Colorful Launches Two New GTX 950 Graphics Cards

The GeForce GTX 950 series is a nice mid-way product both in terms of performance and price. As such it is a go to card for a lot of people, especially MOBA gamers that don’t require the horsepower that comes from the flagship cards. Colorful just launched two new cards based around just that GPU, the Colorful 950-2GD5 and the iGame 950-2GD5 Ymir-U graphics cards. Both of these cards feature the second-generation Maxwell GPU from NVIDIA that brings a high efficiency per watt and thereby a lower power bill and a need for less wattage from your power supply.

The Colorful iGame 950-2GD5 Ymir-U is the latest member of the iGame family and comes with features that usually are found on high-end cards. The iGame features include high-performance GDDR5 memory, Silver Plating Technology for improved stability compared to regular PCBs together with the iGame Pure-Power Inductance (IPP) assuring stable power delivery, low operating temperatures, and reduced electromagnetic interference.

To further aid in performance, the custom iGame cooler features Bio-Shark design fans for 30% more cooling efficiency in tandem with the sand-blasted cooling module. The iGame 950 2GD5 Ymir-U also feature a semi-passive cooling solution that won’t start up until the temperatures reach 60 degrees. The final extra touch in this edition is the hardware overclock button located on the rear of the card and allowing the user to gain higher clock speeds instantly and without any expert knowledge.

The Colorful 950-2GD5 graphics card is basically the same card, but without the bells and whistles. It’s a basic GM206-based graphics card for mid-range and MOBA gaming. The card still features the shark fin fans that are rated for maximum cooling for up to 30,000 hours and the same cooling design.


Colorful didn’t reveal any pricing or availability at this time, but I’m sure they’ll follow up with that shortly.

Nvidia Partners Increased Profits due to GeForce Supply Issues

The past year has not been particularly good for the PC industry as a whole. Despite the launch of Microsoft’s new Windows 10 OS and various hardware releases, PC shipments have continued to fall, facing heavy pressure from mobile devices and tablets. Some firms have been hit hard, with Micron for instance, reporting poor financials among others. There does appear to be a few bright spots though, with gaming related sales up, and for Nvidia AiB partners such as Asus, eVGA and Zotac in particular, this has meant increased profits.

Buoyed by the strong Maxwell 2.0 chip powering most of the 9xx series of graphics cards, Nvidia partners like MSI, ASUS, Galaxy, Colorful, Palit and Gigabyte have managed to increase their profits despite little change in shipments. This is apparently due to high demand in China, outstripping supply and raising prices by as much as 15% on average. With shipments not keeping up, this has meant that these partners have been raking it in over the 2015 year.

Colorful, ASUS and Palit for instance are seeing a 20% increase in revenue over 2014 despite shipments being the same. Gigabyte however, went the opposite route and kept profits the same despite a 10% drop in shipments. Since the profits are going to the OEMs instead of the retailers, the price increases are probably due to the OEMs. Instead of increasing production and shipments to meet demand, it looks like the OEMs have decided to keep supply constant and raises prices instead, which is bad news for the consumer as they will ultimately pay more for the product, but great for the manufacturer as they haven’t had to work any harder to meet the demand. It may also hint that a launch for Pascal is expected soon as Nvidia and their partners start clearing the channel to pave the way.

Colourful Set to Take Second Place in Graphics Card Sales

Colorful, the company that offers the world with some of the strangest and wackiest designs that could be equipped to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphic card range; has surpassed the big names like MSI, ASUS and Gigabyte. Reports suggest that Colorful could become the second largest supplier of graphics cards by the end of 2015.

Colorful has been shipping an average of 500,000 graphics card units per month so far in 2015; it is projected to maintain this shipment level and reach over 5 million total shipped in 2015. So far, the company has outsold the usual suspects such as MSI, ASUS and Gigabyte.

Colorful isn’t as widely known in Europe and the US, but in Asia; namely the Greater China region, it is a top seller. Its direct competitor is Palit, that also has co-companies such as Galaxy, Gainward, Point of View.

Colorful has a motherboard division that is accelerating at a similar rate to its graphics card, this could prove a huge threat to ASUS and Gigabyte who are also in the same markets.

Would you consider buying this up and coming brand for your next graphics card option? Let us know in the comments.

