Dad Constructs Enormous Death Star to Entertain His Children

Star Wars: The Force Awakens premieres on December 14th in Los Angeles and predicted to smash box office records. As you might expect, science-fiction fans are anxiously waiting to see the next installment in the franchise. Additionally, the plot and character development has been kept relatively secret, which means the movie’s narrative is still a mystery. Nevertheless, to mark this momentous occasion, super-fan Colby Powell recently started a project to build a fully operational Death Star.

The final piece measures 23 feet in diameter and looks phenomenal. Even more unbelievable, 162 Geohubs, 18 cans of paint and 2,000 feet of 1/2 inch PVC was used to create this mammoth sculpture. The creator went to extreme lengths to finish the construction and even hired a large crane. When powered on, the Death Star glows in a menacing manner and monitors the universe for its next target. Either the universe, or a cluttered house in Lafayette (same thing right?).

Clearly, the Death Star is built just in time for the latest movie. Perhaps, there’s a TV inside to watch Star Wars while on the look out for Rebel traitors. In all seriousness, this is a wonderful project and it’s fantastic to see the final result.

Are you looking forward to the new Star Wars movie?

Check out this Supercut of Every James Bond Gadget Ever

From a simple hidden knife, to a laser equipped watch, James Bond has had a lot of cool toys over the years. Sure there are a few films that are a lot more understated in terms of tech than others, take the new Daniel Craig films for example, but the classics were full of whacky toys.

Personally, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Bond cards, they’re usually the most outrageous movie cars you can think of, but still look like something you could really own.

“Every gadget used by James Bond . . . plus a few from the Q Branch that were just too good to leave out. From every James Bond film ever, in chronological order.” say the videos creators, Burger Fiction on YouTube, and it must have taken ages to actually put together!

So how many gadgets do you think there have been throughout all of the movies? With a few to spare for Q and his team? Take a guess and watch the video; my guess was almost 50 gadgets short.

Which one of the gadgets was your favourite from them all? Let us know in the comments section below, but we warned, it could turn into a heated debate on who is the best Bond quite quickly.

Super Mario Overhaul Comes to Sonic Generations on PC

Sonic’s reputation has been abysmal in the last decade and categorically failed to live up to the iconic Megadrive/Genesis titles. SEGA released a number of atrocious Sonic games such as Sonic Boom, but there are two fairly recent hidden gems. Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing Transformed is a magical kart racer and the closest the PC has come to its own version of Mario Kart.  On another note, Sonic Generations perfectly reproduced the addicting Sonic physics and contained a host of visually diverse levels. It’s one of the best platformers I’ve ever played and well worth a look!

One of the PC’s greatest attributes is the modding community which prolongs each game’s lifespan way beyond its launch period. While some mods are designed to make silly changes, others can dramatically alter the core gameplay. Yesterday, YouTube channel Daku Neko released a mod entitled, Super Mario Generations. In the creators own words the mod:

“… includes, but not limited to, new rivals from the Mario universe, new music, new HUD and anything else pertaining to raster graphics.”

“And, of course, sound effect edits.”

“Luigi is also included for those who love the King-of-Second-Bananas. Yoshi was originally planned to be playable; unfortunately, we didn’t open the door, get on the floor, or even walk the dinosaur.”

Obviously, this isn’t endorsed by SEGA or Nintendo, so I presume it could be removed fairly soon. Additionally, the developer is asking let’s players to seek permission before making content as monetization of videos is a legal problem. For those of you interested in giving it a try here’s the full instructions and download link:

“Install like you would any other Generations mod. Normally, the directory is C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\Steamapps\common\Sonic Generations\mods. SonicGMI is paramount if you want to play this mod. You may also pack the files into CPKs if you run into GMI’s infamous loading loop glitch (advanced users only).”

“If you have do not have SonicGMI, or do not understand why it’s required, please refer to this page

Download Super Mario Generations here.

