Photoshopped Image Wins Nikon Photography Contest With Hilarious Results

On Thursday, Nikon Singapore announced a winner of their NikonCaptures photography contest, Chay Yu Wei, whose winning entry was a shot of an aeroplane perfectly captured by a ladder in Chinatown. Or so they thought. As many photographers were quick to point out, Yu Wei’s image was quite clearly edited.

“Yu Wei chanced upon a set of ladders while on a photowalk with his friends in Chinatown, and thought the view above would make an interesting perspective,” Nikon’s post read. “Little did he expect to catch an airplane in mid-air. We’ll try looking up too, Yu Wei.” The winning entry, supposedly capured using a Nikon D90 at f/2.8 and 1/1600s won Chay Yu Wei a Nikon-branded trolley bag. Nikon have stood by the decision, posting a comment on Facebook, apologising for the oversight and planning to revise the rules following this, also stating “NikonCaptures is a casual photography contest that focuses not on the devices or props you use, but on the imagination and creativity that each photographer exudes while capturing and sharing their images.”

Inspection of the winning entry reveals a white box around the aeroplane in the image, easily visible without the use of any tools, although it was pointed out that adjusting the levels on the photograph causes it to obviously stand out. The internet was quick to their image editors after seeing this, posting a barrage of amusing takes on the image, including replacing the aeroplane with a TIE Fighter, the Death Star, Godzilla and many, some paired with comedic takes on Nikon’s original announcement.

He should have waited longer for the coaster to add a bit of drama. – Render Brant

I chanced upon a set of ladders while browsing the internet with my imaginary 501 legion and thought the “award winning” view would make an interesting perspective. Little did I expect to catch the Death Star from space. – Rogan Yeoh

Such a poor copy and paste by Yu Wei can win a Nikon trolley bag, my entry can win the new Nikon D5 with AF-S 400mm f/2.8E FL ED VR. LOL !!! – Glenn Guan

Meanwhile, others took to point out the flaws in Yu Wei’s photoshopping of his photograph, explaining that use of the ‘multiply’ layer blending would have hidden the white box surrounding the plane. Yu Wei even responded to comments on Instagram regarding the photograph as if it were real after the photoshop ruse was already discovered. While it seems clear that Nikon has no intention of pulling the photograph or the contest as a result despite the hilarious and mocking responses it caused, it has definitely given Nikon more publicity and provideda entertainment for many.

Ark: Survival Gets New Content and $25k Mod Contest!

Ark: Survival sees you play in a tropical desert-bound environment with everything from other players, to dinosaurs to giant fortresses guarded by a mixture of the former two. All of this combined with large servers and large scale graphics results in a game that is selling well given it is still in development; yet more seems to keep coming with their latest updates.

Firstly you can now start adding your own mods to the game. Ever wanted to create a dinosaur catapult, or how about a trap door for those pesky T-Rex’s? Well, now you can get them and enjoy as you watch your castle become a fortress and your dinosaur become a walking tank.

To kick-start the modding, the creators of Ark: Survival have teamed up with Alienware to host a modding contest. With a grand price of $15k, a brand new Area-51 desktop with a GTX 980ti, your mods could soon become super charged with that little extra firepower behind your rig. With second place holding $5k, an x51 desktop and a GTX 960 graphics card with third following at $2.5k and a 960 graphics card, some people are going to be coming out of the modding contest with smiles on their faces.

Thew new game mode, survival of the fittest, was actually built using these mod tools and pits players against each other in an arena match which shrinks over time, eventually forcing players into a smaller space in which to meet their fates.

With all these features and added components to the game, are you interested in herding dinosaurs and building a fort?

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Image courtesy of Steam and Studio Wildcard.

Four New Bugs Have Been Found in Internet Explorer

I know most of you don’t even use Internet Explorer and we all know how it was humiliated throughout the years. However, since the new Microsoft Edge might be using some IE code, it’s worth pointing this out anyway.

It looks like security experts have encountered and disclosed four new vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s browser. The researchers have noted the issues through Hewlett-Packard’s Zero Day Initiative, a program which creates detection signatures and also reports them to their respective vendors.

Microsoft has already been notified, however, ZDI gives 120 days to the vendor to fix them. So, since Microsoft is more focused on Windows 10, the issues were not resolved and limited information about them have been released to the public. By limited information, it means that the actual code affected has not been released for the wise guys to figure out an actual working exploit.

