Newegg Still Working Hard to Launch UK Store @ CES 2016

CES 2016: Newegg is one of the largest stockists of computer hardware in the USA and offers a huge range of products at competitive prices. This means the consumer usually has some sort of pricing war between Newegg, Amazon and other stores, which results in impressive discounts. Some time ago, the company revealed their plans to enter the UK market and offer a rival to Scan, Overclockers, Aria, Amazon and more! However, there hasn’t been a lot of progress in this area despite the US website allowing you to purchase items in GBP. While this might seem like a good idea, you’re still purchasing the items from a US outlet, and any product is bound by a hefty delivery charge and import duty. Once you take this into account, the final cost will be significantly more than a UK retailer.

Even though Newegg’s UK representative couldn’t give a definitive answer on the UK site’s progress, he did mention that it’s being worked on and developments should be announced this year. Without saying too much, I’m pretty sure you can see at what I’m hinting at and I cannot wait to see how this might shake up the PC hardware market in the UK.

MSI Launches Z170A SLI Plus Motherboard

MSI are one of the hottest names in the PC component market, having created some of the best graphics cards and motherboards of recent years, they’re a very popular choice for system builders. Their Pro series of motherboard get its final addition today, with the release of the all-black Z170A SLI PLUS, a board that takes many of the features we’ve seen in the stunning X99A SLI PLUS motherboard, but just a little more up to date.

“Offering an enhanced experience and the best in productivity and reliability the Z170A SLI PLUS motherboard has been configured to satisfy even the most demanding user.” – MSI

Equipped with USB 3.1 Type-C, Audio Boost, SLI and CrossFire support, Steel Armor PCI-E slots, Military Class 4 components, DDR4 Boost, Turbo M.2, Click BIOS 5 and more, there’s no doubt that this is a feature packed board that will appeal to many.

There’s no official spec sheet just yet, but given MSI’s track record, I have high expectations for this board. Prices in the UK are expected to be around £109 and retailers should have stock any time now, so keep a look out for them if you want to get one of the first batch.

Would you put the Z170A SLI PLUS motherboard into your next system build?

Chieftec SFX 500GD-C 500w Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging

Compact systems are becoming increasingly popular, with many chassis now being so small, that they no longer support the common ATX PSU standard. This is where smaller form factor power supplies, such as the Chieftec SFX 500GD-C we have on the test bench today, come into play. The smaller form factor makes them perfect for compact system builds and with 500W of power on offer, this tiny PSU still has more than enough juice to power a decent gaming system, making it a prime choice for those building a small LAN gaming system, HTPC style gaming system, or even just those who have limited room for a desktop rig/workstation.

In terms of hardware, the GD-C ticks all the right boxes, with a powerful 40A +12V rail, modular cables for easy installation and cable management, 80 Plus Gold efficiency and all the safety features we have come to expect from a modern unit. Of course, the real big, or should I say little, feature is that it’s all housed in a tiny little unit.

Packaging & Accessories

The box is nothing too fancy, but it does have a nice image of the PSU on the front, which shows off the modular cable design.

There’s very little in the box, so little that you’ll only find a user manual beside the PSU and modular cables. Annoyingly, there wasn’t even an AC mains cable. Fortunately, we have a few of those lying around, so that’s no going to cause issues with our testing.

Seasonic Platinum 1050W Modular Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging

Seasonic is one of the most respected PSU manufacturers in the world, not only do they create their own premium grade units, but they’re also one of the most popular manufacturers used by a range of PSU brands around the world. Time and time again we’ve seen them deliver flawless designs, incredible performance and a whole lot more, so we’re very excited to have one of their latest and greatest units on our test bench today.

The Seasonic 1050W packs a huge amount of power, making it an ideal choice for overclockers and those with multiple graphics cards in their systems. It comes with premium grade components throughout and this helps it operate at 80 Plus Platinum efficiency, meaning it’ll cost you less on your electricity bill to run vs Gold, Bronze and below rated PSU units.

Packed with features such as Ultra Stable Voltage, a Hybrid Silent Fan Control which allows for 0RPM operation at low loads and Dual Copper Bars, the 1050W Platinum sounds like a premium choice for system builders.

As you can see, the 1050W hits all the usual requirements of a modern PSU, can operate between 100-240v AC and features all the protection features you would expect.

The packaging is nicely designed, keeping in theme with the rest of the Seasonic range.

Around the back, a quick run down of what 80 Plus Platinum efficiency is, as well as a run down of the major features; which we’ll take a look at in a moment.

In the box, you’ll find a durable storage bag that houses all the modular PSU cables and the 3-pin power cable.

There’s also an assortment of plastic and velcro cable ties to aid with cable management, an owners manual and with this unit, a UK 3-pin power cable.

