Microsoft Confirms That Surface Book Has Twice the Power of a MacBook Pro

When companies release new products, they always come with bold statements that this new thing is so many more times powerful than this other device, but it is a sentence that’s usually followed by an asterisk that explains a very limited test scenario or old comparison product.

When Microsoft announced the Surface Book, they claimed that it was twice as powerful as the MacBook Pro and that it “ounce for ounce, pound for pound,” was the fastest 13-inch laptop anywhere on the planet. That is a very bold statement and one that left users wondering if it could be true as Microsoft didn’t reveal how it compared the two. A lot of people suspected that the Surface Book had been compared to a low-end MacBook Pro.

Now Microsoft clarified that statement to Microsoft-News, at least a little bit. The tests were performed on a Surface Book and MacBook Pro that both feature an Intel Core i7 CPU and 16GB RAM. Microsoft used third-party benchmarks to test these two, the best Surface Book and the best MacBook Pro.

That does clarify the scenario a bit, but it still doesn’t tell us what kind of benchmarks that were used. Are they talking 3D performance, workstation performance, or something else? Maybe even everything, we don’t know. Still, there is no doubt that the Surface Book is an awesome little machine, but also one that comes at a hefty price. If you want the best, you have to pay for it.

New Assassin’s Creed Unity Screenshots Leaked Along with E3 2014 Confirmation Letter

Ubisoft’s most ‘prized possession’, the Assassin’s Creed series, has had quite a few leaks these past couple of months. Since E3 is just around the corner now, more information is bound to be leaked or even released by the developer. The latest information comes under the shape of a short preview trailer of the game, with no further official information being released just yet.


Though nothing official, a few leaked images have been recently roaming the internet, revealing a possible new assassin character and other in-game characters. What is known so far about the title is that it took more than three years and a total of nine studios working in collaboration with the Montreal-based team to finish the game. A pre-alpha footage has also been released, confirming the title will be available for the next-gen consoles and PC platform in Q4 2014.

The recently leaked images allegedly reveal the main in-game characters and protagonist assassin, having them been spotted on Tumblr by a NeoGAF member . In addition to the latter, a new artwork picture along with an official screenshot of the E3 invitation letter have been spotted on the game’s website, confirming that new Assassin Creed title will be present at E3 2014 on the 9th of June.

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HTC Executive Confirms The Company Is Working On A Wearable Device

It appears that HTC is taking an interest in entering the wearable technology market as well in the near future. This is not surprising, since a lot of manufacturers are looking to make a name for themselves in with wearable devices as well.

What is interesting though is the fact that HTC has in fact confirmed their intentions and development plans. Cher Wang, HTC chairman, confirmed to Bloomberg the rumors and made him the first senior HTC executive who confirmed explicitly the company’s intention, having the rumor floating around for some time now. He stated that the company was looking into making wearable devices in the past, but they were reluctant due to the battery and LCD lighting issues they were facing.

“Many years ago we started looking at smartwatches and wearables, but we believe that we really have to solve the battery problems and the LCD light problems,” Wang said in an interview conducted Tuesday. “These are customer-centric problems.”

Rumors about HTC taking wearable devices into consideration started last October, when Peter Chou, HTC’s Chief Executive, told the Financial Times that the company ‘saw the market as a critical segment’, but also stated that the ‘tine wasn’t right’ for HTC to make the move back then. Other rumors suggested that HTC was already working on a prototype smartwatch.

We will just have to wait and see what HTC has to offer when an official announcement and unveil is made. However, given the recent confirmation, it may not be a long wait.

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