However, one of the four exploits seems to have been disclosed in more detail. This is because at one of ZDI’s contest back in November, a hacker used the exploit and provided ZDI with the necessary information on how to take advantage of the vulnerability. If you’re curious, the exploit can be found here.

The remaining vulnerabilities are just theoretical at this point, but Microsoft should look into patching them as soon as possible before someone else manages to find a way to exploit them further.

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AeroCool Wants Your Help to Name Their New DIY Kit

Aerocool has made some funky looking cases in the past and it looks like they don’t have any plans to stop that way of thinking. They are getting ready to release their new “revolutionary” DIY kit, codenamed Magic Box, that gives you the flexibility to build a computer case like no other.

The new DIY kit needs a name and AeroCool wants their customers and fans to name it for them. For this, they kicked off a contest to find just the right name, so let your imaginations run wild. The name that convinces the design team most will win and become the official name for the kit.

The really cool things about they AeroCool DIY kit is that it doesn’t just limit you to building and PC case, you can build pretty much anything you want. The final product can be a table, a lamp, a cup holder, a coat hanger, a toy and the list goes on and on. There aren’t any limitations except for your own imagination (and the amount of DIY pieces you have).

AeroCool will of course hand out rewards for the effort and the first place winner with the name that is picked will win two kits while another five sets will go to five random people who entered with valid suggestions. So be creative and you got a chance for some extra freebies.

The entire event is held via a Facebook post on the official AeroCool page where you can reply with your suggestions and read up on the few conditions to enter. Good Luck.

Seven Top Modders Will Compete at the 2015 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational

Thermaltake invited seven of the world’s top modders to compete at the biggest international modding event of the year, the 2015 Thermaltake Case MOD Invitational, taking place in the Tt Community. The competing modders come from all around the world: USA, Japan, Germany, France, UK, Thailand, and Australia.

The contestants will use various Thermaltake liquid cooling components to transform the Thermaltake Core X9 E-ATX Cube Chassis into a brand new creation sprung from their mind. From April 26th until May 15th, everyone else is invited to vote for their favorite modders and at the same time have the opportunity to win incredible prizes from Thermaltake and other sponsors.

Thermaltake is proud to present this exciting casemod invitational event for the first time and we here at eTeknix have no doubt that it will be a success in every way.

The Core X9 E-ATX cube case is an incredible piece of engineering as it is and it’s perfect for liquid-cooled systems. The cube design allows endless stackability, so you can expand as much as you want to make room for what you need to use. You could also build massive file servers or even dual systems, the only real limitations are your mind and wallet.

The seven modders in short:

  • Stuart Tonks from Australia, owner of GGF Lan Party has built a killer Core X9 case to match the Thermaltake ‘Tt Dude’ mascot, involving custom orange paint and rigid-tubed water cooling filled with orange coolant.
  • Richi Bowzer of X-Treme computing from the United Kingdom built the Thermaltake Level 10 original BMW chassis and the Level 10 GT Battlefield theme as well.
  • Andy Weber from Germany, a reviewer at Bundymania, does several reviews on his Youtube channel: Bundymani. He also reviews and participates in over 25 forum activities around the world.
  • Nick Blackwell from the United States is the founder of Dirty South PC Mods, as well as the product reviewer for Modders-inc.
  • Suchao Prowphong from Thailand built a custom Thermaltake Thor’s Hammer mini-ITX case mod and has built many other outstanding mods too.
  • Mathieu Delsuc from France, founder of Math Military Modding, has built many notable mods like the Shielding War TUF, Desert Storm, Furtif, 760T MARPAT edition, Asus Strix and so on.
  • Fabio Moma from Japan, with his mod “Guardians of the Galaxy”, broke the “Red for GAMING” rule and designed the Thermaltake Core V1 Mini Chassis with the colors gold, white and blue.

The modders are competing for a total cash value of $15,000 where the $6,000 will go to the first place, $5,000 to the second, and $4,000 USD to the third-placed contestant

As previously mentioned, you can vote and win prizes yourself. There will be a weekly voting and the user-submitted votes will count for 45% of the total score. The last 55% will originate from Thermaltake directly. The total prize value here is $3,900 and consists of packages including Thermaltake cases, coolers, and power supplies as well as memory, motherboards, storage drives, and peripherals. Please visit and check out the official page for a complete list of prizes and rules.