Reeven Okeanos RC-1402 CPU Cooler Review


Today I’ll be taking a look at the Reeven Okeanos RC-1402 CPU cooler, which I’ll admit straight away, it doesn’t have the catchiest name ever, but then again, I don’t know many people who’ve heard of Reeven, let alone Okeanos. Of course, all that could change soon enough, as this certainly isn’t our first Reeven review and it was only a few months back that we awarded our Editor Choice Award to the Reeven Brontes RC-1001 Low-Profile CPU cooler. We’ve seen a few products from Reeven over the years, some won awards, some didn’t, but that’s nothing out of the ordinary for any brand and, of course, I’m hoping to see an award-winning performance from the Okeanos today.

The Okeanos certainly comes well equipped, with support for most major socket types, a dual fan/dual tower design with a 140mm and a 120mm included in the box, six heat pipes in a unique 2 x8mm + 4 x 6mm layout. Hopefully, that mass of heat-pipes and fans will deliver some great performance during our overclocking tests.

The packaging is quite colourful and will no doubt appeal to a gaming crowd. Plus, the bright colours should look great in most gaming systems.

As I said before, the Okeanos comes equipped with two high-performance fans. The largest is a 140mm and the smallest a 120mm.

both fans come with black sleeved cables, a 4-pin PWM connector and a nine-blade design. The 140mm operates at up to 1100 RPM and the 120mm at up to 1200 RPM.

In the box, you’ll also find a universal backplate, a universal mounting bracket, two fan speed adapters for lower RPM/noise levels, six fan clips for up to three fans, the mounting screws, a spanner to help with any installation issues and a retention bracket for the cooler.

The design of the cooler is very nice, with two durable fin stacks that should provide an excellent amount of surface area to dissipate heat.

The stylish top plates add a premium quality to the cooler and it’s certainly a lot tidier looking than most towers, which just have the heat pipes jutting out of the top.

The cooler supports up to three fans. Of course, there’s a 140mm and a 120mm included, but there’s nothing stopping you from adding your own fans, or an extra 140mm on the other side for extra cooling performance.

There’s a total of six heat pipes on the Okeanos, with two 8mm thick in the middle and four 6mm pipes, all of which pass through each of the cooling towers and provide enough contact on the CPU block to cover the full surface of the CPU.

The contact plate is of a good size and has a bright and smooth surface to provide excellent contact with your CPU.

ID-Cooling SE 204K CPU Cooler Review


ID-Cooling are a relatively new playing in the PC component market, having expanded from their China originals just two years ago to tackle the European market. A few weeks ago, we stopped by their booth at Computex 2015 to see what products they have on offer and I was pleasantly surprised to see they’ve got some competitive looking products to offer. Today, I take a much closer look as I test our first ever ID-Cooling sample, the SE 204K CPU cooler.

The packaging on the SE 204K is nicely designed, with an image of the cooler on the box, as well as a run down of the main specifications such as the 150W and its gaming theme; I think they’re referring to the black and red design.

In the box, you’ll find everything you need to get you started. There are two sets of fan retention clips, a universal backplate, Intel and AMD mounting plates, a fan and a small tube of thermal grease.

The fan is really nicely designed. The black body of the fan is given some extra flair thanks to the red highlights, which also double as anti-vibration pads.

The fan has a 7 blade design which are custom shaped to help better direct the airflow and reduce turbulence. The 120mm fan has a hydraulic bearing and a PWM 4-pin connector.

The cooling tower is nice and slim, so RAM compatibility should be very high, even with the fan installed.

The black nickel finish looks great and overall build quality of the fin stack is very good and feels durable, especially so for a cooler of this size.

There are four 8mm heat pipes which pass through the cooler in a “U” shape, so we should see some impressive heat transfer from the 204K

The four 8mm heat pipes are soldered to the polished copper base, which should help further enhance the heat transfer process. The base plate is nicely polished too, so it’ll be easy to get a clean fit over your CPU.

Corsair RMi Series RM1000i Fully-Modular Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging

The latest range of Corsair PSUs are here at last! The new RMi series is something of an upgrade, offering higher quality components, higher performance and more features compared to the last generation; pretty much everything you would expect from the latest range of anything tech related. Corsair has a rock solid reputation in the system building market, delivering popular and competitive products from CPU coolers, chassis, power supplies and more, so we’re hoping to see them put up a good fight on our test bench today.

The RMi series has a lot in common with the current RM series PSU units, as it still offers all the high-end features you would expect; 80 Plus Gold Certification, fully modular cables, Zero RPM fan modes (up to 40% load), silent component selection (reduced coil whine) and LLC resonant mode topology w/ DC to DC (improves efficiency and voltage regulation). However, the RMi series is setting the bar even higher, with a 7 year warranty, all Japanese capacitors, full output at 50c, a fluid dynamic bearing fan, digital output for additional Corsair Link monitoring capabilities, as well as additional Corsair Link control capabilities, which includes custom fan profiles and the ability to toggle the +12v rail from multiple to single rail modes.

