New Laws For UK Mobile Contracts Allow You To Cancel If Prices Are Increased

For years, people around the UK have suffered whenever phone companies felt the urge to increase the prices of their mobile contracts. Quite often a small clause within the depths of the contract ties you into these increases, meaning that you’re unable to escape them and have no say in the matter (hint: always read before you sign!).

The UK’s mobile phone regulator Ofcom is putting into place a new regulation that prevents phone companies from locking in their new customers (if you’re already got an existing contract, sorry!) with increased prices in the middle of their contracts with no way out. Ofcom have stated that users tied into contracts will have a legal, no consequences route out of a mobile phone contract if the provider chooses to increase their rates.

The issue that’s being faced currently is the fact that the majority of contracts signed are between 12 months to 2 years, meaning that a large amount of the mobile phone using population are already tied down to a single contract, making this new regulation irrelevant for the time being.

This regulation change made by Ofcom may come as a slow reaction to some as many countries in the EU (such as France for example) have had this regulation in place for years, which brings the question of “why has it taken so long to get rectified?”

As a customer, are you looking forward to these changes? Have you been hit by price increases during your current phone contract? Let us know in the comment section!

Image courtesy of Heraldsun