Asus White TUF Motherboard Prototypes

It was only a few days ago I was still in Taipei enjoying the sights and sounds of the city, as well as the awesome technology show that is Computex 2014. Unfortunately the Asus booth was crazy busy and my meeting got mixed up, this is unfortunate because we completely missed these incredible motherboard prototypes!

The first white motherboard was the “Sabranco”, a white TUF grade board, which you’ll remember is part of their extreme durability and stability range of products. Of course the specifications will be awesome, it’s a premium grade board, but the special part is that awesome arctic white finish!

The board has been given thermal armour with a white and grey camoflage finish over the white PCB of the board, while the back of the board has also been treated to a similar design back plate. This is one of the coolest motherboards I’ve seen in a long time. Unfortunately the board is marked as a prototype, but most likely just to gauge consumer feedback, so if you want to see this board, start messaging Asus and tell them to put it into production.

We know you love white motherboards, especially since you seemed to go crazy for the MSI H97M ECO we saw at the show. So, would you have this in your system? If so, then what components would you match it up with?

Thank you Toms Hardware for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Toms Hardware.

eTeknix Take a Tour of the Kingston Technologies Factory in Taiwan

Last week while we were attending Computex 2014, the eTeknix team, or more importantly myself, and the eTeknix boss Andy, stopped by the Kingston head office for a quick tour of their factory. This factory is their central hub where they create their memory products such as SSDs and ram modules. We joined a few other press teams from other global publications for the tour and set about getting into the lovely air conditioned building, away from the humid air of Taiwan.

We were greeted at the front desk by a few of the engineers and higher ranking officials, where we signed in and were awarded our VIP passes before being led up to a conference room deeper within the building.

They’ve got a lot of great products to their name and the front hall was highlighted with a lit display, featuring all their latest awards and products.

Our gorgeous attire for the day, including some very swanky foot covers, take note that I’m being sarcastic.

Andy strutting his stuff.

Myself looking equally stunning in this white gown and blue foot cover combo.


In this room, they solder memory modules onto SSDs, the products work their way down the automated production line one step at a time, although I was surprised at just how quick these machines can turn out a near finished product.

There are seemingly endless banks of these machines, each with a specific task such as cutting the PCB’s, soldering, checking, testing, heating and more.

Reels of components are rolled out like a ticker tape printer as each machine stamps the components onto the board and other machines solder them in place.

Each component is laid out on computer screen, which them assembles them based on the laid out specifications.

The boards are made in blocks, and then cut and drilled and labled, ready to be placed in their individual chassis.

This room is packed full of the components needed to create the modules, and given that there are a lot of tiny components to each SSD or memory module it’s no wonder they have so many shelves to store it all on (there were many more than you can see here).

Testing is a big part of the manufacturing process, not to mention firmware testing, patching and similar tasks. Endless banks of test benches were setup for testing everything from SODIMMS, DDR modules and SSDs.

This machine is a high performance scanning machine, it takes photographs of the finished PCB and checks it against its database for errors, making sure every product is in perfect condition. This task used to be done by hand, but the high capacity demands of the factory means that this machine had to take over the task to speed up production.

It is capable of testing multiple boards at a time as you can see with the huge banks of PCBs lining the bottom of the machine.

Yet more testing equipment.

These complete machines apply the chassis to the products, as well as the first stages of printing and adding their labels.

Starting to look more like a retail product now.

The final finish can still be done by hand in some parts of the factory. These boards are now finished after their printing, soldering, cuttings, mounting, testing and labelling.

From here on, they are boxed, packed and shipped directly out to retailers. Everything prior to shipping is done in house by Kingston, as they don’t outsource any of the manufacturing.

It may not seem like much, especially given the clinical nature of the production line, but this is where Kingston SSD and memory products are born. The factory turns out tens of thousands of them and it’s rather hypnotising to see them churned out so efficiently on the production line.

Thank you Kingston for letting us tag along and see where the magic happens, as well as letting us share these images with the eTeknix community.

New Adata SSD and DDR3 Products on show at Computex 2014

As our tour of Computex comes to an end, we still have a few highlights to show you from the ADATA stand. Recently we took a look at their new line of DDR4 memory which is scheduled to become available possibly towards the end of this year. Coming down to a current level and looking at what they have in the DDR3 range, we find an In-Win D-Frame chassis sat on its side with a few ADATA storage goodies tucked inside.