Engineer Builds Working Thor’s Hammer

You can’t beat a good practical joke, and this one is certainly one of my favourites. An engineer has built a working thor’s hammer, but of course, it’s not really as magical (sorry) as the one from the comics/movies. The legendary hammer Mjolnir is known to only be wielded by the worthy and if it does not deem you worthy, then you simply cannot pick it up.

Allen Pan from the Sufficienly Advanced YouTube channel decided to create his own working replica and take it on the streets to troll the unsuspecting public. The hammer uses a very powerful electromagnet taken from a microwave oven and some batteries. When placed on a metal surface, it would take the force of The Hulk to remove the thing, or of course, it’s creator. The handle of the device is fitted with a thumbprint scanner, an Arduino Pro Mini and a solid state relay, which allows Allen to turn the magnet off, allowing him to reign supreme and lift the mighty Mjolnir into the air.

It’s a simple trick, but a fun one none the less, because who wouldn’t want to have their own Thor’s Hammer to make them look super strong! It’s just a shame he can’t use it to fly or summon lightning.

iMac with Retina 5K Display Vs 90mm Anti-Tank Cannon

As much as Apple have proven to be a successful company, creating some of the most popular devices on the market, it still makes me smile to see them getting blown to a million pieces. Then again, I like seeing high-end military hardware blowing stuff up for fun regardless, it just puts a cheeky smile on my face when it’s an Apple product.

We’ve seen a few videos like this in the past, more often than not involving iPhones and bullets. So what if we scale things up a bit? Take a nice and big iMac with 5K Retina display and face it off against a T8 90mm AT (anti-tank) cannon. Let’s be honest, this isn’t a fair fight, but you didn’t come here to read about the iMac winning, we all know how this is going to end.

Of course, we don’t have our own T8 cannon or an iMac 5K of our own to corroborate the results, but we’re pretty confident that YouTuber “FullMag” did a damn good job of showing that iMac who’s boss.

If you could blast any piece of technology with a 90mm anti-tank cannon, what would it be and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

GTA V AI Goes Mental – Causes Truly Epic Car Crash

Video game AI has made some incredible advancements in recent years; gaming just wouldn’t be the same without it! However, every now and then it goes wrong on a scale of epic proportions, which is no bad thing, because the results are more often than not, hilarious.

GTA V is a fantastic open-world game, with seemingly thousands of AI controlled NPCs that are just waiting to go haywire and I’m forever grateful that the gamer who saw this recorded the gameplay and uploaded it to the internet.

One simple car crash is nothing in GTA V, it happens all the time. This time, however, they just kept on coming, joining the heap and causing untold chaos the likes I’ve never seen. The end result is like something from Benny Hill crossed with Blues Brothers, perhaps even a little bit of Apocalypse Now for good measure.

The video is a little long at 5 minutes, but it’s certainly worth the watch.

It seems the inhabitants of this digital world don’t give a damn about those around them, from the Paramedic arriving already on fire, to the others kicking a burning man on the ground; it just keeps getting more and more out of hand and by the two-minute mark, it’s a total war zone!

Did someone say Benny Hill?

Website Calculates Time “Wasted” Watching Your Favourite Shows

Ever sat there on a rainy weekend and binge watched your way through an entire boxset of your favourite TV show, got hooked on Game of Thrones and got lost in every episode for days on end, or given yourself a headache working out what the hell is really going on with Lock and Sheppard in Lost? Of course you have! We’ve all been guilty of watching a lot of TV in our lives, I realise that’s an assumption, but I’m confident it’s a pretty accurate one.

TV shows can span huge seasons, over many years and keep us going back for more. Ever wondered just how much of your life you’ve spent watching your favourite shows? Although, keep in mind, you may not want to actually know the truth, the result may be longer than you think! asks you to search for your favourite shows, how many seasons you’ve watched and tells you how many days, hours and minutes they take up. I put in the first twelve of my favourite Sci-Fi and fantasy shows and clocked up almost 31 days just on those alone and that’s without factoring in the amount of times I’ve rewatched them, yikes! Let’s not even bother counting that I’ve seen quite a lot of episodes of Red Dwarf over a hundred times (really).