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Colorful IGame’s next Motherboard Could Feature Armor Style Cover

There is still some doubt whether the motherboard that has been shown from Colorful IGame actually is a new product about to be launched or just concept art, but I like what I see. It looks new and fresh, yet very familiar. The motherboard is built around the Z97 platform and the two first things I noticed in these published renderings were what looks to be 12 SATA ports and the pre-installed full liquid cooling for the vital parts.

I thought that they ‘forgot’ to add a M.2 slot at first, but they didn’t and it’s also present. It’s located between the bottom two PCIe x16 slots as it can be seen in the above shot. The cover, or armor, or however you’d like to label it has the Gamer Customization label printed just as the colour choice is a typical one for a gaming setup. Black and red, but Colorful also added some white to the mix.

There isn’t much known about the features set yet, but we can assume that they will be very similar to the iGame Z97 that we saw introduced not that long ago.

It will most likely use the Atheros KillerNIC E2200 Gigabit Ethernet controller and have onboard 8 channel 7.1 surround sound setup with Voice Gamer and solid capacitors. It would also be logic to assume that they took the new dual-BIOS feature with them onto this motherboard.

Colorful Announces Their iGame GeForce GTX 960 KUDAN Mini-ITX Graphics Card

Colorful has revealed their iGame GeForce GTX 960 KUDAN Mini-ITX graphics solution, featuring a custom PCB design and factory overclock frequencies.

The GeForce GTX 960 KUDAN is said to be one of the very few Mini-ITX designs with a GM206 chip, making it very popular in the $200 range market. The graphics solution is said to have a low-wattage percentage and provide great 1080p performance.

In terms of specs, the graphics card comes with 1024 CUDA cores, 64 texture mapping units, 32 raster operation units and a 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM with a 128-bit memory interface. While the memory is clocked at 7010 MHz, the GPU clock comes in two blocks.

The factory overclocked specs that come with the card are set at 1127 MHz base and 1178 MHz boost, but a second OC BIOS is said to be available that can ramp up the card to 1152 MHz and 1216 MHz respectively at the push of the button.

Looking at the aesthetics of the card, we see that it features the same design as the iGame GeForce GTX 980 KUDAN, only a bit smaller. It boasts only one fan, but given its low-budget design, it is enough to keep the Mini-ITX card cool.

Power is said to be provided via a 6-pin connector, having the card coming with a 120W TDP. There is also a single SLI connector present on the card and comes with a single DVI, HDMI and three DisplayPort connectors.

Colorful has already listed the card on its website, but details regarding its availability and pricing have yet to be made available.

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Chaintech Announces Colorful iGame Z97 Motherboard

Chaintech was brought back to life as a motherboard brand with the help and partnership of Colorful after a couple of years away from that market. This cooperation has resulted in a new motherboard that doesn’t really know if it wants to be in the overclocker or gaming category, so the iGame Z97 just covers them both.

The first thing that strikes us is the full-cover water cooling setup ranging from the chipset and southbridge all the way up over the VRM. Speaking of the VRM, Chaintech used a 16-phase VRM around the LGA 1150 socket.

It has three PCI-Express x16 Gen. 3 and four PCI-Express x1 Gen 2 slots, six SATA3 ports and a combo mSATA port. Network connection is provided by the Atheros KillerNIC E2200 Gigabit Ethernet controller and the onboard sound is an 8 channel 7.1 surround sound setup with Voice Gamer and solid capacitors. For iGPU users it has a DVI, D-Sub and HDMI connector although I doubt anyone with a motherboard like this would use the iGPU.

The new motherboard features a dual-BIOS with a “feature-rich” setup program. The board is planned for launch on the European and APAC markets, but no other word on pricing and availability yet.

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Image courtesy of TechPowerUp

Colorful GeForce GTX 980 iGame Revealed

Colorful are preparing to launch their new flagship GeForce GTX 980 graphics card, the GTX 980 iGame. The company has quite a reputation for going completely over the top when it comes to their flagship graphics cards and the GTX 980 iGame is no exception.

