Microsoft Killing Off Nokia Branding, Calls it Microsoft Lumia

The brand the world over once knew as the biggest mobile phone manufacturer on the planet is gone. After Microsoft’s recent acquisition of the company, reports are swirling that Redmond is about to make the death of the Nokia brand official. ‘Nokia’ mobile phones will be replaced with ‘Microsoft Lumia’ moving forward. Technology site The Verge is reporting that process will start in France, with localised social accounts renaming through to the new moniker first and then a transition period over a few weeks for the rest of the globe. One things not for absolute certainty yet – we’ll have to wait for the official word before we know if Microsoft will be dubbing the Windows Phone devices to just ‘Lumia’, ‘Microsoft Lumia’ or ‘Microsoft’.

Back in 2013 when Microsoft finalised the acquisition, the then CEO of Nokia had stated that he didn’t expect Microsoft would be pushing the Nokia brand for an extended period of time. It would seem that this is indeed going to be the case, as it should be noted that many Windows Phone Store applications have in fact already removed the ‘Nokia’ branding from their application titles in recent months. The juggernaut that once was Nokia Mobile is after many decades finally coming to a close.

Thanks to The Verge for providing us with this information.