So go on, what’s your big number? and do you have any regrets for “wasting” so much time watching it all? I know I don’t!

Akira Trailer Remade With Simpsons Characters

I’ve seen my fair share of random internet videos, but every now and then, something rather special crops up and distracts me from technology. Almost everyone loves a bit of The Simpsons, and it’s fair to say that quite a lot of people love the iconic Anime that is Akira. Naturally, when you put the two together, you’re in for a real treat.

“Based on an idea by Ryan Humphrey articulated through comics, the concept was expanded with the Bartkira project, a comic collaboration of Simpsons fans, curated by James Harvey. In association with the comic, Moon Animate Make-Up producer Kaitlin Sullivan pitched the idea of an animated trailer to match and with the work of over fifty artists, produced the Bartkira animated trailer.”

Check out the video for “Bartkira the Animated Trailer” below and let us know what you think in the comments section!

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AK-74 Vs iPhones – Who Will Win?

YouTube channel EverythingApplePro has taken a bunch of iPhones to the firing range to answer that age old question, just how many iPhones does it take to stop a bullet from an AK-74? OK, I’ll admit, that’s a pretty niche question and it’s unlikely you’ve ever thought about it, but either way, we have the answer.

Obviously, a single handset isn’t going to stop a round from close range, but if your intent is to kill an Apple product, you’ll have no trouble. However, if you’re trying to take out eight of the much loved/hated mobile device, but only want to spend a single bullet, then you’ll have to get them in line and take your best aim.

Check out the video below.

I’m surprised the bullet didn’t go through all of them, especially at such close range, but five is still impressive. As you can see, the bullet deforming means that the phones towards the back take the most amount of damage.

So there you have it, a rather fun and somewhat aggressive way of trashing iPhones. They’re not likely to be replacing bullet proof vests anytime soon, that’s for sure.

I wonder how many bullets it takes to get through a single Nokia 3310?

1000mph Bloodhound SSC Car Parachute Tested

Getting a 1000mph car to go 1000mph isn’t particularly hard, you just need an absolutely MASSIVE engine. However, keeping it from exploding, taking off, crashing and more is the really hard part. The latest tests for the hopefully land-speed recording breaking vehicle tested one of the most important components, the parachute, because you can bet that the cars pilot will be happy to hit 1000mph, but also even happier to find out the breaking systems work properly.

A successful test of the parachute is a welcome tick on the to-do list for the team and so far the jet and rocket-powered car is right on track to obliterate the current 763.035mph record, which was set back in 1997.

The parachute wasn’t tested at 1000mph, but instead at 180mph. Andy Green, the current land speed record holder will drive the Bloodhound to 1000mph, but this week he was in a Jaguar F-type R Coupe which was fitted with the parachute system.

Next year, Andy will take the Bloodhound, which is fitted with a Eurofighter Typhoon jet engine, as well as a range of Nammo hybrid rockets and a 500bhp supercharged Jaguar V8, to Mier in South Africa and we wish him and his team the best of luck.

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Machine That ‘Uncooks Eggs’ Used to Improve Cancer Treatment

A machine invented by an Australian scientist that can “unboil an egg” by unfolding the proteins in egg whites back to their natural state has been hailed as a potential game-changer for the targeted delivery of chemotherapy drugs for cancer treatment.

The machine, the vortex fluidic device was invented by Professor Colin Raston from Flinders University works by using mechanical energy by spinning molecules at a phenomenal speed (up to 5000 rpm!) to control chemical processes. So far it has been used to “unboil” an egg by uncoiling the albumen proteins and returning them to their natural state, making them active again in a clear liquid.

The device may be able to assist in the delivery of chemotherapy drugs according to a report published by Nature.

“The machine dramatically improves the attachment of the platinum-based cancer drug carboplatin to nano-sized delivery tubes called vesicles. Carboplatin works by binding to cancer cells, inhibiting their DNA synthesis and cell division. The authors of the paper expect that the use of nano-tubes for delivery will allow for a more targeted release of the chemotherapy drug.”