Gaming orientated memory is what is pushing much of the consumer market forward, even though DDR4 is on the door-step. In ADATA’s case we are looking at the XPG line of products, with a third generation of their memory on show here. Running at 2933MHz in this 16GB demo setup, these modules are available in a variety of colours to suit the tastes of any enthusiast user when building a new colour coordinated rig.

Taking a closer peek at the Gigabyte board which is driving this setup we find an M.2 drive hidden away. If you recall from our coverage at CES, we found this drive on show in its prototype stage with a heatsink attached to the drive controller to keep it cool under the collar. As we can now see, ADATA have managed to tame the SP900’s thermals. Available in capacities ranging from 128GB and up to 512GB, the SP900 with its SandForce controller is capable of delivering read and write speeds of up to 550MB/s and 530MB/s respectively. Stay tuned as I’m looking to get one of these new drives in for review in the coming weeks.

Taking a look back at our ADATA coverage from this years CES once again, you may recall that we saw both of the drive below that were then in their Prototype stages. Available in capacities of up to 1TB on the SP910 and 2TB on the SX930, ADATA are one of the industries leaders when it comes to taking SSD storage to the next level. As we see the M.2 era come more and more into play, there is hope that the cost of SATA based SSDs on the higher end of the capacity scale will start to drop down in price, much like drives up to 512GB have done over the last few months.

New Thecus NAS Hardware at Computex 2014

Like many of the manufacturers that have stands, displays and demonstrations running at Computex, Thecus are working on their home turf and this means that they have a lot of their product range on display, both as individual units, and in a multi-system configuration to demonstrate enterprise setups.

As we’ve heard over the last few weeks, Thecus have updated their current product lines to support the latest 6TB hard drives that are available from Seagate. Whilst on the consumer end of the scale 6TB drives are not that cost-effective at this moment in time, when we ramp things right up to the enterprise end of the scale, the cost savings that are possible through a much denser storage array is monumental.

To show how scalable their systems are, Thecus have three racks of high-end systems set up, not only to prove that they have some of the best systems going for the enterprise market, but to also tease everyone else on the consumer market with storage arrays that easily top the 1PB (PetaByte) barrier.

Not only do Thecus have support for the latest and greatest drives that give their systems the massive storage capacities, a number of their high-end systems, both in a desktop and rackmount configuration have support for 10Gigabit Ethernet, ensuring that the network connection is no bottleneck for the demands of a multi-user environment.

Moving to the other end of the product scale and looking at the consumer products that are on show, Intelligent NAS is a big part of Thecus’ push into the consumer market. On display we find the N2560, a two bay entry-level NAS built on a dual core SoC, offering a stepping stone platform for the novice user into the NAS market. Keep an eye out on eTeknix as we will have a review on this unit coming up in the next few weeks.

Below the N2560 we find the N4310, a four based model of the N2310 that I reviewed just last week. Like the N2560, the N4310 is built on the Intelligent NAS platform, offering a cost-effective solution for the SOHO user.

To show that even their entry-level systems are capable of offering up all the features that the home based user has, a demo setup shows a single unit with a laptop, iPad and media display to show all of the portals through which you can access and manage your data.

As a final display to show off the scale of their product range, an evolution style line up of systems starts at one end with the N2310 as we have seen before, ranging through to a selection of four bay systems and on to the class leading TopTower series which feature full 10GbE support.

Latest Plextor Memory Products at Computex 2014

Next up on our tour of Computex 2014 we’re taking some time out to have a look at Plextor’s storage products to hit the consumer market. As we know from our look at the SSD market over the last few months, there has been a massive revelation in the performance of solid state storage with the new M.2 or NGFF (Next Gen Form Factor) drives that have the capacity to push past the limitations of traditional SATA based drives.

The first drive that we come across is one that we’ve already had a closer look at. Built to run on a PCIe interface the M6e is on of only a few PCIe drives that are available on the consumer market, delivering speeds that are far greater than that of any SATA interface and not requiring any more than a basic amount of knowledge to get them up and running.

Although the M6e, as we saw it in our review, is mainly built on to a PCIe platform, the drive itself is actually a separate component with the card itself simply acting as an interface adaptor. As the latest breed of Z97 motherboards rolls out across the land, users are able to take hold of the M.2 generation of drives, building systems that perform better and faster than before.

In a display cabinet to the side of the running samples shows each of the capacities that the drive is available in as well at the performance figures in both a PCIe format and a native M.2 format.

