Europe to Fight UK Porn Block Reveals Leaked Document

A leaked document from the European Union shows that Brussels will fight UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s attempts to block internet porn. Two years ago, Cameron announced that every UK home would have pornography automatically blocked, unless users opted-in to viewing adult content. A number of UK ISPs, including Sky and TalkTalk, have already introduced automatic adult content filtering that blocks adult materials.

However, in a document seen by The Sunday Times dated 17th May, the Council of the EU is proposing measures to prevent internet providers from having the ability to block content without the user’s consent. The proposal puts the power back into the hands of the user, right where it should be, with filters only being implemented with the user’s consent whilst maintaining the “possibility to withdraw this consent at any time.”

According to John Carr, a member of the executive board of the UK council on Child Internet Safety, a chief adviser to the UK government on online security for children, told The Sunday Times that the EU proposal would mean “a major plank of the UK’s approach to online child protection will be destroyed at a stroke”.

Damn the EU, with their defence of people’s freedoms!

Thank you The Independent for providing us with this information.