“Corsair RMi Series power supplies are fully modular and optimized for silence and power efficiency. Zero RPM Fan Mode means that the fan doesn’t spin until the power supply is under heavy load, and the fan itself is custom-designed for low noise operation even at high loads. 80 PLUS Gold rated efficiency saves you money on your power bill, and the flat black cables are fully modular so you can enjoy fast, neat builds. The Corsair RMi Series is built with high-quality components, including all Japanese electrolytic capacitors, and is guaranteed to deliver clean, stable, continuous power, even at ambient temperatures as high as 50°C. Users can also install Corsairs Link software to monitor power usage and fan speed. With 650W, 750W, 850W and 1000W models available there is a Corsair RMi power supply suitable for potentially any PC configuration.” – Corsair

Packaging and Contents

The RM1000i offers up, you guessed it, 1000 watts of power. There’s a nice and clear image of the PSU on the front of the box, as well as a quick run-down of the major features on the rest of the packaging, such as the 80 Plus Gold certification and semi-passive cooling design.

In the box, you’ll find the manual, warranty guide, power cable, screws and a few cable ties to help you keep everything neat and tidy.

Corsair RMi Series RM650i Fully-Modular Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging

Corsair is one of the biggest names in the industry, covering a wide range of products from chassis, peripherals, cooling, audio and more importantly today, power supplies. Their latest range of PSUs promises to deliver some impressive performance figures and we’ve got two of their new RMi series products on our test bench and ready to rock. First up, we have the 650 watt unit, which to some may not sound like a lot of power, but from my experience, few systems pull more than 500 watts even at full load, so there’s no doubt in my mind that this unit is the one aimed at mid to high-end gaming systems and day-to-day users.

The RMi series is a big improvement on the current RM series of PSUs. They still offer the high-end features of the previous generation, such as 80 Plus Gold Certification, modular cables and more. With the added bonus of a 7-year warranty, full Japanese capacitors, a fluid dynamic bearing fans, digital output (Corsair Link), custom fan profiles and something for the enthusiast crowd, the ability to switch the +12v rail between multiple and single rail modes.

“Corsair RMi Series power supplies are fully modular and optimized for silence and power efficiency. Zero RPM Fan Mode means that the fan doesn’t spin until the power supply is under heavy load, and the fan itself is custom-designed for low noise operation even at high loads. 80 PLUS Gold rated efficiency saves you money on your power bill, and the flat black cables are fully modular so you can enjoy fast, neat builds. The Corsair RMi Series is built with high-quality components, including all Japanese electrolytic capacitors, and is guaranteed to deliver clean, stable, continuous power, even at ambient temperatures as high as 50°C. Users can also install Corsairs Link software to monitor power usage and fan speed. With 650W, 750W, 850W and 1000W models available there is a Corsair RMi power supply suitable for potentially any PC configuration.” – Corsair

Packaging and Contents

The packaging is nicely designed, with a clear image of the PSU on the front of the box, as well as detailing the 7-year warranty and 80 Plus Gold certification.

In the box, you’ll find a power cable, some cable ties and mounting screws, the warranty guide and user manual. There was also a USB drive included, but at this time we think this may only be for press, not for consumers, as it contained information about the testing in-house of the power supply.

Is HBM Memory Production Affecting Availability of AMD Fury Series GPUs?

Being in the industry, it’s not uncommon for us to hear little snippets of information, rumours and a heck of a lot of top-secret stuff, but sometimes, that information comes together and gives us a unique insight into what goes on behind the scenes. As many of you will know, the incredible AMD Radeon Fury and the Fury X graphics cards are soon to be released. What you likely don’t know, is that many sites, including eTeknix, likely won’t have a review on launch day. It’s fairly standard practice for sites like us to have the hardware pre-release, with few exceptions, but it seems the Fury series is being handled very differently by AMD.

We’ve caught word that the Fury cards won’t be going out for review, but also that the Fury X will only get 10 samples for the whole of the EU, reviewers will keep the cards for no more than two days, then cycle them around to the next set of reviewers. This fits in with earlier rumours we’ve heard that HBM is exceedingly difficult to produce, as well as rumours that retail stock will be in very short supply due to these manufacturing difficulties. Could it be that AMD simply don’t have enough cards to go around? From what we understand, that certainly seems to be the case. Industry sources are already whispering to us that those actually wanting to buy the card will need luck on their side. This issue will no doubt be impacted even further by the expected high demand for the new card.