Further along from the M6e variant of Plextor’s M.2 drives we find three pure M.2 drives on offer, the key difference between each of them being the length and thus the maximum capacity that each drive can hold.

Moving along from the M.2 drives and over to native SATA, the M6Pro, bar a lower set of read and write speeds, is inherently the same drive. Using the same controller and NAND packages, the M6Pro comes in capacities ranging from  128GB right up to 1TB, but what is particularly interesting with these drives is the addition of Plextor’s own PlexTurbo technology. Acting in a similar fashion to that of Intel’s Smart Response, PlexTurbo uses the host systems memory along with the NAND in the drive to create a drive cache that loads at the start of each system boot, giving a stronger level of performance that a standard SSD. The M6Pro is dubbed for release later this year and we’ll be sure to check this drive out when it arrives.

The last drive that we find on display comes in an mSATA format. Known as the M6M, the mSATA drive come in capacities starting at 64GB and rising up to 512GB whilst offering read and write speeds that are as strong as the full fat M6Pro. To show that the M6M is just as strong as the Pro, Plextor have taken two drives and put them together in a dual-mSATA to SATA adaptor and set them up in RAID0 – ideal for blistering gaming performance in a compact system where an M6e is not an option.

CM Storm Resonar Headset at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: The new CM Storm Resonar headset was on display at this years show, I first saw the prototype model at CES 2014, but now they’re looking ready to hit the retail market.

Their quite unique in the sense that each ear-but has a dial on the back, turning this moves a small mechanical system inside that literally moves the drivers magnet forwards or back, allowing you to tune the bass response higher or lower, and this can be done independently for each driver.

The headset comes with a 4-pole cable and in-line microphone that is ideal for mobile usage, as well as a 4-pole to dual 3-pole 3.5mm cable adaptor that allows you to use it on your desktop PC. the cable is really nice quality, rubber coated and flat, so it should stay tangle free.

I can’t wait to try these out when they’re released, I tested their Pitch in-ear headset last year and wasn’t overly impressed with the bass levels, but it looks like CM Storm have taken big steps to address this issue.

Coolermaster Elite 110 mini-ITX Chassis at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: Coolermaster rocked up with their latest mini-ITX chassis at the show, it’s been seen before ,but I suspect this is easily going to be one of the most popular mini-ITX gaming chassis this year.

It features room for a 120mm radiator in the front, 180mm ATX power supplies, 210mm graphics cards, and 3 HDDs /  SSDs, making it a great choice for a compact gaming system, HTPC, LAN gaming rig or even a SteamBox style system.

The Elite 110 is already available from most major retailers for around £50.

New Coolermaster Nepton Coolers Spotted at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: When we stopped by the Cooler Master booth we were surprised to see what look like revised editions of their popular Neptop CPU coolers, there were no details on display, but a little birdie tells me that they’re in fact an as yet unannounced product that will be hitting the market very shortly. We loved the performance of the Neptons, but their pump was a little loud. A new pump design, thicker radiators and a few other little tweaks have been made and finger crossed they will have improved the performance even further from the last models.

They’re certainly prototypes as the lettering on the side was falling off, as you can see with the “Nepto” logo on this one. This does mean that we don’t have information on pricing or release date, but we suspect that CM are very close to making an official announcement very soon, so stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks.

Coolermaster Novatouch Topre Switch Keyboard at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: We just stopped by the Cooler Master booth at Computex 2014 to check out what new products they’ll have on the market later this year. We’ve already seen their Nova keyboard before at CES, but it’s such an impressive product that we just have to show it to you again. The keyboard uses a switch type that is unlike mechanical and membrane, it’s actually quite unique, and offers unrivalled build quality and performance from its Topre switches.

More details to follow soon in regards to release date and official pricing.

The keyboard looks pretty standard, but CM say they’ll release different layouts and switch weights in the future. The quality is hard to describe, but it’s best described (in my opinion) as a membrane feel keyboard with mechanical quality. The only downside being that it will be priced toward the enthusiast market, at what we expect to be around $150-200.

Corsair Graphite 380T, 780T & Carbide Air 240 at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: Corsair are preparing to release three interesting new chassis this year, starting with the huge Graphite series 780T. The new Graphite chassis is a little heavy on the plastic use for my liking, but it offers extensive radiator support, comprehensive air filters, modular storage, great cable routing options and easy access side panels that will certainly appeal to those wanting to build a high-end gaming system.

