Google Contributor Allows You to Pay Sites to Remove Ads

In another example of the increasing number of subscription over ads services, Google has announced ‘Google Contributor’, a new system that allows you to pay your favourite websites in return for the removal of ads.

By participating in the service, you can choose to pay between $1 and $3 a month to see sites part of the Contributor programme without advertising.

Sites that have partnered with Google include: Imgur, The Onion, Mashable, Science Daily, Urban Dictionary and WikiHow. Those sites involved with Contributor will remove ads completely whenever you visit, so long as you’re paying the monthly fee.

Google hasn’t yet made it clear whether you need to pay for individual sites or whether the money you pay covers all sites part of the programme. They also say that there are more sites involved, but haven’t revealed any others apart from those listed here.

To take part, you can apply for an invitation at

Source: The Verge