So for now, we won’t be able to bring you benchmarks of the new card, but we’re certainly working hard to find a way to do so. Hopefully, we can get the right information to you, our readers, should you be eager to see how well this card performs in a real world environment before purchase; if you can find stock that is.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as we have more information.

Cool Range of New Thermaltake Components @ Computex 2015

Computex 2015: Chassis, coolers and power supplies are all essential, but there’s so much more you can add to your build to enhance the style and functionality. Thermaltake know this and have revealed a range of cool products for your system. A selection of gorgeous sleeved PSU cables and colourful cable combs to help improve the overall style. There’s also a range of funky hard drive docks, in fact, they’re some of the best docks I’ve seen and now come with USB Type-C connectivity!

Their latest fan controllers look pretty cool too and are an idea match for the latest range of Thermaltake fans. We’ll bring you more information shortly, so stay tuned!


be quiet! Dark Rock TF CPU Cooler Review


Today is a fantastic day, as we’ve got the latest and hopefully one of the greatest be quiet! CPU coolers on the eTeknix test bench. I am of course talking about the new Dark Rock TF (top flow) CPU cooler and if our previous reviews of be quiet! products is anything to go by, we should be in for a real treat today.

“One of the hardest things to do in a compact PC is quietly cool a high-performance CPU even in extreme overclocking conditions. The top-flow cooler Dark Rock TF with be quiet!’s famous silent technology offers a perfect solution to this challenge.” – be quiet!

be quiet! as the name would suggest, as focused on ultra-quiet components, whilst still offering high-end cooling performance, exceptional build quality and sleek aesthetics; pretty much everything you could ever want from a PC component. The new Dark Rock TF looks set to continue the trend, with the addition of their new 135mm Silent Wings 3 fans, dual heat sinks, six heat pipes with aluminium caps and a whole lot more.

  • Extremely high 220W TDP cooling performance
  • Dual dark nickel-plated heat sinks with anti-vibration rubber inserts
  • Six high-performance 6mm heat-pipes with aluminum caps
  • Two virtually inaudible SilentWings® 135mm PWM fans (max. 26.7dB(A))
  • Fans equipped with durable fluid-dynamic bearing and smooth 6-pole motor
  • Space-saving single fan assembly also supported
  • Brushed aluminum covers
  • Compatible with all current Intel® and AMD sockets
  • 3-years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Product conception, design and quality control in Germany

“Dark Rock TF offers the best performance-to-noise ratio for compact PC systems. It strikes the perfect balance between cooling and serenity with absolutely no compromise in silence and performance.” – be quiet!

The packaging is really nicely designed and keeps in theme with other products in the be quiet! range.

All major specifications and details are on the box, handy for checking compatibility if you’re looking at this cooler in a retail store.

Exceptional efficiency has been used with packaging the cooler, not space is wasted and there are protective folds and boxes placed to ensure it stays in one piece until it’s ready to be used.

The cooler is packed is thick foam blocks to keep it free from damage.

Whilst the component box is snug between the tower coolers to help prevent them from bending.

In the component box, you’ll find a durable metal backplate, which has two foam strips pre-applied to prevent motherboard damage. You’ll also find all the fitting screws and plates needed for all major socket types, fan clips, thermal paste, a fan cable splitter and the instruction booklet.

The Silent Wings 3 fans are 135mm and come fitted with 4-pin PWM connectors.

Each fan is fitted with their new 6-pole motor, fluid-dynamic bearings, has a max speed of 1400rpm and be quiet! say that it’ll only hit 20.8 dBa at max speed!

First impressions of the cooler as very good indeed, this thing looks absolutely stunning and you can tell they’ve put a lot of thought into the design of every little detail. The cooler has six 6mm high-performance heat pipes which start pass through the bottom mounting plate, then up and through the larger heat sink.

Here you can better see the dual heat sink design, with space on the top for one fan and one more between the heat sinks. Dual fans will make this cooler pretty tall, but be quiet! say you could only install the interior fan if you needed to save space.

Each side of the lower section has the be quiet! logo on the side, a nice little touch and I think it looks pretty cool.

Here you can see that four of the six heat pipes pass through to the lower heat sink for additional cooling while the remaining two heat pipes end just after the CPU mounting block. The top of the large heat sink has been treated with a brushed aluminium panel and heat pipe caps, further adding to the premium look of the cooler.

The fans are mounted directly onto the larger heat sink and to help reduce unwanted vibration and noise, there are two rubber strips mounted down each side.

The mounting plate is polished to a mirror-like shine and it’s big enough to provide a good level of contact on a wide range of CPUs.

The mixture of aluminium and dark nickel-plated construction looks great and without a doubt, this is one of the nicest looking coolers I’ve ever seen.

