Google Self Driving Car May Have Caused its First Crash

Google have often flaunted the fact that none of its numerous self-driving cars have ever been responsible for a crash it has been in, instead always being put down to outside forces, usually humans. Now this flawless record could be in jeopardy as according to a filing with the Californian DMV discovered by Mark Harris, a self-driving Lexus SUV belonging to Google drove itself into the side of a bus, thankfully at low-speed.

The description of the incident from the report states the following:

The Google AV test driver saw the bus approaching in the left side mirror but believed the bus would stop or slow to allow the Google AV to continue. Approximately three seconds later, as the Google AV was reentering the center of the lane it made contact with the side of the bus. The Google AV was operating in autonomous mode and traveling at less than 2 mph, and the bus was travelling at about 15 mph at the time of contact.

What exactly caused the crash is currently uncertain, either the car made the same assumption as the test driver, that the bus would allow the car into traffic, or there was a blind spot in its sensors. The latter is extremely unlikely due to the large array of sensors packed into the vehicle that covers all 360 degrees around it.

It was only a matter of time until an autonomous car was involved in an accident that was the fault of the car, with the growing number of them on the road for testing. Even one accident doesn’t change the statistics that autonomous cars are far safer than human drivers, especially with the years of testing and improvement ahead of them. Whether this accident shakes confidence in the readiness of self-driving cars remains to be seen, but with Google’s monthly self-driving report due soon, more details of the incident and the future of the car’s development may come to light.

CS:GO Players Being Permabanned Due to AMD Hardware Glitch

If you are one of the millions of CS:GO players out there and also use AMD hardware, then you should read this or risk getting permabanned. Yesterday there was a big and anticipated update to CS:GO that added seven new community maps in competitive matchmaking and a lot more. That in itself is great news, but it looks like that update causes a lot of trouble for AMD users.

Reddit is already full of threads on the issue and luckily there seems to be a workaround for now. The most important thing for you as a CS:GO player and AMD user is that you don’t attempt to rejoin and rejoin after your game crashes you out, or you risk the bans that a lot of people are experiencing.

It looks like the issue ends up in the graphic settings and it isn’t limited to the new maps as first suggested. Older maps such as Nuke and Dust are equally affected by this bug. The easy way to work around this, at least for now, is to simply set your graphics settings to low. This has been reported to fix the issue. Other users are reporting that it is enough to set Shader to medium and potentially also turn off multi-core rendering.

We can be pretty sure that all bans issued by this bug will be lifted again, but it is still a major bug that will have quite an influence on people. They can’t play their ranked matches until it has been resolved and generally risk missing out.

Have you been affected by this issue or are you already running the game on low graphics settings? What’s your opinion on a release this buggy? This is a bug that should have been caught before release considering the amount of players that are affected by it. How should Valve make this up their users again? Let us know in the comments.

Places You Don’t Crash Into With Your Drone – The Empire State Building

It’s no secret that many officials are strongly against the use of drones. While many police forces fear they can be used to cause harm, terror attacks, invade people’s privacy and more, and now pushing to have all drones registered so that their owners can be tracked and monitored. Of course, to many extents, the dangers of drones are real, but on the otherside there are a lot of people out there who just love to fly them for pleasure, to capture fantastic videos from the skies and much more.

Unfortunately for 28-year-old Sean Riddle of Jersey City, his drone flight got the attention of authorities after his flight in New York City took an unexpected turn. His drone (not pictured) crashed into the Empire State Building, hitting the building at the 40th floor before falling onto an overhang around the 35th floor. At 19:50 when the drone hit, Sean entered the building to speak with the building’s lobby security and casually ask if he was able to retrieve his drone from them. They weren’t exactly thrilled and immediately summoned the police, who arrested him on charges of reckless endangerment and criminal mischief.

It’s true that his accident could have led to more serious circumstances, especially if the drone had fallen to street-level where it could have injured something. However, it was clearly an accident, so should he have been arrested or dealt with so seriously or do you think the response from security and the police was justified in this instance? Especially seen as he may have asked permission prior to making the flight?

On the plus side, no one was hurt and while the done may not be in the best condition, it could have ended a lot worse. That being said, I’m hoping Sean got the footage he was after and gets to reclaim the drone soon, as we hate to see people taken away from their gadgets.