“The hope is that by releasing carboplatin faster at lower pH levels, patients will be able to receive lower doses for more effective treatment.”

It also minimises drug waste. Up to half a tonne of manufacturing waste can be generated by the production of just one kilogramme of anti-cancer drugs.

“Much of the drugs end up in the sewerage system and [could] create superbugs in our environment,” Dr Raston said.

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Image courtesy of Parade

Yahoo Labs Finds Filtered Photos Are More Popular

A new paper from Yahoo Labs “Why We Filter Our Photos and How It Impacts Engagement” delves into its findings after analyzing 7.6million photos on Flickr. They found that filters boost engagement on Flickr.

Thanks to social photo sharing apps the majority of the photos we seem to see these days on the internet have been filtered. Filtered photos sure have their haters, but love them or hate them they are here to stay. Yahoo Labs found that photos that are filtered are 21% more likely to be viewed than their original and 45% more likely to be commented on.

Yahoo Labs even found that warmer filters boost engagement more than cooler filters. So now you know if you want your photos to be a bit more popular always go for warm filters. They even were able to nail down that casual shooters tend to use heavy filtering while more experienced photographers generally use filters that have a light effect. So the takeaway is if you don’t want to look like a casual photographer you need to use filters that lightly enhance the photos, not change them drastically. It sure is an interesting point, as it wouldn’t have occurred to me that choosing a filter made that much difference to how others give it their attention.

From Words to Beats with Typedrummer

Syllables have always been the building blocks of our words, sentences, languages. So what do you get when you change those letters, words and sentences into drum hits?

Typedrummer it’s a website which changes letters, words and sentences into drum rhythms, if music has never been a strong point, this could get you on your way.

Created by Kyle Stetz a developer at P’unk Avenue Typedrummer maps drum samples to the letter keys on your keyboard, numbers, symbols etc. don’t work, spaces act as rests.

You can get a nice rhythm going with careful spacing and letter placement. Sentences aren’t of much use as they create a chaotic mess. Gibberish, stuttering and slang creates workable rhythms, the less sense you make, the better it sounds, can share your beats with friends via the “share this beat” option.

There’s one downside, the tempo’s constant, though that can be fixed via audio editing software. If you’re a producer looking for a new way to get creative or someone with a bit of free time on your hands, this one’s for you, your next sentence could be your next a hit.

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Further Tests Show NASA’s EM Drive May Be Possible After all!

It’s no secret that warp drive technology is freaking awesome, as it would theoretically allow faster than light travel, which would obviously have huge implications on space travel and many other aspects of technology if it can be achieved. The new drive was discovered almost by accident, as the test was meant to use microwave technology to provide propulsion without the use of a propellant, but early tests left scientists baffled, as light was able to travel at faster than light speeds throughout the field that the drive generated.

Obviously, the team have been working hard to find out why this happened, going on the assumption that it’s an error of some kind in their results, much like the false alarm about neutrinos traveling faster than light we had not so long back.

New tests have been performed in a vacuum, but amazingly the drive was still found to work, at least as a form of propulsion, adding further merit to the idea that the EM Drive is possible. Of course, doesn’t green light the idea just yet, but it’s certainly looking very positive. A very extensive breakdown of the technology and the tests can be found here. The drive is incredible, as it can be used to reduce the weight of what NASA launches into space; not having to carry tanks of propellant is a huge bonus!

I’m eagerly awaiting further test results, as the EM Drive is already looking to be the next big innovation in space fairing technology.

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Even The Pope Has a Drone!

We’ve seen many weird and wonderful things getting gifted to Pope Francis, such as the Fiat car and even a pizza, but the latest one is quite interesting. Pope Francis has long been a supporter of modern technology, something we’ve seen through his use of Twitter, iPads and such, even more so recently when he auctioned off his iPad, naturally given the proceeds to the poor, but also because he was upgrading to a newer model.