Next up we have the 380T, which once again I think looks a little garish, but the carry handle design will prove beneficial for those building a LAN gaming rig, and the easy access side panels, extensive air filters, top panel windows and internal lighting will looks great for a gaming PC. I just don’t think I would want this next to my desk, but style is obviously a subjective matter.

The last chassis is easily my favourite, the Air 240 is a mini-ITX edition of their Air 540 chassis, with a twist. Not only can it be used horizontally, but it can also be stood on its side, the front panel logo is held in place with a magnet and can be rotated to match your preferred orientation, giving you great flexibility on how you want your system to be presented.

Well have more details on these in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more details as well as in-depth reviews.

Corsair Liquid GPU Cooler On Display at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: We loved the NZXT G10 GPU water cooling bracket, but the new Corsair one looks set to improve on it in a big way. Using a more direct cooling design with its fan, the new corsair cooler will provide much more direct and efficient cooling of the VRM, something that will show big benefits for those that plan on taxing their graphics cards to the max over long periods, and Corsair say that when benching cards their cooler didn’t result in a GPU failure when compared to rival offerings. VRM cooling is very important and its something that seems to have been overlooked by some other products on the market.

The GPU bracket looks really nice and obviously supports all major Asetek pumps. Details for price and release date will follow soon, but also expect a full review in the coming weeks.

Latest Deepcool Chassis and Cooling Products at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: Deepcool are pretty new to western markets, having already established them selves as the leading cooling brand in China they’re now looking to reach out into the world with their new Steam Punk style chassis, the Steam Castle. It’s a little garish and loud for my liking, but the box style mini-ITX form factor is proving very popular right now and I imagine this design will prove popular with a younger gaming audience.

A little light on details, but Deepcool also unveiled their new water cooling products, a first for the company. They’re using their own pump and radiator design that they manufacture themselves, so it will be very interesting to see how these stack up to the competition when they’re released later this year.

ASUS Showcase New ARES III & STRIX Series Graphics Cards At Computex 2014

Computex: The ASUS ARES series has been renowned for providing the absolute best of dual-GPU AMD graphics cards since its first incarnation with the original ARES, that was dual 5870 based. We then saw the ARES II which moved from air cooling to hybrid water cooling and this took advantage of dual HD 7970 GHz Edition GPUs. Now enter the ASUS ARES III, taking advantage of dual AMD R9 290X GPUs this is effectively the AMD R9 295X2 with a speed bump from the stock 1018MHz clock speed. Not only that but it comes with a custom limited-edition EK single slot water block that is hand-made and limited edition laser-etched. This is really one of the ultimate graphics cards to get your hands on. Of course water cooling is an essential but if you’ve got the money then ASUS have got the card for you! Expect this to cost upwards of $1500, which is the cost of the reference AMD R9 295X2.

ASUS also demonstrated their recently released STRIX series graphics cards. The STRIX series is offered the AMD R9 280, the Nvidia GTX 750 Ti and the Nvidia GTX 780. The STRIX brings to the table a 0 dBA fan up until a certain temperature threshold as well as the renowned Direct CU II cooling and 4K capabilities.

Images courtesy of eTeknix at Computex 2014

RGB LED Mechanical Keyboards From Corsair at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: Corsair had a huge range of products on display at this years show, but one of the stand out items were their new RGB lit mechanical keyboards. The K95 and the K75 are simply revisions of their K90 and K70 keyboards which was saw last year, both great keyboards in their own right, but now they feature the latest switch configurations from Cherry.

The new switches feature a transparent housing with RGB LEDs inside them, allowing you to dial in any colour you can imagine, best of all you can do it on a per key basis, set up pattern effects such as wave, pulse, delay, strobe etc. Corsair went a little nuts with their demo modes and the whole thing looks like a epileptic fit waiting to happen, but as far as showing the limits of what the RGB kit can do, it made a big impact.

The keyboards will soon be hitting the market with a small premium over the previous models to cater to the new switches. If you’re interested in extensive lighting customisation, then you’ll certainly want to check out these models when they hit retailers in the very near future.


Latest Enermax Chassis and Cooler Shown at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: The latest model of the Enermax Ostrog is a real beast, offering plenty of room for a high-end gaming rig with SLI configuration, water cooling and lots of storage. The front panel is made up of squeeze-clip removable 5.25″ drive bay covers, each of which can be removed individually.