AnonSec Hacks NASA – Tries to Crash $222m Drone

Hackers from AnonSec have reportedly hacked NASA, leaking 276GB of private data and attempting to crash a $222m drone into the ocean, according to InfoWars.  The data dump includes 631 videos from aircraft and weather radars, 2,143 flight logs, and the e-mail addresses and phone numbers of 2,414 NASA employees.

After purchasing an “initial foothold” into NASA’s network from someone familiar with its internal security, AnonSec began experimenting with hacking into various systems, eventually brute forcing its way into the networks for the Glenn Research Center, Goddard Space Flight Center, and the Dryden Flight Research Center, through which it was able to access aircraft flight logs from each centre’s network-attached storage (NAS) device.

Soon after, AnonSec realised that some of these flight paths were instructions sent to NASA’s Global Hawk drone. AnonSec then replaced NASA’s sanctioned flight paths with its own malicious version (see map below) in an effort to crash it into the Pacific Ocean. NASA ground control noticed the discrepancy during the Global Hawk’s flight, however, and prevented the crash.

“Nasa has been breached more times than most people can honestly remember… However, this hack into Nasa wasn’t initially focused on drones [sic] data and upper atmosphere chemical samples. In fact the original breach into Nasa systems wasn’t even planned, it was caught up in a gozi virus spread,” AnonSec wrote. “People might find this lack of security surprising but its [sic] pretty standard from our experience. Once you get past the main lines of defense, its [sic] pretty much smooth sailing propagating through a network as long as you can maintain access.”

NASA has yet to comment on the incident.

US Drones Experience Spike in Unexplained Crashes

20 US military drones inexplicably crashed during 2015, and the Pentagon refuses to say why, The Washington Post reports. Half of the unmanned aerial vehicles involved are the US’s new Reaper drone, which cost $14 million (£9.8 million) each. The other 10 accidents involved the older Predator drone.

Unconfirmed rumours suggest that the Reaper could be experiencing problems with its starter generator, since that problem was detected after six crashes prior to 2014. “We’re looking closely at that to determine what is the core issue there,” Lt. Gen. Robert P. Otto, Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence and Surveillance Programs for the US Air Force, acknowledged.

“Once the battery’s gone, the airplane goes stupid and you lose it,” Colonel Brandon Baker, Chief of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Capabilities Division, added. “Quite frankly, we don’t have the root cause ironed out just yet.”

The Pentagon has not confirmed nor denied that the starter generator is responsible for the spike in drone crashes last year, refusing to comment on the matter and failing to officially report many of the 20 crashes in 2015. Despite this, it is known that military engineers have been desperately investigating a potential fix for the problem for over a year, with rumours that every military UAV in operation will require upgraded starter generators.

How Bad Are Adobe Flash Bug Repair Stats?

It’s safe to say Adobe flash did not have the best of years, from crashes, hacks, crashes, vulnerabilities and, yes more crashes, many in the industry doubt whether this will be the year Adobe finally pulls the plug. It seems the ill-fated Flash player is constantly being fixed, but, how often does it need to be patched from the many bugs?

Well, it turns out it’s quite a lot if you take into account official data on the subject, according to the information, “Adobe have repaired Flash Player 2015 a total of 316 Bugs”. This works out at almost 1 bug a day, or to be more precise; Adobe has fixed 1 bug every 1.15 days. Prominent industry figures have been somewhat sarcastic to the point whereby they have suggested Adobe is able to only rest on a “Sunday” before continuing to fix Flash again and again.

To place this into perspective, Adobe fixed 12 bugs in Flash on average per month in 2014, worse still, “the fourth quarter of 2015 saw the repair scale reach up to 113 bugs” Oh, there is more, recently Microsoft found that Flash crashed almost any browser on Windows 10 after conflicting security patches were pushed to users.

The implementation of Flash on many websites is also declining, once it used to be the standard, but stats have shown that in 2010, 28.5% of websites used Flash, today it is less than 10%.

Will Flash make it through 2016?  Not on this evidence.

Add to Anti-Banner

Toddler Loses Eye to Crashing Drone

Drones and the dangers of their use can barely stay out of recent news, but the risks of personal drones once again hit home in Britain recently, when a toddlers eyeball was sliced in half by their neighbour’s drone.