Now a group of students from a Jesuit school in Rome have presented Pope Francis with his own quadcopter, painted specially with the colours of the Vatican flag. This may seem like a strange gesture, but it’s a very clever one indeed, as the students felt it was good to show the Pope the benefits of such technology.

The students wanted to show “the values of [drone] technology in the service of man.” and how “drones have proved useful to check the condition of structures [such as in Nepal] and study paths from bringing relief to people who need this in remote villages.”

It’s true that drones are a cool gadget to play around with, but they’ve been vital in relief and rescue efforts around the world, helping to save lives and a whole lot more. However, it’s unlikely the Pope will be taking the drone out for a spin any time soon, but we suspect he’ll auction it off to raise money for those who need it.

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Apple Watch – Will it Blend?

The title of this article says it all really, can you blend the Apple Watch? Of course you freaking can, everything blends, so long as you have a big enough blender.

What is amazing is that Blendtec are still blending things, after all these years, what originally started as a simple marketing campaign for their expensive and incredibly powerful blenders, turned into an internet sensation and has been going on ever since. Personally, I think it’s awesome that it’s still Tom Dickson doing the blending, what a bizarre full-time job he landed himself in!

“Thankfully, the real Apple Watch is finally here, and boy is she a beauty, but the Apple Watch is a work of art. It should be on your wrist, not in a Blendtec.” Said Tom, before putting it in the blender.


We’ve seen all kinds of cool tech blended over the years, such as smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, you name it, they’ve blended it.

The watch blending is fun, but I highly recommend you watch the entire video, because Blendtec have something even bigger planned, albeit one that seems a comical flight of fancy, but one that would not doubt be epic if they ever did it.

Avengers Fan Makes Iron Man Glove That Can Actually Do Damage

Pew! Pew! Pew! That what’s going through my mind as I write this article, Youtuber and real-life inventor Patrick Priebe has created a stunning piece of gear that looks like it came straight out of the film itself.

The gadget is an Iron Man glove that has the ability to fire an ejecting shell out of it and has a fully functional burning lase; it also has a lower power red laser from the back too. The YouTuber said that he made the glove in anticipation of the new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. Priebe tells us in the demo of his glove that the outside is made from aluminium and then painted red. The slugs firing mechanism is made from brass. He said in the video: “When you make a slide with moving parts, you want it to be as smooth as possible and brass is awesome for that.” 

Of course, the lasers are the best part of the invention. The blue 700mw laser can burst balloons and burn wood in the video with no effort at all; the red laser that is on the back is a much less powerful version that runs at 300mw but can still pop balloons with no trouble.

Priebe states that the whole project took him three weeks to complete, I think that’s pretty impressive considering the amount of work put in and complexity of the device. Priebe sells all sorts of gadgets on his website, might be worth a look!

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Image courtesy of youtube.

Batman vs. Superman Trailer Recreated With Lego is Epic

I love a little bit of Lego animation from time to time, mostly because you’re never too old for Lego, but also because I appreciate the time and effort people put into these fun little projects, just to amuse random people on the internet.

The movie is already shaping up to be quite an interesting addition to the whole comic book movie scene, despite many lingering questions over how ridiculous it is going to be. If you haven’t seen the original trailer which leaked a few days ago, I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for you in the form of Lego animation; you can check out the original trailer right here.

The original trailer is certainly dark and intense and it’s great to see that none of that is lost in the Lego version, although I now wonder if this movie will get the now seemingly obligatory Lego game release, just like virtually every other film does these days.

Will you be in the line to see the new movie on release day? After an intense trilogy at the hands of Christopher Nolan, I’m eager to see how this new Batman holds up, not to mention settle the debate of who will win, Batman or Superman?

High-Tech Alarm Clock Uses Focused Beams of Sound and Light

Getting up on a morning can be a tricky task, one that can spell death for your alarm clock when you thump your fist down onto that glaring “snooze” button. However, one team think they’ve got a solution to waking you up on a morning and it’s certainly unique.

The Wakē alarm clock mounts on the wall above your bed, so it’s already out of punching range when you want to snooze things, but the way this thing wakes you, may actually help you get up, rather than get back under the covers.