AMD Hawaii GPUs Returning With Radeon 300 Series

It’s not uncommon for current generation graphics cards to be tweaked, improved and rebranded to become part of the next-generation launch. This time around, it seems that the current line-up of Hawaii GPUs, such as the Radeon R9 290 cards, will be treated to an overclock and the addition of more VRAM However, it’s important to point out that any rebranded cards will not feature the upcoming HBM memory that the new flagship cards will feature.

It’s hard to nail down what new cards are what, as they’ve not yet been given a confirmed codename. We suspect that cards such as the R9 380 will be a rebrand of the current R9 285, but that information will no doubt become clearer closer to the launch. The Hawaii HX has a mild overclock, but a significant boost in memory speed, as well as a move from 4GB to 8GB of VRAM; the same goes for the Hawaii Pro.

Check out this list of expected 300 series cards below. It’s incomplete, but given that many of the cards aren’t confirmed yet, only rumoured and leaked, there’s still plenty more information to discover.

Personally, I’m happy to see the better picks from the current range get a boost, as they offer some great price vs performance ratios, while the bump in VRAM will help push 4K gaming into the mainstream. However, I’m personally sitting and waiting for the higher-end all-new cards with HBM, such as the R9 380X and 390X.

Thank you VideoCardz for providing us with this information.

Intel Skylake i7 6700K Performance Figures Leaked

Intel Skylake is finally on the horizon and hardware is slowly starting to trickle into the hands of hardware developers around the world, which means one thing; leaked information is coming!

The first leak about Intel’s upcoming CPU architecture focuses on one thing we really care about, the performance and initial impressions are certainly positive. The first listed CPU, the 6700K appears to have the same frequency ratio as the 4790K, but with 15% higher gaming performance. The performance increase may not look huge, but keep in mind that these benchmarks skip over some big innovations in the hardware and software market, such as DirectX12.

It seems that 6-cores will become the norm for the next-generation of CPUs and we expect that’ll be a similar vibe for the upcoming AMD Zen architecture also. With the new DirectX API being able to address all cores more efficiently, as well as software developers updating their software to better utilize the newer Skylake hardware, we expect the performance gap to increase quite quickly.

Of course, Skylake will also bring a lot of other benefits, such as supporting both DDR3 and DDR4 memory formats, a new chipset from Intel, the 100-series and the usual reduction in power consumption, so it’s certainly something we’re looking forward to.

Diamond USB 3.0 to Multi Display Adapter Review


There’s no doubt in my mind that if you’re using a computer, you’re using a display of some sorts; a PC isn’t much use without one. Having a single display is fine for most people, it’s more than enough for working, gaming and whatever else you need. However, what if you need to expand your display setup even further? There are other display outputs on your GPU, or at least most graphics cards have more than one output. However, what if you find yourself in a situation where you have no more outputs available? If you have 1-3 displays setup for your system, or you run your spare output to a bigscreen TV or projector, you’ve got no room left to add another display to your setup, without adding another video card into the mix.

Of course, the real market for this device is for notebooks and tablets with a single display output. Most ultrabooks only have a single display output, if they have one at all! So being able to have a cost-effective connectivity solution could be a great solution for expanding your workspace.

The Diamond USB 3.0 to DVI/HDMI/VGA does exactly what it says on the box, it allows you to turn a USB 3.0 port into a video output, giving you as many more display ports as you could need, at a significantly lower price point than adding an extra dedicated GPU. Of course, there are some shortfalls to this, such as the solution may not be ideal for gaming, but for work and content creation, it could be the flexible solution you need.

Specifications and features

Product weight 0.10 lbs.
Package weight 0.65 lbs.
Product Dimensions 3.2(L) x 1.9(W) x 1.0(H) Inches
Package Dimensions 8.6 x 6.4 x 2.1 Inches


DVI (Native)
DVI to HDMI (with included adapter)
DVI to VGA (with included adapter)
USB 3.0 Micro


DisplayLink DL-3500

Number of Displays Supported

1 per BVU3500 adapter

Max resolution

2048 x 1152 and 1080P


Yes, Protected video playback HDCP 2.0

In the box, you will find a USB 3.0 cable, the USB to DVI adaptor, a DVI to VGA adaptor and a DVI to HDMI adaptor; virtually any monitor you can think of should be able to connect with ease.

The main unit is simple enough, with the USB connection on the end and a small LED indicator on the top.

The DVI port is self-explanatory and what is nice to see is that all the connectors are gold-plated, so they should last a lot longer without corroding.

On the underside, you’ll find a small sticker with the product model number (UGA250000S REV.A) and four small screws should you need to open the device for repairs, which is very unlikely.

Both of the connectors are of a very high quality and come with metal thumbscrew fittings to ensure your cables don’t drop out; with the exception of HDMI, which is a self-supporting cable.

The HDMI connector may not screw into place, but the mount does swivel and twist, which should further ensure that your cable doesn’t get pulled from its fitting.