16-month old Oscar Webb was playing in front of his home in Southport-upon-Severn, Worcestershire, while the family’s next door neighbour, Simon Evans was flying his drone in his front garden. It was then that the drone collided with a tree and was sent spinning out of control before hitting Oscar. Despite the drone being flown responsibly, the result was one of the worst incidents involving a consumer drone.

The pilot, Evans was described by the BBC as an experienced drone operator, recounted the event: “It was up for about 60 seconds. As I brought it back down to land, it just clipped the tree and span round. The next thing I know I’ve just heard my friend shriek and say, ‘Oh God no’ and I turned around and just saw blood and his baby on the floor crying.”

After being rushed to hospital, it took multiple attempts at surgery to save the eye before it was determined that it would have to be removed. Doctors described the injury as one of the worst eye injuries that they had ever seen. Dr. Faye Mellington, an optics specialist at Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, told the BBC: “I’ve not seen one in somebody so young, and I’ve also not see one from a drone.” “Any instrument that can come close to the eye and at high speed can cause devastating injuries,” she said “I supposed given that so many are around now and in frequent use, one may expect several more injuries of this kind.” Oscar is expected to receive a prosthetic eye in the future.

Evans is yet to fly a drone since the incident, “I look at the drones in the garage and I feel physically sick.” He now feels concerned about how dangerous drones can be.

It is incidents like this that really drive home that drones, even used carefully, can be dangerous and that anyone operating a drone should be aware of this and any dangers in their surroundings.

What Happens to an iPhone in a Car Accident?

At some point, we can all probably admit picking up our phones while behind the wheel of the car, even if it’s just to get it out of your pocket because the vibration is annoying. Even worse than that, a small percentage of drivers go further and actually use the phone while driving. We all know the legal and most safety consequences of doing this, but what about the airbags in the event of a crash?

The people over at EverythingApplePro has gone and tested this for us in a very Mythbusters style by pitting multiple iPhone 6S phones against airbags in different scenarios.

For those that do not have a stable internet connection, the testing pretty much shows multiple iPhones getting destroyed.

I can safely say that it is scary what happened to the device. I know that in most cases there are never two airbags directed at each other, but in some newer cars there are airbags very close to each other to protect front and side impacts. Imagine if they caught your hand while holding the device?

This channel previously tested whether an iPhone would be a viable alternative to conventional brake pads, I can tell you that they’re not.

Image Courtesy of TechTimes

iOS 9 ‘Slide to Upgrade’ Bug is Bricking Apple Devices

The latest iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system has received a number of complaints from users during the upgrade process. Essentially, iOS 9 suffers from a major glitch mid-way through the update and can cause Apple devices to lock up. Any iPhone or iPad has to be forcibly reset to factory settings and re-attempt the upgrade procedure. Unfortunately, this means all of the user-data will be unrecoverable which is bound to annoy even the most devoted of Apple fans.

One reader told The Register:

“I have just updated my iPad to iOS 9 and found to my horror that once it has ‘successfully’ installed and then gone through the initial setup phase, I cannot progress past the second request to ‘slide to upgrade’ page.”

“The setup order is ‘passcode’ – ‘slide to upgrade’ – ‘select Wi-Fi’ – ‘slide to upgrade’ at which point no further actions are possible.”

I’ve also witnessed first-hand reports from Apple customers who are unable to even begin the update process and greeted with technical errors. Supposedly, the problems occur when updating from iOS 7 to iOS 9. From a PR perspective, this is fairly terrible news for Apple given the record-breaking sales of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Thank you The Register for providing us with this information.

GTA V AI Goes Mental – Causes Truly Epic Car Crash

Video game AI has made some incredible advancements in recent years; gaming just wouldn’t be the same without it! However, every now and then it goes wrong on a scale of epic proportions, which is no bad thing, because the results are more often than not, hilarious.

GTA V is a fantastic open-world game, with seemingly thousands of AI controlled NPCs that are just waiting to go haywire and I’m forever grateful that the gamer who saw this recorded the gameplay and uploaded it to the internet.

One simple car crash is nothing in GTA V, it happens all the time. This time, however, they just kept on coming, joining the heap and causing untold chaos the likes I’ve never seen. The end result is like something from Benny Hill crossed with Blues Brothers, perhaps even a little bit of Apocalypse Now for good measure.