The “personal sunrise” system uses a built-in body heat sensor, so it can locate you in the bed, target you with narrow and focused beams of light and sound directly to you. The use of a parametric speaker and the beams of light mean that you can hear the alarm, but the person next to you will not, or anyone else in the room, the next room and so on.

The light and sound show creates an area of white light around your head, gently filling the area with sound and a simulated sunrise until you are away. No more “BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!”

It’s a cool system, but one that hasn’t yet seen the light of day. The project is halfway through its funding goal, but with 51 days left, it should do just fine on Kickstarter.

Here Are Some Cool Geeky Easter Eggs to Celebrate Easter Holiday

To celebrate the spirit of Easter, we have found some incredibly cool geeky pop-culture inspired Easter eggs. They range from superheroes to characters from popular TV shows, all displayed in their truly amazing and unique way. Watch the video below and let the Easter holiday and egg eating marathon begin!

Source: Smosh

3D Printed Ice Cubes – Literally the Coolest Thing You’ll See This Week

3D printing is awesome, it has created so many cool and innovative products and solutions to many manufacturing problems, as well as putting most of that power into the hands of consumers. However, it’s also been used to make some things that are simply just awesome, even if they’re not really essential or practical.

This custom 3D Ice Cube maker is full of win and in all honestly, you may never want to enjoy your favourite drink without it again! While not the most practical thing ever, I can see any self-respecting event that wants to impress guests having one of these at their disposal in the near future.

TBWA/Hakuhodo of Tokyo created the “3D on the rocks” to advertise Suntory Whisky. Just like a 3D printer, the device pulls images from Autodesk 123D, but uses a CNC system to carve the ice cubes into the custom shapes with incredible detail. The downside? The cubes took up to six hours each to create, but now that they’ve set the bar for innovation, there’s now the chance for someone else to step in and create something quicker and cheaper to do the same job.

Enjoy the gallery below and let us know which design you would love to see in your next drink!

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Someone Built a Home to Withstand a Zombie Attack!

When you’ve got $1.75 million, a cold-war missile silo and a bit of spare time, there really is only one thing you should be doing – building a zombie proof home of epic proportions! This home in Adirondacks was built on top of an old cold-war missile silo, but the house on top, really is just the beginning of something far more impressive.

On the surface, there’s a nice 2,000 square foot house, a runway, and airplane. As you go downstairs, you’ll find a blast proof door with keypad entry system. The house then spirals down a staircase through the old missile silo, until you reach a 2,300 square foot area of the house, built directly into the former launch control center.

The new accommodation has its own air supply, is fully soundproofed, has 10 foot ceilings, two bedrooms and is equipped with lots of luxuries throughout. What’s crazy is that there’s still 9 stories of the silo unused. So there’s certainly room to expand the unit, but given that it’s already run a cost of almost $2 million to get this far, I can’t imagine it’ll be cheap to go down another 9 levels.

It’s a very cool house, but perhaps the owner needs to watch less zombie movies.

Latest Doom Mod Adds Instagram Filters and a Selfie Stick!?

Doom may be 22 years old, but the modding community just doesn’t want to give up on this game! Not only have we currently got the stunning Brutal Doom mod bringing the game up to a more modern and considerably more violent standard, now we’ve also got something a little more… hipster.

InstaDoom adds 37 real Instagram filters to the game. They’ve all been carefully recreated in the Doom Engine and to make things even sillier, they’ve even modded in a selfie stick.

Not the most useful mod ever, but I just love that this game is still getting the attention it deserves and it may be the first good use of a selfie stick I’ve ever seen.

You can download the mod over at DoomWorld.

Man With no Formal Training Builds Plane From Scrap

George Mel, a 23-year-old man from Juba, South Sudan, dreamed his whole life of flying, but the death of his father meant that he had to leave school, as his family could no longer afford his tuition. With that, his potential career as a pilot was curtailed.

