In Win D-Frame Mini-ITX Chassis Review


In Win are back once again with yet another flag-ship chassis to add to their collection. Their new In Win D-Frame Mini isn’t exactly a new model altogether, given that a couple of years ago they launched the full-size D-Frame. It is however a much smaller and user-friendly model, perfect for lugging with you to LAN events thanks to it’s smaller size, lower weight and built-in carry handle.

In Win are no stranger to crazy, ultra high-end and truly unique chassis. Over the last few years they’ve gone from manufacturing humble desktop chassis to creating some of the most desirable and original products on the market. Just take a look at the 904, 901, S-Frame, H-Frame, H-Frame Mini and Tou chassis’ which we’ve reviewed. Quality and originality come at a price and while the D-Frame mini is far from the most expensive chassis In Win produce, it’s still going to need a wallet stuffed with £250 for those looking to invest. So just how much chassis do you get for your hard-earned money? Let’s dive in a take a closer look at what the D-Frame Mini has to offer.

The chassis comes constructed from a series of aluminium tubing and aluminium metal plate. With the added benefit that its design gives it great strength and helps keep the chassis as light as possible. Don’t be too fooled though, this small chassis still packs a fair bit of weight courtesy of the two thick sheets of tempered glass that adorn the sides.

The glass side panels are lightly tinted, but still give you a great view of the chassis interior; which has been carefully designed to best show off the components of your system build.

From the front you can see there is a slightly recessed I/O panel, where you’ll find all the usual ports as well as the power and reset buttons. Behind that are the hard drive mounts, which are suspended from the motherboard backplate like a set of shelves.

Around the back we’ve got the PSU mount, which effectively hangs at the back of the chassis. Once very nice feature is that you can mount the PSU with the power cable at the bottom or the top, as there are two mounting plates on this chassis.

At the top of the chassis is a textured centre bar, this provides a great gripping point for picking up the chassis.

The base of the chassis is just as open as the rest of it. This is a good thing of course as there are two 120mm fan mounts in the base that are prefect for a 240mm radiator. The rubber clips that surround the chassis add some nice flair, but the ones on the base of the chassis also double as the feet.

In Win D-Frame Mini at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: In Win are on top form at this years Computex, not only have they blown people away with their stunning S-Frame, but they’re not also wowing the crowds with their new D-Frame mini chassis. The D-Frame has already proven a popular product for In Win, but the new Mini edition will be mass produced, and targeted right at the heart of the mini-ITX LAN gaming crowd. It’s got a lot in common with its bigger brother in terms of design, but the more compact form factor, as well as a carry handle design on the top make it much lighter and easier to transport. Final pricing and retail release are coming very soon, but expect to see it at most major retailers in the coming weeks and months.

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InWin D-Frame Mini Revealed at Computex 2014

InWin look set to take the chassis market by storm once again with the release of their latest chassis, the D-Frame mini. The D Frame is already a pretty incredible chassis, but it was a limited edition product, unlike its new, smaller brother which will be available as a mass produced product.

Aimed at the enthusiast LAN gaming market, the chassis features a handle on the top, meaning you can pick it up and easily transport it. It’s smaller and lighter than the original D-Frame, but still has plenty of room for a great gaming system.

With support for mini-ITX motherboards, 3.5″ or 2.5″ x 3, 2.5″ x 2 hard drives, USB 3.0 and HD audio connections, room for ATX PSU’s of up to 220mm, a dual slot PCI card, and best of all it’s open air design will support two 120mm fans in the base or a 240mm water cooling unit.

The whole thing has been constructed using a combination of aluminium pipes, metal plate and gorgeous tempered glass that will be ideal for those who love to show off their build.

Price will be $349.99 and will be available at retail at the end of Computex 2014. The price is high, but we’ve had a quick play around with the chassis and the build quality and materials used are second to none, so you can expect to get what you pay for.

We hope to have a sample in the office very soon and we look forward to telling you even more about the very cool new chassis.

In Win Reveal The “904” Aluminium And Glass Mid Tower Chassis

In Win have just released the first details of their next chassis design. As you may already know, In Win don’t really make their premium cases by the same standards are other chassis manufacturers, often thinking outside of the box and creating some truly love them or hate them products that are unlike anything else before it.

We’ve already see the D-Frame which was designed around a motorbike chassis, the Tao which we recently reviewed that was designed around glass office blocks and architecture, not to mention the H-Frame which must have been based on a Transformers foot or something equally amusing.

This new one blends traits from both the Tao and the H-Frame, combining massive amounts of sleek 4mm aluminium alloy with 5mm thick tinted tempered glass on the side.

There are some interesting design features here such as the back cover that covers the ports on the back of your computer with an aluminium panel, of course there is also a large amount of clearance under there for airflow, radiators and more, but all while maintaining a clean look on all sides of the chassis.

Cable management looks particularly robust and the clean looks get even better with hidden aluminium dust filters in the base, some interesting radiator mounting solutions, vertical hard drive bays where you typically find the 5.25″ bays, while the actual 5.25″ bay is hidden in the base.

In Win don’t have a release date at this time, but I would expect to hear more in the coming weeks. Price is expect to be under £200 at this time, but these things do change over time, so I wouldn’t even guess at the final RRP at this time.

Thank you In Win for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of In Win.

Computex: InWin Show Off Their KingSize H Frame, D Frame & H Frame Mini Chassis

KingSize H Frame Open Air Chassis is a complete and utter behemoth, it has a presence that is unmatched and it looks completely dominating on the display stand. This really isn’t going to be for everyone of course and it is very extreme but with features like six front USB ports, extreme ventilation and a huge glass side panel window its still impressive, just don’t expect it to be cheap!

  • Support ATX, EATX, HPTX, XL-ATX, SSI-EEB, SSI-CEB Motherboards
  • 1 x 5.25-inch drive bay
  • 6 x 3.5-inch bays, can be configured to 4 x 3.5″ & 2 x 2.5″ bays
  • 11 Expansion Slots
  • 8 USB 3.0 ports (six on the front, two on the top)
  • 3.5″ hot-plug SATA bay
  • 42 cm GPU Support
  • 2 x 140 mm front, 140mm rear, 140mm bottom fan mounts

The D-Frame was also on show, one of last years InWin special editions that was styled on a Ducati Motorbike, still very funky and I do love the bright colour scheme.

The H-Frame Mini is one of the more unique mITX chassis I’ve seen at the event, the side panel glass is an included option, but it comes with a compact PSU with a slow RPM 40mm fan that should keep things nice and quiet and can handle loads of 180w at peak load, more than enough for a APU based system.

Here we see the H-Frame mini again, this time with a hard metal panel on the left side, still looks very cool but a little more understated, if only by a little bit.

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Image(s) courtesy of eTeknix at Computex