The video is a little long at 5 minutes, but it’s certainly worth the watch.

It seems the inhabitants of this digital world don’t give a damn about those around them, from the Paramedic arriving already on fire, to the others kicking a burning man on the ground; it just keeps getting more and more out of hand and by the two-minute mark, it’s a total war zone!

Did someone say Benny Hill?

First Rocket League Patch Punishes Quitters and Fixes Bugs

Rocket League had a bit of a rough start as the servers started to overheat and users reporting their consoles doing the same about a month ago. Now the first patch is ready and it has been rolled out to both PS4 and PC players, about a month ahead of the launch of the first DLC for the game.

The new patch provides some critical fixes, but also a harsher punishment for people leaving ranked games ahead of time. There really isn’t anything more frustrating than quitters in online games, especially when you play ranked matches. Now with the new patch, the first player to abandon a ranked match will be banned from matchmaking for 15 minutes. A mild sentence as a disconnect doesn’t necessarily mean that it was on purpose, but long enough to give people something to think about. With the ban time, they might as well just continue to play to match.

Quick chat commands now work cross-platform, they didn’t up until now. That might be the reason why you thought some people were very silent and didn’t use the quick chat commands such as nice shot, sorry, or oops. Other fixes include a better AI that matches the average skill level of all players in the current game, achievement fixes in both unlocking and description, and multiple crash scenarios have also been fixed.

Overall, this looks like a great patch for the game and the community. You can also check out the full changelog on the official website.

Footage Discovered of Unreleased Crash Bandicoot Cartoon

A YouTube video has emerged from David Siller, who worked as lead designer for Universal Interactive Studios during the time of Crash Bandicoot’s development. The footage shows the introduction to a Crash Bandicoot cartoon and features a rather unusual soundtrack. Notable lyrics include, “play our game and tell your friends so we make lots of loot” which is humorous whilst being fairly cringeworthy. It does have a certain charm though and I cannot get the theme out of my head!

Siller provided information on the video’s provenance and why the cartoon was never fully pursued,

“This video (above) is test animation that was done for Crash Bandicoot,”

“Produced by Universal Animation early in the development of the game. It was based on ideas for where we were going with this IP at that time.”

“It was probably too ambitious in nature and was also trying to be humorous. It was never used or even embedded in the game as a hidden ‘easter egg’ treat.”

“Once UIS licensed the game to Sony for publication, Sony did not want it utilised since they were heavily pushing the ‘3D’ agenda.”

“There are many close to the development of the original game that do not even know that this material even existed.”

“The discussion at Universal at that time was if the game was successful (before Sony came a knockin’) then this animation was a somewhat prototype to further flesh out ideas for a possible cartoon series and inclusion into the game. This animation was influenced by Animaniacs and even a few others popular at that time. A Crash Bandicoot attraction was also discussed as our offices were right next door to where Universal Theme parks maintained a creative office to plan new park attractions. UIS even did some consulting for them.”

The Crash Bandicoot franchise holds a lot of nostalgic memories for me and I consider them to be an integral part of my childhood. It’s also fascinating to see projects which never came to fruition and whilst the cartoon has a cheesy, quirky feel, it looks pretty awful.

What do you think of the Crash Bandicoot cartoon?

Thank you DigitalSpy for providing us with this information.

Fallout 4 Craze Crashes GAME Website

The Fallout series has been the game that most people think of when asked about post-nuclear war survival games. The newest addition to this is Fallout 4, which comes with a brand new collector addition, with added Pip-Boy wearable. The new tech is compatible with most mobile phones by docking them inside and has most fans crying in anticipation to get their radioactive hands on them.

In the UK, GAME has the exclusive rights to this new collectors edition and went on pre-order at 9am this morning; well it was supposed to anyway. Due to the overwhelming interest in the item, the GAME website crashed and caused major headaches.

As any company would do in this day and age, someone from the marketing team took to Twitter to try to ease the tense customers, using references from the game itself.

The website was then fixed, or maybe the consumers broke their computers and the amount accessing the site was less, and all of the pre-orders were taken within minutes.

Were you one of the thousands trying to access the website this morning? Did you get your hands on the Pip-Boy Edition? Let us know in the comments.

