Kickstarter Launched to “Help” People With Phone Addiction

The NoPhone Zero is definitely one of the most bizarre Kickstarter campaigns I’ve ever seen which replaces your smartphone with a piece of plastic. This invention, and I use the term loosely, is designed to enrich your life and stop people from obsessively checking their smartphone on a regular basis. Supposedly, the plastic block provides a soothing and cathartic experience. According to the creator:

“The NoPhone Zero is less than a phone. It’s a plastic rectangle. It does nothing. Since it does nothing, you can hold it and spend time with other human beings. Life is better when you spend time with other human beings. Because human beings are more interesting than smart rectangle devices.”

It’s relatively easy to see the device’s appeal with glowing testimonies such as:

“It feels like a smartphone in my pocket, but it’s just a plastic rectangle.”

“I can now eat food without taking photos of it. Thanks, NoPhone!”

Admirably, the page directly addresses the question on everyone’s lips and claims this crowdfunding venture is a deadly serious operation. Honestly, I’m speechless and cannot fathom where this idea came from. Remarkably, there has already been 23 backers with 28 days to go. The funding target is $500 and $222 has been pledged. I’m still not convinced the product has mass market appeal and if the creator is simply trying to mock the Kickstarter process.

Do you think this is a phony?

Kickstarter Wants to Hire Someone With Good Common Sense

According to Gizmodo, Kickstarter really is looking to hire someone for their “common sense”. Now for any other company, that would be a very odd position to hold. But for Kickstarter, you can probably imagine why it isn’t. Not too long ago, we reported on the story of a man who intended to crowdfund a date with himself. That’s why they need a “Common Sense Specialist”.

The technical title for this role is in fact ‘Integrity Specialist‘, but you can see why common sense would be a good alternative for “integrity”. They’re asking for someone who can “help moderate our site for appropriate content, tone, and compliance”, but most interestingly, they want the successful candidate to ensure “that our Design and Technology categories are filled with top-notch projects”.

This is obviously intended to avoid terrible ‘projects’ like the “Worst Product Ever Made” Logbar Ring that managed to raise almost $1 Million and did pretty much nothing. Enjoy a hilarious review of that ‘product’ below.

Source: Gizmodo