light is expected to be released on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on May 14th 2013 in North America and May 17th in Europe.

If you’re wanting any more information about the game then be sure to visit the official website.

What do you think about these system requirements? To me they seem pretty high given the game will be capable of running on current-generation consoles.



Saints Row 4 Release Date and Debut Trailer Announced

Saints Row 3 was a big hit with a lot of Gamers for its fast, furious and fun gameplay that is always action packed and offers great multiplayer capabilities. Although, it was criticised by many for being unrealistic and totally changing the trajectory of the Saints Row series if you compared it to the earlier Saints Row (1) and Saints Row 2.

The Saints Row series publisher, Deep Silver (who acquired the publishing rights to the series from THQ after THQ went bankrupt), has announced a few key dates for everyone to take note of. First of all, Saints Row 4 will get its release in the USA on August the 20th 2013 on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. The rest of the world will get it three days later, also on all three major platforms, on August the 23rd. It is worth mentioning that one of the main reasons cited by “pirates” for illegally downloading games is when they are released at different dates for different regions. Even in my mind it is a bit of a regressive policy to give it to some people before others, except when we are talking beta and alpha testings, so I think Deep Silver should of opted for a universal release date.

The Saints Row series producer, Volition, continued to produce the game without any issues after being acquired by Deep Silver. Volition have announced a Saints Row 4 trailer/teaser video for everyone to see what the new game will look like. You can see that below:


What is interesting to note is that they say it is “the climactic chapter of the saga that changed all the rules”. There are many ways to interpret this but to me what seems plausible is that Saints Row 4 is the “end” of the Saints Row series, or at least the end of the game/storyline as we have come to know it. It is possible Saints Row 5 will be dramatically different and have a very different storyline, if it even happens at all.

Volition described Saints Row 4 in the following way:

In the next open-world installment of Saints Row, Deep Silver Volition continues the story of the Third Street Saints by elevating their status to the highest level – the leaders of the free world. In Saints Row IV, the head honcho of the Saints has been elected to the Presidency of the United States. But the Saints are just getting started. Now the larger-than-life insanity of the Saints series gets a new twist with a catastrophic alien invasion, and the aliens have transported the Saints to a bizarro-Steelport simulation. Wield gargantuan superpowers and fight to free humanity from alien granddaddy Zinyak’s mental grasp. Escape the simulation that’s trapped the Saints crew, or die trying.

Saints Row IV lets players delve into an arsenal of alien weaponry and technology that will turn each Saint into an ultimate entity of destruction. Utilize out-of-this-world superpowers to fight all the way to the top. With intensified action and enhanced customization, players can use their newfound superpowers and leap over buildings, outrun the fastest sports cars, or send enemies flying with telekinesis in the greatest, most insane installment of Saints Row yet.