Microsoft’s Band Gadget Finally Lands on the UK Market

Having a desk job is extremely stressing and messes with your body, this is why doctors recommend a minimum of 30 minutes workout per day. This helps relieve stress and keep you in shape both physically and mentally. But why not track your activity and health with the latest fitness and health bands on the market?

If you are living in the UK and wanted the Microsoft Band, the company appears to have started to offer it for a price tag of £169.99. The band seems to help keep track of activities such as heart rate, sun exposure, stress levels, calories burned and quality of sleep.

The Band connects to any iOS, Android or Windows Phone device via its companion app and offers customizable workouts. Whether you want to burn a lot of calories or just want to have a balanced diet, the Band and its app are available to help you with that.

Also, Microsoft’s gadget can be controlled with commands sent to Cortana, the company’s personal assistant and Siri’s rival. Is this why Cortana aims to arrive on the iOS and Android markets in the near future? Will Microsoft’s personal assistant squeeze its way into other mobile operating systems and offer integrated support in other applications too? We don’t have the answer for the latter questions, but time is bound to reveal the answer to that.

As far as the Band is concerned, you can order one from retailers such as Amazon, Harrods, Currys, O2 or even Microsoft’s Store itself. How do you find Microsoft’s health and fitness gadget? Are you planning on acquiring one yourself?

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Currys and PC World to Join in With Black Friday Sales

UK electrical retailers Currys and PC World (both owned by Dixons Retail) will be participating in the American “phenomenon” of the Black Friday sales.

“The Black Friday shopping deal phenomenon began in the US. It’s always the Friday after Thanksgiving Day and is seen as the kickoff for the shopping season leading up to Christmas. Shops open early and there are big savings online and in-store in time-limited deals – it’s the perfect time to get your Christmas shopping started. It’s also followed by Cyber Monday, another day of big online discounts.”

The thing is, Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated in the UK, so why do the retailers feel the need to push this “phenomenon” upon us?

Let’s just hope we don’t see the same scenes as last year when Asda decided to join in with Black Friday –

Besides all of that, some of you may well find some great deals on tech next week, that’s if you can get past the hordes of parents fighting over incredibly cheap PS4s.

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Installing Linux Will Void Your Warranty

Say what? Installing Linux on your computer will void the warranty of the hardware. Wow, that is a hard one and I don’t even know where to start without this turning into a complete rant. So let’s try to stay calm for the sake of the story.

So yes, installing Linux on your computer will void the warranty. At least if it is bought at Currys/PC World in the UK. This is what Roy Schestowitz found out about a week ago. His old desktop computer had died and he needed a replacement fast.

Ordering over the internet wasn’t an option as the system was needed now and there was no other computer store in his region. So he got into his car and drove to the only computer store in his area, Currys PC World, with the intention to buy what they had to offer and accept the price that it would cost. So far so good, this is a normal scenario many of us have been in.

Roy is a little bit upset in his blog post about the fact that Currys PC World sells all their systems with Windows 8, but that’s personal preference and something that easily can be replaced. At least that’s what any normal person would assume, format the hard disk or create a second partition and install whatever operating system you like. If you however do that on a PC bought at Currys, you’ll void any warranty on the system.

“After many chats with colourful language and even car analogies or other such arguments about the separability of hardware and software we decided we just couldn’t do business at PC World. The company is inherently GNU/Linux-hostile. Avoid Currys.”

Okay, I can understand if they don’t offer any technical assistance and support once you move away from the configuration it was sold with, but going as far as completely voiding the warranty seems a bit insane and as a very outdated policy.

As it turns out, this is a fact and was confirmed by multiple employees at multiple PC World stores according to the blogger. Once you install GNU/Linux, even if it is dual boot with Windows, the warranty wouldn’t cover any damage to the hardware. This even includes the keyboard, mouse, screen and so on. One employee Roy talked to regretted the situation, but defended the policy “because it is imposed from above”.


After we published this article a lot of employees, both current and former, came out and denied these allegations. There was this policy 5-8 years ago, but it’s no more. Roy must have had the luck to run into one of the uninformed stores on this matter.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1-2014 Edition To Be Released In The U.K. Next Week

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1-2014 edition is deemed a remarkable tablet. We’ve already seen this beast launch in the U.S. having a resolution of 2560 x 1600 and a pixel density right of about 300ppi mark. Not only is 300 a perfect eye-candy effect, but as far as tablets go, it is the highest pixel density of all tablets in this class for 2013. Powered by the Samsung Exynos 5420 octa-core processor and offering 3GB of RAM, this is not a slate for the meek.

What brings our thoughts to the device is not the S Pen capabilities, although it easily could have been, but actually is a picture of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1-2014 edition relaxing at a Currys/PC World display in the U.K. Even though the tablet is out on the floor for customers to test it out, it won’t be sold until next week. That’s the way to get those drool ducts functioning. The store is asking £499.99 ($808 USD) for the 16GB storage variant with Wi-Fi connectivity. For its part, U.K. retailer Clove has the tablet priced at £479.99 ($776 USD).

Eagle-eyed readers might notice that the display lists the tablet as having a quad-core processor, but as we mentioned before, the octa-core Samsung Exynos 5240 is under the hood. We could argue all day whether or not this is really an octa-core processor, but until Samsung starts adding the Heterogeneous Multi-Processing solution which allows all eight cores to be active simultaneously, the processor is still hindered by the big.LITTLE architecture.

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