Show Your Skills in Voltivo’s 3D Creation Contest

Voltivo is inviting everyone to take part in their global 3D printing contest, dubbed the Voltivo 3D Creation Contest. Design enthusiasts, and everyone else for that matter, can submit their original 3D model designs however simple or complex they might be.

Voltivo believes that 3D printing is a great tool to turn ideas into real products. You could design a smart part for your Drone, some printable art, or just something completely ludicrous – your mind is your only limit. The company would like users to think about creating their own designs rather than just downloading designs other people created over and over. “The future is already here to enable us. Happy Designing!”

You can incorporate the Voltivo brand or brand colours into your design. It is optional, but they “would of course be excited to see that.” The contest is running a little over a month, from April 10th to May 15th 2015.


  • 3x Main Prizes for the best three designs submitted:
    – Pack with 2 x Spools of Voltivo ExcelFil in a color of your choice valued at USD49.90 and and 1 x Pack Voltivo Filament Cleaner valued at USD13.99.
  • 5x Runners up – Random Draw across all participants:
    – 1 x Pack of Voltivo Filament Cleaner valued at USD13.99

You can check out the full details including links to software and logos on the official page by clicking here.

Winner of the GIGABYTE CATZILLA OC Contest Breaks Another World Record

Motherboard a graphics card manufacturer, GIGABYTE, has announced the winner of the GIGABYTE CATZILLA OC Contest, hosted by The manufacturer invited the overclocking community to push their hardware to the limit and run the CATZILLA benchmark skin on their GIGABYTE 9 Series motherboard. Also, the manufacturer has placed $1000 in cash and two GIGABYTE Z97 up for grabs for the two lucky winners.

The contest ran in two stages it seems, having the first stage be a 720p GPU overclock while using air/water cooling, and the other using LN2 cooling. It seems that the air/water stage was won by WebTourist, having scored 36832 marks with his GeForce GTX 780 Ti overclocked at 1555/2075MHz. He has also received his $500 cut from the prize money and the GIGABYTE Z97X-UD5H.

The second stage winner, using LN2 cooling, is said to be DANCOP, having scored 43121 marks with his GeForce GTX 780 Ti at 1975/2100MHz. The other half of the prize money, namely $500, went to him in this case, along with a GIGABYTE Z97X-SOC FORCE LN2.

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Image courtesy of TechPowerUp

Huawei Reported To Be Selling High-End Smartphones Via Messaging App

The increased competition of smartphone manufacturers in China has apparently resulted in companies approaching unique marketing techniques. For example, Xiaomi is said to have success with its ‘Hunger Marketing’ technique, having customers pre-register their interest in a handset in order to grab the e-mail addresses of potential buyers. As soon as the particular handset hits the spotlight, a limited number is manufactured and sold. This is how the company recently sold an estimated 10,000 Xiaomi Redmi Note phablets in less than a second.

Networking and telecom manufacturer Huawei apparently has its own tactics. Sources indicate that the company is apparently using popular messaging application WeChat as a channel to sell its Huawei Honor 6 handset. The device is said to boast an Octa-Core processor, a 5-inch display with a resolution of 1080 x 1920, as well as a 13 MP back camera and 5MP front camera.

The company previously used only local carriers to sell its handsets, but due to the increased competition, it is hoping to widen the distribution of its products using the WeChat app. The application, which is said to be in partnership with Chinese e-commerce company JD, has apparently hosted a competition in which the lucky winner was awarded with a Huawei Honor 6. The rules appeared to have been simple as well, having competitors guess the price of the handset in question. The winner would have had to answer ¥1999 / $322, the actual price of the Huawei Honor 6 handset.

Huawei is said to have 8% of the Chinese market, placing it on the 6th position in the country. This is due to change in the future, providing that the partnership between the company and WeChat app is successful. WeChat is said to have over 400 million users, having it be used as a text and voice messaging app, a gaming app and even a cab hailing app. Reports show that an update last year has even added a payment system, something which Huawei is attempting to exploit. Also, Huawei might have been the first to use this type of marketing camping, but it most certainly will not be the last.

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