Dark Souls Board Game Kick Started Within a Few Minutes

Dark Souls is a video game series known for forcing players to deal with their mortality, with giant monsters proving that even in the afterlife deaths can still hurt. With the release of Dark Souls 3 players are now seeking new ways to challenge themselves, something which has led to the Dark Souls The Board Game being kick started within the short space of a few minutes.

With an initial goal of £50,000, the Kickstarter for the board game promises “strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players”, something you can believe considering the franchise its based on. Included in the game is 16 models of the everyday grunts you often face and then 5 mini bosses, including the likes of an invader and gargoyle. If you survive all that you can then face off against the Dancer of the Boreal Valley and Executioner Smough and Dragon Slayer Ornstein for the boss fight experience on your table!

At £80 per copy, the Kickstarter reached its £50,000 goal in just three minutes! At the time of writing this article, the project now sits on £386, 474 with 4,843 backers. All the additional funding helps enhance the game, with the Pyromancer and Hunter character being unlocked alongside 5 extra behaviour cards for the Dancer and the Executioner.

With such a successful Kickstarter, already maxing out all of the stretch goals that were outlined, its now just waiting on the games release which is penciled in for April 2017, a year away.

The First Post-Launch Add-Ons for Dark Souls 3 Will Arrive in Fall

Dark Souls 3 is one of the most acclaimed action RPGs of 2016, and it’s definitely not hard to understand why once you pick up the game for the first time and you see just how gorgeous and how punishing it is. However, despite its difficulty, a great number of gamers have already completed this epic adventure, and even though the game is rather large, it makes sense for them to yearn for more, especially since season passes were available upon release. Dark Souls 3’s season pass costs just $25, which is admittedly low when compared to other games that came out this year. In the near future, however, gamers should not expect any DLC to become available, as sources indicate that the first post-launch add-ons for this title will not arrive until fall.

The main problem is that some gamers have already purchased season passes for Dark Souls 3 without knowing when they will be able to access new content or what this new content will actually include. Apparently, the add-ons will offer new enemies and bosses as well as new gear for your undead avatar. On the other hand, it’s definitely better that the developers have started to create DLC content after the game was released as opposed to just taking chunks out of it and selling it separately.

Dark Souls 3 Trailer Reminds Us Why We Love Fantasy Games

Fantasy games are some of my favourite games. Being faced with unknown powers and abilities lets you use your imagination as you conquer dragons, dungeons and even gods. The Dark soul games are one such series that want’s you to feel everything about fantasy, and the latest Dark Souls 3 trailer reminds us just why we love fantasy games.

Starting with a selection of lore, reminding you about how the world came to be you are quickly thrown into a series of clips outlying that this isn’t your everyday happy green fantasy world. In the world of Dark Souls, darkness and fire are what rule the world, something you’ll constantly be fighting to survive against.

With a whole different level of graphics and characters and creatures that look like something out of a fantasy film, how long will you last when you face the inevitable creatures that seek to end your life?

With hordes of skeletons, dragon-like creatures, skeleton knights and giant worms after you, it will take everything you have to survive as the trailer reminds you that you walk among the accursed.

Set for release on April 12th, fans everywhere will be looking to grab the next game in the Dark Souls trilogy and after that trailer, we can’t blame them.

Dark Souls 3 Will Run at 60 FPS on PC Says Developer

Earlier we reported that Dark Souls 3, the latest in the series that’s known for making grown men reap as they die time and time again, will be limited to 30 FPS on PC. This has now been overruled with the series official Twitter posting that the latest game will run at 60 FPS on PC.

Frames per second is a huge issue for developers and gamers alike. Some claim anything about 30 FPS doesn’t matter while others go so far as to say that anything below 60 FPS just makes them feel uneasy and unwell. When the directory of Fallout 4 claimed the game would run at 30 FPS on “everything”, the community gathered arms asking if this included PC’s who keep upgrading their graphics cards and feel like they shouldn’t be penalised for the slow catch-up of consoles have in regards to their graphical power.

