Computers Can Now Talk To Each Other!

Sharing information between computers has long been an issue. Be it with a floppy disk or USB Memory Stick, or even other a wireless network, sharing information has long been limited by the hardware of the devices and occasionally a third device. Some companies wish to change this, and want to have your computer and phones talk to each other, in an almost literal sense.

Google’s latest extension, titled Google Tone, allows the transmission of URL’s via sound. By emitting a sound from one device, be it your computer or phone, and another device picking it up via Microphone the App plans to allow users to share URL’s with users as easily as just talking. The Extension for Chrome states that this will also work over phone calls or even google handouts, so next time you’re on skype or on the phone to someone you could send them a link to your favourite technology blog by simply pressing a single button. You can even send that funny cat video to all your friends at your restaurant table, be warned though, people on nearby tables with Tone would be able to pick up the link too.

Amid fears that the device would listen in on everything from the devices microphone, Google Tone can easily be disabled and even lowers the volume of devices it’s enabled on to allow transmissions to be picked up and sent clearer.

When broadcasting tone sends out a series of beeps that sound almost as if R2D2 was talking to you, so next time I’m watching Star Wars I’m going to see what websites R2D2 recommends.

Thank you Google for providing us with this information.