The Swiftech MCR140-X AIO Pump, Radiator and Reservoir Revealed

Swiftech is well-known for their great looking water cooling gear, but their new all-in-one radiator, pump and reservoir unit, the MCR140-X Drive, sure is ugly!

The new unit features a 25mm thick 140mm radiator, but features an extended housing on the rear that allows them cram in the reservoir and the pump. This means it is a custom loop equivalent of an all-in-one unit. You simply plumb the unit into your existing CPU or GPU water cooling block and you’re good to go.

It’s pretty garish in terms of design, but what it lacks in looks, it oozes in practicality. Suddenly you’re able to cram all this custom loop equipment into a massively compressed space. This could prove extremely useful for those wanting to use something like a GPU water cooling block in a small form factor chassis.

It comes equipped with a SATA power connector for its 1200 – 3000RPM pump, there is an additional fill port, a side window to view coolant levels and it features G1/4 fittings. The unit should be available immediately with prices of around $89.99 US.

We look forward to finding out how well this unit performs in real world test.

Thank you TechPowerUp for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of TechPowerUp

New Fractal Design Product Coming Soon!

Fractal Design are playing a fun game with us all today. They’ve begun teasing a new product that is soon to hit the market, but they won’t tell us what it is! Of course, we here at eTeknix are in a great position to take a few educated guesses and there are already clues staring us right in the face. Just take a look at the banners on our site which Fractal Design launched today!

The new advertisements read “Silence Redefined November 24 2014”. Which doesn’t really reveal much, but we know the kind of products Fractal Design produce, as well as which products they’ve shown at trade shows this year.

We stopped by the Fractal Design suite at Computex earlier this year where they had their new Core series of chassis. Given the Core is their newer budget range, I don’t think that will be the answer, perhaps something from their high-end range of chassis such as the Define, Arc or Node series? A Silenced chassis would certainly be an obvious choice in my opinion.

They also revealed their new AIO water cooling units, such as the 360mm radiator. We all know that AIO water cooling can offer ultra quiet performance compared to many air coolers, so perhaps that is what we can expect?

We’ve reached out to Fractal Design to see if we can squeeze some more information from them. Either way, we’ve only got a few days wait until the big reveal.

What do you think it will be?

MSI Z97 Gaming 9 ACK and X99S Gaming 9 ACK Now Available

MSI has just released their latest motherboards; the MSI Z97 Gaming 9 ACK and the MSI X99S Gaming 9. ACK brings support for wireless solutions, powered by Killer DoubleShot Pro. ACK delivers 3.5x lower latency and 2.9x times faster data throughput compared to traditional Wireless-N hardware; this is great news for those who don’t want to (or can’t) rely on a LAN cable. Another cool feature is the ability to use both Wi-Fi and LAN together; you can run your gaming activity through the LAN and use the Wi-Fi for other internet data, freeing up some bandwidth for lag-free gaming. By using both LAN and Wi-Fi, you’ll unlock a staggering 1.876 Gbps of bandwidth!

The boards come with all the usual high-end features for overclocking, high quality components and a wave of extras; Audio Boost 2, Killer networking, Turbo M.2 32 Gb/s (Z97 standard M.2) and SATA Express (X99 models only). Streaming Engine also adds a dedicated onboard hardware streaming solution, perfect for those who love to share their gameplay online, as it will support 1080p 60Mbps without affecting your games FPS.

The boards also features Xtreme Audio DAC, which offers 192kHz / 32-Bit 120dB SNR audio quality. This is thanks to the C-Media HD Audio Processor, Wolfston WM8741 DAC and Texas Instruments TPA6120A2 AMP.

Thank you MSI for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of MSI.

Xigmatek Reveal Maverick S Power Supplies


Xigmatek has just revealed their new Maverick S line of power supplies. The new PSUs are designed to be mid-range products, which offer great value for money. They’re also unique in the sense that they come in the PS3 form factor. PS3 has the same height and width as an ATX class PSU, so they still fit a standard chassis, but they’re not as long, meaning they’re great for compact chassis where space is limited.

The new PSUs measure in at just 150 x 85 x 123mm, with a 120mm PWM controlled fan. There is also a full ATX edition available should you need it. The Maverick are the full ATX, while the Maverick S are the PS3 form factor models.

All of the PSUs come with ATX, EPC and one set of PCIe connectors fixed, with all the other cables being modular. There are three models available; 400w, 500w and 600w. Each features a single +12V rail, active PFC and all the usual electrical protection systems. The Maverick series is 80 Plus Bronze, ATX 2.3 and EPS 2.92 certified, with support for Haswell C6 power states.

No details on price or availability just yet, but we expect them to be very competitive.

Thank you TechPowerUp for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of TechPowerUp.