The chassis comes bundled with this awesome expansion slot adaptor which allows you to install an SSD in the back of your chassis. It still uses normal SATA cables, but should you wish to strip out your hard drive bays for extra water cooling then you’ll appreciate being able to expand your storage options this way. Better still, Enermax will sell these drive bay kits separately to the chassis, so anyone can real the benefits from them.

Around the right side of the chassis you’ll find a fold down headset mount.

Finally, we also spotted their Liqmax II cooler, an upgraded version of their incredible Liqtech cooler and since we found the Liqtech to be some of the best AIO water coolers ever made, we really can’t wait to see what this new one can do. Unfortunately it was behind glass and we weren’t able to get a really good look at it, but I expect more details will follow in the coming weeks.

AORUS Showoff Latest Gaming Laptops at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: AORUS are really flexing their abilities this year, having just released their updated SLI gaming laptop the X7. Fitted with a 17.3″ 1080p display, 2 x Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M GDDR5 8GB graphics cards in SLI configuration, which allow for a 3 display 5760 x 1080 video output, three 512GB mSATA SSD’s and a 2TB hard drive, up to 32GB of DDR3L-1866 RAM and an Intel 4th Gen i7. Overall this is one incredibly powerful gaming machine, and while it may be a laptop, it’ll put most peoples desktops to shame, and it only weights in at 0.9inch and 6.6 lbs.

Next up we have their much more compact 13.9″ QHD+ gaming laptop, the X3 Plus. With a single GTX 870M GDDR5 6GB, dual M.2 512GB SSD’s and a 4th gen i7 CPU. Very powerful, light and slim, but of course the downside is that both of these systems will no doubt be expensive.

Prices will vary per region, but expect to pay a premium for this level of performance. Both systems should be available at many major retailers shortly.


New Silverstone Coolers Revealed at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: Silverstone look set to push their cooling products to the next level this year, launching a new range of fans and CPU coolers with new designs and improved performance. First up we have these gorgeously designed TD05 180mm water coolers that come with that legendary 5 year warranty.

The new TD03-Slim offers a dual 120mm fan design and stands out from many of the other AIO coolers we’ve seen at the show as Silverstone use their own pumps, pipes, rads and fans, opposed to the Asatek and CoolIT OEM products that are currently swamping the market.

Tundra TD03-Slim offers a 240m rad and comes bundled with two fans, great for those that are interested in heavily overclocking their CPU.

A new range of fans, high static pressure, PWM and quiet designs.

Silverstone are known to show many products a long time before their release, but we expect many of these to be available on the market in the coming weeks and months. As soon as we have more details on price and release date we will let you know.

ASRock DDR4 Motherboards at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: Even more DDR4 motherboards at this years show, starting with the ASRock the Xtreme6 and Xtreme4, which feature a quad channel configuration, X99 chipsets, HDD saver, M.2, eSATA and a wide range of connectivity options that will appeal to high-performance system builders.

The Z97 Extreme9 brings M.2 support, a powerful heat sink design, SLI support, Intel Gigabit Ethernet, ASRock Cloud and more.

HDD Saver is a great little app that allows you to use software to completely turn off internal hard drives, saving power and also hiding the drive from the system completely. This means you can stealth your drive, while also locking the power-on option with a password. Handy if you’re trying to keep some naughty content hidden from the wife haha.

Luxa2 Reveal Their Latest Mobile Products at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: Luxa2 have always offered some of the sleekest mobile accessories on the market and this year looks set to offer more of the same high quality I’ve come to know and love from this brand. In fairness, much of it is the usual stuff, mobile speakers, headphones, aluminium mobile and tablet stands, carry cases, mobile batteries etc, but one thing that really stood out were these lovely looking headphones.

The Lavi S, Lavi D and Lavi L models are great sounding headphones in their own right, I know this as they let me test them on the booth and even with all the background noise of the show, they sounded really nice. However, pop the headphones on your desk, or hang them around your neck and you can put them into speaker mode, an extra set of drivers on the outside of the ear-cups provides 3w each of sound, making them great for sharing music with your friends when your out and about.

Powercolour Devil13 Graphics Card at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: Powercolor pulled out the big guns at Computex, with their Devil 13 Dual Core R9 290X 8GB GDDR5 graphics card. This thing is an absolute monster, easily one of the biggest GPUs ever created and certainly one of the heaviest I’ve ever picked up.

