CS:GO Players Being Permabanned Due to AMD Hardware Glitch

If you are one of the millions of CS:GO players out there and also use AMD hardware, then you should read this or risk getting permabanned. Yesterday there was a big and anticipated update to CS:GO that added seven new community maps in competitive matchmaking and a lot more. That in itself is great news, but it looks like that update causes a lot of trouble for AMD users.

Reddit is already full of threads on the issue and luckily there seems to be a workaround for now. The most important thing for you as a CS:GO player and AMD user is that you don’t attempt to rejoin and rejoin after your game crashes you out, or you risk the bans that a lot of people are experiencing.

It looks like the issue ends up in the graphic settings and it isn’t limited to the new maps as first suggested. Older maps such as Nuke and Dust are equally affected by this bug. The easy way to work around this, at least for now, is to simply set your graphics settings to low. This has been reported to fix the issue. Other users are reporting that it is enough to set Shader to medium and potentially also turn off multi-core rendering.

We can be pretty sure that all bans issued by this bug will be lifted again, but it is still a major bug that will have quite an influence on people. They can’t play their ranked matches until it has been resolved and generally risk missing out.

Have you been affected by this issue or are you already running the game on low graphics settings? What’s your opinion on a release this buggy? This is a bug that should have been caught before release considering the amount of players that are affected by it. How should Valve make this up their users again? Let us know in the comments.


Fake Hack gets Over 3,000 CS:GO Players VAC Banned

A mischievous gamer got over 3,000 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players VAC banned by releasing a series of fake multihacks. Reddit user AndroidL posted his antics to the Global Offensive subreddit, revealing that his fake hacks garnered over 5,500 downloads, with more than 3,000 offending users subjected to Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) bans.

“Over the course of two weeks I’ve released three different fake “multihacks”,” AndroidL wrote. “Essentially they edit your view angles to those that should be impossible to get and constantly gives infinite ammo/health. The hacks also do a few other things that ensure a VAC ban would be received.”

“The first two releases had a “timer” in them which meant the features that instantly VAC banned them would only be activated after a certain time (e.g. 10 PM on the day after the release)… the final hack (with over 3.5k downloads) just instantly VAC bans them as soon as they open the hack and join a game.”

“In total, my fake hacks received 26,000+ views and 5,500+ downloads!” he boasted.

AndroidL then posted a graph to show how his fake hacks affected ban statistics:

Hopefully, the removal of so many cheaters from CS:GO will protect the integrity of what is regarded to be the best online multiplayer first-person shooters ever made.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive’s Well-Known Bug Gets Acknowledged by Valve

If you are a Counter Strike: Global Offensive player, then you probably know about the bug. However, let’s outline it again for those of you who might not have experienced it, though it is highly unlikely if you have played the title by now.

In a shooter video game, there are two main coding aspects to take into account when firing a weapon at a character. First, the actual bullet/ray, or whatever you want to call it, is triggered once you fire the gun to check the direction and objects it hits in that direction.

The second most important aspect is once a character is hit by the bullet, it needs to find out what part of the body is hit to appropriately reflect the player’s damage/health.

This is where things go nasty in CS:GO. The hitbox that needs to determine what body is hit is actually a bit quirky, leading to a lot of moments where you want to smash your keyboard because you now you shot him in the head, but he acts like you barely grazed him.

After a couple of videos that clearly emphasise the issue went hot on Reddit, Valve finally acknowledged the bug that has been present in the title since it first launched. However, they were unable to provide an ‘eta’ on the fix. The videos can be viewed below. So how long do you think it will take Valve to solve it?

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Image courtesy of enemyesports.com and videos courtesy of Reddit

Professional CS:GO Players Caught Cheating and Banned

A shadow has been cast on the professional CS:GO gaming community as three players have been caught cheating in competitive play and received VAC bans last week. The outed players are Hovik “KQLY” Tovmassian, Simon “smn” Beck and Gordon “Sf” Giry.

Professional players or at least semi-professional, have been banned before, but it is rare that it happens on such a high-profile level. It doesn’t just cast doubt on past performances in tournaments, but also on the entire scene. There might be other similar and yet undiscovered cheats in the wild.

KQLY, probably the most prominent of the banned players, has issued some statements via his facebook page. He said that he used the third-party tool for a seven days period and that the programmer that had offered him the tool had ensured that “lots of professional gamers user it.” The tool in question has no visual display and the only way it can be detected is during installation. No visual indication can be found on the affected systems. The cheat allegedly connects through the steam workshop.