Gigabyte G1.Gaming H81 Motherboard Revealed

If you’re on the market for an entry-level micro-ATX motherboard, then today is a good day. The new Gigabyte G1.Gaming may not pack waves of ultra high-end features, but for those on a tighter budget, it packs more than enough features to get a good gaming rig off the ground.

Equipped with the modest H81 chipset, the board is almost identical to the older H81M-WW motherboard. The big changes would be that there’s a second PCIe 2.0 x1 slot instead of a legacy PCI, and the PCH heatsink is a nicer design. The board comes equipped with the ALC892 CODEC for onboard audio, audio-grade electrolytic capacitors and a ground-layer isolation.

It comes equipped with a good quality Intel gigabit Ethernet controller, not the cheaper Realtek ones that are featured on the older H81M-WW motherboard.

There are no details on pricing just yet, but since this board has been stripped back to the bare essentials, we would expect it to be fiercely competitive.

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FSP Reveal Their New 80Plus Platinum AURUM PT PSU Range

The new FSP AURUM PT power supply series has just been revealed, featuring a range of high performance products for the gaming enthusiast and overclocking markets. All of the new PSUs come equipped with 80 Plus Platinum certification and high quality components for high-end performance.

The Aurum PT range features full industrial-grade Japanese capacitors and solid capacitors on the secondary side. Each features a powerful single +12V rail design which FSP say delivers “consistent ripple free power.” E-Synch Remote-Sensing features provide you with synchronized 3.3V/5V/12V; this is an FSP exclusive features which is said to provide superior noise and ripple suppression.

The Aurum PT series are designed with aerodynamics in mind, with plenty of ventilation and a 135 fluid dynamic bearing fan to help keep things nice and cool. The exterior has been given a rough granite touch finish, giving them an aggressive look that should fit nicely into any high-end system.

All the products in the range feature modular cables and enough 8pin (6+2) cables to power up to four high end graphics cards, as well as 13 SATA devices.

AURUM PT Series is available in 3 wattages, 850W, 1000W and 1200W. MSRP is US$219.99, US$239.99, and US$279.99, respectively; all backed up with an impressive 7 year global warranty.

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Gigabyte Reveal New Z97-HD3P Motherboard

Flagship, extreme performance and overclocking motherboards steal a lot of the spotlight, which is understandable, but the reality is that we often purchase our consumer based products from further down the range. The new Gigabyte’s Z97-HD3P is their latest entry-level socket LGA1150 motherboard for the Intel Z97 Express chipset and if you’re just after a reliable board for a day-to-day gaming and work PC, this could be a great option for you.

Priced at around $100 the board is certainly affordable, but it still comes packed full of features that make it a tempting option for any system builder; a 4-phase VRM for clean power delivery, four DDR3 DIMM slots, a single PCI-Express 3.0 x16 slot, PCI 2.0 x16 (electrical x4), two PCIe 2.0 x1 and two legacy PCI.

There are six SATA 6Gb/s ports, one SATA Express port which draws from two 6 Gb/s ports, and an M.2 10 Gb/s slot; which overall may not be that impressive, but it’s more than enough for the majority of people. Other connectivity options include D-Sub, DVI, HDMI, 4 USB 3.0 ports on the back and two more from the header. There’s 8-channel Realtek ALC887 audio on-board; it’s also worth mentioning that the board features audio-grade electrolytic capacitors and PCB ground-layer isolation which should help improve the sound quality and reduce electrical noise.

This is a solid mid range board and if the performance is up to scratch, which I suspect it will be, this could be a very popular board for Gigabyte.

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Image courtesy of Gigabyte.

Thermaltake Reveal New TR2 Bronze Series of PSUs

Thermaltake have just announced their new TR2 Bronze series of power supplies. The TR2 range consists of a 450W, 500W and a 600W power supply that feature various high-quality components; which we’ve come to expect from premium brands such as Thermaltake.

All models in the new series feature 80 PLUS Bronze certification and are targeted towards the consumer who needs a strong balance between price and performance from their power supply. The TR2 Bronze Series complies with the latest ATX 12V 2.3 Standard, offering utmost reliability and compatibility, as well as ensuring support for start-of-the-art technologies.

All models come equipped with a 120mm silent fan and intelligent temperature control, a single +12V rail, extra long cables and Japanese main capacitors. Details on price and availability haven’t been released yet, but we expect these will be available very soon and that the prices will be highly competitive; we’ll update you as soon as we know more.

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Inno3D HerculeZ X4 GeForce GTX 980 Revealed

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 is everywhere this week and while we’ve already seen some very impressive cards hit the market, the latest one from Inno3D still manages to stand out from the crowd.