Thank you to MCVUK for providing us with this information.

Second Alton Towers Rollercoaster Crash In A Month!

Two carriages on the Sonic Spinball today,

This is the  second accident at the now, not-so-popular theme park in the UK. Reports say that a man has been taken to hospital with a head injury.

A witness, Danny Robinson from Liverpool was watching his four friends when the accident happened, stated the carriage was going at “full pace” when it crashed into another carriage containing a young family at the end of the ride. Alton Towers have since refuted the claims and told us that the carriage ‘nudged each other at walking pace”

Danny told The Mirror:

“The mum in the other carriage was screaming. Two of my friends hit the back of their heads and another two hurt their necks. They spent about 20 minutes getting them out of the carriage.”

another person on the ride also tweeted about her ordeal:

“So today [I’ve] been to Alton towers and my carriage crashed into another one on the sonic spinball … Safe to say I won’t be going again”

It was also said that all four were taken to the medical centre spent two-and-a-half hours getting checked over and heat pads on their necks. Afterwards one of them started throwing up everywhere and ended up going to hospital.

Another incident happened on the ride earlier, The Mirror reported.

“My 16-year-old daughter was stuck at the top of Sonic Spinball in the middle of the day for 40 minutes. She had to be put in a harness and climb down.

“She has been sick a number of times since and I think she has sun stroke, it’s her school prom tonight and she is hoping she will be well enough to go.”

It’s not been a great time for Alton towers recently, Would you feel safe going there now? I’m not sure I would!

Thank you to BirminghamMail for providing us with this information

Airbus A400M Software Update Caused Crash

Investigators for the Airbus A400M crash have narrowed down the cause of the software configuration error that led to the crash. According to sources speaking to Reuters, the most likely scenario is that critical software data was wiped from three of the engines during a software upgrade.

During a software upgrade for the engines, data pertaining to the engines, called “torque calibration parameters” were inadvertently wiped. Airbus had known about the potential issue that a software installation could wipe critical data. However, the risk was deemed low and Airbus simply implemented more checks. Unfortunately, in this case, the extra checks failed to discover the problem until it was too late.

Once in flight, a safety check by software would also determine if the engines had any problem. However, this check was only meant to stop faulty engines from causing damage, and to shut down the engines if needed. In this case, the engineers had never envisioned that 3 engines would have to be shut down and the critical loss of power eventually caused the crash.

The cause of the wipe has been identified as the Airbus software used to conduct the installation. Airbus has since warned its customers to cease using the faulty software. With even Boeing finding critical software bugs, one wonders how much care is being taken to software stability and if we can ever trust a windowless cockpit.

Thank you Reuters for the information.

Airbus A400M Disaster Blamed on Faulty Software Configuration

As software continues to grow more complex, the chance for critical errors to emerge increases. Airbus has found out the hard way after a Spanish A400M suffered a fatal crash just last month. Investigators have determined that a software configuration error for the engines led to nearly full engine failure, leading up to the crash.

Airbus was able to determine from the flight data recorder that the plane had not suffered any physical malfunction. Rather, software controlling the fuel supply erroneously adjusted the fuel tank trim due to faulty software configuration. Starved of fuel, the engines shut down, causing the plane to eventually crash. The software fault was not inherent to the code in the engine control unit but was due to it’s erroneous configuration settings.

While fly by wire has become very common in the plane industry, the continued reliance on software raises some concern. Checking for issues in software can be more complex than discovering and diagnosing physical problems with planes. Boeing, Airbus’s main competition,  recently discovered a serious software bug that could have led to crashes due to bad software, also relating to power and engines. It’s important for firms to take as much care to make secure and reliable software as it is for ensuring the physical integrity of the plane. These issues are sure to crop up more and before I get on a 100% software reliant plane with a windowless cockpit, that software better be free of errors and configured properly.

Google’s Solar Plane Crashes After Takeoff

Over the last few months, we have heard about Google’s and Facebook’s plans to bring free internet to everyone in the world; focusing on the parts of the world currently without internet access. Plans jumped from weather balloons to satellites to planes and much more. Google decided to stick with a solar plane.

In theory, this was a good idea; a huge 50m wing span completely covered in solar panels to absorb as much energy as possible, in a light weight chassis and electric motor.

