Forget The Selfie Stick – Get Me My Photo Plate!

Technology and science go hand in hand, and some say that cooking is just another science, one more in touch with art and taste than maths. In recent years it has been common for people to take pictures of their meals before enjoying them but is making a special plate just to take a picture just a little too much?

Created by both Israel’s Camel Winery (interesting name right?) and Tel Aviv’s restaurant Catit, the Foodography workshop not only aims to satisfy your hunger with a five-course meal but to improve your photography skills while your eating.

Based around the use of two different plates, the Limbo (pictured above), and the 360 (pictured below), the patrons are trained by a photographer about how to capture their food for eternity. The Limbo is designed to allow the colourful food to stand out while also containing an area to stand your mobile phone ready to take a picture while also providing a stand to hold a light. The 360, however, is slightly different in that it’s designed for video capture. With another stand for your phone and circular dish, the 360 allows you to capture your food in its full glory. In the image below you can see it being used to capture as a circle of source is poured onto the plate.

Food looks nice, but I’ve never understood the fascination with taking pictures of it. On the other hand, good looking food does make you hungry and makes you want to eat it more so maybe this course isn’t all nonsense. The use of smartphones, letting everybody join into the course I think helps increase its appeal but at $155 (approximately £100) per head makes it a very pricey five-course meal.

Now if you don’t mind me, I’m feeling rather hungry.

Thanks to The Verge for their information. 

Images courtesy of PetaPixel