It features an engine clock of 1000MHz, memory clock of 1350MHz x 2 (5.4 Gbps), a dual 512 bit interface, and all the usual bells and whistles such as DL DVI-D/DL DVI-D/HDMI/DP and PCIE 3.0. Expect the price to be enough to make your bank balance go into nuclear meltdown, and that’s assuming you have a system that can run it, given that this beast needs no less than four 8-pin PCI-e power connections and will chew through 1000W of power, yikes!

Of course, if you’re wanting air cooled extreme 4K gaming performance, then you’re going to have to pay for such a privilege.

QNAP Unveil New NAS Products at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: QNAP have been busy revising their silent NAS and have come back to the market with their new HS-251, which still offers a two bay format, but should offer improved performance and cooling over their previous models. The front panel can be easily clipped off, allowing you to slide out either of the two 3.5″ drive bays for quick drive installation. The system comes passively cooled, offers HDMI out and hardware accelerated transcoding, making it a great choice for expanding your media centre setup.

Their 51 series continues with the TS-851, 651, 451 and 251. Offering plenty of storage options from the consumer level to the prosumer level, each now offering support for the huge (and expensive) 6TB drives from Seagate.

They’ve also been busy boosting their interface and app support, something that has always been a popular selling point for QNAP products. Including updated Android and iOS apps, although still no support for Windows Mobile.

The QGenie is a wonderful little thing, a wireless mobile NAS with 32GB of internal storage, USB 3.0 and SD Card expandability, Ethernet hook up for better performance, mobile charging of USB devices such as your smartphone, MiFi sharing / Mobile AP and more. It’s extremely versatile, compact and the price should be around $100.

Raijintek Unleash Huge Range of Products at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: Raijintek are still fairly new to the market, and while  they’ve been steadily releasing a few CPU coolers and a chassis over the last 18 months, 2014 and 2015 is set to be the year their brand really takes off. They’ve brought along with them a huge range of new chassis products, CPU coolers and more, with feature sets that put the competition to shame and prices that made our jaws hit the floor, under cutting every rival in a like for like specifications vs price battle.

Their new water cooler comes pre-filled, features a 280mm radiator, low profiles fans and a very funky reservoir pump design that really stands out from the competition.

The Morpheus GPU cooler, which they claim offers incredible performance, fortunately I’ll be able to put that claim to the test myself very soon as we’re getting one in for review.

A huge new range of CPU air coolers on display, including their stunning black finish, which they claim is unlike anything else on the market today due to the unique way that it is applied. The end result is a stunning aesthetic that should look great in virtually any system build.

The Atlas is one of the best products I’ve seen at the show, priced at around £55 you’ll find room for micro-ATX motherboards, dual slot SLI setups, extra long GPUs, fully filtered air intakes, thick front radiator support, a fully removable motherboard tray, fully modular storage bays, including a separate 2.5″ bay that mounts directly off the back of the bottom fan, cable routing grommets, removable 5.25″ drive bay, USB 3.0, reversible panels, 200mm front fan support, top mounted cooling support, and the list just goes on and on. Best of all this budget friendly, high-end chassis will be available as soon as August this year.

This cute little number is cut from 1.5mm aluminium, features a sleek range of colour choices and good component compatibility that should make for a nice little desktop rig, HTPC or even a LAN gaming rig.

Superflower Leadex PSUs at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: Superflower make some impressive PSU products, and this year they did a great job of reminding us of this fact. Not only do they have a huge range of 80 Plus Titanium rated products, such as their 1600w, 1300w and 1000w, but they’re also the first in the world to score an 80Plus Titanium certificate on a 600W PSU, impressive!

Of course if you’re really looking to power a super Computex designed to take over the world, then you’re really going to want to check out this gargantuan 2000W rated monster. Not only does it pack a huge amount of power and a choice of gold and platinum certifications, but it’s also fully modular, with a massive bank of connectivity options, ideal for those wanting to power multiple ultra-high end graphics cards.

Latest Thermaltake Toughpower PSUs at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: The latest ranges of Thermaltake Toughpower PSUs are on show here at Computex 2014, and it looks like Thermaltake have been listening carefully to their customers feedback. The new DPS G 1050W still offers realtime performance monitoring and control, but Thermaltake have moved the monitoring hardware to an in-cable design, allowing them to lower the end user retail price (details coming soon), while still offering Gold certification, an ultra quiet 14cm fan, fully modular flat cables, a powerful single 12v rail design and high quality Japanese capacitors. This one is going to be a popular choice with the enthusiast market.