The Colorful GTX 980 iGame comes equipped with a massive cooler and a monster sized VRM that makes any other GTX 980 series graphics card look small in comparison. The board ships with a non-reference PCB which was designed by Colorful, which features pure silver traces, a ridiculous 14-phase VRM that draws power from a pair of 8-pin PCIe inputs, server grade tantalum capacitors, DPAK MOSFETs, high-current solid-chokes that won’t whine while under load.

All that hardware is put to good use from some impressive overclocks which are set via the cards dual-BIOS. The first bios runs the card with a 1127 MHz core, 1216 MHz boost and 7 GHz memory clock. The second bios runs at 1178 Mhz core, 1279 MHz boost and 7.01 GHz memory. Each BIOS can be selected via a simple toggle push switch located on the card. The overclock might not sound like a huge leap given the over the top hardware on this card, but you can bet it’ll run cool and stable. Colorful have left plenty of headroom for enthusiasts to push the clocks even further and we don’t doubt for a minute that this card can do a whole lot more thanks to the coolers triple slot design, which is equipped with a compound aluminium fin-stack heatsink and three 100mm fans.

The card also features three DisplayPort 1.2 ports, a single HDMI 2.0, one dual-link DVI connector and a solid metal back-plate. No details on price, but expect this to be one of the fastest and most expensive GTX 980’s on the market.

If that wasn’t enough, iGame are promising an even faster GTX 980, the GTX 980 iGame Kudan which you can expect later this month along side their new GTX 970 iGame; we can’t wait!

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Images courtesy of TechPowerUp.

Flagship Colorful iGame Z97 Ymir-X Motherboard Revealed

Colourful have just officially launched their flagship socket LGA1150 motherboard. The iGame Z97, also known as the “Flame Warrior” motherboard is the product of their partnership with Chaintech. The motherboard made its first appearance at Computex earlier this year, but it’s now ready for the consumer market.

The board features a standard ATX form-factor, drawing power from the usual 24-pin ATX connection and an 8-pin EPS connector. Overclocking looks promising too, with a 16-phase CPU VRM, driver-MOSFETs and Poscap capacitors that should allow good power delivery. You’ll also find on-board base-clock tweaking switches, auto-OC buttons, PCIe slot power gating, and a feature rich UEFI dual-BIOS.

There are four DDR3 DIMM slots, three PCI-e 3.0 16X (electrical x8/x4/x4 when all three are populated, x8/x8 when two are, and x16 when one is.) This is backed up by four PCIe 2.0 x1 slots, eight SATA 6 Gb/s ports, mSATA 6 Gb/S port (can also be used as mPCIe, dual like DVI, D-Sub, HDMI, DisplayPort, Killer E2200 Ethernet, 8 Channel HD, Six USB 3.0 ports (four rear, two header). Overall it doesn’t sound like connectivity is going to be an issue and this is pretty much what we would expect to see from any flagship board.

The board is expected to hit the Asia-Pacific and European markets very soon, expect more details on price and availability in the coming weeks.

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Image courtesy of TechPowerUp.

iGame 780-3GD5 Graphics Card Announced By Colorful

Colorful Technology launched its iGame 780-3GD5 graphic card which continued the important features of iGame family, adopting one-key overclocking, high quality IPP inductor and Silver Plating Technology. Although the performance of iGame 780 is under iGame Kudan, the performance of Game 780 is 17% better than GTX 780 reference card even when playing AAA title games.

With one-key over clocking, iGame 780-3GD5, the core clock is set for 1006 MHz and memory clock for 6008 MHz, the performance is 17% better than the reference card GTX780. Referenced from aerodynamics design and using three 9 CM super cooling fans, the cooling solution can efficiently reduce the heat from 1.1 GHz high frequency. The numbers of iGame 780-3GD5 heat pipes are three times more than the reference card. With six heat pipes which can reduce the temperature of the chipsets.

It has a 12+2 phase power design with high quality i.P.P inductor and solid state capacitor, providing powerful over clocking ability. The 8 pin + 8 pin power connectors provide stable electric supply. The 780-3GD5 is packs a 3 GB memory with 384-bit memory interface, has 2 mm thick insulated steel plate are strong enough to avoid PCB bending and features Dual DVI-D ports, 1 HDMI port and 1 Display Port to fulfill different needs.

Anyone interested in acquiring one of these graphic cards can visit Colorful’s website for more information on the iGame 780-3GD5 card.

