The “Entry Experience Solution” Could Make Airport Checks a Lot Less Stressful

So remember all that excitement for going on holiday? Your up early and get to the airport, checking your tickets and your luggage weight and then stand in a line waiting for people to search all those tightly packed bags, knowing you’ll have the same again when you get back. A new system by Qylur hopes to make that trip one step closer to peaceful.

The “Entry Experience Solution” looks like something out of Tron, with hexagonal pods placed in between two clear gateways. The system works on a basic principle, as you approach the machine you place your carry-on bags into one of the pods provided. The machine then uses everything from X-rays and chemical sensors to an artificial intelligence based system to search for everything and anything that may be considered a risk. If it does pick up something naughty though it locks the pod, making it impossible for the user to remove their bag until the security staff have responded to the risk.

The entry experience solution has already been installed at Disneyland Paris and the World Cup in Brazil, with the hope that the system can be tested across the US throughout 2016 before finally being considered for standard use in airports and major attractions.

Able to pass through 600 passengers within an hour and needing only four people ready to assist it, the machine could not only free up people to work in other areas of airports but could make your holiday run that little bit smoother.

Meet The Kickstarter That Makes it Impossible to Spill Your Cup

Meet the Maskimatic cup holder, the product that makes spilling your drink almost impossible. This clever piece of kit can keep your beverages level up to a tilt of 20°, and will prevent any messiness in your car even after driving over those dreaded speed bumps.

The product, created by its namesake Maksim Ghyvoronsky, was originally designed to be fitted to brand new cars in the factory, however the demand from people was so intense, he decided to completely redesign it, allowing it to be used in any cup holder in pretty much any car you can find. The new Maksimatic Bullet is now on Kickstarter, and you can grab a pre-order for the anti-gravity cup holder for just $25 and they should hopefully arrive in May 2015, that’s if Ghyvoronsky reaches his $95,000 goal.

Go and help fund it here, but before you do, watch this video that shows you how it works.

Source: Gizmodo

Russia Blames US Lasers for Knocking Them Out of the World Cup

I’ll be straight up and say first of all that I’m not one bit interested in football and things such as the world cup, where national pride is at stake, also fail to grab my interest – those who know me know what it think about the sport but that is not to say that the tech the goes into it these days is not worth writing about. We all know that England are out of the Cup and although they [apparently for all I know] were eliminated fair and square, it seems that Russia’s kick off the tables may be anything but fair.

According to Russia’s team coach Fabio Capello, Igor Akinfeev who is Russia’s goalkeeper was blinded by a laser that was aimed at him from the other end of the stadium in a bid to knock his attention, causing him to lose a goal.

Now as it stands there is some strong evidence from TV footage of the game that Akinfeev was indeed blinded by something being shone at him and this Capello made clear during a press conference directly after the game.

“He was blinded by the laser beam. There are pictures. You can see that in the footage. This not an excuse, it is a fact. There was a laser. I have never come up with excuses to get by in my entire life.”

What will come of the incident is not yet known and if a laser was shone at him, there is not likely to be any certainly as to who did it and from who’s point of view they were doing it and sadly this won’t change the outcome of the game where the US are through to the next round and Russia, like many other teams are on their way home.

I can probably guess that many of you are keen football fans so I’ll leave this topic open to discussion. What do you make of the incident? Should it be investigated further and should there be further checks at the stadium entrances to stop people from bringing in lasers for this purpose?

Source: Fudzilla