From my experience, you can see the difference when playing a game, with consoles normally stuck at 30 FPS and PC’s being able to go well above 60 FPS. For a game as graphically fine as Dark Souls 3 will be, the last thing you want to experience is a slow or stuttering feel as you try to fight for your life in a brutal world.

Check out the New Dark Souls III “True Colors of Darkness” Trailer!

Surely, no other games can test your patience like the Dark Souls series, except perhaps Lords of the Fallen. That one can be a tough nut to crack too sometimes. The fourth installment in the Souls series is set to be released in Japan on March 24 and worldwide on April 12, and I can only imagine what new dungeons and monsters await us, all thanks to the hard work put in by the good people over at FromSoftware and Bandai Namco. With the official release date around the corner, Bandai Namco has recently unveiled a fresh trailer of Dark Souls III named “True Colors of Darkness,” which features the inspiring True Colors song by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly.

From what I’ve seen so far, the trailer shows off some of the game’s most horrifying monsters and bosses, and it clearly tells us that should we decided to give Dark Souls III a try, we’re going to be “tested.” Clearly, the new Dark Souls will feature improved graphics when compared to its predecessor, and I can only hope that it will offer better controls as well, as I struggled quite a bit to get used to them last time around. The artwork looks absolutely stunning, though, and the overall atmosphere seems to be as eerie as ever. You can have a look at the “True Colors of Darkness” trailer below.

Details of Dark Souls 3 Season Pass Leaked

It seems like From Software can’t avoid making DLC. Following leaked details from the Australian Xbox Store, it has come to light that Dark Souls 3 will have a season pass available to purchase, and that the pass may be part of the game’s digital deluxe edition. The leak shared no information as to the cost of the season pass.

Microsoft have now pulled the listing from the Xbox store, however according to Videogamer, the pack will include access to “2 epic DLC packs at a discounted price,” which are set to introduce “new maps, bosses, enemies and additional weapon and armor sets”. Standard fare for Dark Souls DLC really. Sadly no dates were attached to the season pass’ details, so when this DLC will become available remains to be seen.

While no cost for the pass was listed on the store, it is to be included in the digital deluxe edition of Dark Souls 3, which is currently listed at $137.70 AUD, or £68. It remains to be seen what the availability of the season pass will be for other platforms, or how much such an edition may cost.

While many may frown at the practice of pre-selling DLC via season passes, From Software has a strong track record when it comes to DLC. Even after having no plans to release DLC for Dark Souls 2, they put out 3 packs and the remixed Scholar of the First Sin version of the game. Bandai Namco are yet to formally announce any DLC for Dark Souls 3 or its season pack, however with this leak, news could arrive soon.

Image credit to Dark Souls 3 subreddit

Twitch Completes Dark Souls in 43 Days

Dark Souls is a brutal role-playing-game and offers an unbelievably satisfying experience, making it one of the most addictive games in recent years. Not so long ago, the Twitch comments system was harnessed to complete a wide array of titles including Pokemon! The selection became increasingly more difficult and eventually the ultimate challenge was posed, in Dark Souls. Unbelievably, the Twitch commands in unison have somehow managed to complete Dark Souls in a mere 43 days.

This remarkable feat is somewhat surprising given the chat’s chaotic nature during the first few weeks. There was quite a large amount of trolling going on and people trying to sabotage the project. In an age where people rarely work together, the harmonious teamwork required to complete Dark Souls as a community really is something special.

Twitch Plays Dark Souls 2 is the next step and it will be interesting to see how many days it takes to complete the sequel. I personally found Dark Souls 2 to be easier, but it’s an unknown entity with comment mapped controls. In all honestly, I thought Twitch Plays wouldn’t even get close to finishing the original so this is a major shock.

Have you completed Dark Souls?

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Twitch Harnessing User Comments to Play Dark Souls

“Twitch Plays” is excruciating to watch but a surprisingly captivating formula which allows user comments to act as control commands. The channel was created by an anonymous Twitch user and integrates a Python script; the script features a graphical interface to clearly display the keys for each action.

Miraculously, the Twitch community managed to work in harmony to complete Metal Gear Ghost Babel earlier this year. Not content with this achievement, Twitch Plays has set its sights on Dark Souls, one of the most punishing games in recent memory. As you might expect, it will be a miracle if the game is completed and the pace of progress is extremely slow.