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Images courtesy of TechPowerUp

Colorful Shows Off iGame GTX Titan Ultra Edition With Sub-Zero Cooler

Colorful never cease to amaze us with some of their amazing GPU and graphics card innovations and with Nvidia lifting restrictions on custom GTX Titan PCB and cooler designs, Colorful have really gone for it this time. Hermitage Akihabara have revealed Colorful’s iGame GTX Titan Ultra Edition graphics card can only be described as extreme. The graphics card comes with a full coverage phase change cooler designed out of the box for open air benches and for people who know how to voltage modify graphics cards.

The compressor assembly for the phase change cooler comes inside a separate case that is easily the size of a mini-ITX/micro-ATX computer chassis. The cooler itself has insulated refrigerant pipes and the block is dual slot and cools everything on the front of the PCB while a customised backplate deals with the back.

According to TechPowerUp “A phase-change cooler works on the same principle as deep-freezers, refrigerators, and air-conditioners, only that in this case, the block takes up the role of the evaporator”.

The iGame GTX Titan Ultra Edition can sustain temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees Celsius from the factory. The iGame GTX Titan Ultra already comes with a hefty factory overclock of 954MHz core and 1006MHz boost up from 863MHz core and 900MHz boost reference speeds. There are no words on pricing and availability but given the incredibly niche market and ultra high end nature of this product we expect these to be very limited quantities and easily cost over $2000.

Images courtesy of Hermitage Akihabara

ASUS Knocked Off Top Graphics Card Vendor Pedestal By Palit and PC Partner

When it comes to graphics cards vendors you’d probably think that ASUS might be the biggest since ASUS has always been one of the biggest graphics card vendors for both AMD and Nvidia products. However, it has emerged that ASUS is actually only third best and EVGA doesn’t even feature in the top 5 which is surprising given its Nvidia dominance in the American market.

The latest statistics from industry sources suggest that the number one graphics card vendor is Palit Microsystems. They own and operate the  Palit, Galaxy, Yuan, Gainward, Vvikoo, XpertVision and Daytona brands which predominantly sell only Nvidia products. They are a neutral vendor on paper but in reality they have neglected AMD in recent times. PC Partner operate the Sapphire and Zotac brands who focus on AMD and Nvidia respectively. They came in second place. ASUS is a neutral vendor and they sell both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards, ASUS slipped down to third place after being the biggest selling vendor previously.

Both Palit Microsystems and PC Partner sub contract to other companies too, probably why their sales are so strong. MSI and Gigabyte take fourth and fifth place respectively.

  1. Palit Microsystems (Palit and Gainward)
  2. PC Partner (Zotac and Sapphire)
  3. ASUS
  4. MSI
  5. Gigabyte

In the ever expanding Chinese market Colorful Technology and Development are the biggest vendor while ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and TUL Corporation (Powercolor) struggled due to high customs duties on their products. ASUS ranks sixth in the Chinese market.

The industry sources also indicated that overall demand for discrete graphics cards was declining as integrated graphics are becoming more prevalent.

What are your thoughts on the rankings of the graphics card vendors?


GTX 660 and 650 graphics cards spotted in abundance

The launch of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 and GTX 650 are still at least 3 days away according to speculation. Yet versions of the GTX 660 and GTX 650 graphics cards have been spotted all over the internet from a large number of vendors.

All GTX 660s are powered by the GK106 core which packs 960 CUDA cores, 80 TMUs, 24 ROPs and a 2GB GDDR5 (192-bit) memory. The core clock is 980MHz with up to 1033MHz boost and 6GHz effective on the memory as standard. All GTX 650s have a GK107 core with CUDA 384 cores and 1GB of GDDR5 memory running across a 128-bit wide interface. The core clock is 1058MHz without boost and the memory at 6GHz.

The Zotac GTX 660 AMP! is an overclocked version of the GTX 660 and you can expect pricing of $229 to $249.

The MSI GTX 650 Power Edition is an overclocked version of the GTX 650, pricing is not known. The card will support the trademark “Power Edition” features including triple over-voltage for enhanced overclocking.

The EVGA GTX 660 SC and reference cards are priced at $249 and $229 respectively.

The EVGA GTX 650 SC, SC2GB and reference graphics cards are all planned. The reference model is expected to cost $149.