Still mining those cryptocurrencies, or maybe you just need to power a monster of a rendering rig? Then this new 1500W Titanium rated PSU offers a fully modular design, quiet fan, japanese capacitors and of course packs enough power to push any of today’s biggest graphics hardware.

As a nice little bonus, Thermaltake will no also be selling these lovely individually sleeved cables, details are a little sparse at the moment, but we expect we’ll be hearing more about these shortly.

Huge New Range of Thermaltake Cooling Components at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: Thermaltake are just full of surprises at this years Computex, not only have they release a huge range of awesome cooling products, but they’re also creating some that are just completely, and utterly bonkers! Take this 540mm custom loop radiator fitted with 3 x 180mm fans, Thermaltake don’t even make a chassis that fits this beast! Well… not yet, but we suspect they’ll be cooking up something equally huge to support it.

They’ve got an extensive new range of radiators and while I could detail their sizes, you can see they’ve got pretty much every major thickness, length and width covered and after a close inspection of them, the quality is absolutely stunning on every single one of them.

Not content with just radiators, they’ve got their brand new pumps, D5 housings, reservoirs, fittings, pipes, coloured cooling fluid and more. Most important of all, they have their own custom blocks. Put simply, if you want an all Thermaltake branded loop, now you can.

Scared of custom loop solutions, then fear not! For those wanting the quick and easy option of all-in-one cooling, then check out this awesome Water 3.0 Ultimate 360 x 120mm radiator, as well as the new 240 extreme, 120 pro and 120 performer.

The new Frio Silent 12, Silent 14 and Extreme Silent 14 Dual, catering to those who want high performance, low noise and don’t want to go down the water cooling route.

Last but by no means least, this digital controlled 10 port fan hub, perfect for those hooking up huge banks of fans inside their system.

Thermaltake V-Series Chassis at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: We had a huge amount of fun at the Thermaltake booth, not only because their a great team to get along with, but also because they had a HUGE range of new products on display. Thermaltake look set to take the chassis market by storm with their latest Core V series of chassis, which offer loads of features that should appeal to a wide range of system builders.

Fully removable storage bays, extensive radiator support, rear stealth mount hard drive bays, filtered ventilation and a bold design make the V41 (below), V31(below) and the V51 (above) a great choice for a gaming rig.

The star of the show is easily the V1, a cube style gaming chassis that keeps with the theme of its bigger brothers, but great things really can come in small packages as this is one extremely capable chassis.

Behind the front panel you’ll find a huge 200mm fan, as well as radiator mounts. Most interestingly is the cut-away on the left, allowing you to pass a two slot GPU through the front of the chassis, giving you extra room to fit a monster sized GPU in this pint sized chassis.

Thermaltake obviously want to show off with this thing, and they’ve fitted a full custom look water cooling system in their, all of which is made up of the brand new Thermaltake water cooling components.

The chassis panels are all the same fit, so you can put the side panels, top panels etc on ANY side you like, Thermaltake are also working to sell the window panels separately, so in theory you could have windows on top, left and right sides if you wanted.

TteSports Unveil Their Updated Peripherals for 2014 at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: TteSports had some great new products on display on their booth this year, and while there was very little complete “new” products, they’ve taken some of their most popular ranges and updated them for 2014. First up we have the latest Cronos headset, I loved the original, but TteSports have revised the oversized microphone boom, in favour of a retractable microphone on a flexible boom, as well as a few other minor ergonomic tweaks. This means the headset is much more viable for wearing outside, and will now double up as headphones without looking too much like a desktop headset.

The latest Challenger keyboard offers loads of features for a membrane keyboard, including dedicated macro keys on the left side, M function keys on the top row, dedicated multimedia keys and jog wheel, LED back lighting and a built in wrist rest design.

The Ventus offers a really cool design, similar to that of a cut-down Level 10M gaming mouse, 5700 DPI laser sensor, an ambidextrous design and coolest of all (quite literally) is the ventilated design, helping prevent getting a sweaty palm after long gaming sessions.

This beastly looking thing offers a 3000 DPI optical sensor, ambidextrous layout, removable side panels to adjust the overall feel of the mouse, side thumb buttons and very bold looking RGB back lighting.

The Shock 3D takes their already popular PC headset and adds virtual 7.1 surround, EQ effects and a very aggressive new design, not sure I like the looks of this one, but we look forward to testing its performance in the coming weeks.