Despite this, it is an interesting social experiment to gauge how online users can communicate and work as a team. Any form of online interaction is often plagued by trolling, vile comments and rude behavior. While, there are a lot of people intentionally inserting the wrong command, it’s pleasant to see people having fun towards a difficult end goal. I noticed the playtime counter includes a yearly unit which suggests the channel owner isn’t very optimistic of the game being finished anytime soon.

Do you think this is a pointless exercise or something which might pique your interest?

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Dark Souls Fanatic Completes Entire Game Using Voice Commands

Dark Souls is a punishingly difficult and incredibly rewarding experience which encourages you to improve through repeat gameplay. Finishing the story is a major achievement as the game rewards your patience. Unbelievably, YouTube user gbbearzly, also known as bearzly on Twitch, completed Dark Souls with a Guitar Hero controller.  His real name is Benjamin Gwin and already a household name in the Soul’s community.

After this feat, he decided to up the ante and play the entire game without physical controls. Gwin used a piece of software, entitled VoiceAttack which maps voice commands to keyboard presses. As a result, every small action or movement was recorded and programmed. This includes camera down, small left, parry, block and more! Unfortunately, there was a latency of around 1.5 seconds between the voice registering and command which made the playthrough extremely challenging.

Despite the delayed controls, Gwin managed to finish the game in just over 30 hours. In contrast, a seasoned Souls’ played would usually finish the game using a traditional control method in 13 hours. After reaching the end, Gwin said:

“Can’t feel too good about that, because I really scrubbed that up for a long time but there we have it — Dark Souls voice control only, complete,”

“I honestly can’t believe I did this whole run, it was actually sort of fun but also extremely painful in a lot of ways.”

Even though he was quite modest after finishing the game, it’s difficult to comprehend how impressive this is. The video below charts the final moments in the game and shows how the voice commands work.

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Image courtesy of 7-themes.com

Twitch Streamer Uses Xbox Rock Band Guitar on Bloodborn

What do you get when you mix a Xbox 360 Rock Band 1 Guitar controller with a PS4 version of Bloodborne? Well, a bit of a headache getting it to work at first, but eventually an epic ‘Guitarborne’ gameplay video, as Twitch streamer bearzly names it.

It looks like the guy really has some crazy ideas up his sleeves, but at the same time, they are most entertaining to watch. Also, the Guitarborne stream is not his first, according to his Twitch profile. He has performed many ‘terrible controllers’ runs of different games, but mostly Dark Souls, as he states he is a huge fan of the Souls series.

Aside from his latest Guitarborne video, he appears to have made a Drum Borne (drum controller), piano controller, one finger, Wiimote & Nunchucks and Bongo Souls (bongo controller) videos. Other videos he has in the planning stages include controllers such as the DDR Pad, Maracas, Katana, N64, SNES, Powerglove and Kinect.

Twitch users can also suggest him other crazy controllers and have him try to make an epic video out of them. At present, the hardest controller he used to play on and stream with is the piano Rock Band 3 controller, experiencing a lot of problems with running straight on the thing. Still, the videos are epic!

Watch some of his videos, including the Guitarborne one, below:

If you want to watch more of his videos, head on over to his Twitch profile. What do you think? Have any crazy controller ideas in mind?

Image courtesy of IGN

Player Beats Dark Souls’ Ornstein and Smough with Donkey Konga’s Bongo Drums!

Dark Souls master bearzly has beaten Ornstein and Smough, the two toughest bosses in From Software’s action RPG, and he did it using the bongo drums controller from Game Cube rhythm game Donkey Konga.

It seems, from his YouTube videos and Twitch stream, that bearzly is quite the talent when it comes to Dark Souls, but bossing the game using a glorified plastic drum is still a supremely impressive feat. It’s not uncommon for players to get stuck when facing off against Ornstein and Smough – the only double-team boss battle in the game – but Bearzly makes it look easy.

I’m looking forward to the day someone beats Battletoads with a Konami LaserScope.

Source: Kotaku