The Colorful iGame GTX 650 features an all custom PCB, with Turbo BIOS and uses a modified GK107 GPU that is expected to be different to the rest and hopefully give more performance. Expected pricing is $189.

The Gigabyte GTX 650 OC and reference models will cost $149 and $189-$199 respectively.

Source: PCHome, Wccf Tech and Egypt Hardware

Colorful preparing new 9 heatpipe “Shark Bionic” VGA cooler

Colorful are a graphics card company renowned for their unique designs and attention to detail. Their latest VGA cooler certainly lives up to those very high standards. The new Shark Bionic VGA cooler will first debut on the Colorful GTX 670 iGame Ares X graphics card.

Colorful have gone for a design which is relatively reserved in aesthetics but all-out in terms of its cooling potential. The dual slot cooler features a staggering nine nickel plated 8mm copper heat pipes over a nickel plated copper base for the GPU contact. The nine heat pipes transport heat away from the GPU to three separate aluminium heat sink stacks. One directly above the GPU, one over the VRM/Memory area and one atop the card.

Fan wise Colorful have decided to equip just the two 80mm fans to keep both the length and height of the card to a reasonable level. The designated shroud covering for the card is inspired by the “Bionic Shark” theme and is also streamlined to allow air to flow in the freest and quietest possible manner, as you can see from the grooved design at the end of the card.

No information on pricing and availability was given. We also do not know whether this VGA cooler will be available separately and for what graphics cards it might fit, but it will definitely be available on the Colorful GTX 670 iGame Ares X graphics card which should be out soon. Although, Colorful normally only operate in Asian markets so it could be tough and expensive to get hold of one of these in the EU or North America where most the demand is.



Colorful unveil a passive GTX 680

Passive, Fanless and totally silent graphics cards aren’t something new. Sapphire’s Ultimate range is perhaps one of the most prominent examples of this type of card. However, when we think of a passive card we think of a mid range card aimed at light gaming or a HTPC. Currently the most widely available passive cards are around the HD 7750 level of performance. What Colorful have produced is something really admirable, a fully passive GTX 680. That’s right, a GTX 680 card without a single fan.

The iGame GTX 680 passive uses a pair of large aluminium heatsinks, of which one is fully detachable. Seven heatpipes cool the GPU on the PCB, whilst a further 6 heatpipes carry heat from the main heatsink into the second attachable heatsink. The second heatsink module is recommended for users in a hot ambient environment or who want to overclock. Two 8 pin power connectors are included, suggesting this card can be overclocked to extreme levels, but probably not during passive operation. The card is guaranteed to work safely at stock and slightly overclocked speeds on passive cooling.

Display outputs include HDMI, Display Port and Dual Link DVI. Colorful is currently still assessing the viability of this product, it is expected to pack a hefty price tag. When the card is equipped with both heatsinks it takes up 4 PCI slots, meaning the supported quad SLI is probably not possible in a passive configuration.

Source: Expreview

Colorful iGame GTX 680 Kudan officially announced

Colorful announced its most powerful GTX 680 named “iGame GTX680-2G Kudan “. The first “iGame Kudan” graphics card was released last year, and it was a GTX560Ti. Now Colorful uses the iGame Kudan design concept on the latest GK104 chip.Like the first generation, iGame GTX680 Kudan equipped a huge cooler which requires three slots and assembles three fans, one is 90mm, and others are 80mm and with “Shark Bionic” design in order to reduce the noise. Below the triple fans, there are heat-sinks which are crossed by ten 6mm heat-pipes. A 3mm steel plate is covered on the back of the PCB in order to enhance the PCB and improve the heat radiation.

The card is based on Silver Plated Technology of the PCB, and it has 8 phases native VRM, but when you install the Power-kit in the accessories, it will provide extra six phases of VRM. This kind of design draws power from two 8-pin power connectors. The VRM is controlled by an uP6208AM PWM chip, and the modulation range is from 0.1MHz to 1.5MHz. There are two BIOS chips are built on the main PCB and each of them stores a set of clocks. The clocks are controlled by the button on the rear plate. When users press the button, the clock will be boosted to 1059MHz/6008MHz from default clock (1008MHz/6008MHz). However, when you install the extra Power-Kit into the slot on the back of the PCB, the clock will boost to 1110MHz/6208MHz.