“I’ve had the desire to become an aeronautic engineer since I was young,” said Mel. “When I was still young I tried to fly. I got curtains and placed metal in to form wings, and got on topmost of the roof. I wanted to see if I would fly alike a bird, but I fell. I nearly broke my leg.”

Though his formal education had ended, Mel spent his time reading and teaching himself about aeronautics. “My brain was free to do a lot of exploration. I didn’t just sit down… I stuck to my dreams and I started doing them practically and exploring a lot,” he said.

Mel gathered as much scrap metal as he could and, in his garden, constructed his own small aircraft. Even as South Sudan descended into civil war, Mel kept building inside his compound while his neighbours took to the streets to fight. “I didn’t halt my project,” he said, “I kept on doing it in my exploration centre. I just sealed myself inside, and did my work.”

Comprised of an aluminium frame and two small petrol engines, Mel’s plane impressed South Sudan’s Air Force so much that they gave him a job in their IT department. Officials at the Air Force base have refused Mel permission to test-fly his creation.

Source: Moment Tools

Working iPhone Created in Minecraft!

I’ve seen people create some truly incredibly things in Minecraft, such as working hard drives, CPUs and even a version of Minecraft that can be played within Minecraft; bonkers! Having played the game myself for many hours, I’m amazed at how people can do such complicated things with this game. I’ve built a nice house and a railway system, but that’s where my technical knowledge runs out.

The new mod is built-in two parts. To one side there is a giant structure that acts as the CPU and storage for the iPhone, that’s where all the controls and commands you see being used are processed. Pretty much all of the technical stuff is done with command bricks and Redstone. The second part is the phone, which is obviously huge compared to the real iPhone, allowing you to run around the surface of its screen and control the device.

What’s impressive is that the creator of this has made the phone highly interactive; there are working buttons, apps, games and more!

The video below is in German, but the video is pretty self-explanatory.

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Image courtesy of TweakTown.

Functional Hard Drive and CPU Created In Minecraft!

I’ve seen some pretty impressive stuff created in Minecraft, but the level some people are willing to go to for the sake of showing off is beyond my level of understanding. I’m not 100% sure these creations are new, or if they’ve been shown off before, but that doesn’t make them any less impressive.

What we have here is a working 4kb hard drive platter created in Vanilla Minecraft. There are 256 platter positions, each cable of storing up to 16 bits of data and are capable of rotating in both directions, each featuring read and write heads on the right side.

The data is run through a I/O to the CPU bus.

The I/O buffer and selector.

Then the HDD controller.

Automatically seeks to desired position, with multiple speeds also selects shortest path for rotation direction.

Then there is the addressing platter (8 bit).

This section queries the current address.

Query a bit state, 1 result.

query a bit state, 0 result.

Read / Write head.

Read / Write head side view.

Zoom out and you can see an overview of the 16 bit CPU, as well as some Nyan cats and other madness going on. One thing is for certain, this is a gargantuan series of gates, switches and read and write blocks capable of replicating a basic CPU and hard drive which can calculate basic data, store it and read back the results… absolutely, freaking, bonkers! Yet none the less impressive!

This isn’t even the only hard drive created in Minecraft, check out this similar concept, albeit one with different construction style which can store 1kb of data. This one even comes with .gif on how the thing works, and you can check out the full gallery here.

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Images courtesy of The0jj

Omote Demo Their Real-Time Face Tracking & Projection Technology

You may have seen some of the impressive light shows that can be created by using projection mapping on buildings. The surface is scanned and then software is used to create cool deformation and lighting effects that look like they’re changing the geometry of the building. The effect is profound for and spectators, but what if you were to use the same technique on a human face?

The tracking is managed by using tracking dots on the users face, this allows the projector to adjust for any movements in the subject, as well as allowing for on-the-fly adjustments to any animation patterns that are being projected on to the face. The effect is pretty surreal and while it may not serve much of a practical use, but it’s certainly cool to watch.

[vimeo width=”800″ height=”450″][/vimeo]

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Image courtesy of Nobumichiasai.