The most immediately noticeable feature of this card is its unique cooler; the HerculeZ X4. The cooler features a very aggressive design that is no doubt targeted at the gaming market, but most importantly it also features four fans for extreme cooling performance. The three primary fans feature 15 scythe blades with custom Herculez bearings, these are complimented with an extra 50mm silent fan on the side of the card.

The whole card has been reinforced for durability with a support bar that runs through the interior of the card, 12mm casing surrounding the fans, removable fan and fan mounts for easy maintenance, 118pcs aluminium fin array, 3 x 6mm heatpipe, 2 x 8mm high heat flux heatpipe and a full PCB HerculeZ Backplate II attachment.

The card comes with all of the other benefits of Nvidia’s new graphics hardware, including 2048 CUDA cores, a 1228 GPU and 1329 GPU Boost clocks, 4GB of GDDR5 HDMI, Dual Link DVI and 3 x Display Port.

Price is currently unknown, but expect to pay a big premium on top of the stock GTX 980 for the sizeable cooling solution and durable build quality.

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Image courtesy of Inno3D.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 & 980 Pricing Revealed

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 9xx series is almost here, but as with any new graphics card release, there are likely a fair few of you saving up some extra money for a new upgrade; the real challenge being that you’ve no idea how much money you need to save until about one week before the hardware launch.

The GTX 980 is the most powerful card in the 9xx series (so far), and prices are expected to start from $599; almost the same price as the current GeForce GTX 780 Ti. The GTX 970 is a much more affordable $399; a price that brings it very close to the GTX 780.

The pricing is interesting, as Nvidia clearly have high expectations of the new cards to price them so close to the 780 Ti and 780; keeping in mind that the 9xx cards have more VRAM and a greatly improved power consumption vs. their 7xx counterparts. The prices of the 980 and the 970 cards is also similar to the launch prices of the Radeon R9 290X and the R9 290 respectively, but the AMD cards have since seen reductions in price, so one would expect the Nvidia hardware to out perform these cards.

Are you willing to invest in the new range of Nvidia graphics cards, or will you be holding off on the upgrades until the prices come down?

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Asus X99-E WS Workstation Motherboard Announced

Asus have revealed the X99-E WS, their latest Compact Electronics Bay (CEB) workstation motherboard. The board features the new Intel X99 chipset and comes loaded with features that will make it a popular choice with professional and enthusiast users. The X99-E WS comes equipped with support for the latest range of Intel CPUs, four-way PCI Express 3.0 x16 graphics card support for both AMD and Nvidia based cards and 8 x DDR4 slots capable of holding up to 64GB of 2133MHz (up to 3200 O.C.).

Like all premium Asus boards, the X99-E WS is equipped with a wide range of features such as Driver-MOSFET, Beat Thermal Chokes II, 12K capacitors, ProCool connector and more to help ensure reliable performance from the motherboard. Storage options include M.2 x4, Asus PIKE II I/O kit expansion, ThunderboltEX II expansion cards, 2 x SATA Express 6Gbit/s and 8 x SATA 6Gb/s.

There are currently no details on price, but with such an extensive set of features we can be certain that it won’t be cheap.

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Image courtesy of TechPowerUp.

Latest Asus LGA 2011-3 Dual-CPU Workstation Motherboard Revealed

Asus have just revealed their new Z10PE-D3 WS Dual CPU Workstation Motherboard, which comes equipped with the latest LGA 2011-3 Sockets and support for the new Intel Haswell-EP range of processors; including the Intel Xeon E5-2600/1600 V3 range.

As you can see from the pictures, the board is beautifully designed. It comes equipped with mostly black fittings, as well as some gold trim on the VRM coolers to add a little flair. There are eight memory slots in total, which are capable of supporting up to 512GB of DDR4-2133 and seven PCI 3.0 x16 slots, which can run in dual x16 or quad x8; more than enough for 4-way SLI or CrossFireX graphics configurations.

The Z10PE-D3 WS is equipped with the Intel C612 chipset, 8 x SATA 6Gb/s, 2 x SATA Express, 1 x M.2 and supports Raid 0/1/5/10 storage arrays. There are no doubt a whole lot more features that you would expect from a premium board such as this. There are no details on price or performance at this time, but we expect more details will follow in the coming weeks.

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New Processor Helps Drop Price of Google’s Modular Phone

Project Ara is Google’s Modular phone concept, plagued by one major issue – having an interchangeable processor which is as easily swap-able and compatible as something such as RAM.

Being the known problem solvers that they are, Google has built their own alternative. Working together with Chinese company Rockchip, they have started designing a system-on-chip with modular technology built-in. This means that your phone won’t require any bridge chips or any external help to let you swap processors.

This technology is not set for release until the prototype in 2015 however. But this is certainly one step closer to the completion of a completely new and possibly revolutionary device.

Image courtesy of Ultimate Pocket