With the huge packaging (820mm H X 165mm L X140mm W), there are three sets of accessories provided for user’s customization.
The first set is called Air-Kit, which is assembled by five detachable heat pipes that draw heat from the main heat-sink. The Air-Kit can be installed to the corresponding position that previously prepared on the graphics card, and can efficiently reduce the heat of the graphics card.

The second set is called Power-Kit, which is introduced in the previous paragraph. The Power-Kit provides extra six phases of VRM, and equips the strongest BIOS; it is the first choice when users overclock this card after installing the Power-Kit.
The third set is called Color-Kit, which is made up by acrylic paints and brushes. It is provided for those users who have interest of painting on the shell of the cooler.Colorful iGame GTX680 Kudan is first provided in Asia, and will be also available in other regions later.

Source: PR

Colorful to release iGame Kudan GTX 680

Back in late 2011 when Colorful announced the iGame Kudan GTX 560Ti many claimed it was complete overkill. Giving a mid range graphics card the ultimate cooling and accessory pack to allow for overclocking. It seems Colorful have now learnt their lesson, they plan to give the extensive iGame Kudan package to Nvidia’s GTX 680 graphics card.

The iGame Kudan kit involves a custom triple fan cooler attached to a non-reference PCB design which features a modular 8 phase VRM. In addition there are extra attachable heat sinks to cool VRM and memory components when undertaking overclocking. Colorful also provide an additional 4 phase VRM PCB board which can be attached to the GTX 680 via a modified SODIMM slot.

The card will also feature a custom set of paints so you can fully modify the design of your GTX 680. Overclocking potential should be really high, allowing you to push the GTX 680 to its absolute limits. The card will be available to the European and Asian markets.

See the GTX 560Ti version for the full range of accessories the card will come with.

Source: PCPop

Walton-Chaintech brand to make a comeback

Walton-Chaintech has announced a partnership with the large Chinese firm Colorful that will see Walt0n-Chaintech make a comeback in the motherboard and graphics card market. Walton-Chaintech quite both businesses in 2006. Company chairman Lu Li-Cheng commented that Chaintech has years of experience in the business, including R&D and marketing, has received OEM orders from Colorful, and is looking to bring back the Chaintech brand to the consumer market in 2013, with unveiling in 2012. Walton-Chaintech will market its products outside China, with the assistance of Colorful. Colorful has a solid market presence in mainland China, where its graphics cards account for 24-27% of the branded graphics card market.

Source: TPU, DigiTimes

Colorful Announces Its First Mini-ITX Barebones for Gaming

Colorful today releases its first mini-ITX Barebone for gaming, named the Desert Eagle. The Barebones is made up of an ITX chassis, an ITX motherboard, a Low profile graphics card and a Flex-ATX PSU.

For the ITX chassis of the Barebones, Colorful uses an all aluminum alloy structure. The dimensions of the chassis are 228 by 262 by110mm, and it has a weight of 3.7kg. One of the side panels uses a hollow design, and the other side panel provides docking for two 2.5-inch bays. The internals of the Desert eagle use the reverse extended design (RTX), so both the motherboard and graphics card need to reverse installed, the CPU is at the bottom of the case while the graphics card is at the top. Due to the mesh at the top of the case the graphics card will be able to intake and exhaust cool air.

The system comes with the Colorful i-H67HD U3 ITX motherboard and the ‘Desert Eagle’ supports Intel Core i7/Core i5/Core i3 LGA-1155 processors. The motherboard adopts the Intel H67 chipset, and contains solid-state and Tantalum capacitors. The Colorful i-H67HD U3 has two SATA II ports and two SATA III ports onboard whilst also providing two USB 3.0 ports and two dual-channel DDR3 slots which support up to 16GB of total memory.

The desert eagle equips a custom Colorfire HD6750 graphics card to ensure the 3D  performance required for gaming. The Colorfire HD6750 is using Low Profile design with twin fan cooler, and it runs at 700MHz/4000MHz of Core/Memory. The graphics card provides two display outputs, one is dual-link DVI port and the other is a standard HDMI port.

There is a built in 250W Flex-ATX power supply which has a peak power output of 300W. The unit provides enough power for both the popular LGA-1155 processors and Colorfire HD6750 graphics card. In addition, the PSU has 80Plus Bronze Certification.