During initial testing in Albuquerque, the plane crashed shortly after takeoff. This happened on May 1st on a private airfield and luckily no injuries were reported; well apart from the plane. The drone was a project idea of Google which became a reality after the acquisition of Titan Aerospace. It has not been made clear if the plane is salvageable or if the technology will be used to build ‘Solar Plane 2.0’.

“Although our prototype plane went down during a recent test, we remain optimistic about the potential of solar-powered planes to help deliver connectivity,” Courtney Hohne, a Google spokeswoman, told Bloomberg. “Part of building a new technology is overcoming hurdles along the way.”

It is still early days for the project, maybe it would be better to be dropped off the bottom of a larger plane instead of self-propelling for take off.

Thank you Engadget for providing us with this information.

iMessage Bug Used to Crash iPhones at Will

People have discovered a new old flaw in iMessage that allows you to crash basically any iPhone at will. I say new old because the flaw already was known back in iOS 6 and IS X 10.8.

People are currently using this flaw to abuse and annoy their friends by creating panic over crashing systems and it is effectively an SMS bomb. Send the right characters to an iPhone and it crashes and turns off.

An SMS bomb is exactly what it sounds like. A lot of messages sent quickly in a row, as many as you specify, to whomever you want. The text sent is simple and only about 10 bytes long. You can even specify a delay between the messages. Apps that use this are available and are being used. Bomb someone with 100+ messages and their phone locks up.

This one is a little different as it actually uses a bug in Apples CoreText that’s also known as Unicode of Death. If you should have been affected and can’t get back into your iMessages then just send that person any random image from your gallery app and you should be back in action.

Depending on how important the feature is to you, you might want to disable iMessage under Settings > Messages > iMessage on your iPhone until Apple releases a patch to fix the issue.

Remember that this could be fun for a joke, but don’t abuse this as it has potential to create trouble.

Thank you Reddit for providing us with this information

LEGO Super Star Destroyer Destruction Captured by 1000fps Camera

Everyone remembers the Star Destroyers from Star wars, the big impending shapes that announced the imperial fleet was approaching, and then in the prequels the Republics clone army. But what happens when you spend $800 on building a LEGO version of the Super Star Destroyer, as shown in the image above, a much larger version of the star destroyer and Darth Vaders personal flagship (named the Executor).

The second best thing of LEGO was the ability to build whatever you could think of, from a simple house or vehicle to a complex track of motors and towers. The best bit, I found, was taking it apart, slowly dismantling the models you built weeks or months ago just to see how they worked and how you had built them and maybe improve on their designs. Turns out I was wrong, the best bit is filming an $800 LEGO super star destroyer in slow motion crash into the floor.

Filmed at 1000 frames per second the video shows everything from the slow motion impact to tracking the little Darth Vader as he is released from the ship. What is the most complex or expensive piece of Lego you’ve ever built?

Video courtesy of WIRED.

Harrison Ford Injured in Plane Crash

The man who flew the Millennium Falcon was involved in a plane crash yesterday, but luckily he’s alright. Harrison Ford managed to land his plane on a nearby golf course with what experts describe as exceptional piloting skills.

Harrison Ford is battered but okay after the crash landing on Thursday. He was flying his vintage World War II training plane when it lost engine power and he had to crash land on a California golf course where he even clipped a tree on the way down. He still managed to land the plane ‘intact’.

The 72-year-old actor was conscious and breathing when the rescue crews arrived at the scene where he was stabilized and then taken to a hospital. Sources have told NBC News that Ford slammed into the plane’s console and control stick and that he underwent surgery Thursday night. He suffered a broken arm and a nasty gash to his head, among other injuries.

There are those who try to use the news to push their own agenda, about the retro planes safety and close proximity to residential areas, but there is no doubt that Harrison Ford pulled off an amazing landing in a difficult situation. The rest is a matter for another time.

We’re happy that he only suffered minor injuries and wish him a speedy recovery.

Thanks to NBC for providing us with this information


Amazon Experiences Europe-Wide Outage

Last night, users of Amazon in the UK, Denmark, Germany or many other places in Europe for that matter, found themselves locked out of the preeminent online store for quite some time.

With this and the company’s Instant Video service was also reported to be down as well, you’d think Amazon would have been eager to report the problems. Well, they didn’t – they’re status pages said everything was OK. These people certainly didn’t.