No doubt the shame must be high and I bet they’d like to crawl up into a hole and disappear right now. And it is really bad timing with Dreamhack starting this week. The Titan and Epsilon teams have been disqualified from this years Dreamhack Winter 2014 tournaments that has a price pool of $250,000.

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Image courtesy of PC Gamer

RaidCall EMS One CS:GO Spring Finalists Meet In Cologne April 13th

ESL’s new premier gaming competition RaidCall EMS One in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to have live event finals on April 13th – 35,000 US Dollars prize purse distributed between best eight teams in Europe

Cologne, April 5th 2013 – The best eight European teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will travel to Cologne (Germany) to define the winner of the RaidCall EMS One Spring 2013 season – 35,000 US Dollars will be on the line. The finalists will come prepared and very willing to dethrone Ninjas in Pyjamas as the best team in the world, and yet the Swedish favorites feel confident to add this prestigious title to their impressive achievement portfolio. The event will commence on April 13th in ESL TV’s own TV Studio in Cologne (Germany) at 11:00 CET and will be streamed live to the community via Twitch.tv, the global leading streaming platform for video gamers.

These best eight teams have had a hard time qualifying for the live event finals. Overall, more than 400 teams fought to qualify for this brand new premier gaming competition. The RaidCall EMS One had four weekly online cups where teams had to gather enough points to move on to the second phase, the group stage. Sixteen of Europe’s best successfully made it into the group stage and were divided by four. In a classic Round Robin format, the teams of five played each other, and the best two qualified for the live event finals in Cologne (Germany). And now, one of them will be crowned the European Champion.

Tickets are currently being sold to attend the event as part of the live audience who will be able to see the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams in Europe play against one another: emsone-spring2013csgo.eventbrite.com

RaidCall EMS One CS:GO Spring Finals Participants

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas (Sweden)
  • Anexis eSports (United Kingdom)
  • AbsoluteLegends (Sweden)
  • ESC ICY BOX (Poland)
  • Imaginary Gaming (France)
  • n!faculty (Germany)
  • Team VeryGames (France)
  • Fnatic (Denmark)

Prize Purse Distribution
1) 12,000 US Dollars
2) 7,000 US Dollars
3-4) 4,000 US Dollars
5-8) 2,000 US Dollars

You can find more information about the RaidCall EMS One CS:GO Spring Finals at its website www.raidcall-emsone.com

Montreal Designer to Release CS:GO Map Despite Being Threatened With a Lifetime Ban

A Montreal-based PC gamer and entrepreneur received a cease-and-desist letter from Société de transport de Montréal (STM) for designing and making plans to release a Counter Strike: Global Offensive map of the city’s well-known metro station Berri-UQAM. Diego Liatis said that the map is due sometime around March 2013 and plans to stick with the launch time even if he faces a lawsuit brought by the local transit authority.

Ars technica reported that it took nine months to create a playable map of Berri-QUAM which was then featured in LAN ETS 2013, one of the LAN party viz. held at a university in Montreal, Canada. The map is a digital reproduction of the real world station in the game and that’s what the local transit authority didn’t like.

Diego Liatis said,”If you ask me to change the name of the station, forget about it. I understand [copyright law], but there are limits, such as the name of the station.”

The spokesperson for STM said that they asked their lawyers to meet Diego’s lawyers and have asked that certain elements of the CounterStrike map should be removed. He and his lawyer need to discuss and get back to the transit authority to comment anything further.

Liatis and Frederik Denis haven’t released the CS:GO map yet, but they did put up a YouTube video which gives a good idea of the map itself:


Liatus clarified that their goal was to make a map involving Montreal or another Canadian location and wanted to do something independent as there’s no money involved, but if he still goes ahead with the launch, STM will impose a lifetime ban on using the transit services.

Till now, Liatus is only willing to alter the STM logo and a well-known piece of art in the station, but not the layout or the station itself. A second letter was sent to Liatus, stating that “copyright on architectural works is well established in jurisprudence as well as in [case law]” and invited Liatis’ counsel to meet the transit authority last Friday.

As of now, a LAN ETS spokesperson said that the university and the LAN party event is disassociating itself from Liatis and the map without any explanation, but Liatis is still standing his ground, saying that either STM could oppose him and meet him in court or if the transit authority will be OK with the map.