Colorful are yet to announce official pricing for the product yet. The kit includes a power supply, case, motherboard and graphics card. Everything else must be purchased separately.

Source: PR

Colorful introduces ‘Cable Routing King C2 RTX’ PC Case

Colorful announces their first RTX (Reversed Technology eXtended) chassis named the Cable-Routing King C2. Unlike an ordinary PC chassis, the RTX uses a upside down ATX format. With the RTX structure, it fixes the problem with users usually needing an extension cable to connect the CPU power cable to the board when they route and hide the cables behind the motherboard tray with a bottom mounted PSU. Besides this, the structure also allows for the graphics card to radiate heat better as it is near the top of the case.

The dimensions of Cable-Routing King C2 are 468mm by4 66mm by 190mm, though it is not as large as a Mid-Tower chassis, it provides shorter distance for cable routing. The motherboard needs to be reversed for  installation, so the graphics card will be installed in the top. Due to the mesh at the top, the efficient transport of fresh air into of the chassis is guaranteed to keep the graphics card cool. The PSU bay has been placed on the bottom with a dust filter, and the distance from PSU to CPU power connector is about 15-20CM, so users don’t need to purchase any extension cables for cable management.

Inside the new chassis, Colorful uses red baking varnish disposal. It provides three bays for CD drives (5.25″) and eight bays for HDD drives (3.5″) , and 7 expansion slots for PCI/PCI-E devices.

Colorful has made it their goal to target mid-range users with this case and it is now available in Asia but will also be available in Europe soon.

Source: Press Release



Colorful unleashes iGame GTX 560Ti Kudan

Colorful gave hints a while back at what their custom GTX 560Ti would look like. And now it is finally ready, the most unique and customised GTX 560Ti available on the entire market. Some might call it overkill but Colorful think it is perfection and they tout the GTX 560Ti as the best overclocking card of the current generation of video cards. The custom cooler uses three fans, one 80mm and two 70mm fans with what they call a “Shark Bionic” design in order to reduce the noise. Users must remove the cooler in order to install expansion cards onto the GTX 560Ti Kudan which supports a WHDI card and Television Card which can be bought separately.

The card packs a dual BIOS and a hefty 900MHz/4200MHz overclock which is raised to 1010MHz/4500MHz automatically when you install the extra power connector pack. In terms of accessory packs the first set is called the Air-Kit, which is assembled by five detachable heat pipes that draw heat from the main heatsink. The Air-Kit can be installed to the corresponding position that previously prepared on the graphics card, and can efficiently reduce the heat of the graphics card.

The second set is called Power-Kit. The Power-Kit provides extra six phases of VRM, and have a “Monster BIOS” equipped. It is the first choice when users overclock this card after installing the Power-Kit.

The third set is called Color-Kit, which is made up by acrylic paints and brushes. It is provided for those users who have interest of painting on the shell of the a later date. The retail price of iGame GTX560Ti Kudan is not mentioned yet.

Source: Press Release

Colorful unveils custom built GTX 560Ti iGame

The Asian based graphics card vendor Colorful has unveiled its custom designed GTX 560Ti graphics card based of the GF-114 processor. It uses a GF-110 sized PCB but with a GF-114 chip and uses the extra space to fit a large 8 phase VRM design that is capable of delivery up to 300W of power to the card through three 6 pin PCI-E connectors. This card employs high-grade chokes with driver-MOSFETs as well as a large amount of voltage read checkpoints. The card features VGA BIOS loaded into separate EEPROM chips,which are switchable using a switch on the rear-panel. The memory chips are Samsung made as expected and have also been binned for the highest overclocking potential.

What is really unique about this card is the built on expansion capabilities it has. On the front side it has a mini PCI-E slot and on the rear side a SODIMM slot but without any additional information except pictures it is difficult to speculate what these have been designed for. All of this is pretty intense stuff so to cool it all down there is 10 heat pipe cooler design with two large fans probably 92mm. The product will be designed for the Asian and European markets as usual but we have no idea on pricing and final clock speeds but given the custom nature of this product clock speeds should be very high and the pricing will not be that close to a standard GTX 560Ti.

Source: Press Release