The site is now back up and running, to the delight of the many millions of click-happy shoppers.

Source: The Next Web

SpaceX Releases Amazing Video of Crash Landing

As we previously reported, Elon Musk’s SpaceX’s plan of effectively landing a rocked on a barge went unsuccessful, as the rocket effectively crashed. While Musk initially referred to the crash as perhaps a less exciting “failed landing”, he’s since decided to reveal some images and video of the event itself, and as you’ll see, this was a lot more than a “failed landing”.

While these images speak for themselves, it’s worth pointing out that he initially shared a series of frames from the video on Twitter, before the SpaceX account released the video bellow.


An “exciting day!” indeed.

Source: The Verge

Man Arrested by UK Police Over Twitter Joke

A man who joked on Twitter about the recent crash of a refuse truck into a hotel lobby has been arrested by UK police over the tweet. The unnamed 19-year-old man handed himself into Northumbria Police over a tweet, now deleted, that read:

So a bin lorry has apparently driven in 100 people in Glasgow eh, probably the most trash it’s picked up in one day.

Northumbria Police say that the man was arrested on suspicion of making malicious communication. He has been bailed while the investigation continues.

Before the arrest, Steve Kuncewisz, a media law solicitor, agreed that the tweet could constitute an offence under the Communications Act, but added that responses to the original tweet, which included abuse and threats, could also be deemed as similar offences.

“The wisdom of the crowd is not always present in situations like this. And the wisdom of this one guy seems to have deserted him. But whether or this would justify an arrest of prosecution, I’m not so sure,” Kuncewisz said.

Source: Huffington Post


First Drone Launched From FAA Test Site Crashes

The first drone to be launched from the FAA’s test facility in Nevada crashed almost immediately. The facility is intended to test drones for their entry into commercial use.

The Magpie UAV did eventually get certification, but the first public demonstration flight of the aircraft crashed with all to see, including the Governor of Nevada himself.

The Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems has been set up to provide certification to commercial drone operators. It is currently illegal in the US to fly drones for commercial purposes, so this facility has been set up to ensure drone’s airworthiness before they go into service.

I’m pretty sure this demonstration made the facility seem worthwhile.

Source: Gizmodo

Workaround Provided For Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Unity Main Menu Problems

Gamers are reporting problems with Ubisoft’s Assassin Creed Unity, saying the game is crashing on the main menu screen.

Game crashes have hit PC gamers, Sony PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Xbox One console owners, keeping players from using the game title’s social features. It’s an absolutely atrocious problem gamers have endured, with Ubisoft trying to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Here is what Ubisoft said in a statement:

“We have discovered one of the issues that may cause the game to crash at the main menu after pressing the CONTINUE button. The issue affects all platforms. The team is working hard on a fix for those players that have been affected by this. However, for players who haven’t experienced this issue, we highly recommend you take the following steps to prevent a crash.”

Ubisoft recommends not adding in-game recent players as a game contact, and if you already have, then remove them (My Brotherhood > My Contacts > Game Contacts (using RB/R1) > Focus on a Contact (LS) > More Actions (Y/Triangle) > Remove from contacts. Gamers still having problems can submit a support ticket on the Ubisoft website.

Ubisoft has endured a rough couple of weeks, with France upset at the game studio – as Ubisoft blames AMD for poor performance of Assassin’s Creed Unity.

(Thank you to IGN for providing us with this information. Image courtesy of Ubisoft.)

Virgin Media Customers Lose Service After Internal Error

A number of Virgin Media customers found themselves starved of internet access last weekend, as a bug crashed the ISP’s child filtering system.

The Websafe service is utilised by Virgin to prevent children seeing inappropriate content, a system used by all UK ISPs. For customers, use of the service is optional, however it has been reported that too much of Virgin Media’s internet traffic was routed through the server in charge of the filtering, causing it to crash. Subsequently, a significant number of Virgin Media customers found themselves unable to access any websites on Saturday (8th November). Virgin has said that they apologised to customers, however a number of them responded in anger on social media, with many concerned that their browsing activity was being filtered even though they opted out of the service.

Virgin advised customers to reboot their router to fix the problem and they have since resolved the issues with the server itself.

Source: The Register